Reports for Boone County, KY

State Football Champhionship Upstaged By A Bigfoot

Report submitted:
Witnesses: Kevin and Scott (last names on file)
City: Hebron, KY
Location: River Road (exact location TBD)
Time of encounter: 11:30 PM
Number of witnesses: 2
Length of sighting: 5 seconds

I spoke to Kevin on March 3, 2015 over the phone. Brothers, Kevin and Scott, were seniors at Conner County High School and had just won the state football championship! After the big win, they drove a friend home that lived at the end of a long dirt road. Upon dropping the friend off, the brothers quickly turned the 1977 Chevy Station Wagon around and headed back up the dirt road (a little cloud of road dust was still visible from their previous approach). No sooner than they started back up the road, something massive ran 15-20 feet in front of their car. Kevin could only see from its shoulder down. “The girth on this thing was massive,” explained Kevin. It had a massive thigh and hip, with light, reddish-brown hair. Kevin explained, it looked almost blonde in color, but it could have been due to the bright headlights. The hair was matted and each hair strand looked thick and curved. Its arms swung low to its knees. It crossed the road in only two strides. Kevin recalled how incredibly “fast and fluid” this creature moved. Scott, the driver, never hit the brakes, it happened so quickly. Ten seconds later the brothers said to each other, “WTF was that!?” When they returned home, the parents were excited and anxious to question the boys about winning the state championship; however both boys just sat there dumbfounded. Kevin explained, the sighting kind of ruined the thrill of winning the state championship. The boys told their parents what they had witnessed. At that time they didn’t think it was a Bigfoot; they didn’t know what it was really. Kevin, who is a veteran and a parole officer, explained that he’s been in some really intense situations in his life, but none has raised the hair on the back of his neck or has given him goosebumps since that memorable evening. I’m hoping to speak with the second witness soon.

- Charlie Raymond, KBRO Lead Investigator

Constance, KY 1995

Nightime 'Yowlers' (screaming or wailing BF) reported.


The Jones family encounters a 4 foot tall, flat-faced, broad shouldered creature covered with black hair. Most probably a young male. It shook their door and caused much alarm. It was accosted by the man of the house and each time it ran away on all fours and made its escape by jumping into the nearby Ohio River. Police investigations revealed nothing other than the fact that the area has a history of bigfoot sightings. (Source: The Kentucky Post, 3-31-80 & 4-02-80)

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