A Veteran's Bigfoot Encounter

Witness: Bob (full name on file)

County: Daviess

Date: August 1983

Time: 10:00 AM

Nearest City: West Louisville, KY

Nearest Road: Hwy 56

Describe Your Encounter:
“I went squirrel hunting early one morning on the banks of Panther Creek. I knew it was going to get really hot so I got an early start. Around 9:00am as I was sitting by a tree I heard these 3 loud knocks. It was plain that it was wood on wood. As I sat there pondering what it could have been it happened again, but I could tell it was closer than the first time. I quietly eased down the bank closer to the creek and began to walk stealthily towards the area the sound came from last.

I was walking in tall cane like grass that was about half a foot taller than me. I am 5’ 6”. I came to a small opening in the tall grass and peered through and saw a hair covered creature bent down looking at something on the ground. My first thought was that it was a bear, although bear are very rare for that area, almost unheard of. Then it stood up erect and I knew instantly it was not a bear. It was near 8 feet tall. It was covered completely in hair. It was standing sideways to me so I was only seeing its side profile. The hair from its head was shoulder length. It was solid black. It seemed to be focused towards the creek and never turned and looked my way, but I had the feeling it sensed I was near, or that something was near. It stood there for at least 2 minutes and I was afraid to move a muscle. I slowly began to back off as quietly as I could to get away from it. I was hunting with a single shot Stevens shotgun, but I put 3 extra shells in my hand between my fingers for a quick load in case it came after me. I left immediately.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“8 foot tall, covered completely in hair, it was at least 2 foot wide from stomach to back looking at it sideways. It had a huge barrel chest. I visited the library in Owensboro, KY later and looked up several books to see if there was anything close to what I saw. I found some books on the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch, but all of the pictures were of frontal views, I could not find any side views, but it became obvious that I had seen a Bigfoot.”

Any further details or info:

“I am a 68 year old Vietnam Veteran. I served in the Marines as a Forward Air Controller. I am an avid hunter and I know the woods very well. I have never seen anything even close to this in my entire life. I have waited all these years to share this incident for fear of ridicule. At 68 years old now I don’t care. I saw what I saw.”

Follow Up: 4-13-2018

Bob was so excited to finally get to share his story with me he literally drove to my house after reading a local newspaper story on an upcoming Bigfoot presentation I will be doing for the KBRO at our public library.

As he shared his story with me he kept experiencing cold chills which I could plainly see, and he kept pausing as he took deep breaths as the story was relieved as he was sharing it with me. It was obvious it was having an effect on him.

Bob was very adamant that he never saw the face, but he wished it had turned and looked at him so he could have seen its face. He never wavered in telling his story even though I tried a few times to get him to describe any facial features, “Did it have a flat nose, hooded nose, etc.?”

He would plainly state over and over that he did not see the face, so he did not waver in his story. He did tell his wife who knew he had seen something. He did say he told his friends at the VFW, but after they laughed it off he decided to keep it to himself from then on.

When he saw the newspaper write up about me, a local Minister/Pastor also being a Bigfoot researcher, he decided to finally open up and share his story with someone who would finally believe him. Below is a sketch of what the witness observed.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Lead Investigator

Sketch by Terry Thomas

Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter!

Witness: Jack (last name on file)

County: Daviess

Date: 1968

Time: 1:00 AM

City: Sorgho, KY

Describe Your Encounter: “I was 11 years old. It was not unusual for some of the local teenagers to climb out our bedroom windows at night and go running around our country neighborhood. Some of the older teens had cars we could ride in (if we were lucky). On this night we were riding around in a small 1960 Ford Falcon pickup truck. My older brother and his friend (both older than me) decided they were hungry and drove close to my house and were going to sneak to the house. They were going to my sister's window to wake her up by tapping on the window and ask her to slip them some food from the kitchen. They left me sitting in the truck as they expected to return pretty quickly.

As I sat in the pickup looking down the road, it was a full moon night with slight fog moving in and out, and in the distance I saw a shadow of a figure walking down the gravel lane towards the vehicle I was in. As it got closer I began to smell a putrid sickening smell and then realized as it got closer that this “thing” was not wearing any clothes and was the biggest thing I had ever saw. At least 7 ½ feet tall, 3 foot broad at the shoulders if not more, covered in hair all over except for its hands and facial area.

