Reports for Garrard County, KY

Website submission on 4/16/08

Your first name: Jay

Which county? Garrard

Estimated date? The 16th of April 2008 (the day before I submitted this)

Estimated time? 4:30ish

What city, or nearest city? Nearest is Lancaster

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 seconds

How many witnesses? 2 (me and my brother)

Please describe your encounter: We own a small farm in northern Garrard county, around us are several other farms of similar size; plenty of room for a creature of this sort to live without being noticed... much. My brother and I were in our two-acre paddock where we keep our horses and goats, when we saw a honey-suckle bush moving as if something large was behind it. We looked around and saw that the horses were grazing about ten yards away in one direction, and in the other were all seven goats yelling their heads off about something. Then my brother looked down and found some wet, orange to brown hair, we ran back to the house where my brother got his camcorder. When we came back to that spot the goats were quiet (quieter) and the large animal was gone. We thought we heard a funny howling noise up to the South-West corner of the property. When we got up there we found a small field, some forest, and a little swamp/pond. There was a horrible smell over near a fence that divided our farm from that of our neighbors', trees and bushes surrounded it. And when in shock, I whispered to my brother "I see a big animal over there!" he thought I meant in our neighbors' field, when instead I meant behind a bush only a few yards away. He was pointing his camcorder out into the field and seeing nothing, "Its in the bush." I said. But it had already left. (The smell began to fade away but the memory never will. -- Tales of the cryptids [book])

Describe the creature with detail:

Face: Human like; yet closer to that of an ape.

Hair: Wiry, orange/brown; like the wet hair that my brother found

Head: Round, 1 foot in diameter.

Limbs: Unknown. (I saw head broad shoulders only, the rest was behind a big bush)

Stomach area: Unknown. (I saw head broad shoulders only, the rest was behind a big bush)

Additional Info: Area, Sounds, Etc: Area: Farmland in northern Garrard county.

Landscape and Plants: Fields and forests.

Smells: Rotten egg and a skunk.

Sounds: Funny howling noise and known animals (birds, etc.).

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