Reports for Carter County, KY

Your first name: Mark (last name on file)

Estimated date? 10/12/14

Estimated time? 6am

Nearest city? Olive Hill

Nearest Road(s)? Sand Ridge

Length of time the encounter lasted? 1 minute

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

“I was in my cabin and decided to sit on the back deck looking into a wooded area that I put salt blocks out for deer near my pond. I heard there was a nice 10 point whitetail buck that was roaming around my place and thought I may get a glimpse of him. I sat down and was watching the woods when out of the corner of my eyes was a large object coming from the left of my property. I stayed still thinking it may be a bear since there have been a few sighted close by. I then seen it was upright and had the block and kept on going without any hesitation through the woods. These are dense woods and now that I think about it, I am wondering if the noises that I have heard thinking they were coyote haven’t been bigfoot screams at night. I have never seen any prints nor did it leave any today but I wish I had a camera at the time.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“About 7 feet tall, very broad at the shoulders and upright in gate. Very large stride. Dark hair with a peak on the top of its head like a primate has. It followed the path of least resistance which is fairly flat.”

Follow-Up: 12-3-14

I called the witness and spoke with him for about 30 minutes. He seemed to be very credible. He is 46 years old and is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He has been hunting since he was 10. On October 12, 2014 around 3:00pm on a cloudy day, he was setting on his deck looking back towards the woods where he has a salt block for deer. He then saw an object coming from the left of his property. When he first saw it, he thought it was a bear since some have been spotted nearby. He then saw it was standing upright and was walking along the edge of the woods following a deer trail. It took about 15 steps and then drifted off into the woods back into a holler. He doesn’t think that the creature saw him. He estimated it to be 40 to 50 yards away. He described the creature as being around 7 foot tall and the color was like a burnt orange color. He said it was a little lighter than dark brown but a little darker that tan. The hair was not short but had flow to it. He said the width of the shoulders was around 4 feet. The length of the arms was longer than most people, maybe 3 ½ to 4 feet long. The legs were really bulky. He could see lots of definition in calves, quads and hamstrings. It had an arch in the shoulders and the body did not bounce up and down as it walked. He did not get a look at the feet. He only saw the side of the face, could not see any features of the face or any hair on it. He noted that the face was kind of dark. The head was ape-like shaped and was thicker than a primate head. He did not notice any kind of smell. This is a getaway cabin for the witness, which is on 6 acres, that is surrounded by 2,000 acres of forest. He would like for us to come out and do an investigation. This is the witness’s second sighting. The other was in Portsmouth, OH. He has believed in Bigfoot since a very young age. He did a school report on Bigfoot in 6th grade.

Sketch by Terry Thomas as directed by the witness.

- Travis Knuckles, KBRO Investigator

Facebook submission on 11-15-13
This was recorded on 11-11-13 in Grahn, KY by Tabatha Steagall. She has also had multiple sightings in the past (see full report below).

Here is what she said happened: “The story behind this is my little boy was feeding the dog and then the next thing I know he said he seen something moving and was headed back out with binoculars. I was looking in the direction he was pointing me and all of a sudden we heard a loud siren was one holler, if it had been a siren it would have went on and on but it was just one loud noise. Then I went in to get my cell phone and record anything else we could hear, and that's when I got this from the opposite side of the road the siren noise came from. I don't think the thing my boy saw was related to anything we heard, he has a big imagination, and I haven't shared that with anyone else I have talked with. I just told them about the siren noise and then the recording.” - Tabatha

Audio Analysis by Mongola Hela:

“I do believe this could be a sasquatch vocalizing. That's mainly due to the complexity of the first howl. If that were not there, everything after it would be too generic to rule out dog. Also, the pitch is in that range I like to see, near 700 Hz. Most of these vocals are a little lower, about 650Hz.”