I laid on the horn and the creature grabbed both its ears and let out a squalling scream. It then took its long arms and hands and reached down to the ground and swiped hands full of gravel aside in both directions. I slipped down to the floorboard and the truck began to shake violently. I raised up and looked towards the back glass and saw 2 large hairy legs. It was in the back of the truck. I was scared to death! I then saw it huge long arm with huge hand came down across the windshield and slap the glass and stay there. I saw the hands bare of any hair on the palms, it had black fingernails, I saw its muscle texture move under the hair, I even saw perspiration flowing down its arm.

Then as I was kind of raised up from off the floorboard it lowered its face to the driver’s door window then quickly jerked back, then it slowly moved its head and face forward again and we were staring face to face with each other at about 16 to 18 inches.

It was here that I got a new surprise because its face and eyes had such a calm demeanor, and it made me feel like, “I mean no harm, you are safe.” It also looked very curious. I noticed it kept twitching its upper lip, like when a bug gets on your mouth and you try to shoo it off. Then it opened its mouth and I saw its gums, tongue, and saliva dripping inside. I saw its canines plainly. Not fangs, just longer canines.

I laid on the horn again because even though it looked calm, enough was enough. It immediately leaped from the truck and was gone as the other 2 teens came running to me and got me out of the truck. I was shaking in my shoes.

Describe the creature with detail: “7 ½ feet tall. Covered in dark hair all over except for its face and palms. Had huge big mouth when opened and had noticeable canines, but not like fangs. Inside the mouth was dark. It had a putrid smell. Long arms and huge thick legs. Face was almost like a caveman, or what pictures I have seen of a caveman. It looked more human than animal, in its face, and in its facial emotions.

Any further details: “There was a 2 year period of possible Bigfoot activity near our home from 1966 to 1968. My older sister and older brother both saw a Bigfoot like creature on our property (I can give details if needed). During this same time period there was an outbreak of some type of creature sightings taking place in nearby Owensboro, KY which the local news covered. Oddly enough, we never related the 2 incidents together. Not knowing what a Bigfoot was back then, all us local teens and kids called it “The Hermit.”

Follow-Up: 11-4-2016

I met this witness, his wife and his sister (who is mentioned in this report) at the exact location of his incident. He gave the detailed story 2 different times while being asked several questions (some leading questions), but he stayed true to his story and never changed it, or embellished his telling of it. He is a very educated, intelligent, soft spoken man who has an awesome memory with detailed precision. His wife of 40 years said he was the most honest and truthful man she had ever known, and in her words, “if he says it, then it really happened just like he said.” His older sister was present and confirmed that while the 2 older boys were at her window asking her to slip them some food they all heard some strange disturbing noise from the trucks direction, heard the horn start blowing and the boys ran to get the younger boy. The sister said that upon bringing him back into the house, “he was white as a sheet, very shaken up, crying and she believed him to be in a state of shock.”

I thoroughly believe these 2 witnesses (brother and sister) and I am convinced that this gentleman (when 11 years old) was approached by and experienced a face to face encounter with a Bigfoot creature with only a car window between them. One of the closest face to face encounters I have ever recorded.

- Don "Biggyfoot" Neal, Lead Investigator


Creature Jumped From Tree

Witness: Peter (last name on file)

Date: Early Fall 1991

County: Daviess

Location: Bon Harbor Area

Time: Dusk

Peter attended the Hancock County Library Bigfoot presentation on 10-27-2017. He explained his encounter during the group discussion and added further details in a personal conversation after most people left.

Peter and his girlfriend were walking down a trail. After about a mile, it was getting darker. Off to the side of the trail, some leaves began falling from the trees above, which caught their attention, so they stopped walking. When they looked in that direction, a human-like figure jumped down from high in the tree and landed on the ground. It’s hands touched the ground as it landed, then quickly sprang up and ran off on two legs.

