Curdsville Critter

Witness: Zack (last name on file)

Date: 4-20-2017

Time: 2:30am

County: Henderson

City: Curdsville, KY

Location: Audubon Parkway

Please describe your encounter:

“I am a tow truck driver with lots of experience. I am used to driving long distance, mostly at night. I am able to stay alert and clear headed on these night runs. I was on the Audubon Parkway coming from Henderson and headed towards Owensboro. As I neared the bridge that crosses the Green River I saw something big leaning over the guardrail.

This NOT an actual photo of the creature.

It was leaning from the outside the guardrail on the grass side towards the inside of the guardrail towards the highway. As my bright lights hit the figure it immediately went from a bent over position to a full upright position and it was big. I estimate it at 8 feet tall, at least. It had the shape of a human, but unbelievably big.

It only took me a few seconds to pass on by it, but it was no animal I have ever seen. It was not a bear (which we have very few sightings of in this area). I feel like it was leaning over the guardrail to get something or pick up something, possibly roadkill?”

Describe the creature with detail:

“The creature was at least 8 foot tall. It had dark brownish hair with a red tint. Now this may sound funny, but even though it had hair all over its body, it was not thick hair. Not like I would have envisioned how hairy a bigfoot might be, or like some pictures I have seen of supposed bigfoots. Its hair looked sparse in areas, almost like a “mangy” look, like some animals with mange sometimes appear.”

Additional Info: “I cannot say I saw eye-shine even though my bright lights hit the creature for a few seconds. I did not see it turn or walk away. I did not turn around and go back as I was towing another vehicle at the time.”

Follow-Up: 5-8-2017

On 5-8-2017, Don Neal received a call from a fellow researcher (David Wolfe) who had heard about the sighting. David took this initial report as a favor to the KBRO. As this witness said to David, he was almost certain that what he saw was not a human being. It was way too big, tall and broad to be a man.

On 5-9-2017 Don Neal spoke to the witness directly.

On Thursday morning 4/20/17 around 2:30am the witness was traveling East on the Audubon Parkway from Henderson, KY towards Owensboro, KY. The witness operates a tow truck and was at the time of the sighting hauling a vehicle behind him. As he neared the bridge which crosses the Green River he noticed a huge dark figure on the right hand side of the road (South) leaning over the guardrail. Its body was on the South side of the guardrail and it was leaning over the railing towards the highway side. The witness was driving approximately 65 MPH and he immediately hit the "off' button on his cruise control and watched the huge figure as it was lit up by his specially equipped bright head lights which assist him in his towing business. Although he did not stop his vehicle, it had started slowing down as he passed this creature and at his closest, it was within 20 feet of his passenger side window.

In this section of the Parkway there are no parkway lights or street lights, it is a fairly dark section of the parkway. The witness states that as soon as his bright lights hit the creature it went from leaning over the guardrail to a straight upright position which he estimates at some 8 foot tall. The creature turned towards the oncoming driver yet the witness said he saw no eye-shine or eye-glow.

His recollection of what he saw in that 3 to 4 seconds span as he was passing the creature. It was no shorter than 8 feet tall. It was not really muscular, or even as large as one might think for its height. Although the witness knows it was fully covered in dark brown colored hair, he stated, "It was a fine hair, not thick like beard hair." Although the witness states that he did not get a clear and plain view of the facial area, he remembers that it appeared more human than animal.

The witness states that the creature never moved to walk or run away, but simply watched him and his vehicle pass by. The witness also states that he immediately got the impression (feeling) that the creature was startled or surprised that he had came upon the creature so suddenly and caught it in the open.

Researcher’s Note: At the location of this sighting, the driver was coming around a curve in the road and his lights hit the creature as he hit the straightaway. This often explains a Bigfoot being caught suddenly in vehicle lights according to many other previous reports.

Finally the witness stated to this researcher that he does not know for sure why he got this feeling, but he "felt" that this creature was an older or aged individual. Although there is no proof to verify that statement, I found it interesting to repeat what the witness said.

- Don "Biggyfoot" Neal, Lead Investigator


Henderson County Witness - July 2011

Dustin was practically run out the woods by a possible Squatch. His wonderful and experienced Coon dog was completely ruined from this incident and would never hunt again; in fact the man had to give the dog away. His girlfriend who was with him during this sighting is today his wife, backed his every word.


- Don "Biggyfoot" Neal, Lead Investigator

The Spottsville Monster Seen Again?

