Creature Watches Girl in Cemetery

Witness: Ashley (full name on file)

Date: Summer of 2002

Time: Midday

Location: Robbins Cemetery in Mayfield, KY

“When I was about 14 in Western Kentucky I visited my grandma's grave. Some woods set back behind it and my mom went back to the car and I was fixing the flowers on my grandma's grave. I heard some rustling back in the woods and just thought maybe deer. Then I looked up and saw this tall 7-8ft all brown hairy thing running, but was kinda hunched over and long arms. He didn't look at me and I just froze. I watched him run and push back big branches out of the way like it was nothing and then he was gone. It scared me so bad I just went back to the car and sat there. I didn't even tell my mom. I didn't say anything for years to anyone cause I knew I was going crazy or was going to be called crazy. It scared me so bad I didn't go back to my grandma's grave til I was in my 20's. When I did tell everyone what I saw (in my 20's) everyone just joked about it. I feel like they do believe me know though. My story never changes and I know what I saw.”

Actual sighting location. Witness was near the treeline at the top and a little to the left.

Follow-up questions:

How far was it from you? “ I'm not sure in distance. Not too far. Fairly close.”

How far was it in the treeline? “Same as the last question cause I know I was only 3-4 feet from the treeline.”

What did the head look like? “I didn't really focus on the head, but it was hunched over.”

What did the face look like? “Didn't see the face.”

What did the arms look like? “Long and he was swinging them.”

What did the hands look like? “Large”

How long was the hair? “Shaggy like, about med length.”

Was it initially standing? “Yes”

How do you know it wasn't a bear? “We don't really have bears in Graves County. The only time I've ever heard of a bear being spotted was in 2009 that was the first and last time.”

Any addition info? “I only saw it from the side and he was running like a human on two legs. He was slender and kinda hunched over. I remember being confused as I watched him cause he was so large, but it also had a slender built. I didn't see his chest. He was fast tho and seemed strong cause he ran through the brush and trees like it was nothing.”

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator


Website submission 3/8/10

Witnesses: Jordan & Clayton

Estimated date: 'October, 2008

Estimated time: Dawn

Nearest city: Symsonia

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5-10

Please describe your encounter:

"It was early morning and it was a group of us notexpecting anything to happen, We were patrolling the woods, practicing for air soft wars. Chaney, a kid in our group, saw something and brought our attention to a moss colored beast, We immeadiatly pulled up our scopes to get a better look. One of us dismissed it after firing near it a couple of times. We then reloaded and when we were leaving the location to go deeper into woods, one of us noticed that it moved to a new location, We then hauled our butt's out of the woods and reexamined later......We found nothing, This was the most awesome yet intense encounter we had experienced."

Describe the creature with detail:

" 7-8ft tall(2-3m), amossy color, with the fur matted and perfectly camoflauged."

Area, Sounds, Etc:

'Thick seperated trees, short brush, hilled, patch of bushes."

Follow-up: 7/6/10

I contacted the principle witness of this report in late June, 2010. Thirteen year-old Jordan F. (full name on file), along with a cousin and two friends, observed this creature in October of 2008 when he was 11 years old. The three were up early that day, just after dawn, exploring some wooded property in Graves County near Symsonia owned by his cousin's parents and shooting their air-soft rifles when his friend, Chaney, first noticed the thing positioned in the brush about 25 yards (75 ft.) from them. He yelled, "Look!" and the other two boys turned to see it. Through their rifle scopes they could see that it was a large, hairy, man-like creature. Jordan told me it was covered with hair that he described as a "moss-green" color. The creature also had "glowing red eyes" even though it was day time. It appeared to be crouched down in an ape-like fashion, he said, with its weight resting mostly on one leg. One of its arms was stretched out in front of it, knuckles to the ground. All three noticed a strange smell "like a mixture of rotten meat and urine." The group, in true Kentucky fashion, fired their plastic bullets at the object and the thing "moved around a little like it was irritated." As they were about to go into a patch of woods they noticed that the object had moved to a different location. Oddly, it was only then that the youths became alarmed and decided to beat a hasty retreat back home. When they examined the area later they could find no tracks, hair or any other trace of the creature. Jordan described the terrain as being a small, thickly wooded valley near a swampy swampy area with nearby creeks and streams.

Interestingly, Jordan and his cousin, Clayton seem to be 'magnets' when it comes to unexplained phenomena. He revealed to me that they had seen unusual things before plenty of times in Graves County, including flying orbs. They had also seen a dark figure up in the trees, which he described as "monkey-like, thin and covered with mangy-looking fur," on several seperate occasions in both McCracken and Livingston Counties. Many would dismiss this case as being representative of the over-active imaginations of three young boys but, after speaking with Jordan at length, I was convinced that he was being perfectly sincere and honest. Not trying to 'pull my leg' at all. Many experiencers of the unexplained begin their encounters at an early age and continue on, in one fashion or another, throughout their lives. As one of these people myself, I cannot automatically dismiss reports of this nature because of the age of the witness, or witnesses, nor the claim that the witness has had more than one brush with the unknown in the Bluegrass State, therefore I am classifying this report as being authentic and factual and worthy of inclusion in this database of Kentucky encounters.

- B.M.Nunnelly

Mayfield, KY 1998

Nightime sighting of large, hairy, black Bigfoot with small, glowing red eyes. Witness alerted by sound of breaking limbs. When creature started to approach the terrified witness fled.

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