It was about 5' to 6’ tall, thin build, dark-grey in color and was approximately 50-60 feet away. It ran with an "athletic sprint" and directly into thick brush, breaking branches as it ran off. It was very fast, agile and smooth. It of course startled Peter and his girlfriend. They turned and walked briskly back towards their car. He told his girlfriend, “Don’t run, just walk fast!” Peter said the event happen very quickly, but does not think it was a person due to how quick and smoothly it ran, plus it ran directly into thick brush, which a person wouldn’t do. He got the impression this was a creature, not a person and it terrified them that evening, and still to this day, weighs on his mind.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website submission: 4-15-14

Your first name: Drew (last name on file)

Estimated date? 4/12/14

Estimated time? 10:30 PM & 4:00 AM

Nearest city? Owensboro

Nearest Road: Horrell Road

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1st time 15 to 30 seconds / 2nd time 30 seconds to over a minute

How many witnesses? 1st time just me / 2nd time 5 adults present

Please describe your encounter:

“I had gotten up for a drink around 4:00 am. All my windows and screen doors were open. When I opened the fridge I heard a blowing noise kind of like a snort and wheeze from a deer, but it was 10 times louder and more powerful, this was followed by a howl unlike anything I ever heard. There was a brief pause I walked towards the window and it howled again even louder and lasted for 15/20 seconds longer. On this same day but late that night we had company over and were sitting around the bonfire. There were 5 adults sitting around the fire when it howled just like the night before. A guest of ours howled back at whatever it was and it didn't respond. We stayed out there till 3am and didn't hear it again.”

Any additional Info?

“I’m an avid outdoors man of 38 years of age. I have spent basically my whole life in the country, woods & water. I have never experienced anything like this.”

Follow Up: 4-15-14

I called and spoke at length with this witness. He is a 38 year old man standing 6’4” and not a small or squeamish man. An avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, and has done some tracking. He owns around 25 acres of land which consist mostly of woods surrounding his home and bordered on the back by a local well known creek called (Panther Creek) which has a rich history of weird and unusual happenings by itself.

Witness awoke at 4:00 AM and went to the fridge to get a drink. House was completely dark and only the light from the fridge was shining when all of a sudden from behind him at the nearby open window came a loud and forceful snort/wheezing type sound. Witness could only relate it to the sound of a deer that snorts/blows, yet it was extremely louder and more powerful than any he had ever heard before. The witness explained to me that it was so strong and forceful that he could “Feel” it in his chest. The witness was suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling that “something” was at or near the window behind him, and that he was being watched. After several seconds the witness was able to move and slam the fridge door shut and spun around to face the window….nothing was there.

He approached the window and from the nearby woods he heard this long and very loud howl/scream sound that lasted for several seconds. He got the feeling that this was a warning, or a (I mean it) type of sound that caused him to decide to NOT go outside and investigate.

Later that evening of the same day he had 4 adult friends over to sit around a bonfire and spend some time together as they often do. Earlier in the evening he had related to them what had happened to him but it was soon forgotten. At around 10:30 PM while all 5 adults were sitting around the bonfire there was another loud scream/howl from the nearby woods and everyone heard it and “felt” it. One person at the fire made a call back to “it” but there was nothing else heard.

This witness was NOT a believer in Bigfoot before this unusual experience. I believe him completely and could tell he was very sincere and honest as he nervously related this story to me. He wanted to make sure that we didn't think he was crazy, and he didn't want to be made fun of or ridiculed, but he also wanted to understand just what he had heard.

As of today (Tuesday 4/15/14) we have planned to go to his property tomorrow night (Wednesday night 4/16/14) and meet the witness and the other 4 adults and have a night time research to see if we can illicit any responses and possibly capture any audio or thermal hits.

Video Interview

- Don "Biggyfoot" Neal, Lead Investigator

Website submission: 7-8-12

Your first name: M.L. (full name on file)

Estimated date? 7-4-12

Estimated time? 2:30 a.m.