Witnesses: Chris and Tyler (last names on file)

City: Spottsville, KY

Road: Chaney Road (exact location on file)

Date: 12-23-12

Time: 10:38pm

Encounter: As the vehicle topped a small hill just before a bridge crossing, the 2 young men in the front seat saw bright yellow eye shine directly ahead in the road. Two things immediately caught their attention, one was the huge size of the eyes, second was the height of the eyes. Both individuals were temporarily stunned as to what they were seeing. They began to slow down and try to see what this was ahead in the road. It was extremely dark and all they could see was the distinct eye shine and that this tall shadowy outline of a figure was at least 7 to 8 feet tall and covered in what appeared to be either jet black hair or fur. All of these following events mentioned are happening in mere seconds according to the witnesses. Quickly the eye-shine seemed to suggest that the creature looked at the vehicle, and looked away, twice, as if it was confused momentarily as to what to do as the vehicle was getting closer to it. Then the figure seemed to take only 2 steps (from the Left to the Right, or East to West) and was instantly out of the road and gone from sight. The driver was so shocked that he sped away from the location. After about an hour passed and they tried to understand what they had just seen, they built up enough courage to go back to the same spot. They discovered that the creature was most likely almost on the bridge itself when they first saw its eye shine, then they noticed that the direction the creature had exited was at the foot of a steep embankment almost 6 feet high. This means that in 2 steps the creature had seemed to walk up the steep incline and disappear from their sight. Both witnesses were extremely amazed at this possible feat and related that to me several times. Neither witness were believers in Bigfoot before this event, but both stated that as soon as they saw this shadowy figure, that was the first thing that entered their minds as it appeared to be exactly like pictures and drawings of Bigfoot they had seen in the past.

Personal Notes: I spoke by speaker phone to both of these witnesses Chris and Tyler at the same time. They were constant in their answers to my questions and never varied in their stories. They both were adamant that neither believed in Bigfoot before this sighting and were never expected to see anything like this. The young lady was in the back seat and never saw what happened, they both said they believe that was because it was dark, and happened so fast that she didn't get to see what they saw, but she knew they were really afraid of something all of a sudden. Chris lives in this area and travels these roads constantly, and had never seen anything like this before.

This portion of Henderson County is ripe with a history of Bigfoot stories and reports.

- Don Neal, Lead Investigator

Investigation 6-29-11


Jason Skaggs, 26, claims that he has seen the 'Geneva Giant' again, the latest in a string of Bigfoot sightings that he's had in the last few years. Just before 11 pm. on Saturday, June 18th, 2011, Skaggs was travelling north on his motorcycle down Trigg Turner Rd. in Geneva, KY. when the beast appeared again. A couple of days later I interviewed him at both his paren't house on Hwy. 136 and the site of the alleged appearance of the giant, where it had apparently crossed the road less than a hundred yards in front of him. "I just had switched on my bright lights when I saw it," Skaggs told me. "It crossed the road, from right to left, in 2 or 3 steps. It was dark, but I could see that it was really big, covered in dark hair, and walked on two legs... I knew immediately what it was." He also stated that when it got to the other side of the road and the edge of the woods it "just stopped", like it was waiting for him to go by. "I just gunned it," he said, "and drove by as fast as I could on the other side of the road." The encounter took place only a few yards from a culvert crossing a small creek on Trigg Turner, about ten feet from the end of the gaurdrail. I accompanied him to the site and had him show me exactly where the incident took place. The heavy underbrush rendered a search for possible footprints fruitless, but I did note an area of flattened grass where Skaggs said the thing had stood as he passed. The creek was swollen with muddy water from a recent thunderstorm, with more on the way. I photographed the scene and the witness and asked if he was sure of what he'd seen. He was. "I got pretty damned nervous when I saw it," he said, "being on a motorcycle. I thought that thing could just reach out and grab me if it wanted to. It's a whole different thing to see it from a truck or something. This was scary. I called mom as soon as I got home," he said. His parents' home is only about a mile down the creek and "It was heading in that direction." His parents called me the next day and allowed me to set up a couple of trail cams in the woods on their property in hopes of getting the first ever picture of the "Geneva Giant'. If that happens readers of this website will be the first to see them.

Eyewitness, Jason Skaggs, at scene of the encounter.

Spot where creature stopped at edge of woods.

Creek in sighting area.

- B.M.Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Website submission on 3-12-11

Your first name: Kaleb

Which county? Henderson

Estimated date? March 12

Estimated time? 9:00

Nearest city? Henderson

Nearest Road(s): no roads we are at a golf course

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5 minutes

How many witnesses? 3

Please describe your encounter:
We were fishing and my friend heard a noise. He went to go look, heard it again and looked up and it was standing on the far side of the pond. We got our stuff and walked fastly to our house before we approached the fence I ( kaleb ) turned around and it was standing on the golf course hill looking at me with bright green eyes. It was around 7 to 8 in a half feet tall with long black fur.

