Witness: John (last name on file)

County: Harlan

City: Bledsoe

Date: 4-15-2019

Time: 8:45 PM

Describe your encounter:

“While driving along highway 221 to the local Dollar Store, I noticed something standing upright in the ditch facing north looking into the mountains. It was almost dark and had been raining so my speed was around 50mph. At first glance I thought it was a tree stump that had slipped into the ditch, but as I drove by I looked closer. It wasn't a stump it was a Bigfoot standing there, very still and not moving. I could see the shape of his head. It didn't have much of a neck. Very powerful shoulders. Its arms were hanging down by its sides. It was covered in hair. I slowed down as I went past. It looked like a bodybuilder wearing a fur suit. I turned around at the very next driveway and went back to where I'd seen it. It wasn't waiting around. The whole encounter was maybe 8 to 10 seconds. I know what I saw.”


Describe the creature with detail:

“My first and lasting impression is how muscular this thing was, I mean buff and strong looking. I saw its side profile, I could make out its huge muscular arms and shoulders. Its head was conical in shape. Its hair showed a dark brown in my headlights and the hair covered its entire body. The hair was about 2 ½ inches long all over its body and very thick. It had to have been at least 7 ½ foot tall.”

Any further details or info:

“The creature was facing North which is an area of big rolling mountains and heavy woods that goes for miles. It stood very still as if I might not see it. I have had 2 other Bigfoot related incidents from this area over the last 5 years. They are here.”

Follow Up: 5-24-19

I spoke to the witness 10:30 PM EST where he lives. Although it was late he was very ready and excited to share his experience. He was driving to the local Dollar Store before it closed in about 30 minutes, it was raining. As he came into a curve in the road he immediately saw what he thought was a huge fallen tree trunk which had landed upright on the side of the road, near the edge of the pavement so he slowed down. His first thought was, “Man that tree trunk has fallen in a dangerous spot.” Then as it was lit up in his headlight he knew immediately it was a Bigfoot. He was amazed at its muscularity. He could not believe how buff and strongly built this thing was. Huge arms, shoulders, almost no neck and a conical shaped head. Standing at least 7 ½ feet tall. He saw no facial features and no eye-shine as the creature kept a very motionless sideways stance seemingly trying to not move and be noticed. As John drove by he went to the nearest driveway and quickly turned around. He was back at the spot within seconds, but the creature was gone.

Investigator’s notes:

Harlan County is alive and well with Bigfoot reports. I have been traveling there and going on four wheeler trips since around 2002 and will soon take my 25th trip there. The area is dense thick woods and huge rolling hills going for miles. It’s a very sparsely populated in most places up in those mountains. To believe the area holds a good-size Bigfoot population does not surprise me in the least.

This witness has had 2 other Bigfoot incidents over the last 5 years. Once 5 years ago he saw 2 creatures which he took to be possible Bigfoot moving in the brush and noticed one was very large and the other quite smaller. This was a brief encounter and he knew it was not a bear because of the sheer size of the bigger creature that moved away in the brush. He said it was colored like a Grizzly bear, but they don’t generally have Grizzly’s in East KY, only Black bears, and nowhere as big as this creature was.

Four years ago at his mother’s house he stepped out on the porch one night and heard something large moving through the trees up on the mountain behind the house, it then made a “whoop” sound which was so loud he “felt” it in his chest. He made a similar sound back at it, and it then returned the sound back at him. It did this a total of 3 times.

John also noted that he had been doing some construction on the house which involved some heavy hammering on some logs and had been hearing big loud thuds coming from up on the mountain near the house as if in return.

I found this witness to be very credible, still excited about his sighting, and very detailed even though he was still somewhat surprised to have come upon this Bigfoot so close to the road.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator

Website submission on 12-7-12

Your first name: John (last name on file)

Which county? Harlan

Estimated date? 12/7/12

Estimated time? 11:30 PM

Nearest city? Lynch

Nearest Road(s): US 160

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

My girlfriend and I were crossing Black Mountain and towards the bottom of the mountain a large blackish brown creature was standing along the side of the road near the guardrail. When the headlights of the car crossed the creature it darted down the side of the hill.

Describe the creature with detail:

Roughly 7 to 7 and a half feet tall with a blackish brown hair. It had a large barrel chest but became startled when it came into the light of the car. 

Follow-up: 12-10-12

The witnesses were driving down a very curvy road on Black Mountain, the tallest mountain in KY. As they came around a curve going about 30mph their headlights came across a 7 foot, black/dark brown bi-pedal creature standing by a tree on the opposite side of the road. It was looking up the hill with one arm hidden behind the tree, the other arm hung low by its knees. It quickly turned and walked down the hill. It was maybe 400 lbs, “very big, especially around the chest and shoulders.” It had long hair except for the face which seemed to have no hair with the skin being a little lighter in color. The forehead sloped back and it had a pointed head. No other details such as facial details were noticeable as the entire sighting was very brief. John, the driver noticed it first then he told his girlfriend. She only caught a glimpse of it. The sighting lasted maybe 20 seconds or less. They did not stop. The location is about 2 miles from Lynch Country Club. This area is covered in dense forest. In the past John has seen black bear and plenty of game in the area. At the bottom of the mountain is a river, which happened to be the direction the creature headed. 

If we had a researcher in the area, John said he would be happy to show them the exact spot. John seemed very matter-of-fact and sincere.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website submission on 1-14-08

Your first name: Jason Weaver

Which county? Harlan

Estimated date? 7/7/07

Estimated time? 1:30am

What city, or nearest city? Harlan

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2 min

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

Driving through the crossing at the foot of pine mountain, an ape like creature darted cross the road, standing at least 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall, walking on two legs. It got to the edge of the road and it turned back and looked then, ran off into the weeds.

Describe the creature with detail: 7 1/2 - 8 ft , 400 lbs , with ruff looking brown hair, with large eyes with clearly see the whites eye.

Sept. 1980

Hairy giant, 8-8 1/2 foot tall hairy giant seen crossing rural Hwy 1137. It had long ape-like arms, human looking hands, large chest. Head described as being 'long and wider at the bottom' with a stiff tuft of hair on top. Hair was light colored, long and 'nappy'. Creature rand swiftly away into surrounding woods when seen.ran on two legs like man.


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