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The Kentucky Vocalizations

City: Scottsville


Time: Midnight

Billy Arndell and The Scottsville Ghost Hunters

Phone Interview:

I had a two hour phone conversation with the witness Billy Arndell of The Scottsville Ghost Hunters. In my opinion, on April 10, 2010 he obtained the best sasquatch vocalizations to come out of Kentucky. It was midnight and his team was standing in the yard of an abandon house. A digital recorder had been left inside on a box by a window as the investigators were discussing their night's investigation. There were no windows in the house. They began hearing strange howls/moans off in the distance. The vocalizations started coming closer, sparking a few barking dogs. Billy said it seemed like it was approaching fairly rapidly. One of the members can be heard saying "that sounds like a bigfoot". They grabbed the rest of their gear and left promptly. Billy stated there's dense woods behind the house for at least for two miles, then some open fields, then more woods. Not knowing if he caught the vocalizations on his recorder, he was pleasantly surprised when he later reviewed the audio. He stated the vocalizations were much louder in person.

Although I knew right away these were sasquatch vocalizations, I wanted a sound expert, more specifically a "bigfoot sound expert" to review the audio file. Therefore I promptly sent the file over to my friend and fellow researcher, Mononga Hela. Mononga is a former U.S. Military Cryptologic Linguist who's specialty now is analyzing and documenting all bigfoot vocalizations. Over the past few years he has compiled a vast database of sasquatch sounds via the internet, friends and investigations. Here is what he had to say:

"I gave the file a good listen, then filtered it, and the listened to it again. Despite the overall quality of the recording, it is an astounding piece of evidence and ties together three different vocalization types that I've heard in numerous other possible sasquatch recordings. Among those three vocals are the low moan/howl, similar to the Ohio howl. Then a transition to more of a yell, which is frequently captured in Washington state, and finally an "aaahh" vocal which has been captured in many states (including your clip from Kentucky last October).

Here's a transcript of what I heard in the recording. First column is time in seconds into the recording. Second column you can ignore. Third column is my note:

3.552000000 0.256932 initial short howl
7.061333333 0.571164 whoop knock and transition to AAAHH vocal
8.682666666 0.358595 trailing verbalization
11.040000000 0.170055 foreground voices
13.354666666 0.456562 more verbalizations
15.360000000 0.377079 faint aaahh continues
21.557333333 0.155268 foreground voices
35.552000000 0.316081 dogs throughout
38.528000000 0.380776 ascending vocalization, obscured
51.904000000 0.360444 vocalization
55.968000000 0.332717 moaning howl
61.248000000 0.360444 moaning howl, obscured by voices
68.853333333 0.32902 howl climbs, breaks pitch
71.349333333 0.360444 takes on yell character
74.037333333 0.547135 aaahh start
74.506666666 0.375231 breaks to howl/yell
76.074666666 0.558226 breaks back to aaahh
78.741333333 0.36414 and breaks back to yell
80.405333333 0.473198 verbalization
81.642666666 0.597043 long descending aaahh, obscured
91.082666666 0.510166 aaahh trails off

Thanks a bunch for sharing this. It's a remarkable recording and based on the extensive audio base I have to compare it against, I wholly agree that its a sasquatch vocalization."

- Mononga Hela

Below are clips taken from the full version, and the full version. Headphones are recommended to really appreciate the full version. Use the transcript.

The Kentucky Vocalizations (howl)

The Kentucky Vocalizations (yell)

The Kentucky Vocalizations (shorter version)

The Kentucky Vocalizations (full version)

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Barren River Encounter

Your first name: Josh (last name on file)

Which county? Allen

Estimated date? Fall of 2006

Estimated time? 9 pm

What city, or nearest city? Scottsville

Length of time the encounter lasted: 45 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

I was driving down Bridge Hollow road which is a shortcut I take to get from the Barren River Lake area to my house. I was driving slowly because it was night on a one-lane road, as I topped a small hill, this huge animal ran down an embankment on the right side of the road and crossed in front of me. It turned to look at the car and struck out across a creek bottom on the left side of the road. I have also heard strange wailing noises at other times driving through the same area at night."

Describe the creature with detail:

" It stood around 7 to 8 feet tall with long mangy hair all over it's body. It was definitely male because as it turned to look at my car I could see a protrusion in the genital area. Every other description I have read makes this creature out to be very aggressive. I don't think that is the case, when the animal turned and looked at me the only emotion I saw in his eyes was peace. It reminded me of the movie Harry and the Hendersons. A very intelligent and humanlike creature with feelings and emotions, perhaps even thought."

Additional Info: "Very calm, it did not get excited or make any sound on the night I saw it but I think I have heard it howl on a few other occasions."

Screaming Sasquatch

Your first name: Willie (last name on file)

Which county? Allen

Estimated date? October 20, 1990

Estimated time? 7:30pm

What city, or nearest city? Scottsville

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5 minutes

How many witnesses? Just me and two friends but I don’t know where their located at.

Please describe your encounter: We just were driving down through the countryside near a community called Perrytown. As we got to the edge of the bridge at a place known as house bluff I looked up on the Cliffside and it was horrible looking. Its eyes glowed red and stared directly at us, my two friends didn’t believe me until it jumped down into the creek and ran in front of the car and caused us to run off the road.

Describe the creature with detail: It was about 7 to 9 feet tall, brownish orange hair with glowing red eyes. I was 15 when I saw this creature and I have told very few here about it because most would accuse you of being on drugs or being insane.

Additional Info: It made A sound when it screamed that sounded like a woman screaming.

Follow-Up: 7-6-10

I contacted Willie C., who wishes to remain anonymous, in early July 2010 and found him to be sincere about his online submission to Now 34 years-old, he told me he remembered that night "just like it was yesterday." The incident took place a couple miles outside of Scottsville in southern Allen County back in 1990 when he was 15 years old. As he and two others were driving through the mountainous region near Perrytown at dusk on the evening of Oct. 20th, 1990, he happened to glance up at a cliff side and spied the creature. Incredibly, it then jumped down onto a ridge and into the creek and ran out over a small bridge in front of their vehicle. The driver, his cousin, was so startled that he ran off the road. Aside from the initial details of the report Willie was able to add that the object ran much faster than a man could, as fast as a deer, only on two legs. The scream it emitted as it ran was very loud and unsettling to the entire group, sounding just like a terrified woman screaming. The sight scared the hell out of them all. I was able to get a few more details than initially reported regarding the appearance of the creature. At its closest point it was only about 20 ft. away from the vehicle and its passengers which enabled them to get a pretty good look at the thing. It's face looked like a cross between an orangutan and a Neanderthal's, Wille told me, with a flat nose like a gorilla's. It's eyes did not actually glow, but were red-colored when the vehicle's headlights hit them. Although huge, it was built like a man, with normally proportioned arms and legs. It had the hands of a man as well, but with long fingernails.

The area of Allen County is known in Fortean circles as being the home of a place called "Monkey Cave Hollow" named by the early settlers for the race of "monkeys" that lived in the area when the pioneers arrived. These strange "monkeys" reportedly foraged for food at night and lived in caves, with the last of them being hunted to extinction over 100 years ago. Willie described the area in which the incident took place as a heavily wooded, rocky bluff with at least one cave in the area. Did some of the "monkeys" survive the blazing guns of the early residents of Allen County? There is no doubt.

- B.M.Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

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