: 3-13-11

I spoke to Kaleb, 12, on March 13th and he was still shaken from the encounter he and his two friends had on 'The Hills' golf course just off Hwy 60 in Henderson. The course contains several lakes of varying sizes and they had decided to go fishing in one of them around 9:00 p.m. on the evening of March 12th when the experience allegedly took place. They hadn't been there long when they began hearing sounds coming from the darkness across the pond. Both the other boys, Chase D., 12, and Noah C., also 12 (full names on file), heard the noises and one of them started off to check them out. He didn't get far when a huge creature stood up from a small washout at the edge of the course. Kaleb described the creature to me the next day as huge, "much thicker than a man, especially at the shoulders." It was 7 to 8 ft. tall and covered in long, dark hair". Most alarmingly, its eyes were glowing a bright, flourescent green. "Lot's of animals have eyeshine," I told him, "Are you sure it's eyes weren't reflecting the light from your flashlights?" "None of us had flashlights," he said. "We only had one small lantern sitting down beside us. It was really weak and that lake was huge. This thing's eyes were a bright flourescent green." The creature vocalized again, which sounded like a cross between a "...hard, blowing sound and a howl", and then began to walk quickly in the boys' direction. Of course they wasted no time in evacuating the area. As they were running in the direction of his house, Kaleb looked back and saw the thing standing on the green beside the lake, eyes still glowing. Kaleb claimed that they all got a good look at the creature even though the closest the thing ever came to the boys was estimated at 20 yards, or 60 ft. of distance, at night. "We must've walked right by it," he told me. "We walked right by that washout on our way to our spot. We sure didn't see it then." The Hills, a somewhat exclusive subdivision and golf course, is situated on higher ground near the Ohio river, which was in flood stage when the incident took place. This was not the first time Kaleb had seen something like this, I was surprised to learn. Back in 2002, when he was only 4 years old, his dad had just gotten a new four-wheeler and they were giving it a run on Newburgh Beach in Reed, Ky. when they saw something on the trail ahead that looked like "a giant monkey standing on its hind legs." This one, as he recalled, was bit smaller. He estimated it's weight to be around 200 to 300 lbs. The thing at the lake, on the other hand, weighed at least 500 lbs. The creature was also being blamed by one of his friends at school for a string of livestock disappearances from his family's property in Baskett. As recent as March 19th a full grown cow was "dragged off into the woods" from this farm, which is situated just a few dozen yards from Mound Ridge Rd. One leg was all that remained of the animal. At least one strange footprint has been found there, but not photographed. The family has had 2 trail cams out for a while now, Kaleb said, but had taken them down to check the pics when the cow disappeared. Kaleb also claimed that he'd seen another strange animal at around noon on December 30th, 2009 while deer hunting with another friend near some abandoned coal mines in Zion, Ky; a huge, dog-like creature which stood almost 5 ft. tall at the shoulders. "It was eating a dead deer," Kaleb said. It had brownish-black fur and a huge, bushy tail. It also had a "real long snout with sharp teeth and a huge head, like an english bull-mastiff". Unrecognized canids are not unheard of in western Kentucky, but the next feature Kaleb described was a first for me. "It had big ears," he said "They were at least a foot long." According to him the thing stood there on all fours eating, then looked up at the two and let out a long growl/howl that frightened them both (and his friend was 21 years old), then charged at them. His friend raised his gun and fired - and missed. Luckily the noise frightened the weird critter, as it then took a sharp right turn and disappeared into the woods. His friend refused to talk about it after that, Kaleb claimed. How is it that one young boy could be "lucky" enough to encounter these beasts on numerous occasions when thousands of researchers across the nation can't seem to catch even a fleeting glimpse of a single cryptid? Is Kaleb telling the truth or simply making it all up? He certainly seems sincere to me and it's not wise to discount all of the more outlandish claims, despite the ages of the witnesses. I've found that children are less apt to lie than adults, more often than not. Having said that, efforts to contact some of the other witnesses mentioned and collaborate the alleged events are ongoing and updates will be posted as they develop.