Facebook Submission 7-9-13:

“I have two sightings myself from the late 90's. I have heard stories all my life, mostly coming from the road I grew up on about two or three miles from where I live now. Everything from peeking in a trailer window in the 90's to chasing my aunt in the 60's. My Dad and Mom heard it scream in the early 2000's or late 90's. And my best friend’s dad heard it scream last June. My shortest sighting happened when I was a teenager in the late 90's. Not sure the exact date. I was throwing out scraps to the horses after dinner, I was standing by the fence, in the field about 40 or 50 foot away stood a big man looking thing, it looked like a Neanderthal. I actually spent years thinking it was a ghost of a Neanderthal LOL! I promise I'm not nuts LOL! But after watching the finding bigfoot show for a season or two it just dawned on me that it was probably and more likely a bigfoot LOL! It was huge, terrifyingly huge. I couldn't make out much about it and didn't stick around to either. All I could see was that it was a dark in color, there was only moon light to see by. It stood perfectly still didn't move at all. I don't even know if I was looking at the back side or the front. I did see hair that fell in different layers around its head and kind of flared outwards. I don't know how I even seen that much but that is the one thing I did see. My dad went to find it when I came back in and told my family, but it was gone. Didn't really put much thought into it other than it was ghost. Not even when I seen the real deal around the same time.

In February of 1998 we had a huge ice storm. I remember it so well because my sister had got hit by a car on Feb 2nd (and only suffered a hurt leg thankfully), and the storm came late that night. We lost power for 6 days....Everything we had in the deep freezer went bad and my Dad had sacked it up and put it outside by the gas tank to throw out later. We had to cook out with a grill to feed my family & my Mamaw & Papaw all week. (I think the smell may have drawn him in, but anyways) The night the electric came on me and my dad was watching tv and the porch light was on. I glanced at the window and seen what looked like a man carrying our bag of meat. And that’s what I screamed "some man is stealing our rotted meat". I seen it run up the steps and it had black hairy legs. I could see that the hair was attached to the body as it moved, if that makes any sense lol! I don't know if I would say I seen the muscles but more so like it wasn't saggy. Anyways, the porch light didn't light up the whole steps, so it was gone out of sight pretty quickly. My dad and me jumped up and we could hear it crashing through the woods about 15 or so feet up into the woods, and then it was silent, I'm assuming it jumped a fence and went into the neighbors cow field where it would make less noise while making its escape. And the next morning my dad found the bad and the meat was gone, but the butter and the fries was still in the bag. My dad said that the bag wasn't opened like an animal chewed it but more like a person would open it. I always wondered why it came so close to the house, but after watching Finding Bigfoot I learned that they don't like to leave tracks, and where the water came off the roof there was no snow, but up higher in the yard there was still snow on. I don't remember looking that good for tracks then, just around the house, to bad I didn't have the knowledge I have today but at least I seen it.
I feel pretty lucky to have seen what I have seen, but I don't know if luck has anything to do with it when you live in Grahn LOL! I think we are surrounded by them.”

“I found this in my garden June 15th, just wondering what you think about it. I don't know much about prints...this one is 15 inches long. I have racked my brain on what it could be but can't find any other explanation for it other then Bigfoot. We had been in the garden for a couple of hours, left to get more bags for our fence and to get water...came back and my little boy found this close to the tree dad had just tilled this spot. We found about four more but they wasn't that good. One of the others measured 15 inches as well, couldn't even fine the other ones they were so hard to make out and we had a big dog and four kids running around.”

7-25-13. This is her husband. “It was when I was about 16 yrs old and I'm 32 now, so this is to the best of my memory how tall it was. To the top of his hand is 8ft, we didn't need a stick. That is to the best of my memory how tall it was and how far away from me it was.”

Follow-Up: 7-10-2013

Regarding her first encounter, after dinner Tabitha went to dump table scraps over the horse fence in her backyard when she looked up and saw a dark, hairy silhouette of a very large creature standing in the pasture. She screamed and ran back inside. It startled her so much that she could not remember if she dumped the food or not. The creature never moved. After watching Bobo reenact encounters on Finding Bigfoot, last year she and her husband reenacted the encounter to gauge its height. They estimated it at about 7.5 to 8 feet tall. Shoulder width about 3.5 feet. It stood about 40-50 feet away from the fence. There was no outside light on the rear of her house and the moon was behind the creature so neither eye shine, nor facial features were observed. There are horses in the pasture but they were nowhere to be seen. Beyond the pasture there’s dense woods and no neighbors. The oddest thing about the silhouette is that she could see patches of hair sticking out/hanging down from its head. She could not tell if she was looking at the front or rear of this creature. Her father did take a gun and flashlight outside, but it was already gone.

