Reports for Fleming County, KY

Fairview, KY - 1980

Fleming County Gazette,10-12-80. Another large white BF raided a back porch freezer and stole 4 food items;a frozen chicken, 2 loaves of bread and a package of hotdog's. The creature is chased away but leaves behind trace evidence in the form of long,white hairs attached to the freezer, footprint impressions and a trail of frozen goods.The frozen chicken was found partially eaten in that state, a fact that all agreed was no usual human culinary habit/possibility. Witness was sure the thing ran on its hind legs while carrying the pilfered goods in its hands. Also, it was presented that no known animal could have opened the freezer.

Maysville, KY 9/10/1980

Bigfoot chases woman around car at local shopping center.

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