- B.M.Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Website submission 1-21-11

Your first name: Amy Long

Which county? Henderson

Estimated date? April 2009

Estimated time? 8:30 p.m

Nearest city? Henderson

Nearest Road(s): 136 West

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1 hour

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:
'I was sitting home alone when my mother in law Delores Long called me to tell me our friend was back and I asked her what she ment she said go on your back porch and listen. I stepped out side and off in the distance I could hear this growling howl. it didn't just do it one time and stop it was repeteated howls, I screamed as loud as I could oh SHUT UP!!! the howling stopped only for about a minute to a minute and a half the next time it howled it was in the woods behind my house, I could see the outline of a figure in the pasture next door and it was huge, My pitbull dog BB was on the porch with me and when this thing howled she whimpered got down on her belly and crawled back into the house and urinated all the way into the house and she refused to go back outside for over and hour. I called my Nephew Michael and told him what was going on and he came down to the house and then my nephew Josh Long showed up they searched the woods, while they were searching the woods this creature howled again and it sounded like it was off behind Josh's dads house which is only about 2 1/2 acres behind us. they went back there to look and could see nothing but as they were driving back up the driveway this creature howled out again and it sounded like it was right at the end of Josh's dad's house. and coming back our way josh and michael took off thru the woods to try to get a look at what was coming back this way but it hit the creek and disappeared. This is not the only encounter we have had with this creature back in 1990 me and my fiance John who is now my husband were parking on trigg turner road in Geneva back by some oil tanks and as we were getting ready to leave the spot we had been parking we heard something approaching the truck, it was like heavy heavy breathing, we started the truck and took off. as we rounded the curve coming back to my moms house on the end of trigg turner road we saw a herd of deer on the left side of the road and you could tell they were on high alert so I hooked up the spot light in the truck and begin to shine it on the deer and as I shined the light across to the right side of the road there was something standing in the middle of the field it was about 7 1/2 feet tall to 8 feet tall redish brown hair all over it body and the hair hung from its arms and it walked upright, and it had the most eerie eyes they glowed an red orange color. When the deer spotted it they took off across the road towards the wooded creek and this creature took off after them John gunned the truck and I kept the spot light on it and we were running about 30 to 35 mph and was just keeping up with it, so after spotlighting this thing, it didn’t retreat, rather it keep pursuing the deer and then they chased it in their truck??? when it hit the woods, we stopped the truck and listened and you could hear a deer making the blah blah sound like it had been caught, and I myself have had one other encounter with this creature during a camping trip to the geneva bottems, me and My ex husband David were camping and he was extremly on the tipsy side so we all decided to go to bed in the camper, I had my children on the top bunk and my ex and I on the bottom when all of a sudden something jurked on the camper door so hard I thought it was coming off the hinges, camper doors are flimsy and if she claims it moved the camper a foot, it would broke the cheap handle which most campers have I tried to wake up my ex husband but of course he was out. I could hear this creature walking all around the camper. I was so frightened that I crawled up on the top bunk to protect my children it had to get me first. so 3 of them in a top bunk? this went of for almost 2 hours and then it left. The next morning when I got up I opened up the camper door and there were large footprints outside the camper most of them were smeared or distorted but when this creature pulled on the camper it pulled it backwards about a foot and if the camper had not been chained to the tree it would have rolled straight into the ohio river and we would have all drowned. because it pulled it past the wheel chocks. I have never been so scared in all my life and I never went back to that spot to camp again.'

Describe the creature with detail:
7 1/2 feet to 8 feet tall redish brown hair all over it body and the hair hung from its arms and legs and it walked upright, and it had the most eerie eyes they glowed an red orange color. and it stunk like a molded rug, had this real musty odor to it.

FOLLOW UP: 2-19-11

This report was actually verified a few years ago by my friend and former B.F.R.O. investiagator, Tony Gerrard. However, I personally spoke to Amy a few days after she submitted her report to this website, and was able to meet both her and her son, Jason Skaggs, on the weekend of Feb. 19th, 2011. Amy, her husband, John, and her son all three appeared on an episode of the History Channel's 'Monster Quest' early in 2010, the same episode in which I appeared and served as primary researcher on. Concerning her and her husband's alleged encounters with Bigfoot, she struck me as being very sincere in her claims, with no motivation to lie about it to anyone. She repeated her enocounter to me, adding little and taking nothing away from the initial reports. The two were making out at the end of an isolated country road that night when they began hearing grunting noises. Frightened, they began driving away from the area when the creature appeared as described, evidently stalking a small herd of deer. John trained his spotlight on the monster, who seemed uneffected by the light. It chased the deer into some nearby woods and they lost sight of it. Soon after came the bleating sounds of a deer in distress and they deduced that the thing had caught one of them. Amy also claimed other encounters with this creature, now commonly known as 'The Geneva Giant', going back at least 13 years previously. She also informed me that both John's father and grandfather had more encounters of their own with this creature, or one like it, on Martin Martin Road not far from their current property. Back in the 70's the creature had appeared to the men just before dusk one evening and had jumped onto a horse-driven wagon they were in at the time. This took place on Martin Martin Rd. at a place called 'Bird Hill'.