On the evening of February 2, 1998, Tabatha was sitting on her couch watching tv with her family. She glanced out the window to see what appeared to be a man walking in her yard, a few feet from her front porch with a bag of food from their freezer. It was dark in color and the bag was in its hand, hanging out by its side. After she yelled, she glanced over to the glassed front door to see lack hair legs running up the stairs. The thing that surprised her most was the texture of the hair on its legs. It was “really slick black hair”. She could see it clearly through the glass of her front screen door as she sat on her couch. The front porch light was on, so she had a clear view of its legs. The legs were not human, but not abnormally large. Her father sprang out the door with Tabitha right behind him to hear it crashing through the woods. It was breaking large branches as it ran away. “It had to be huge!” The next day her father found the bag in a neighbor’s cow pasture with the rotten meat gone, leaving only the butter and fries. The bag was not chewed, rather opened carefully.

Neither smell, nor vocals were observed on either encounter. The witness was very adamant about her sightings and has shared her stories with many people. She seemed very credible, detail-oriented and matter-of-fact. She never embellished her story when I asked her specific questions. If she couldn't recall information, or did not see a specific detail, she told me she me so, not adding any information to her original story. I found her highly credible.

-Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website submission on 2-25-11

Your first name: Amanda

Which county? Carter County

Estimated date? 2/24/2011

Estimated time? 10:45 pm

Nearest city? Grayson

Nearest Road(s): on Everman's Creek Road

Length of time the encounter lasted: about 8 seconds

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

My husband picked me up from work around 10:25. The rain was so bad we were driving slow. When we pulled onto our road, we continued to drive slow. We topped Crawfords Hill and just below the hill after you pass Miss Crawford's old hame, we saw something that scared us to death. My husband was driving a extended cab truck and from where I was sitting the "what ever it was", was standing 8ft tall with long arms stretching out grabbing trees to pull its self up. It was on the right side of the road. We were too scared to stop at that moment. I wanted to go back and take pictures. I have always been told of a story of a creature here on this road. A lot of people have seen it.

Describe the creature with detail:

8ft tall very long arms, head was down, it was a dark brown color, very big body mass

FOLLOW UP 1-25-11

I spoke to Amanda at great length over the phone. I could hear the excitement in her voice as she relived her encounter from last night. During the interview she would verify some of the details with her husband who was present in the room, as he was also a witness. It was pouring rain, as Kentucky was being hit with a huge thunderstorm. As they drove over a hill and around a curve they saw a brown sasquatch on the right side of the road reach up and grab a tree to pull itself up an embankment. It looked absolutely "massive!" It had wet, matted-down hair from the rain. It's arms "looked like an orangutan's" as you could see the hair drape down off them and they were "huge". It's back was to them and it's head was hunched down as if trying to hide it's face. It was approximately 30' from their truck. She said the tree bent down as it pulled itself up the embankment. It was an off-brown color, kind of dark. No other details were noted as they kept driving. She said it shocked them, but at the same time were very excited and scared.

She also noted that she had witnessed a bright white sasquatch along that same stretch of road when she was 11 years old. She was with her husband (just an older friend at the time) who was driving. It was late at night and they were driving at a high rate of speed. It was just standing there motionless on the left side of the road looking at them. Because they passed it quickly no further details were noted. She stressed how bright white it was --almost a "pretty white". Amanda also recalled an encounter which happened to her husband's friend who came face to face with one when he was a young boy in that same area.

Later, I spoke to the husband. He said it was about 400lbs, 7-8 ft tall, dark brown and wet from the rain. As it reached for the tree it "curled it's arm" around the tree and buried its head down, away from view. The wet hair hung down about six inches from it's arm as it reached for the tree. Visibility was rather poor due to the darkness and heavy rain. He did not stop the vehicle. He mentioned also about how his brother and some friends saw a white squatch at that same location some 30yrs ago. Hopefully his brother will share his story with us.

