Reports for Clay County, KY

Website submission on 11/6/07

1. Your first name::
'david blanton'
2. Which county? :
3. Estimated date? :
4. Estimated time? :
5. What city, or nearest city? :
6. Length of time the encounter lasted::
'2 minutes'
7. How many witnesses?:
8. Please describe your encounter::
'I was riding my 4 wheeler with a buddy when we came to the edge of a swamp in Kincaid which is a vast wilderness 5 miles west of Manchester when I stopped to let my 4 wheeler cool off not long after that i heard a terrifying noise out to the left of me i asked my friend if he heard it he was as pale as a ghost and had the fear god in his eyes I then proceeded to turn my spotlight on and about 60-70 yards out in the swamp was a large hairy beast with yellow eyes In my self am 6'6 and even at that distance i could tell this animal would dwarf me it slowly walked through the swamp and trees every now and then stopping briefly for me to see it and then it eventually got out of sight traveling up a mountain side.'
9. Describe the creature with detail::
'8'-9' tall, dark brown hair all over w/ a slight hunch and its arms were unbelievably apelike. When you shone a light into its eyes, they appeared to be very bright yellow in color. it moved thought the swamp in knee deep water w/o making a noise.'
10. Additional Info: Area, Sounds, Etc. :
'the area is called Kincaid, and is about 5 miles outside Manchester Kentucky. The sound it made is very indescribable... just loud and deep.'

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