Reports for Butler County, KY

Investigation: 8-14-14

Your first name: Txxxx (full name on file)

Estimated date? June/July/August 2014

Estimated time? No one set time

Nearest city? Morgantown

Nearest Road(s): Hwy 231

Length of time the encounter lasted: From a few minutes to several minutes

How many witnesses? 3 adults

Please describe your encounter:

“Starting back in June of this year (2014) we begin to hear a loud, low growling sound anytime we were outside our home which is in a very remote secluded location, and especially at night. The growling/roar comes from the woods both behind our home or the woods across the driveway in front of our home. One night we decided to start a bonfire and we were making some noise, talking and laughing when we heard something moving in the woods behind our house, we shined a spotlight in that direction and immediately we got a very loud, long, forceful guttural growl which lasted a long time, and came from something with an enormous lung capacity. It shocked all 3 of us adults. Over the next 30 minutes or longer, we would intermittently shine the light in the same location and we would get the same loud blasting growl. It was scary, yet interesting and intriguing. On many occasions we can be outside and hear these Growls from the woods in front or in back. Now something has started hitting the backside our trailer home at night. I have also had several “feelings” that something is dreadfully wrong, or something is near and I feel uneasy. As recent as Wednesday night, 8/13/14 I was outside my home to get something from my vehicle and felt as if I was being watched. I looked to the wood line out back and saw a huge set of red glowing eyes just staring at me. This continued for several minutes before I broke loose and went into the house. These eyes were about 70 yards away, and still looked big, and they made me feel very uneasy. I did NOT like the feeling I got from these eyes.”

Any additional info? “I called a game warden who came to our house. After hearing our incidents and looking over the area he was puzzled, and assured us that what we were describing was not typical Bear behavior. He seemed hesitant to say what it could be, and he did NOT say Bigfoot,but it seemed to us he was implying that there was something else hanging around. We then began to entertain the thought of it possibly being Bigfoot related, even though we were not believers in them.”

Follow-Up: 8-14-14

I visited this home on Thursday 8/14/14 and met 2 of the adults who have been witnessing and experiencing these incidents. This home is a very remote and secluded location surrounded by huge tracts of standing timber, thick brush, and several ponds and streams, with one huge water source very nearby. This area is thick with wildlife and there is a plentiful source of food available (deer, turkey, rabbits, squirrels, chickens, berries, etc).

These 2 adults were very adamant about their concern for whatever this may be. They hear these growls and other noises very often and also can hear it moving through the woods very loudly, snapping and breaking branches as it travels. If they are outside and play music it seems to really stir this creature. Some of their pet cats have come up missing, especially the ones who roam further from the house than the others do.

The female adult in this home has also experienced what could be a sort of “Infrasound” event, or being lightly “Zapped.” This incident seemed to emanate from the woods behind her house (this was her feeling) and made her feel nauseous, afraid, overwhelming dread and put her in flight mode.

I have instructed the adults to try and audio record any further incidents. To also make and keep a record of any further events, I also instructed them to NOT shine the light towards the creature and possibly run it away. I also urged them to try “tree knocking” the next time they know it is near and see if they get a response.

They have agreed to stay in contact with me, especially if there are any further episodes.

One final note: On the morning of my visit to their house, the mother and her teen daughter both are convinced that they heard a huge creature moving in the woods just beside their vehicle as they waited for the school bus to arrive and pick up the daughter. It was walking very loudly, breaking and snapping branches and sounded like a dozer moving through the woods. It continued to walk back and forth and not moving away from them. They both drove away from the driveway and went to another location.

- Don Neal, KBRO Lead Investigator

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