Somber Creature Startled Woman

Witness: Rachel (last name on file)

County: Estill

City: Irvine, KY

Date: Summer 1994

Time: Approximately 4:00pm (sunny day)

Message submitted via facebook on 8-7-2017:

“I saw him in the mid 90’s in Estill Co. at the edge of the woods. I was telling my son and showing him pictures on the Internet a few months back and ran upon you guys. I have only encountered one other person who described it exactly as I remember it to look. It was neat getting to talk with another person who had encountered it. Most don't believe or are hesitant if they haven't seen it for themselves, but it was an experience I will never forget!"

Sketch by Terry Thomas

Follow Up: 8-30-2017

I spoke to the witness by phone and she seemed very sincere and credible. She lived at the end of a dirt road (Pine Street) and worked second shift. Around 4pm on a sunny afternoon, she walked out her front door to go to work and noticed a large, hairy creature “rise up” from behind a disabled car in the yard. The car was an old El Camino which had been rusting away at the edge of the property for years, approximately 30 yards from the front door of the house. Woods surrounded the property with no neighbors on either side. The creature stood behind the rear end of the car, facing her. She estimated its height at about 6’5” in comparison to her ex-husband at 6”7”. She explained a few times during our conversation, “It had long hair covering its entire body which hung straight down, unlike a bear which has short hair that sticks straight out.” The hair was “really dark brown.” It had wide shoulders, but she couldn’t guess the exact width, just that it had the frame of a thick man. The skin on the face seemed like the same color as the hair, just a little lighter. She does not recall seeing its hands as they hung below the side of the car. The creature immediately turned and started to walk into the woods (on two legs) and that’s when Rachel jumped back inside her house. She told her fiancee who was home at the time, however he did not believe her and dismissed it as a bear. No smells or sounds heard. She rarely tells anyone about her sighting.

She never embellished her story when I asked her specific questions, for example about the details of the face. She said, “It looked like a few Bigfoot sketches I’ve seen online, mostly a human-looking face, not ape and definitely not a bear. It also appeared to have a somber look on its face.” The entire visual contact only lasted a few seconds.

-Charlie Raymond, Investigator

Email submission 1-31-11

I think it was in the fall of 2006 when this happened. I lived at the time in Estill Co. in a little community called White Oak (White Oak Road). It was between 4-5 PM and I was working in my garage when I heard the sound and thinking one of the neighbor kids was hurt stepped out to take a look. The sound was quite away off, I'm guessing 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile. It was coming from a hill across the road from me and continued getting louder as it got closer. Whatever was making this sound was moving through the woods very fast. It would last 7-8 seconds and pause for 2-3 seconds and start again. This went on for about 3 minutes until it was directly across the road from my place up on the hill behind an old barn. The leaves were off, but I never could see what was making the sound. I listened for a couple more minutes and the sound never resumed so I went back in my garage and started back to work. About 5 minutes after the noise stopped I heard cows on a neighboring farm start to bellow and stepped out again to take a look. There were 30-40 head of cattle in the pasture and they were running very fast away from the hill. When they reached the fence next to the road they turned and faced the hill and made sounds I've never heard from cattle. They sounded more like screams than bellows. I watched and listened for a while, but I never could see anything other than the cattle. I worked 3rd shift at the time and went in and ate supper and got ready for work. When I left around 8 PM the cattle were gone and all was quiet. I got home from work the next morning and went to bed about 7:30 AM and slept till about 2:00 PM. When I got up my wife told me that when she'd went out earlier the sound was coming from the creek on our property about 100 yards from the house. I asked her why she hadn't wakened me as I would've went to investigate. I went to the creek later, but never saw or heard anything. I've spent a lot of time in the woods hunting, camping, hiking, etc. and I've never heard anything like that before. I've asked other people if they've ever heard something similar and no one has. The howl from Allen Co. is very close to the sound I heard.

Follow-Up Phone Interview 2-5-11

I spoke the witness, Mike Yates (real name on file) at great length and I believe him to be sincere and credible. He is a 45 year old male with a wife and 3 kids. At first he thought the moan/howl was an injured neighborhood child. He stopped his belt sander in his garage and headed out into his driveway. It was coming from a ridge across the street. He estimated the distance of the first moan to be about 1/2 mile away. He stressed the moans were "very loud". Each moan would last 7-8 seconds, then there would be a brief pause, then it would continue. The entire sequence of vocalizations lasted about 3 minutes. It was moving along the ridgeline parallel to his property. It eventually stopped once it reached an old barn. He said the moan did not ascend or descend, it was a constant, flat, very loud moan/howl, similar to the Allen County Howl recorded on this website.

On another note: He mentioned a friend, Kenneth Jacob Dotson aka "Jake" who witnessed a white sasquatch while hunting in Spencer County. If anyone knows this individual, I would love to take his report. Please contact me at

- Charie Raymond, Investigator

Website submission 12-17-10

Your first name: Tim

Which county? Estill

Estimated date? july 1993

Estimated time? Several minutes

What city, or nearest city? Berea

Length of time the encounter lasted: Several minutes

How many witnesses? Just me

Please describe your encounter: I'm the one who reported the July 1993 report on Bear Mountain. I reported it BFRO and they talked to me on the phone. Glad to see that theirs a group in my homestate now. I think you should check out Bear Mountian on Kissey Branch Rd off Red Lick Rd that runs between Irvine and Berea. Bear Mountain is right across from graveyard on the hill a mile around kissey branch road. Standing in graveyard you are looking up Bear mountain on the other side of the road. At the top is cliffs go around the side of cliffs and thats where I had my sighiting.

Bear Mountain - July 1993

While hiking on Bear Mt. in Eastern KY. the witness had been hearing an odd tapping noise which seemed to be coming from a briar thicket. He then noticed a dark brownish figure about 250 yards away. Raising his binoculars, he saw that a creature sitting on a log with its back to him with a rock in its hand and beating on the side of the log. There was no neck, and the hands looked human...that is, four fingers and a thumb.He could see the dark greyish hand as it beat upon the logs side. It had a back that was at least 2.5 feet across and covered in short, thick reddish brown hair. Head was conical, like a lowland gorilla, and when it suddenly stood up and looked in the witness' direction,he could see that it had a bulged forehead near the eyebrows, large dark round eyes and a flared gorilla like nose. The jaw was slightly long to the chest, but did not protrude at the mouth. The nose and eyes areas were free of hair, the skin also dark gray. But the nose, mouth and chin were covered in hair. (Sort of like a hairy Ninja hood). "The creature was HUGE! I later looked at a tree it was standing near and it had to be near 7ft tall. It stared up the mountain at me, and made a peculiar motion with its head, waving it from side to side, and seemed to hunch over a bit with its arms dangling at it's knees. It then turned and dashed off thru the thicket." (source: IBS)

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