Nearest city? Owensboro

Nearest Road(s): Wendall Ford Expressway

Length of time the encounter lasted: around 2 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

"Around 230 in the morning of july 4th, i was a work on bittle road in owensboro ky. i was watching an elderly person in her home. she went to sleep and i stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. as i lit my smoke i was facing the wyndall ford bypass which goes around owensboro. as i was smoking, some movement caught my eye. i looked towards the movement and saw a very large hairy figure moving quickly on the steep bank of the bypass. it was not running but more like a vary fast walk. it was headed in an east southeast direction. i could tell by the lights on the bypass that it was muscular, hairy and very large. i could see the hair moving on its body when it moved.its arms stayed down by its side the whole time. it made no sound and i did not smell anything. it was about 150 yards or so away. it was a partly cloudy night and little wind. the moon was also full which also gave off some added light. i lost sight of it as a barn came between me and whatever it was. it did not reappear so it had to cross the bypass towards the owensboro - daviess county airport, which is surrounded by cropland and some big businesses. i never did believe in this sort of thing, but now i do. i was not scared or anything, and i know what i saw. it was a different kind of experience for me. it had to be 7 feet or taller, because it passed a tree with a limb that was at least that high off the ground or possibly higher."

Describe the creature with detail:

"D ark, hairy, and muscular. i could see its muscles moving, and its hair moving as it moved. it had a cone type shape of head. i saw no facial features or anything. i smelled no smell or heard any noise of any kind. it was very tall, about 7 feet or better , i could tell by the tree limb it passed by. the limb is at least 7 feet or better from the ground."

Any additional Info? "My ex- husband, john straney, made this report for me. i told him all i know that i saw. he has some experience with this as he has made reports before to you."

Follow-Up: July 9, 2012

We have 4 individuals who all claim to have had sightings within the same area over the last few months, which is unusual but not totally unheard of as I am sure you well know. It seems that these 4 people live near a well traveled route of a single Bigfoot creature, or possibly more than one. The witnesses passing through this same area as they travel to and from home have produced these sightings.

Witness # 1

M.L. is the x-wife of John Straney and the future mother-in-law to J.C. (both mentioned in previous report) J.C. drives M.L. back and forth to her workplace each night, sometimes accompanied by his girlfriend/fiancé, “Stacy” who is M.L.'s daughter.

“M.L.” is a home care sitter for a very wealthy elderly woman who lives just ¾ of a mile from “M.L.s” home. “M.L.” works the late night shift till early morning. After hearing her X-husband and future son-in-laws stories of their sightings, she thought they were both crazy. (her own words) She laughed at them both.

On Monday July 2, 2012 “M.L.” went to work, and at 2:30 am (Tuesday July 3, 2012) she went out to the back porch of the home where she works to take a smoke break. As she was standing there in the dark smoking she was facing West, towards the US 60 by-pass and she noticed something walking from North to South (from her right to her left) along the bank of the by-pass. What she saw was totally black against the green grassy bank of the by-pass.
(This bank is some 16’ or more in height with a gradual slope)

As the thing walked up the bank closer to the house where she was standing she saw that it was NOT a person, and there was no belt line that separated a shirt and pants area. This creature was totally black, or a very dark color. It walked upright, slightly bent over, and in her own words, (although it wasn’t running, it was moving very fast at just a walking pace)

She first guessed the creature was about 5 foot tall, later after daylight came she went to a limb of a tree that the creature passed close by and she had made a mental note of it, and she was amazed that the limb was over 7 feet off the ground ( I believe this is explained because the distance of her actual sighting was 125 yards, so the creature looked a little smaller to her from that distance).

“M.L.” watched in silence as the creature walked about 200 yards along the bank of the by-pass which is also along the edge of the home owner’s property. She noticed that even at this early time of the morning, a couple of cars came by on the by-pass, at these times the creature would take a couple of steps down the bank, all the while going forward, until the cars would pass, then it would step back up a couple of steps as it continued onward.
When it went behind a Barn that is on the property “M.L” lost sight of it, she waited for it to appear from behind the back of the barn, which is the direction it was headed, but it never did appear. Finally after the shock wore off and fear set in, she went inside the house.

“M.L.” was amazed at what she saw and her first thought was “this is what John and J.C. saw”.

