Bigfoot Standing by Road, Squats Down!

Witness: Josh (full name on file)

Date: 5-25-2020

Time: 3:40AM

City: Sandy Hook, KY

Road: Hwy 650


Josh was driving north on Hwy 650 towards Hwy 7. He was traveling at about 45-50mph and after he rounded a curve, he spotted an upright, hairy creature standing on the right side of the road. Josh’s high beams were on. As he approached the creature, it squatted down in the tall grass. After Josh passed it, he applied his brakes and blew his horn. After stopping he looked in his rearview mirror, but it was too dark to see it.

Initially Josh thought the creature stood about 5-6 feet tall. He said it looked “humanoid,” but covered entirely in orange, reddish-brown hair, except for its face. The hair was medium-length. “The face was flat and looked like a monkey,” explained Josh. It squatted down about 30 yards from his truck, thus disappearing in the tall grass. It had wide shoulders and stood upright. Josh is an avid hunter and has seen a bear before, so when I asked him if he thought it could have been a bear, he emphatically replied, “hell no!” It had wide shoulders, a flat face, no snout and no ears on top of its head. “This was a creature I’ve never seen before,” he said.

I met Josh on this same day at 2:00PM. We drove to the exact spot and looked around. We found two distinct depressions in the tall grass, about four feet from the road side on the inclined embankment. There was a slight path in the grass, but the grass was so thick and tall, no tracks were very obvious in the underlying dirt. The only thing obvious were the two distinct impressions where it may have stood.

We found these two impressions where it may have been standing.

I pulled away the grass to look for tracks. The dirt was disturbed, however the grass so long and thick, no distinct tracks were noticable. There was evidence of a path walking up to this spot, however being in the heat of the day, most of the grass had sprung back up since the sighting.

Exact location: View Map

To gage a more accurate estimate of its height and width, I stood in the exact spot, while Josh drove his truck towards me. Afterwards, he said it was a foot taller and much wider than me, thus the creature was closer to 7 foot tall. Video reenactment to estimate it's height:

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- Charlie Raymond, Investigator



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