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Website submission on 10/22/14

Your first name: Rick (last name on file)

Estimated date? May 1989

Estimated time? Between 10:00 and 11:00am

Nearest city? Elizabethtown

Nearest Road(s): Battle Training Road (exact location on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 to 15 minutes

How many witnesses? 4

Please describe your encounter:

“My girlfriend and I, along with some friends, went into the woods behind my future father-in-law’s house to target shoot. My girlfriend’s little brothers and little sister were following us in the woods. When they caught up with us, they were scared and crying. They said something was following them. So myself and two other guys went to see if we could see what, or who, was following them. We couldn't see or find anything at first, but as we were heading back to the others, there it was down the hill from us! It had to be at least 8 to 9 foot tall covered in dark black hair. Its arms hung down to its knees. We were dumb and started shooting at it, but then we stopped. It really wasn't trying to hurt us it, it was just watching us. Soon after we stopped shooting at it, it was gone. But about every other night we could hear it coming up the hollow in those woods. It would scream. It was like it was right next to you! The hair on the back of my neck would stand up.Their big Chow would hide in his doghouse until the next morning.”

Describe the creature with detail: “8 to 9 foot tall, dark black hair, it had to be at least 800lbs. and its arms hung to its knees.”

Follow-up: 10-24-14

The creature was about 80 yards away, down in a hollow. It was just standing there on the other side of the creek looking up at us. It was all black with a black face. No details such as eyes, nose or mouth were recognizable. The thing that stuck out most were the length of the arms. “The hands hung down to it’s knees,” explained Rick. He estimated it at approximately 4 foot across the shoulders. Rick opened fire with a shotgun and his friend fired a .22, just enough to scare it off. During the frantic barrage of gunfire, when the smoke cleared, it had vanished. They did not see it leave.

Unfortunately Rick no longer has contact with the other witnesses for us to interview.

Rick did share a few interesting stories since that encounter. A friend lost four coon dogs in those woods. “They were discovered dead, shredded…torn up!” Another friend claims he was scratched across his back while coon hunting. That friend is now deceased, otherwise that would've been a great interview!

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Investigation Date:

Sighting Date: 5/10/13

Time of Incident: 9:00 am

City: Elizabethtown

Witness: Andrew (last name on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2-3 minutes

How many witnesses: 1

Witness Description of Event: “I was in the woods behind my in-laws house mushroom hunting around 9:00 am on the morning of May 10th, 2013 when I heard a loud grunt. I looked up to see a black furry figure, moving away from me. I then heard another grunt along with tree limbs breaking as it kept moving away from me. I then tried to follow the creature but could not keep up with it the thick brush. I've been in the woods my whole life and never heard a grunt like that. Although I didn't get but a brief look it, it was too big to be any of the native creatures usually found in our area”

Any Other Incidents At This Location?

“I also had another encounter just a few months later at this same location. It was late at night and in my In-laws backyard the dogs were really barking and acting up at something. It was around midnight. I went outside to check on them and something left the fence line and went crashing through the thick brush. I didn't see the creature that time but it was big enough to break several limbs at 5 feet off the ground.

Follow Up: 12-10-13

I spoke with the witness Andrew on 12/10/13 and he was very excited to share his encounter with someone who would not think he was crazy. He was NOT a believer in Bigfoot before this incident. He was mushroom hunting and was not thinking of anything Bigfoot related. He heard a loud and unusual grunt coming from the deeper woods. Although the area the grunt came from was very thick with briars, thickets, and underbrush, he could spot a huge, hair covered body moving along the open spots in the brush. The witness did not detect ant smell associated with the creature. He described the hair of the creature as black or a very dark brown. The witness said that he did not think about being afraid, but was overwhelmed by curiosity to pursue this “thing” and figure out what it was. He could not keep up with the creature because it moved so quickly, even though it was moving through thick, thorny brush. The witness is an avid woodsman/outdoorsman and said he had never heard or seen anything like this creature. He was certain that it was moving on two legs.