Now to another part of this story. “M.L” began to tell her fellow workers what she had seen and was surprised to find out that other co-workers mentioned strange things happening at this same house. (Feelings of being watched when outside/feelings of slight fear to get inside quickly/strange noises outside at night/etc)

Then “M.L.” found out from the family of the lady she watches, that weird things had been going on at this house/farm for many years. They mentioned strange sounds, feelings, and events, always outside and mostly at night. They also mentioned to her that there was a very large hollowed out tree on the property, and that many times at night they could see what looked like eye-shine coming from inside the hollow of that tree. None of them ever dared to venture out and see what it was, they stayed in the house (It is said that the hollow place in the tree can easily hold an adult person).

The more that “M.L.’ asks about these events that have apparently been going on at this house/farm over the years, the more she is finding out.

On Wednesday 9-26-2012 I talked with “Mary Ling’ for over 30 minutes and I ask her had there been any other incidents since that event back on July 3rd, 2012 and she said yes, just last week. I ask her what happened and she told me this story…..

Behind the same barn is a Hog-pen and it held several hogs. All last week (the 3rd week of September 2012) she kept hearing the hogs making a whole lot of noise, more than usual. There is a huge metal gate and when the hogs hit it, it makes a very loud, distinct clanging sound heard easily from inside the house. She kept hearing the gate clanging several times each night, and loud movements and commotions. Finally one day she ask the day shift worker what was going on with the hogs lately, and wondered why they had been so rowdy. The co-worker ask “what hogs?” M.L. said the hogs out back of the barn, and the lady answered “xxx the hogs have been gone for over a week now, they are not back there anymore”

M.L. assured me that she has been hearing those noises, and that something is definitely back there at night messing around that hog-pen.

Witness # 2

On Friday April 13, 2012 “J.C.” was traveling North on the Hwy 60 by-pass toward his home after dropping his future mother-in-law off at her workplace which is 3/4 miles from their home. The time was 11:30 PM.

J.C.admits that he was traveling above the speed limit and was coming to the exit ramp at the end of the by-pass which merges onto old Hwy 60. The actual speed limit sign there says (35 mph) “James” was in a hurry and was traveling around 55 mph.

The witness noticed something running from the woods from the right side of the by-pass (East) from an area known as the “Joe Ford Nature Park” and was entering his lane of the highway. This creature was moving very fast and James knew instantly that an impact was not to be avoided. He braced for impact and slammed on his brakes. “J.C.” says that his windshield was filled with the view of this creature and it was fully illuminated by his headlights, and fog-lights which he was using at this moment.

Much to his surprise, the creature turned in mid-stride and headed back in the direction it had come from and apparently missing his vehicle front fender by mere inches. The witness was and still is astounded at how he somehow missed this creature as it was entirely in the front of his car as he slammed on his brakes.

When the car came to a full stop the witness looked immediately out his passenger window, but there was nothing to be seen, the creature was somehow gone from view in an unbelievable short amount of time. He was scared and in shock.

His mind raced to make sense out of what he had just seen. He did not believe in Bigfoot and scoffed at others who had ever mentioned the possibility of such a creature. Yet what he saw fit the very description of exactly that…..a Bigfoot.

The witness told me that he finished the rest of the short trip home driving very slowly and well below the speed limit of 35 mph. He entered the house where others were waiting for him. Those witnesses told me that he was white as a ghost, sweating, and could barely speak.

They thought he had been in a wreck. It took him several minutes to be able to relate to them what had just happened. All he could say was…….. (I should have hit it, I should have hit it).

He still today cannot believe he somehow missed it, it seems impossible because of how close it was.

I spoke to “James” for over an hour in person. He was quite blunt in saying that he never believed in Bigfoot and thought all the TV shows and witnesses were mistaken or just plain wrong, but now he doesn’t know exactly what to think. He knows what he saw, but HOW?

I ask him how tall he thought the creature was, he was honest and said that he never saw the top of the creature, its shoulders or head, all he could see was his windshield filled with what he called the stomach and chest of the “thing” He is convinced it was running up-right, and it never was on all fours while he witnessed it.