Jason Skaggs, Amy's son, incredibly, makes the third generation of Bigfoot witnesses in that family, and his testimony was the most compelling. He also appeared on 'The Hillbilly Beast' episode of 'Monster Quest' with his parents, but most of his testimony ended up on the cutting-room floor. He too had more than one run-in with the creature, he told me. The first was in 2004 or 2005 while bow-fishing with a friend around midnight one summer evening in a slough on Klondike road in nearby Smith Mills, KY. Klondike road, incidentally, has a long history of creature sightings - not just Bigfoot. A strange water monster was seen there, in the exact same spot, by two teens in the 1980's, and I personally observed an extremely large, strange-looking, red-colored bird there back in 1998. On this particular occasion the water wasn't too deep and the cattails weren't very tall, so the two put on hip-waders and entered the water with their bows and hat-mounted wheat lights. They had only been there a short while when they kept hearing something splashing in the water beyond the line of cattails. Jason shined his light in that direction and both of them saw a pair of large eyes that glowed yellow and orange in the light. The eyes belonged to some type of large, dark-colored, hairy monster that was standing in the water only a few yards away. Then it began to approach the two frightened fishermen, parting the cattails with its hands as it walked on two legs in their direction. The two wasted no time in exiting the water and making it back to the truck. Jason shined his light back and saw the creature walking through the knee-deep water. He described the thing as seven feet-tall and covered in long, straggly, dark-colored hair - not black, but reddish-brown. Jason had a .12 gauge shotgun in the truck, and he grabbed it from behind the seat as the thing stepped up onto the road. There were three shells in the gun, he said. He unloaded all three into the creature from only a short distance away. The thing let out a high-pitched screaming roar but, other than this, seemed completely unneffected by the double-ought buckshot . As the two sped away in the truck, Jason looked back and saw the thing step up onto the road. It "hunkered over," Skaggs claimed, then sat down in the road for a second or two before getting up and walking to the other side and disappearing into the water on the opposite side of the road. The encounter shook the two, but didn't stop Jason's Bowfishing activities.

He saw the thing again while bowfishing, this time at a place known as 'The Jenny Hole', in 2008. They were fishing in a boat this time, and had been bothered by the sounds of snapping limbs for several hours. It was around 3 or 4 a.m. when they finally spotted the same type of creature standing in the trees about 15 feet from their boat. It shadowed the boat for a good distance, keeping pace with it through the woods, before they lost sight of it. Multiple witnesses were involved.

Jason's last sighting came in 2009 when both he and his girlfriend saw the creature standing at the edge of the woods in a field close to the same area of the previous sighting. It was broad daylight. As they drove by they noticed that it was walking out further into the field, so they turned around for a better look. They could see that it was now hunkered down in the field, yet easily discernable. They were only able to get a little closer before the creature stood up and walked briskly back into the trees on two legs, where it stood and watched them for over 20 minutes before it eased away and disappeared into the trees.

Both Amy and Jason seemed to be extremely credible witnesses. Amy claimed that the creature returned to the creek near their property every spring and fall and invited us to put out our trail-cams in the area to prove it. Jason seemed eager to take investigators from this website with him on his next bowhunting expedition, and is sure that the creature can still be encountered in the same area. His description of the creature, especially the color of the eye-shine/glow, is consistant with other reports that I have gathered from the same area. Even the locations jibe with other locations, such as Klondike Rd. and the Jenny Hole, which are known to be extremely active regarding the appearance of unknown hominoids. In-depth investigations are being planned for the locations mentioned in the spring of 2011. More updates will be posted for our readers as they become available.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Spottsville, KY 9-28-10

On the evening of Sept. 28th, 2010, less than two miles from Mound Ridge Road - site of the 1975 'Spottsville Monster' scare - a lone motorist driving down Baskett Lane (1078-N) between Baskett and Spottsville, KY. observed a large, dark figure standing upright next to some trees in a small thicket near Conley-Thomas Rd. It was just before dusk with good visibilty and the figure was only about fifteen yards (45 ft.) away. "It was big," the witness told me, "man-like and covered with dark-brown hair." The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was travelling slowly due to the many curves on the small, country lane, and there was no other visible traffic either in front of or behind him, so he slowed the vehicle to a stop, then backed up to get a better look. It was still there, standing upright near the trees, when he arrived. According to him, when the creature saw him it squatted down. The two stared at each other for several seconds, he said, then it stood back up into a somewhat stoop-shouldered posture and moved slowly away into the trees on two legs. He further described the creature he saw as between six and seven ft. tall, with a flat nose and lips that protruded out further than the brow line, like a short muzzle. He saw no ears. Furthermore, he claimed to know one of the long-time residents of Conley-Thomas Rd, and this person told him that his wife had seen a tall, hairy monster at the edge of their residence about four years previously. The sighting had, acoording to him, greatly upset his wife. An experienced hunter, the witness is absolutely certain the creature he saw was not a bear or any other animal with which he is familiar. After speaking to him I drove out to the location of the sighting on Oct. 9th. The ground was covered with brush and not conducive to footprints of any type and, although several well-used animal trails ran through the thicket, no other evidence such as possible structures, hair or scat was found. The witnessed promised to ask the woman if she would send in a report concerning her alleged encounter to this web site, and to call me personally should anything else happen.

