The Pond Stalker

Witness: Leslie and Sean (full names on file)

County: Cumberland

Nearest city: Burkesville, KY

Exact location: (on file)

Date of encounter: 5-16-2014 (opening frog season)

Time of day: 9:30pm EST

Length of sighting: 5-10 seconds

On May 28, 2016 Leslie contacted the KBRO after seeing a recent Cumberland County report on facebook.


Leslie and Sean were shooting frogs around a farm pond with a .22 caliber rifle. Sean led the way with the rifle and a powerful Maglite flashlight. Leslie followed close behind with a cheap, basic flashlight. After about an hour and a half of making multiple passes around the pond, Sean’s gun jammed so they walked back to the truck which was about 100 yards away from the pond. He had to use a screwdriver to un-jam the gun. When they returned to the pond, Leslie kept hearing footsteps behind her. She explained, “It sounded someone dragging their feet in the tall grass behind me. So I told Sean and I would look behind me with a flashlight, but nothing was there! Sean was busy shooting frogs and didn’t listen.” As the couple walked up on the levee which supports the spring-fed pond they heard three very loud smacks on the water. Sean said, “It sounded like someone hitting the water with a two-by-four! I immediately shined my light across the pond and we saw a 9-10 foot tall, black, hairy creature standing on two legs! I yelled let's go and we ran! When we reached the barb wire fence I turned around and shined my light at it again. It was still standing there staring at us, motionless.”

Leslie said it had black, shaggy hair and the eyes reflected white. Sean said it had a huge head and appeared to have no neck. The arms were long and hung low by its side. Sean did not recall the color of its eyes nor the width of the shoulders. He said, “It was standing upright and looked what you would imagine a Bigfoot would look like. We did NOT stick around very long!” It was estimated at about 60 yards away. They couple has agreed to meet us on location this summer to take measurements.

Investigator's Insight:

Sean mentioned they heard water movement just prior to the smacks on the water. When the couple left the pond to un-jam the gun at the truck, I wonder if the Bigfoot thought it was safe to approach the pond for a drink and/or swim? Then when the couple returned unexpectedly and inconveniently, the Bigfoot became agitated? Just speculation of course.

This report occurred only four miles from the recent report on Hwy 61 in May 2016. Same time of year, same vicinity and same creature description.

This area is full of very dense forest, steep bluffs, deep hollows, and it’s very close to the Cumberland River and it’s not too far from Standing Stone National Park in TN (a well-known area for Bigfoot activity).

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Dana standing where the first creature stood.

Motorist Observed Three Possible Bigfoots

Witness: Wishes to remain anonymous (full name on file).

County: Cumberland

Nearest city: Kettle, KY

Location: Hwy 61 (GPS Coordinates on file)

Date of encounter: 5-6-2016

Time of day: 10:50pm EST

Length of sighting: Approximately 10-15 seconds.

Text message: Received on 5-11-2016 at 10:10pm.

“Hello, I want to remain anonymous. I am a medical professional that practices in the deep South. I am originally from Kentucky and have an extensive background in animal science. I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors in Canada and the US. This past Friday night, May 6th, I was in route to visit my parents for the weekend. At approximately 10:50 pm EST, I observed what I did not believe to be in existence. I will be glad to share details via phone if you can give me a call.”

Phone conversation:

The witness began the conversation explaining his extensive experience in animal science and the medical profession. Being heavily involved in his community, he wanted reassurance that he would remain anonymous. I of course agreed.

It was immediately apparent the witness was highly intelligent and very excited. He said later that evening after the encounter, as he layed in bed, he kept waking up every 5 mins contemplating what he had just witnessed.