He said it was a Smoky Grey color and extremely hairy. He is still confused today and ask me several times how I thought he could have missed it as close as it was to his vehicle. This one point seems to have him baffled the most. The witness showed me the car, where the creature was in his windshield during the event, and described how he saw it.

I am convinced that he missed this creature by less than inches, and quite possibly the creature lifted its leg above the front fender and barely missed the top of the car itself as it turned to go back the way it came.

This witness was blunt, honest, and still nervous and upset today as he related what happened to him. It had a great effect on him as a logical thinking young man. I am convinced that this witness saw something out of the normal, and from all he describes it was very possibly a Bigfoot.

14 days later on April 27, 2012 at approximately 10:15 PM, witness “John Straney” the future father-in-law of “J.C.” leaves this same home, travels down old Hwy 60, and enters the US 60 by-pass heading in the opposite direction that “James” had traveled, and at almost the exact same spot “John“ sees a creature coming from the same side of the road as “James” had witnessed, (East) and watched as it traveled across the by-pass in only a few steps and entered the woods on the opposite side of the road. “John” also heard a long Howl-moan-roar during this sighting. (see John's previous report listed with KBRO)

The timing of these 2 sightings, (10:15 pm and 11:30 pm) and the weather conditions were almost the exact same in both instances.

The following pictures are of the exact location. Some pictures are from “Joe Ford Nature Park” taken on Wednesday 9-26-2012 while I investigated that area.

Hwy 60 by-pass in Owensboro and shows the exact spot (about where my truck is sitting) where both John and James saw the creature come from. This is an area known as the "Joe Ford Nature Park" It is closed to the public every night at 10:00 PM.

The other side of the by-pass, where "John Straney" saw his creature enter after it crossed the highway. By using the signs seen in the pic, John and I both came to the conclusion that the creature was 7 to 8 feet tall.

This is a 25 acre nature park and has an abundance of rabbits, squirrels, and rodents (witnessed from my visit there) also there is a thick covered wooded area that is almost impenetrable except by the trails that are made to walk through that area. These woods are filled with Acorn, Hickory nut, and pig nut trees in abundance.

I did my research there on Wednesday 9-26-2012 at around 6:30 am. There was no one else at the park so I ventured off the trails and got into the think wooded area (this is forbidden by the park rules)

I found was a couple of trees that looked to be snapped, or broken. Although they were not as high as most tree snaps I usually find, I took pictures any ways. (could it be? Maybe)

I also found a very unusual (to me) tree structure.

- Don Neal, Investigator

Email Submission 5-14-12

Witness: Tiffany (last name on file)

On feb 28, 2012 I had a photo shoot at English Park in Owensboro, Kentucky. As soon as we got out of the car, the smell was absolutely horrible. So we tried to deal with it and proceeded to walk towards the river. The night before it had rained very hard, so the river was up, but at the time we were there it had dropped, which left us to deal with the mud.

As we walked down by the river it became very clear what was causing the smell. There were dead rabbits, about 10 of them in a perfect row, along with a set of huge prints that walked right along side the row of rabbits. At first I thought, aww they drowned, but then I got to looking at them and they were gutted and slaughtered and torn apart but laying in a perfectly straight line, as if someone or something had arranged it that way. Then I attempted to walk into the mud to do a certain pose for the photographer and I stepped in one of the prints.

I wear a size 7 in women's shoes and I almost fell over. These prints were at least 2 times bigger than mine and had a longer sharp looking toe as if there was a long nail. These prints were in two trails. One exiting the woods away from the water, and the one that followed the dead rabbit trail back into the woods. I have no doubt that it wasn't a human footprint. The weird thing was, the prints were obviously fresh. And the direction they were heading in were leading to a wooded area that was still covered in water! it was at least 3 foot deep. I cant think of any human in their right mind that would go out in the middle of the night and slaughter ten rabbits, lay them in a row a walk barefoot into 3 foot water in colder weather. and with such a massive footprint???

I know that it happened over night because one of the workers at the park told me that the rabbits weren't there the evening before. I have ruled out every possibility that the water had caused the death of the rabbits. If they had drown, they wouldn't be slaughtered, and the water wouldn't have line the in perfect order. I'm 100% sure that the footprints were associated with the rabbits death, because they walked in the EXACT same pattern as the rabbits laid. I hope this story helps, I was a little hesitant that Bigfoot would roam a city, but Ii guess high water will run creatures out!

