Caldwell Creatures

Witness: Penny (last name on file).

Date: Over a 10 year period starting back in 2012.

Time: Mostly at night after 11:00 PM. One daytime incident.

City: Princeton, KY

Nearest Road: Hwy 293

The witness is an elderly female who lives alone in a farmhouse. Over the last 7 years suspected Bigfoot activity has been taking place on her farm, particularly during the spring into early summer.

In approximately 2015, the witness was outside in the late evening (almost dark) feeding her cats and her neighbors horses when she saw movement at the nearby woodline. She then saw a very large, brownish/black, upright figure standing watching her. The figure was constantly swaying back and forth and was covered in what appeared to be wool like fuzzy hair, almost as if it was wearing a huge fur coat. The witness then saw what she believed to be large eyeshine. As the figure turned, it began walking away from her hastily. The witness stated she was surprised by how the figure seemed to be smoothly gliding rather than bouncing or bobbing as it walked. In approximately 2017, the witness had her grandson visiting her home. While the boy was playing in the yard, he located the witness inside her house and indicated he was hearing ‘loud scary screams’ from the woods behind the house. As they both walked back outside, the witness heard loud howling/moaning screams coming from the direction of the woods which sounded exactly like Bigfoot calls she had heard on the television multiple times before. In approximately 2019, the witness had a female neighbor in her mid 30’s visit her home. When the neighbor commenced the short walk home back to her own residence, both females heard a combination of howling, growling and howling from the direction of the woods. Both females had their pet dogs alongside them and the noise seemed to be sending the animals into a frenzy. The witness further noted that her cats seemed to be on high alert and running around in a panic. The witness received a phone call from the same neighbor, who indicated that she believed there were 2 sets of howls/screams coming from 2 different directions but both of which were behind their houses. The neighbor suggested it may have been a nearby relative acting silly by trying to howl like a wolf from the woods in an attempt to startle the females. The witness stated that at the time she had hollered out to the woods “I know it’s you trying to scare us” and “You don’t even sound like a real wolf, stop that!” At that moment, she heard what sounded like a bunch of coyotes alongside the original howler and the howls changed into a long, scary, moaning sounds. Both ladies then retreated into their homes. In 2021, the witness had what she described as her most scariest incident to date. One of her adopted cats had wandered into the woods which caused her to go looking for the animal. As she entered the woodline, everything suddenly went quiet. The frogs stopped croaking and the sounds of crickets went silent, everything was silent. As the witness stood listening, she felt this overwhelming urge to immediately leave and in her mind heard the words “go away”. The witness instantly turned and left in fear.

Follow-Up: I called and spoke with the witness on the evening of Friday, April 3rd, 2022, at approximately 4:00 PM CST. I found the witness to be very well-spoken Christian lady, down to earth and with a sharp mind. She appeared to remember all of the incidents down to the most minor details. She was both excited, and maybe a little afraid, as she shared her experiences and as a result of her experiences, she firmly believes these creatures are migrating or moving through her area each Spring and early Summer due to the increase of activity during those times. I conducted a Google Maps search which clearly indicated that her home is surrounded by several huge tracts of large forested areas providing miles of wood-line cover with several Lakes, ponds and creeks providing a good source of water sustenance. I obtained the phone number of the female neighbor in order for follow up enquiries to be conducted at a later date. In addition to this investigation, I also recently visited the home of a middle aged man in this same county, who stated he had heard loud howling screams and growls from behind his house. A Google Maps search revealed these 2 separate witnesses are within very close proximity of each other and both heard sounds from the direction of the other one's home. I find this information both very exciting and ironic. My opinion is that the witness is having visits from more than one Bigfoot as they travel through her home area.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator


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