Reports for Harrison County, KY

Website submission on 3-15-12

Your first name: Herbert

Which county? Harrison

Estimated date? April or May 1957

Estimated time? 10:00am

Nearest city? Cynthiana

Nearest Road(s): US 62

Length of time the encounter lasted: not sure

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

It happened on a spring morning when I was 6 years old. My dad raised tobacco on a large farm which was located back a long lane, surrounded by woods and hills. My dad was working ground that morning and he always took me with him. He would let me ride on the tractor until we got to the area were the field was that he was working, then I would play in the dirt with a few toys that I had. It was about a two acre field with a fence around it and on the far side was some big woods. That morning I was playing next to the fence by the woods and my dad had just turned the tractor to go back across the field and for some reason I looked up and leaning on the other side of the fence was a tall hairy creature! It had a rounded face with big eyes. The fence it was leaning on (I found out later in life was four to five foot tall) came to about its waist. It was staring at me. I took off running after my dad but he wouldn't let me on the tractor. He finally stopped and had to take me to the house. He later said I was crying and so afraid I wouldn't come out of the house for days. I never went back to that area. We finally moved but that memory will be with me forever I guess.

Describe the creature with detail: Tall (at least in a child's eyes0; red colored hair; big eyes.

Any additional Info?

After Retiring from the United States Air force in 1993 we had our family Reunion and a cousin of mine came up to me and we started talking. She told me that she had heard about what I had saw and laughed. Her family moved to that same farm when she was 13. She was working the same field (her dad made her work). She stated that just as she was about to approach the same fence she looked up and in front of her across the fence was a tall hairy creature. It scared her so bad she turned the tractor in the middle of the field and raced to the house. She went on to say that she only found out about what I saw after her encounter. She was terrified telling her dad and mom. She said I was the only person she had told other than her mom and dad.

Follow Up: 3-15-12

It took the witness, Herbert, 54 years to report his encounter due to all the ridicule he received back then. I spoke to Herbert over the phone and was very sincere. His story matched his report identically. He said the creature was about 75-100 feet from him, as he played with his toys in the dirt next to the grass line. He estimates the distance due to the area of land where a tractor typically turns around to continue plowing a field. It was a bright sunny day and the creature looked like it had "light blondish, maybe reddish hair." The length of the hair was maybe 3-4" long. The sighting only lasted a few seconds as it really scared him. He thinks the head was round at the top and hair also covered the face. It's shoulders where very wide and it was standing on two legs - "it definitely wasn't a bear", says Herbert. The elbows seemed to be resting on top of the wooden fence. He estimates it's height at well over 8' due to the fence's height and it maybe weighed 400lbs ("in a 6yrs old's eyes", as he explained). When asked about his cousin's sighting, he said that occurred about 2 years after his. Herbert will try to contact her and perhaps we can speak with her as well.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website Submission on 7/30/06

Your first name: Chris

Which county? Harrison

Estimated date? Fall of 1991

Estimated time? 9:00 P.M.

What city, or nearest city? Cynthiana

Length of time the encounter lasted:
less than 20 seconds

How many witnesses? 2 including myself

Please describe your encounter:

I was driving on a gravel road with one of my friends in an area of the county that is somewhat quiet and off the beaten path. The area is forested with mixed pasture. Anyway, we were only driving about 15 miles an hour when a creature about three feet tall ran in front of the car from left to right and jumped down into the brush adjacent to a wood lot. The thing that got me about this thing was that is was on two feet, but the legs looked to be lupine. It, however, was not a dog. My friend looked at me and asked if I saw that. We had both seen something that scared us enough to get out of the area.'

Describe the creature with detail:
The creature was about three feet tall and walked on two legs. The best description that I can give is to imagine a slightly shaggy monkey with lupine legs. This thing was very fast.

Additional Info:
I used to be a Forester and I'm used to seeing Deer, Turkey, Barking squirrels, and all the other critters out there. This was something different.

FOLLOW-UP: 8/1/06

Upon further contact, witness stated that it had grey, shaggy hair approximately 2 inches in length which completely covered it's body from what he could notice. It had large eyes (nocturnal) and a small cat-like/monkey face. No conical shaped head was noted. It was very thin and muscular. It ran with its arms at chest level. It more or less was bounding across the road. They did not hear or smell anything.

--C.Raymond, Lead Investigator

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