At the time that I discovered the footprint it was around noon on Feb 28th, very sunny abd very hot! My photographer also witnessed the whole story, and seen the prints. I have made her a believer!

- Don Neal, Independent Researcher

Website submission 5-7-12

Your name:
John Straney

Nearest city: Owensboro

Estimated Date: April 27, 2012

Time: 10:15pm

Nearest road: Bypass HWY 1-60 West

Length of time the encounter lasted: 90 sec.

How many witnesses: 1


The witness left his daughter's house approximately 10pm, and was driving towards Whitesville. He was driving towards bypass on Hwy 1-60W and stopped at the traffic light at the bypass adjacent to the 24hr Shell station. While waiting at the traffic light, his window down, witness reported to his left, a deep throaty howl that lasted about 5 or 6 seconds. The location of the howl was in a wooded area in a place called "Joe Ford Nature Park." The witness also stated that the park is small, only about 20-25 acres. As the light changed, and he began turning from the inside lane, witness looked in the rearview mirror and saw a shadowy, tall man-like figure cross the road behind his car. He said the figure was at least 7ft tall. He could not describe the face, except to say that he was massive in stature, with very long, muscular arms and completely covered the entire rear view window. Witness stated that the figure lumbered across the road and median to the other side in 3 steps. Witness also stated that the figure was headed in the direction of a farm and elementary school on the other side. Witness also stated that his son-in-law (did not give name) one week prior on April 20, 2012, also had a sighting at the same area. The son-in-law was driving home after dropping ex-wife off at her home, when approximately at 11:30pm, a large, hairy, gray-colored manlike figure approx 7 ft. crossed right in front of his car. He said the headlights were bright and he could easily see it. I did not get to talk to son-in-law, and this is all second-hand information from witness John. Once again the creature was headed towards farm and nearby elementary school. Both nights when the sightings occurred were clear and cool.

Interviewer remarks:

The witness John seems very credible, and when asked if he could have been mistaken about the vocalization, he replied confidently that he is familiar with every animal noise in the woods, and had never heard anything like what he heard. He also remarked at how massive the figure was and how it did not walk like a man, because of its fluid movement and speed. I think this park is a potential hotspot, and worth further investigation. Once again, I did not speak to son-in-law so I cant attest to his credibility, only to say that the witness remarked that his son-in-law was very shaken at what he saw that night of his sighting.

- Karen Moreno Lawyer, Investigator

Website submission 1-10-11

Your first name: Timothy

Which county?

Estimated date? 1982

Estimated time? 10:00 PM EST

What city, or nearest city?
Bowling Green, KY

Length of time the encounter lasted: < 5 minutes

How many witnesses? me and a female, two others asleep

Please describe your encounter: I am a male. In 1982 I was a freshman at Western Kentucky University. My dorm roommate, and two female friends had spent the weekend with our families in Owensboro KY. We left Owensboro very late, around 9 pm, in the dead of winter heading back to Western Kentucky University for Monday classes. The weather was cold, but no snow, but a dusting of snow flurries about the ground, so I was driving cautiously. About mid-point between Owensboro and Bowling Green, on the former toll road that connects the two cities (Western Kentucky Parkway), I saw a tall human like thing crossing the interstate. It saw my headlights and stopped in its tracks, blocking my vehicle. I was stunned and so were my passengers, as we all quietly stared at the apelike human on 2 legs. It slowly walked into the wilderness, it seemed unfrightened.

Describe the creature with detail: tall, walked on 2 legs, hairy but hair was long and greyish, very long arms, human characteristics to the face, extremely tall, approx. 8 feet

Additional Info: I know it happened a long time ago, but I do believe in this bigfoot creature in the hills of Kentucky. I live in Atlanta now.