After speaking with both witneses at great length, I feel they are very credible and sincere.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Email submission on 2-25-11

Because the witness still has ties to the area, he wishes to remain anonymous.

"During my time I spent living in Carter county Kentucky, I would experience four encounters with a human like creature, which strongly fits the description of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, though at the time of the first two encounters I did not even know what a Bigfoot or sasquatch was.

My first encounter took place in 1979 when I was about nine years old. My younger sister and I were in the woods behind our house playing, we had been swinging on a vine going form one side of a draw to the other. My sister slipped on the vine causing sever rope burns to her hands and she fell down into the draw and started crying. I helped her climb up the side of the draw and we sat down on the edge of the draw and tried to clean the bark out of my sister palms, which only intensified her crying. When suddenly we both heard what we thought was some one run down into the draw next to the one we were in. Though we both looked in the same direction at the same time neither one of us saw anything. After sometime I was able to get her to calm down a bit and we started to walk back to our house. We were moving slowly and had walked only a few minutes when we heard someone walking a short distance behind us and though we kept turning around and looking we never saw anyone. Being kids this made us pick up our pace which was matched by who ever was following us. As we approached the edge of the woods I told my sister to run which we both did, however at the edge of the woods was a small rock face about twice as tall as we were that we had to climb down. I climbed down first but my sister couldn't climb down so I climbed back up to help her and we were kind of stuck for a few minutes. Finally my sister calmed down and started to slowly climb down the rock and I snuck back into the woods a short distance to see if I could see anyone since we had not heard anything for a while. I peeked over a small rise and came face to face with small hairy individual (about the same size as me, which was less than 5 foot at the time) who was down on its hands and knees. We made eye contact at the same time and it had a look of surprise on its face ( its head jerked up and eyes widened). We looked at each other for probably only a second or two when it raised its arm up and grabbed a hold of a sapling as to pull its self up and I can't get the image of its black fingers wrapping around that sapling out of my mind. This movement caused me to turn around in horror and run to the rock face where I jumped off without stopping, knocking my sister to the ground. When we got back to our house we told our parents , who thought we had seen a bear which had been attracted by my sisters crying, which to be honest we had a couple of encounters with black bears the previous year. It was from these bears encounters however that I was able to determine that what I saw was no bear. The closest animal I could relate it to now would be a sloth (long arms, pug face, dark brown in color), though at that age I did not know what a sloth was or for that fact a bigfoot. The second encounter (about four years later) was more vocal than visual. My neighbor had thought that I had been in the woods behind his house climbing trees and shaking branches ( this was witnessed by him and his mother). When he asked me about it I told him it wasn't me and I asked him to show me where it was. We got to the location and did not see anything and continued our trek further up the hill and deeper into the woods, we were just about to crest the ridge of the hill when from the top of the ridge came a very loud growl/howl followed by deep loud grunts. This was followed by the shaking of two trees which were about fours inches in diameter(much bigger than saplings but not big enough to cut for firewood either). Though these trees were not big, you could tell it would take a lot of force to make them move like that. As this was happening I looked at my friend who was frozen in what could only be described as sheer terror, which meant to me that this was no joke and something very real and very big was up there. I decided to make a run for it and was quickly joined by my neighbor, once we started running though the noise and shaking stopped. My neighbor would never talk about the event after that and it would be years before i could get him to go into the woods, but he would never go past where he able see his house. Again when I told my dad he thought it was a bear, and when I showed him the location he could see a lot of disturbance on the ground but no tracks. The next notable incident happened over a span of the fall and spring seasons of my freshman year. Due to certain circumstances I would be let off the bus at the beginning of the road I lived on and would then walk the rest of the way home. After a couple of weeks of this I thought I was hearing someone walking parallel to me up on the hill in the woods. Occasionally I would have other individuals walking home with me they would also hear it but they thought I was trying to scare them. What troubled me the most about these incidents was the fact that the following would start at the same location and end at the same location every time, and I don't recall it ever missing a day. After several attempts trying to see this individual, I would only catch flashes of a light brown color fur or the movement of brushes and limbs. When I told my dad about this, he again looked for signs of someone messing around but found nothing. My dad made inquires with a couple of local "back woods farmers" in our area and they assured him they had not been in that area and that they too have been noticing signs of someone messing around. The following spring I had to opportunity to miss school for a week, so I took the chance to see if I could get a better look at this individual. I sat on a set of rail roads tracks that ran parallel with our road though a couple of hundred yards off, and watched a couple of my neighbors walk home from the bus let off up the road to their house. I had taken a small variable spotting scope with me and though the foliage was very light and I could see through most of the underbrush, I did not see anything following them. After they had passed the point where the following stopped I started to work my way down the tracks toward the trail that led to my house, upon looking back at the point where I thought the following stopped I caught movement about three quarters of the way up the hill, I could tell with the naked eye that it was a human type individual(it was moving limbs out of the way with its hands) traveling up the hill. By the time I found it in the scope it had crested the ridge and I could only see the back of it from the waist up. It did not appear massive like the typical bigfoot. I thought that it was about the same height I was(6 foot at the time) though it was broad in the shoulders and had very long arms which I was unable to see its hands. The hair color and length was that of what you would expect to see on a brown bear, almost a dark blonde and not real long. I was only able to watch it for a short time before it disappeared over the ridge. When I told my dad about the incident he assured me it was someone messing with me and to not try to confront them and to start riding the bus all the way home. The last incident I had was the next fall I believe it was about 1986, I had just started deer hunting and this was the first year I was allowed to go into the woods alone carrying a gun. I had set up well before daylight on top the same ridge as mentioned earlier. It was still quite dark and I was sitting on a milk crate at the base of a big tree. I heard something walking towards me from the other end of the ridge. It was very cold out and the leaves were very crisp, as it grew closer I could tell there was two of them and that the walking sounded like two small kids walking and tromping through the woods(I could tell they were not deer). They stopped just short of me being able to make them out(as if they spotted me), and I did not hear any movement from them, until something else came down the ridge towards us a few seconds later. I could tell this thing was walking on two legs and sounded much larger than the other two. It reached the area the other two were at and also stopped, they remained silent for what felt like several minutes, until the two smaller ones started walking back in the same direction they came form only this time they did not zigzag they kept in a straight line. The larger one stayed motionless until the other two were almost out of hearing range. The larger one then started walking back the same way the other two did, it walked away at the same pace it had approached with. They did not seem startled or scared but I believe they knew I was there and was intentionally avoiding me. Though I had many weird incidents in the woods behind my house these four incidents that I discussed are the only ones that I would classify as being actual encounters."