Thicket near Conley-Thomas road where recent 'Spottsville Monster' sighting occurred.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Website Submission 2-9-10

Your first name: Samuel

Estimated date? 2/4/10

Estimated time? 9:00 a.m.

What city? Henderson

Length of time the encounter lasted: 20 min

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

" I was walking in our 14 acre woods wanting to see the creature again and did not.....while i was walking out, i heard a low grunt and as i turned, something big ( estimated 7 or 8 feet tall ) and brown ran away and down in the woods. I RAN OUT OF COURSE. I couldn't make out any deatails but it was hairy."

Describe the creature with detail: Big Brown Tall Fast

Additional Info: It made a low grunt similar to a pig.

FOLLOW-UP: 4-12-10

On January 4th, 2010, 12 year-old Samuel P. (full name on file) was walking in his family's 14 acre woodlot near Corydon, Ky. when he heard a series of low, pig-like grunts. As he turned he saw something big and brown run away on four legs and disappear into the woods. He could not see much detail, only the legs, which he described as hair-covered and thin, as the creature fled. He ran home and excitedly told his grandmother, Dora (not her real name) what had happened. Whether she believed him or not is hard to say, but only a couple of days later he once again ran into the house and told her he'd found a strange footprint in the woods. Dora accompanied Samuel to the place and saw the print for herself. It was strange-looking enough that she went and got plaster of paris and made a mold of the impression.

I paid a visit to the family on April 11th, 2010 and met both Samuel and Dora. I found them to be very sincere about the whole affair and, while talking to Samuel, discovered that, only a few days after he'd found the track, he had seen the creature again. This time it was sitting a good distance away with its back turned to him. It was apparently eating something, as every few seconds it was bringing its left hand, which was human-like, up to its mouth. According to the witness this one was dark-colored, or black, and bigger than a man. Samuel watched the thing for about five minutes, he told me. Once, it acted like it had heard something, cocking its head up and looking around for a few seconds. Having seen enough, Samuel felt it was time to leave. He started backing away, he said, but slipped and made a noise. When he looked back at the creature it had apparently heard because it was staring right at him. It had a black face, he stated (whether this was due to skin color or the entire face being covered with hair it was too far away to tell), with a heavy brow ridge and "shiny" eyes. Sam played it cool, walking calmly away as if he hadn't seen the thing. Once out of visual range of the creature, however, he ran as fast as he could back home.

Dora showed the plaster cast of the track to a local DNR official who, she said, had no idea what could have made it. I could offer her little more. She felt that it might be a cat print, as the eastern cougar has been steadily making its way back into these parts for the last 40 years, but on first glance I told her that it was far too big to be a cat print of any kind. I brought along the only known photograph of a Spottsville Monster cast, taken back in 1975, for comparison and the two, save for size, were hardly comparible. I photographed the cast and left my personal phone number with Dora, who promised to call should the creature turn up on their property again.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

(see pictures of casts below)

Hebbardsville, KY 11-06

(The names of the locations in this report have been intentionally altered.)

