Reports for Clinton County, KY

Website submission 1-21-21

Your first name: J.D.

Which county? Clinton

Estimated date? Labor Day w/e 2011

Estimated time? 2pm

Nearest city? Russellville

Nearest Road(s): not sure (vacation cabin of friend)

Length of time the encounter lasted:
2-3 minutes

How many witnesses? 3: male 45, male 16, female 16

Please describe your encounter:

A friend and I went to Clinton Co., Ky. with some dear family friends to
their cabin for Labor Day weekend. The cabin sits up a long gravel road and is
very remote. They own 50 acres and have many 4-wheeler trails. The land is not
farmed, just used for recreation. The property borders the Cumberland River
just below the Cumberland Lake Dam. Two family members and I were riding four
wheelers up a long creek bed in the foothills. We were also looking for geodes
and arrow heads. We were quite a ways up the old creek bed when we came up on
"the waterfall"; however, no water was running. We turned off the 4wheelers
and began to look through the piles of pebbels, geode fragments, sand, etc..
We were concentrating on looking for arrowheads and were not talking when out
of the blue we heard an extremely loud knock ! It sounded like someone had hit
a large solid tree with a Louisville slugger. We glanced at each other and all
stood up immediately remaining quiet. We looked up the side of the steep,
massive hill/mountain in the direction of the sound. There was little to no
underbrush and the trees were massive. We could see nearly to the top of the
hill under the canopy of the huge trees. It was in the afternoon and the sun
was out; therefore, we could see very, very clearly. Then, we heard a second
knock as loud as the first or louder. We stood quiet and motionless just
staring in the direction. We listened for any sounds that may have indicated a
falling branch, deer running, just anything. But, no other sounds were heard.
The hills were dead silent. After a few minutes of standing quietly we began
to question each other as to what we had just heard. There were no other
family members/friends on the farm that day as they had all gone to a local
fish hatchery and museum for a tour. After a bit we continued to talk and
search for relics. It seems that all in a split second we all three looked at
each other with very serious looks. I felt as if the h air stood up on my
arms and back of neck . E. (male 16) and J. (female 16) looked at me and
asked, " do you feel like we are being watched?" All of a sudden our comfort
level dropped and we felt very uneasy. Up to that moment, we were talking,
giggling, and searching for treasures, then we were nervous. We all had the
same feeling that we were being watched. We immediately boarded our 4wheelers
and headed back down the creek to the house. My 4wheeler was the last in line
and I was continuously looking over my shoulder. The knocks did not scare us,
but the sense of being stalked scared all 3 of us. The feeling was bizaar. We
told our family/friends about it that evening at supper and "Boppie", their
grandfather replied that he and Nana heard it all the time. Then he replied,
"you should hear it scream at night". He described the scream as a combination
of a a deep-voiced man crossed with a peacock scream.

Describe the creature with detail:

Did not see anything. Just heard two very loud knocks about 1-2 minutes
apart. Had very over whelming feeling of being watched or stalked. Very remote

Any additional Info?

This was my second experience with a "possible Bigfoot" I am 45. My
nephew and his girlfriend are both super honor roll students in Southern
Indiana and well known for their sports abilities. We are very honest people
who have absolutely no reason to fabricate any story nor be ridiculed for
possibly hearing a "Bigfoot". We are believers.

Follow Up: 2-19-12

I spoke to this witness for over an hour on the phone today. I find him to be highly credible and sincere. He discussed with me in great detail a second encounter which took place in the fall of 2006. He and his 9 year old son went catfishing in a very secluded and remote location. It was where a creek runs into a river. They had been fishing for only a short time when they both noticed an overwhelming nauseous smell - “the smell was so strong, you could taste it!" The witness said he had a feeling of being watched but didn’t want to alarm his son. Ironically a few minutes later his son said, “Dad, I feel like we’re being watched”. J.D. was concerned because the location where they were fishing was secluded and not easy place to retreat. He said had the feeling that the person watching them who was up to “no good”. They were sitting on the bank with their fishing poles resting in pole holders, when all of a sudden a huge rock the size of a watermelon comes flying from behind them over their heads and hits the end of their fishing poles landing in the water with an enormous splash - drenching them in the process. He immediately drew his 22 caliber pistol and fired off a few warning shots in the air and yelled several explicative’s (which isn’t a common behavior for him.) He could then hear it retreating back into the woods crashing through the trees, braking large branches as it moved. J.D. and his son quickly gathered up their fishing gear and ran back towards the truck dragging their poles and spilling things from the tackle box.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Dale Hollow Lake - 1970

Interviewed witness over the phone on 11-20-10. The witness, Bill (an ex-military man ) and his cousin where walking along a ridge line just after daybreak. They were going fishing. Approximately 300-400 yards away they see a big, hairy creature standing on two legs. After about 5 seconds, it turns and "walks" into the tree line. It was rusty brown in color. Bill says it was not a bear, as there were no bears in that area at that time, and a bear will stand only briely to reach something, scout the area, or intimidate...however this thing proceeded to walk away on two legs.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Cumberland Lake - 8/4/99

While walking down a lakeside trail late one night two teenage siblings, ages 18 and 13, encounter BF standing by a tree and shaking it forcefully. They watch in shock for long moments - until the creature begins to calmly approach them on two legs. Then they ran for the safety of their nearby cabin. Creature described as 8' tall, huge, covered in brown hair with big eyes. At no time did it go down on all fours, but walked like a man.

Albany, KY - Autumn 1973

Witness Charlie Stern saw what he said was a 6' tall, dark, haired covered creature with an ape-human face and a bushy,black tail as it killed one of his animals. He repeatedly fired at the creature from close range to no effect. After many shots the creature at last seemed wounded and ran off on two legs. Two adult creatures and one young one were also seen in area.

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