Website submission on 1-21-06

Closest year, month, time of day? 2003, 5pm

Which county? carter

What city, or nearest city? ashland

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1 min

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter: tall browm upright thing walked across the road on AA highway

Describe the creature with detail: tall, brown around 6 or 7 feet tall

Carter County, KY - Investigated by Eastern Kentucky Researcher, AKA "Eastkyresearcher"

I have had at least 12 encounters at Carter Caves State Resort Park. One is of a white bigfoot I was trailing in the woods and as he sat down between two rocks I caught the side of his face.

I was in the woods in an early fall setting around 2pm. This weather was mild and the leaves had began to fall. I had my camera and binoculars and some bread that I usually bring with me and leave at certain areas where I know they can have easy access to it without being seen. I placed the bread on the rocks and sat about 100 yards from it. I heard heavy breathing on the ridge above me and I thought it was Big John, the creature in the first picture. But as I looked it was a solid white bigfoot and I assume he is the Alpha male or leader of the pack if you will. He tried sneaking around me but not much gets by these ole Cherokee Indian ears :)

He came down the hill 50 yards in front of me and I stood up and he seen me and began walking. I was running. He was at least 9 1/2 feet tall with a stride of over 6ft or better. He was tall and muscular but not real massive like the Patterson Gimlin Creature.

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