Not long ago I learned from a local paranormal investigator friend of mine about an old Cherokee fellow who also claimed to be a Hebbardsville bigfoot witness. A phone interview was arranged and conducted in Nov., 2006. The information proved correct. Not only did the witness describe repeated, often at will, sightings of groups of these creatures since his childhood, he also claimed to be in possession of what he was convinced was an actual tooth, which he described as a canine, from one of these creatures. Moreover he could describe, in great detail, the physiological features, general attitudes and behavior of these mysterious "Hillbillies', known to the rest of the world as 'Bigfoot'. After several more phone interviews a meeting was arranged and, under the promise of strict anonymity, M.F. (not his real initials) agreed to allow me to photograph the alleged bigfoot canine for possible identification. I arrived on the 17th of Dec., 2006. M. F. Lived only a short drive from the Hebbardsville area, only a twenty minute drive from my own doorstep. I found the gentleman to be pleasant, friendly, down to earth and of obvious intelligence. He immediately pulled the tooth out of his pocket. It did resemble a human canine, or eye, tooth, only about three times as large. I examined it and noted the obvious authenticity and great antiquity of the object, taking several photographs. It was complete with root system still attached. He would allow no DNA testing, he had told me during one of our phone conversations, because to do this would mean that at least a partial destruction of the tooth would occur. Nor would he allow it to depart his possession in any way. As a matter of fact, he didn't really care at all to try and prove the existence of these things to anyone. They had always been a fact of life to his own people. Evidence of his Cherokee heritage was strewn about his yard, flower beds and doorsteps, and worn proudly around his neck. They were the 'Old People of the Forest', he told me, and their reality caused no controversy except to the whites. It would be amusing if not for the fact that , in their ignorance, the logging and mining of the white man was causing the rapid desecration and destruction of the bigfoot's habitat. Land considered sacred by the Indians since the beginning of history. There was daylight left. He asked me if I cared to take a ride. M. F.'s story was an interesting one. He had first been exposed to the creatures while growing up in the Spottsville, Reed areas, although at least two earlier generations of his family had their own tales of sightings and strange happenings. He remembered his great grandfather recounting how he had run outside one night after he'd heard some kind of commotion to see one of the old people carrying off two of his full grown sows, one under each arm like they were piglets. It swiftly made its escape even though the pigs weighed about 200 lbs. each! Around the time of the "Spottsville Monster" events his brother was finding strangely mutilated dead cattle. He had lost six head that year. Literally. All six carcasses were found with their heads torn off and missing. They only found one head, he claimed, and it was stripped to the bone and missing the lower mandible. None of the other meat on the carcasses was consumed. When the family moved across the Green River to Hebbardsville the sightings continued. In fact, he claimed that from the late 1960's until the early to mid 70's hardly any weekend went by when he and a car load of friends didn't park near the intersection of Ash Flats and Old Bell roads and observe groups of these creatures, ranging in number from four individuals up to as many as fifteen or better, engaged in the act of eating bitter roots and grass. Countless sightings, he claimed, by dozens of different individuals. "Were they hairy Indians?" I asked. No, he said. They were not Indians of any type. They had black skin and an average size of eight to ten feet tall, although he had seen one awhile back that was at least a twelve footer. Their eyes were a dark brown color with no visible whites or irises. They were bearded, had thin lips, a weak chin and a flat, wide nose like individuals of African descent. They had normal looking hands of a large size with pale colored palms, but their feet had an opposing toe sticking out at an angle away from the other four toes, like an ape's or chimp's. They had extremely long arms which hung down past their knees and could run quadrupedally 35 to 40 mph. The females also possessed beards, though shorter than the males. They were of more stocky build, had furry breasts and carried their young beneath them clinging to their bellies. He described the males as being covered with short, straight, usually dark hair, with longer areas of about six inches at the beard, backs of the head and genital areas. "Pull over here". He said as we approached a medium sized muddy creek at the Old Bell, Ash Flats location. I pulled over and we got out. This was the location, he told me, that he and scores of friends had witnessed these creatures feeding countless times. They didn't seem to mind being watched, he said. Unless someone got out of the car. Then they would all rush into the creek and be gone in an instant. They traveled the creeks, he claimed. The water would wash away the tracks and they were excellent swimmers if the water was up. After photographing the location I asked him if he could take me to where he found the tooth. He would take me there, he replied, if I promised never to disclose the location. It was a sacred place, he explained. A burial place of the Cherokee people and home to other powerful legendary beings as well as the old people. I agreed and we got back into my four wheel drive. We traveled a short distance from the Pleasant Hill area and stopped. "Follow me..." he said, and started up a thickly forested ridge. Although he was nearly 60 years old he ascended the steep terrain as nimbly as a jack rabbit and, after a short but vigorous trek, we crested another large hill and stopped. "Look freely." he said. "Take pictures, but nothing else". I looked around. We stood at the rim of a forested ridge which wound around the area like a dark circle, forming an impressive natural amphitheater. The bottom of the 'bowl' formation was mostly clear and somehow comfortable looking even now. All around me were graves, stacked in layers. Some ancient beyond reckoning. Many were marked with stones onto which Cherokee pictographs and letters were carved. I had hunted Indian artifacts nearly all my life but had never seen a single stone in Henderson county bearing intact Native American images or writing. Now I was surrounded by them. "This place is called "The Great Hill" by my people." The Great Hill. Here was buried the bodies of the famous Cherokee chieftain, Double Head, his daughter, Corn Blossom and countless others. I snapped pictures one after another while the sunlight faded much too swiftly. Daniel Boone, pioneer hero of old, had written of this place. Twice he was held captive here and twice he was freed or escaped. Two heavily weathered stones still bore his name and short messages, carved there by Boone's own hand during his captivity. Still other stones were carven with images of corn stalks, deer and sun. Three stones contained the likenesses of strange faces. No one knew who most of the graves belonged to. Great chiefs of antiquity whose names were lost forever. Stone circles were present. Raking back the dead leaves revealed a wealth of flint artifacts still lying where their makers had placed them generations ago. During heavy rains some of the graves would wash out, M. F. told me. He had needed to re-inter some of the bones on occasion. He had found the tooth several years ago here, at the foot of the hill, washed up by the rushing water. No other creature of this area had teeth like it, he felt sure. With his help I was able to sketch a facial study of these particular humanoid's features for all to view. I would like to express my gratitude to this man for agreeing to speak with me, sharing some secrets and showing me such interesting, and historically significant locations. Locations unlike any other that I have ever personally witnessed.

