Reports for Campbell County, KY

Website submission on 11/6/08

1. Your first name::
2. Which county? :
3. Estimated date? :
4. Estimated time? :
'8:30 pm'
5. What city, or nearest city? :
'rural alexandria'
6. Length of time the encounter lasted::
'10 min'
7. How many witnesses?:
8. Please describe your encounter::
'My wife and myself were in the house watching TV on a Thursday night. Our dog gets up and runs to the front door barking like crazy. My wife hears what she described as a bird screeching outside. I listen intently and sure enough, I hear it too.
I put the TV on mute and listened to see if it would bellow again.
Sure enough, it cut loose with another scream. It was definitely clear enough to hear, although slightly muffled with us being inside the house. Immediately, I walk out the front door onto the porch, and about 20 yards away, something big runs down the hill away from my house crashing sticks and leaves. I run back in the house and grab a flashlight and head over to the fence line that separates my yard from a deep holler. All is deathly quiet as I scan the opposite side of the holler with the beam of my flashlight. Didn't see anything. I'm thinking in my mind that whatever it was is already long gone. Looked around for about 30 seconds, then it screamed at me from about 50 yards away. Scared me real bad. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I've lived in the country my whole life and have never heard anything like this. It sounded like a peacock screaming and I definitely got the feeling that it was warning me off. The scream was more guttural and raspier than a peacock though.
It was very ominous and had a large presence to it. It screamed and then ran off deeper into the woods, heading towards the Licking River. This thing sounded like a bull running through the woods. Whatever it was, it was big, and although it screamed like a peacock, it definitely was not a bird of any kind. It tromped heavily through the woods. It did not fly.
Research alerted me that Bigfoot often screams like a peacock or an exotic jungle bird...Then the connection was made in my mind what I had experienced...The whole situation carried a different atmosphere than the usual trip outside at night to see what's making noise...'
9. Describe the creature with detail::
10. Additional Info: Area, Sounds, Etc. :
'Rural country road outside of Alexandria.
Road runs parallel with the Licking River.
Heavily wooded for miles with residential house scattered sporadically.'

Cold Springs 2004

The Garcia family awakes to strange noises coming from outside their home. The husband peeks out the blinds to sees a BF prowling around the front yard. It was witnessed by a son-in-law.

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