Email Follow-Up: 1-14-11

"Sure, it was many years ago (winter 1981-82), but you don't forget something like that. I was born and raised in Owensboro, attended WKU, and now work as an analyst in Atlanta GA. The area we saw the creature crossing the Western Ky Parkway was near Morgantown KY, that I remember very well. By the way, the weather that night was about 20 degrees, that's important, because no human could have stayed outside in the temp that long. This creature was in no hurry either, it was not afraid of my approaching headlights. When I stopped my vehicle in the middle of the expressway, it stood fully erect and look at us curiously. Then it slowly walked away, not frightened at all. The woods between Owensboro and Bowling Green are very thick." -Timothy

Note: Coincidentally, we just traveled this stretch on the Western Kentucky Parkway on 1-16-11 returning home from our investigation in nearby Hopkins County where witnesses also viewed a grey sasquatch. We observed a large number of dead deer along this parkway, including one spot where four deer were all struck by a vehicle in the same vicinity. Appeared as if something chased the herd across the road.


Website Submission on 6/9/07

Your first name: Josh

Which county? Daviess

Estimated date? 6/9/07

Estimated time? '7:30-8:30p.m

What city, or nearest city? Owensboro

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10-15Min

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter: Me and a friend were walking along a tree line at the edge of some woods in the back of bon harbor hills. We went to check out an old abandoned barn were I had had an encounter before last fall. My friend was scared to go in the barn since it was about 20 feet inside the trees and full of overgrowth. I approached the barn armed with a tomahawked, just in case. We were already feeling like we were being watch. Suddenly we both start hearing a bunch of squealing and jabbering on top of the hill above us, then there was big thud. We both took off running, but not before; I noted an 18 inch track in the dirt near the barn. My friend said he saw something moving next to a tree, that wasn't there a minute ago.

Describe the creature with detail:
Only heard sounds

Website Submission on 7-9-06

Your first name: Josh

Which county? Daviess

Estimated date? 7/2/06

Estimated time? 3:36 P.M.

What city, or nearest city? Owensboro

Length of time the encounter lasted: 15min's

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter: I was near the northwest end of bon harbor hills were a lot of coal mines used to be, and some entrances are still open in places deep in the woods. Me and my dad were checking out a dam that my uncle was enlarging next to a small pond. My dad had walked back down to a veg. garden my uncle and his son were growing, so he didn't experience it. I could feel a presence looming over me up the ridge about 100 feet away. I stepped into the woods and immediatly knew I was out of bounds, literally. I was right next to a teepee type of structure that I had read about as being possible boundary markers. I began studying it when WHAM!!!, out of nowhere this 5-7 pound rock grazes my ear and nocked the teepee over. I was frozen where I stood. I looked in the direction of were the rock came from. I didn't see it at first, but then I saw an about 7-9ft. large shadow jump from behind a large oak tree at the top of the ridge. "IT" took off going down the other side of the ridge, and I took off in the opposite direction back to my vehical.

Describe the creature with detail: 'VERY LARGE about 7-9ft. Very shaggy looking.

Additional Info: Lots of ridges & deep ravines. Also there are a few coal mine entrnces still open in the area. A few months prior, a very loud scream eminated out of a near by ravine followed by a hoard of animals fleeing the area, FAST.

Follow-Up Interview: Witness appears very sincere and credible. He added, "I did however look for hair samples on branches and did find possible footprints, Very large possible footprints. Bon harbor hills is just northeast of Owensboro. The incidents took place to the northwest of Ben Hawes state park." Witness will attempt to photograph the teepee structure and possible footprints in the days to come!

Owensboro - Aug. 1978

Residents of the 2800 block of Fairview Drive reported that they had witnessed a huge dark colored BF creature on several occasions observing them from the safety of the nearby woods. It was 8 to 10 ft.tall, they claimed, and 4 to 5 ft. wide at the shoulders. It usually appeared in the evening hours and was said to smell like 'decomposing bodies'. Tracks were found which measured 14 to 16 inches long and 6 to 7 inches wide. Evidently the authorities were unable to help so a posse formed to rid the newly developing neighborhood of the giant, smelly menace. They reportedly fired on the creature with .45 calibre rifles to no apparent effect. It ran away leaving no blood trail,just a peculiar wet spot on the ground where it had stood. (Source: Owensboro Messenger-Enquirer)


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