A Bigfoot Highway?

Witness: P.T. (full name on file)

Date: 11-9-19

Time: 6:15 AM

City: Lewisport

Nearest Road: Hwy 60

Please Describe Your Encounter:

“I am a very busy person and I am on the go as I am a business woman running 3 businesses. This early Saturday morning I had left from Hawesville, KY headed to Owensboro, KY traveling on Hwy 60. As I was at the Daviess/Hancock county line (which is marked by a road sign) I looked to my Left, or East, and right off the road there is a tall embankment going up a steep slope, I saw this black colored, large, upright walking creature climbing up the bank. It was almost at the top. I was instantly shocked and surprised at its huge size. I could not see its feet, but I saw the full backside of its body from the knees up. I was amazed at its extremely long arms, and it did not seem to have a neck. Its shoulders were massive and wide. I watched as it used its arms and hands to grab the trees in front of/and above it to grab and pull itself, or assist itself up the steep hillside. I instantly knew I was seeing a real life Bigfoot. It was no more than 100 feet away from me. I will never forget what I saw and I have no doubts in the least. I fought the urge to turn around and go back as I was on a schedule and had to be at my destination in a limited time. I did drive back to that exact spot on my return home but saw nothing."

Describe The Creature With Detail:

“Huge. Wide. It was Black in color. Very long arms. No visible neck looking at it from behind. Unbelievably massive shoulders. I could not guess its height since it was uphill from me but it was BIG. I could not make out any facial features since it was going away from me.”

Follow-Up Report:

I spoke to this witness today (Saturday 11/23/19) just 2 weeks after her sighting. She was still excited and very eager to share what she her encounter and was 100% totally sure of what she had seen, and stated to me, “It was no doubt a Bigfoot.” She is a very intelligent and well-spoken businesswoman who runs 3 business. She has always believed in the possibility that Bigfoot exists and has always watched film clips and documentaries concerning this subject, yet she never actually believed that she would see one on the side of Hwy 60 in her County. She said she knew immediately what it was as soon as she saw it. It could not have been anything else. She wanted to pull over but time constraints did not allow it, plus Hwy 60 at that location would not have been the safest place to try and pull over and exit a vehicle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This sighting is only 8.4 miles from another recent sighting that I investigated for the KBRO only weeks ago near the entrance to Vastwood Park which is also on Hwy 60, the same road as this sighting. That report is also listed on our KBRO website. That previous sighting took place on 9/27/19.
Due to the other similar, recent sighting on this same highway and the totally believable testimony of this professional business woman, I truly believe she saw, and was only 100 feet from, a Bigfoot creature climbing the steep bank of this roadway early this Saturday morning. I ask the witness to ponder that IF she had only been 30 seconds sooner she may have seen it cross the road in front of her.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Lead Investigator

Motorists Spot Three Creatures

Witnesses: B.R. and spouse (full name on file)

Date: 9-27-19

Time: 8:45 to 9:00 PM

City: Hawesville

Location: Hwy 60

Please Describe Your Encounter:

“We were driving East on Hwy 60 heading to Hawesville KY from Lewisport, KY. We saw eyeshine ahead coming from the median in the center of the road (Hwy 60 is 2 lanes going East and 2 lanes going West with a wide median between them). Our first thought was deer, but we immediately noticed 2 things about the eyeshine. #1 the eyes were huge, larger than what we normally see when seeing deer, and #2 the eyes set unusually far apart. We instantly noticed that there were 2 sets of eyes down lower to the ground, and the 3rd set was at about the 7 foot level. As we drove closer to them and our headlights begin to shine near them it was plain to see there were 2 smaller individuals, both on all fours, and both closer to the side of the highway. The larger one was standing back a little bit and never moved, it just stared towards us unblinking and unmoving. We both thought, “what in the world?” As we passed by them at about (15 feet) traveling 50 MPH we thought the one, (which was the smallest of the group) might dart out into the road in front of us, or it acted like it might. When the lights hit its eyes it instantly bowed its head and hid its eyes. The 2nd small one was moving around, but not as close to the road as the smallest one was. The big one stood still, never moving, standing upright the entire time. When we passed I ask my nephew if I should turn around and go back to see that again. We both agreed to not do that and just continue on. I can’t say we felt fear, but just felt to keep traveling and leave them in peace (an unusual feeling, but it happened).