The witness left from Livingston, TN and headed north on Hwy 61. The sighting took place 3-4 miles north of the Kentucky state line. He was traveling 65mph in a brand new vehicle with bright LED headlights. He had noticed 3 or 4 deer along the roadside during his drive through Tennessee and was watching for others that may be crossing the road. As he rounded a curve, he noticed two large iridescent green eyes which he thought at first to be a deer up on a small hill on the right side of the road. The grade of the road was slightly uphill. Although he could not see the body of a deer or a hill, he assumed it to be a deer on the hill due to the eyeshine being well above the guardrail. It appeared to be about 250-300 yards away. This is a very rural area so it was pitch black outside. The area also had heavy cloud cover and a lack of moonlight . The green eyes were very noticeable for about 4 seconds and then suddenly disappeared. At this moment (within 1-2 seconds) he was startled by something just 25 yards in front and to the right of his car next to the guardrail. A set of glowing aqua blue eyes! This was no deer or any other recognizable animal, instead something very tall was standing next to the guardrail as he passed it. The eyes were estimated at 3.5 times the height of the 3 foot guardrail placing the creature’s height at 9-10.5 feet tall. For whatever reason he did not see the tall figure, only its eyes—perhaps due to the vehicle’s speed, the creatures dark coat, the curve, or the driver’s attention shifting from green eyeshine in the distance then immediately to the closer aqua blue eyes.

Immediately after passing the eyeshine next to the guardrail, he noticed more aqua blue eyeshine down an embankment. This time though, he could make out the outline of a huge dome shaped head due the headlights illuminating the treeline and reflecting light back towards his position. The creature’s head had a very pronounced brow and an odd clump of downward curled hair protruding above its right brow. Only the right eye was visible reflecting aqua blue light. The creature’s head seemed to be motionless and it was facing down the embankment towards the treeline. As the witness glanced back to the road, a debilitating amount of fear set in. He observed it as it moved parallel to the vehicle’s path from his 1 o’clock position to his 5 o’clock position. It was moving down the embankment. “It moved smoothly and quickly, as if it was gliding,” explained the witness. He said the head was oblong with a sloping forehead. The overall physique would be described as athletic, not bulky. The head did not looked pointed at the top, although the overall shape was oblong. Its hair was black and possibly brown mixed in. The chest and face seemed to be showing lighter skin underneath the hair. Defined facial features were not noted, although the right ear was noticeable. The witness believes this creature was the source of the green eyes in the distance when he first went into the curve. Travelling at 65mph, the vehicle would have covered a hundred yards in just seconds. Everything happened very rapidly explained the witness. Three pictures keep flashing in the witness’ memory: First, the huge green eyes in the distance, second, the aqua blue eyeshine and a huge domed head, and third, another creature “gliding” smoothly down the embankment.

On-SIte Investigation: 5-15-2016

Investigators Charlie and Dana Raymond drove to the exact location. We took measurements, searched for tracks, checked the treeline for broken branches and talked to a few neighbors in the area. The guardrail measured 3 feet high and the approximate position of the creature which was walking along the embankment was 36 feet from the driverside of the vehicle (based on the distance from the centerline in the road to bottom of the embankment next to the treeline). The terran on the opposite side of the guardrail sloped down dramatically, and consisted of gravel and tall grass, thus very little dirt. Unfortunately no tracks or broken branches in the treeline were noticed. There were a few possible openings in the treeline where the creatures may have emerged.
Based on the witness testimony, we believe the witness happened upon three Bigfoots pursuing deer as he came around the curve. The witness mentioned he never saw another car on the road for miles. There’s a deer crossing sign at the beginning of the curve.

The neighbors were surprised to learn about the sighting and agreed to keep us posted on any suspicious activity. This area is full of very dense forest, steep bluffs, deep hollows, it’s very close to the Cumberland River and it’s not too far from Standing Stone National Park in TN (a well-known area for Bigfoot activity).

- Charlie and Dana Raymond, Lead Investigators

Photos from investigation:

Charlie standing where the second Bigfoot was walking down the embankment.

The terrain on the opposite side of the guardrail. No tracks were found due to the gravel.

Looking the opposite direction. Notice the steep embankment.

Computer replication of the iridescent green eyes observed at 9 foot high.


Black Hollow Hunt

Near the city of Bethpage in the 1970's witness James Vincent hunted for a large, white-haired Bigfoot which left behind 15" tracks and a terrible smell. Area has history of sightings and the creatures are known by locals there as "Wild Woolly Bullies." The hunt was apparently unsuccessful.


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