Boy Scout Observed Young Creature

Witness: Scott (last name on file)

County: Boyle

City: Perryville, Kentucky

Date: 1991

Time: Around 9:30 PM

Describe your encounter:

"I was a Boy Scout at a campout during the reenactment of the civil war battle of Perryville. I was 11, the older scouts took us out to "hunt snipes." We were walking through a field along the edge of a heavily wooded area in the dark, maybe 9:30-10pm, my shoe became untied so I yelled to my friends to wait up, I heard a rustle on the edge of the tree line. I shined my flashlight towards the noise and there stood a 3 ft Ewok. I stared at it for maybe 5 seconds then yelled for my friends. It wasn't till years later I realized a saw a baby sasquatch. It took someone telling me a sasquatch story for this one to resurface and spark my Bigfoot obsession. I had another experience years later, but nothing like the first. I still see its eyes."

Follow up: 1-26-2019

Scott drove a few hours to meet me in person. I found him to be highly intelligent, sincere and very credible. He said the scout leader took us out to “hunt snipes.” As many of you may know, this is a common prank played on young kids. The goal is to see how long the victims would remain in the dark, with a pillowcase laid open on the ground, a flashlight and calls of “here Snipe! Snipe! Snipe!”

As the boys ran with excitement, Scott stopped to tie his shoe. As he was bent down, he heard movement in the treeline about 15 yards from his position. When Scott shined his flashlight into the trees he was stunned to see a hairy, 3-foot-tall creature standing on two legs. It was covered in dark brown fur, had a huge head and its large eyes reflected yellow. Describing the hair, Scott recalled, “It was very furry.” He also added, "The face was just a little lighter than the body, not light brown, but not dark. The nose seemed small and flatter than what I typically think of a Bigfoot. The mouth didn't stand out, lips closed tight. It was not hiding behind a tree (like most Bigfoot sightings), instead only its right arm and shoulder were behind the adjacent tree." It stood facing Scott. It had a flat face and it had shoulders (so most likely not a bear). Being an 11 year old boy at the time, it reminded him of an Ewok from Star Wars. Scott immediately yelled for his friends and ran as fast as he could. Scott remembered, "The other scouts laughed at me. I didn't tell my scout leader."

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator

Website Submission on 12/9/09

Really like the website and thought I would share a true story with you involving my grandfather and a Bigfoot encounter that happened in the early 1940's and again in the 1950's and early 1960's. My family is from the Forkland region of Western Boyle Co. near Mitchellsburg. This part of Kentucky has 1000's of acres of timberland and large hills we call Knobs. Even today, this area of Kentucky has areas that are not habitable due to rugged terrain. My grandfather died in the late 1970's having lived into his 80's and I heard him tell this story many times.

In rural Kentucky in the 1940's work and money were nearly nonexistent and with him having young children to feed it was necessary to hunt for wild game or deer for food, one afternoon while hunting in a valley along the North Rolling Fork near an area called Scrub Grass he told of pushing through some wild willows growing along the banks of North Rolling Fork to find an animal across the stream standing on two feet and covered head to toe with black hair. Grandpa said the animal appeared to be young standing about 3 feet in height, muscular build, he said the animals face wasn’t distinguishable due to hair covering it. The animal did not appear to be frightened and stood motionless. Grandpa was so taken back at the sight of this animal he said his first reaction was to shoot but he doubted his ammo being more suited for small game might not bring the animal down and that he feared two things, the animal might charge toward him or that there might be more of these animals just out of sight in the willow thicket that grew along both sides of the stream so he very slowly backed away from the animal and back into the willows behind him and then ran hoping the animal would not follow him. The next morning Grandpa took some men back to the area where he had the encounter to find numerous human appearing footprints varying in size on a sand bar and along the bank of the stream.

Grandpa knew the forest well and always believed the animals migrated like birds at certain times of the year. He believed these animals sometimes slept in trees and on numerous hunting trips he told of seeing them swing from treetop to treetop. When food was scarce, due to drought, he believed missing chickens in the night or torn off screens to a smoke house was the animals pillaging for food. As a child sitting on the front porch with my Grandparents on hot fall evenings in the early 1950's & 60's after sundown we would hear wailing sounds deep in the forest and Grandpa would tell Grandma to take us kids inside. The area has many residents now and I moved away from the area long ago but I would imagine once the sun goes down at certain times of the year these animals could easily slip through the woods undetected by anyone other than maybe a barking dog or two.

Thanks for a great website.

Website Submission on 2/5/08

Your name: Dakota Poff

Which county? Boyle

Estimated date? January 27, 2008

Estimated time? afternoon

What city, or nearest city? Danville

Please describe your encounter:

"I was walking through my neighborhood, Bluegrass Estates, which is next to a farm. Ilooked over and about 30 yards away there was a hairy, black, creature about 8ft. tall staring at me with coal black eyes. It stared for about 35 sec. and turned and ran."

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