Reports for Grayson County, KY

Website submission 6-5-11

Your first name: Ryne

Which county? Grayson

Estimated date? 4/19/10

Estimated time? 3pm

Nearest city? Leitchfield

Nearest Road(s): Hwy737

Length of time the encounter lasted: 50 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

I was driving a golf cart down a gravel road at our lakehouse on Rough river lake . I happened to look down the hill and I seen a black creature i wouldve guessed to be around 7-8 foot tall and had glowing yellow eyes.For the last few days I had heard these screams from a farm that was close to the spot that i seen the creature. I have drove through the area many times since then and have not seen anything but have heard the screams a couple of times.

Describe the creature with detail:

7-8 foot tall and had yellow glowing eyes and dispersed a foul smell

Follow Up: 6-5-11

I spoke the 14 yr old witness over the phone. He said the creature was standing by the edge of the forest, approximately 40 yds away from his stopped golf cart. It was about 8' tall, very muscular, very "strong-looking". It had long, matted black hair covering its entire body, except the face. The face had black skin, big lips, big nose, large brow and a yellow shine to the eyes. When I asked him if they were glowing, he said no, "more of yellow refection." Hair covered the hands and he could not see the feet clearly. It turned slightly and looked to it right, then looked back at the witness--it repeated this several times. Then it turned and walked 30-50' into the woods. It actually did a slight u-turn at one point but never looked back. It walked gracefully, not fast, no slow. The arms swung slightly by its knees. "It walked hunched over a little, like it was walking on its tip toes". The odor was noticed 30 seconds before he obtained a visual. It was a heavy, foul-smelling stench. The vocalizations heard the two previous nights sounded like a moan-howl, "almost like an animal in distress."

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Leitchfield 1975-77

Youth watches animal hiding behind trees near Nolin Lake.
Read full report here. (source: BFRO)

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