Investigator Notes: This sighting location was in a wooded area located right beside I-65. There are several small streams and creeks running through the wooded area that is located behind this witnesses in-laws property. This wooded area also holds lots of small game and wildlife, along with a couple of lakes nearby. The woods are connected to other wood lines that run for a few miles in an Easterly direction away from I-65.

- Don Neal, Lead Investigator

Website submssion 4-15-12

Your first name: larry

Which county? hardin

Estimated date? november

Estimated time?
11:30 am

Nearest city? big springs

Nearest Road(s): hwy 333

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds

How many witnesses? one

Please describe your encounter:

after hearing what i thought was a deer walking behind me,and moving away,
i moved further down the ridge in the direction it walked and climbed a maple
tree. while watching five deer move into a clearing, i was amazed at the way
they were acting, wanting to bolt and would stop, they acted scared, tails up,
ears laid back and did not know witch way to run. after watching them for five
minutes, what i thought was a buck walking toward me through a cedar thicket
was a big foot, it was about six foot tall and 200 lbs.
the creature was redish black and looked oily.
dummy me i didn't put all the signs together until that day. the foot prints
out in the corn field, my hunting partner see a guy dressed in black out in
the woods, the dead deer carcuess lying in the woods. the first time i heard
the yell and scream at 5 am, i was having second thoughts about going in to
the woods before daylight, after the second scream it seemed to be moving
away. the dead deer were bucks, they will kill every buck in the woods. i have
a lot more info

Describe the creature with detail:

the creature was about six foot tall and about 200 lbs. i only seen the left side
from its elbow to the top of its head. did not see its face. i was 12 to 15 feet up in
a tree, the creature passed within 10 to 15 feet of the tree i was in.

Follow Up: 4-15-12

I spoke to the witness at great length over the phone. He is a 61 year old business owner who has hunted Kentucky his entire life. Over the years many odd occurrences took place prior to his sighting. His (late) brother-in-law mentioned seeing, what he thought was a person in black camo running through the woods on many occasions in this very area. He said the person was extremely fast and said that’s really odd to see a person in black camo running around in the woods. The witness would often hear strange vocalizations, yells which would change pitch to a scream, lasting 5-8 seconds at a time. Barefoot footprints about 12 inches in length were spotted in a corn field. Rocks would sometimes fall from sky near his location. The witness also found it odd to never see a buck. He stated all this evidence now adds up!

On the morning on the encounter, the witness was standing /sitting in a cotton wood tree with his butt on a large branch, feet on a lower branch, and his shoulder leaning against the trunk on the tree. He was about 15’ up this tree in full camo watching 5 deer in a clearing about 80 yards away. “The deer acted really funny, running then stopping, running then stopping, all the while watching the treeline,” stated the witness. “It was as if they didn’t know what to do.” At this point the witness said he noticed footfalls heading his way from that direction along a ridge. He watched intently, hoping it was a big buck heading towards him. About 20’ from his location, he notices a reddish-black bigfoot walking through a thick canopy of green 8-10’ cedar trees. He could only see it from the elbow up. It had "oily hair" and looked the shape of a thick, 6’ tall man. It never looked up at him, crossing within 8’ of his location. It walked slowly, like it had a purpose, never turning its head or breaking its stride. It had a rounded, average-sized head, normal shoulder width, no neck, and 2” hair covering its entire body. It appeared to be a young one, maybe weighing 200 lbs. The face or other details were not noticed as it made its way through the thick cedar trees. No sounds or smell were noticed. After 30 minutes the witness left the location and never told a soul about his experience.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website submission on 7/13/09

Your first name: Dave

Which county? Hardin

Estimated date? 07/13/2009

Estimated time? 1:00a.m.

What city, or nearest city? Vine Grove

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1-2 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

Went out after hearing dogs barking. Seen eyes that looked like they were glowing in the dark. Uncle just had an encounter here just days ago. What I seen was in the exact same area as his was. Didn't really see anything more, just felt like I should report it.

Follow Up: witness not available for comment

Fort Knox Army Base - 1976

Soldier reports encountering a tall, dark-haired BF creature with black eyes.

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