Reports for Greenup County, KY

Website submission 8-1-2011

Your first name: Keith

Which county? Greenup

Estimated date? July 1979

Estimated time? 3:00 am

Nearest city? Greenup

Nearest Road(s): on RT# 2 (exact location on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: drove past it at aprox. 20 mph

How many witnesses? myself and uncle

Please describe your encounter:

On our way back from eating a midnight brunch in Russel at the rail road restruant. We were headed back to his campsite 2.7 miles up route 2 when we drove past a big man size thing covered with hair from head to toe. We never spoke a word untill we passed it. Then we ask each other what the hell was that. We quickly turned around at W Hollow and went back to get another look, it was nowhere to be found.

Describe the creature with detail:

It was about the size of a large man 6' 9" and slumped over somewhat. it was covered in hair from head to toe. didn't get a good look at it's face but it had hair on it.

Any additional Info?

We only went a short ways before we turned around and went back. He got out of sight fast.

FOLLOW UP: 8-5-2011

I spoke to the principle witness at some length on Aug. 10, 2011 and learned that the date submitted in the report was a typo. The incident actually occurred in July of 1989. Keith (full name on file) verified the described events and I was able to gather a few more details concerning the incident. It was around 3:00 am. on the evening in question and Keith and his uncle, Lawrence (full name on file), were driving down RT #2 returning to Lawrence's river camp on the Little Sandy River in Greenup, Ky. They were about 3/4's of a mile away from their destination when, coming around a curve in the road, they spotted something strange standing next to the road at the bottom of a heavily wooded hill. They stared at it in disbelief as they passed. Keith described the object they saw as standing around 7 feet tall, even slightly slouched over, man-like and covered from head to toe in dark brown to black hair even on its face. "It was bigger than me," Keith said, "and I'm six foot-three and weigh 230 pounds. This thing weighed about 500 lbs. Maybe more." After they had passed it, they both asked each other, 'Did you see that?'. They immediately turned the truck around on W Hollow Road and headed back for a better look but, by the time they returned the creature was gone, probably over the hill to the creek just behind it, he thought. Both men were sure that it was no bear. Lawrence had seen a black bear in the general area before, Keith told me, and was sure that was not what they saw that night. The creature stood perfectly still as the truck passed it, he said. It never offered to move at all and neither men noticed any eye-shine. They were traveling about 30 mph at the time. To this day they don't know for sure what it was. "We have an idea," Keith said. "That's why I check quite often." They never spoke of the experience, not even to their wives, he told me, for fear they would be too afraid to accompany them into the area on subsequent camping trips. And for years every time the two men returned without the women they would stop and check out the creek behind the hill in an effort to find footprints, which they never found. The area is chiefly wooded hills and creeks with numerous small campsites along the Little Sandy. "I'm glad I finally talked to someone about it." Keith, now 63, told me when I thanked him for taking the time to submit a report even after 20 years. He was relieved to finally get it off his chest. He sounded completely sincere and credible. His uncle still owns the river camp, but has grown too old to visit the area. "This is an absolutely true sighting", he stated, and considering the rugged terrain of the area and history of monster sightings it lays claim to - I believe him.

- Bart Nunnelly, Lead Investigator

Website submission on 8/10/08

Your first name: Suzy

Which county? Greenup

Estimated date? Aug.10 2008

Estimated time? 4:30 a.m.

What city, or nearest city? Russell

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2 mins.

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
Went out for a smoke , the woods were eerily quiet usually i whistle at the birds or even mock the new coyote puppies. But this morning there was not a sound to be heard not even the crickets. Being silly, i decided to make some noises of my own out of shear boredom. I began to mimic a deer grunting w/a growl attached. I'm not sure how long i was doing this and thats when i heard the loudest crashing noise ever coming from about 20-30 yards away. There is a large 5'7'' fence between me and a large wood line. The noise sounded like footsteps crashing hard into the forest floor at the same time I could hear tree limbs being snapped like twigs. I was frozen in fear whatever I had disturbed was huge and coming straight for me. Then to the left of me I thought i heard a growl it was even closer than the crashing woods, which i turned my attention back to very quickly. I was terrified my Knees buckled. I almost cried in fear whatever was moving towards me was coming hard and fast and tearing the woods up as it came. I ran for what i felt was my life. I was so scarred it took me forever to even get the courage to peep out the window. I did not work the next evening returned on Tuesday. I decided i needed to get the courage up to look on the other side of the fence maybe into the woods to see if i could see any evidence of what it could have been i found two foot prints by the fence. They were about 11-13 inches long. Finding these footprints made me very scared and very excited at the same time. I did not stay behind the fence for long. This experience has made me very frightened of the woods. I regret not taking any pictures of the prints but i did share them with a coworker she got very scared also and could not believe what she was looking at. The woods are too steep and very thick with brush I could not investigate. I got a camera and a spotlight together. I set out some bait in zip lock baggie, zipped it almost shut set it out on a rock on the other side of the fence on a rock at the edge of the wood line this was on Thursday. I filled it with microwaved spam and garlic smelled really badly added a banana and waited. When i came back out to check it the baggie was empty unzipped and turned inside out and lay in the exact spot i left it. Friday night i tried some tree Knocking and got nothing. Monday the 18th I was giving up when i went out to smoke thats when I heard it, it sounded even closer than before. I could hear it walking in the woods. This time walking away from me, it began hitting trees with what sounded like a limb I wasn't as scarred to stand there as long as it moved away. I listened to it walking and hitting trees until i couldn't hear it any more. This was about 5:30 I haven't heard anything since Monday.

Describe the creature with detail:
it sounded very heavy and strong enough to rip tree limbs of trees. I will never forget what i heard.

Website submission on 3/6/06

Your first name: antonio

Which county? greenup

Estimated date? march 6, 2006

Estimated time? 9:30p.m

What city, or nearest city? loyd

Length of time the encounter lasted:
1min. 30sec.

How many witnesses? 3

Please describe your encounter:
big black on two legs running for about a mile then walked on four legs ugly face

Describe the creature with detail:
three red eyes that’s all we could see

Additional Info: hill side fifteen inch foot print in loyd'

Near US 23 - 1/4/01

Nighttime encounter with a large 8' tall, 450lb, hairy beast which made strange grunting noises. Witness quote, "When it saw me I about shit my pants". Trace evidence left in form of large footprints, which were photographed.

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