Reports for Gallatin County, KY

Website submission on 6/2/08

Your first name: Daniel

Which county? Gallatin

Estimated date? Friday the first of June.

Estimated time? 11:17pm

What city, or nearest city? Sanders

Length of time the encounter lasted: 9 and a half minutes

How many witnesses? 5 (two couples and a friend)

Please describe your encounter:
At about 10:45pm I was outside giving water to my friend's billy goat, while my friends were at our little camp fire we had built. As I was finishing watering the goat all of a sudden, I smelled a foul odor. He has had billy for four years and I knew that the smell wasn't coming from his pen. I just shrugged it off and returned to the campfire. 10-15 minutes later my friend’s girlfriend mentioned that she smelled something sour. It was weird because I never mentioned the smell previously. After about 3 minutes, the smell was over powering to where everyone was mentioning it. Then immediately we heard what we thought was a coyote until at the end of the howl there were three loud grunts. At this point, the girls wanted to go back up to the house. So as we were getting ready to leave we could hear something in the woods close to us. We were getting ready to put out the fire when in the distance we could see an upright figure. Now believing it was possibly my buddy's dad playing a joke we relaxed a little, until we realized that the figure was far too large to be David's dad. We then immediately packed our stuff up while David and I made sure that the creature was not coming any closer. As we were leaving I watched the creature continue to cross the field and enter the woods on the other side.

Describe the creature with detail:
Anywhere between 6 and 8 feet tall. The thing that stood out the most was the girth of the body which looked like it could possibly be 3 to 3 1/2 feet wide. Since it was dark outside we couldn't get an exact color but we knew the creature was anywhere between red and dark brown. Plus the foul odor, it smelled between a mix of soured milk and mildew.

Additional Info: Tobacco Farm on the outskirts of Sanders. Plenty of wooded area as well.

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