Describe the creature with detail:

“I will readily admit that I was traveling 50 mph (after I slowed down upon seeing the eye shine) and it was dark, but here is my honest impression of what I saw. The 2 smaller ones seemed to be young or juvenile creatures standing 3 to 4 foot tall. The big one was at least 7 foot or more. The big one’s eyes were much larger than the smaller ones, but all had huge eyes shaped like an owl’s eyes. The eyes shone possibly (yellowish), but faint. The eyes were as big as, or bigger than, a 50 cent piece/half dollar. The big one’s eyes were set about 5 inches apart.

Further details or info:

“All 3 creatures were a chestnut color when lit up the best by our headlights. We could not see facial features, but we did not see a snout on the creatures, at least not vividly or pronounced. I have experience in raising horses and I can guess weights fairly well. The big one had to weigh over 500 pounds. Its chest area was massive. Its very long arms hung straight down to its side. It remained upright or bipedal the entire time. At the time my mind said bear, but I had nothing to prove that, just couldn’t believe it was anything else until thinking about it afterwards. The posture, size, and actions did not relate to that of a bear. As of now I am 70 to 80% sure they were NOT bears.”

Follow-Up Report:

The 2 witnesses are ages 65 and 62 and were driving together on Hwy 60 which I am very familiar with and know the exact location of this report. They saw unusually large eyeshine and slowed down. The next 15 seconds left them in wonder at what they had seen and filled them with questions. The lady is a well-educated professional businesswoman in the medical field. I found her to be well spoken, thoughtful, and cautious, when trying to explain what they saw. She never embellished even one point as I asked her many questions, often the same question asked in different ways. She stayed true to form and never wavered from her first account. As I spoke to her by phone conversation, her nephew (the 2nd witness) was present with her and confirmed on many points and added details as we talked. Both witnesses stayed right in line and never told anything different about the encounter.

At a recent Bigfoot presentation at the Hancock County library given by “Charlie Raymond” of the KBRO, I shared about 6 to 8 local Bigfoot stories of sightings in the area. The location of this report is within 1 mile of two of those prior sighting reports, near the local aluminum plant. This information was unknown to these 2 witnesses.

When combining the details of these 2 witnesses, and adding the prior Bigfoot sightings I find it very possible that these 2 adults witnessed an adult and 2 juvenile creatures trying to cross the road at night. Why? We are currently in a “drought” condition with water levels at extreme lows. Many smaller ponds and creeks have dried up. To the North of this sighting location the fields of corn and beans are being harvested with large equipment running day and night in the fields. To the South (and in the direction these creatures were traveling) is a huge local park with a nice lake and lots of wildlife.

- Don "Biggyfoot" Neal, Investigator

Website submission on 12-9-08

Your first name: Anonymous

Which county? Hancock

Estimated date? Unknown

Estimated time? Dark

What city, or nearest city? Hawesville

Length of time the encounter lasted: Unknown

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

"Let me begin by saying this is a 'third' hand account. It was told to me by my uncle who was working as a security guard at the paper mill (at the time it was Williamete Industries) located halfway between the towns of Hawesville and Cloverport. According to my uncle, one of the other guards that he worked with came into the guard shack one night spooked and shaken about something. When my uncle asked him what was wrong the man replied he thought he had seen "Bigfoot" while doing his nightly checks around the property. He described having pulled the patrol truck into the park located on the mill's property and getting out doing his checks. Running through the middle of the park is a small creek and on the northern side of the creek, tucked back in to the tree line a bit is a small playground. The guard described seeing movement and assumed it was teenagers trespassing on the property after hours. As he got closer, he realized this was not the case at all. Standing in front of him was a tall, dark, hair covered figure, it's hand on top of the playground equipment, staring back at him. It startled the man and he retreated back to the patrol vehicle and back to the guard shack where he described the encounter to my uncle, whom told the story to me. I've been to that park many times in my life and can recall exactly the area that my uncle said the man claimed seeing the creature. I no longer live in Kentucky but have no trouble believing that a Sasquatch could reside in that area."

Describe the creature with detail:

"Large, hairy, and timid. This is not my direct account so I cannot give descriptive details."

Additional Info:

" I've been to the park on the mill property several times as a child. The area the man saw the creature in his heavily wooded and the ground is lower than the surrounding area due to the creek that runs directly next to the playground. There are no residences within atleast a 1 mile radius of that location."



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