Location in Hebbardsville, where witnesses reportedly regularly observed bigfoot creatures eating roots and grass. This creek, which runs along the Green River, was a primary route of travel for the creatures according to witnesses. (photo by B.M.Nunnelly, 2006)

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Hebbardsville, KY 12-19-06

On Sunday, Dec. 17th, 2006 I headed out to investigate rumors that large, hirsute, bipedal humanoids were still being seen in Hebbardsville, Ky. Henderson County. In the early winter of 2004 witnesses in a parked vehicle at a place called Negro Hill, Pleasant Valley Rd. reportedly observed two large, hairy, manlike creatures in a field below in the act of pulling up and eating the roots of old corn stalks. One was a dark brown color, they claimed, while the other appeared to have white hair. Though shaken, they returned the next day to find trace evidence in the form of uprooted stalks and prints. The area, just across the Green River from Reed and Spottsville Ky., has a long history of hairy monster sightings and the creature was dubbed the 'Hebbardsville Hillbilly' by the local press and residents of Hebbardsville. It was also claimed that a strange bed, made of grass and Switch Cane plants, was discovered in an old, abandoned dwelling in the woods at the end of Pleasant Hill Rd. I planned to visit said locations to have a look around and take pictures and, with the help of my guide, Greg Tackett, family friend and one time Hebbardsville resident, was able to arrive at Pleasant Hill Rd. in an expeditious manner. He knew both the area and the story well, he claimed, and promised to lead me to the exact locations in question with no trouble at all. Moreover, I had been given the contact info by a mutual friend of another Hebbardsville bigfoot witness who had made some startling claims to me regarding bigfoot in the area and had scheduled an interview with him for later that afternoon. I had visited the area the previous day to reconnoiter, parking at the old church on Negro Hill and looking down at the many fields, creeks, wind-breaks and forests of the Green River bottomlands. The entire area, known as the 'county ditch' as it takes on all the water that the highlands shed, is littered with Indian artifacts and ancient burial mounds, mute testimony to the two Native American tribes that once called this place home; the peaceful Cherokee and the war hungry Shawnee just across the river. The Shawnee, I'm told, would often steal across the river in their canoes under cover of darkness, to raid the Cherokee, stealing their women and children and murdering the warriors. The particularly violent history of much of Western Ky is startling, and it is easy to see how such a place, once called 'the dark and bloody ground', could give birth to many dark legends which still cause locals to shudder even now. We would have to take the long way around, Greg informed me, as the woods where the old house was located at the far end of Negro Hill was owned by a local logging/mining co. and posted. We planned to come in from the bottom field where the creatures were initially sighted and work our way eastward to the old home site, which was located on Book Lane, a part of what is known locally as the "Ash Flats'. We found the lane under 2 ft. of mud and water and realized that the only way to continue was on foot. Greg, however, was undaunted and as eager to carry on as I was and I am very grateful for his stern resolve to make good on a promise that he had made to me months earlier. After a few minutes trek we were in the field below the wooded hill and I was able to take photos of the old church from below. We walked for another hour before we made it to the house site, but, unfortunately, it was no longer there. Evidently the logging co. had torn it down and bull-dozed the entire area several months before, turning the once verdant forests into nothing more than rolling grassland, a fate that still awaits much of the Hebbardsville river bottoms. My only regret was that I had arrived too late to investigate and photograph the alleged bf nesting place.

Negro Hill, Hebbardsville, KY. Considered sacred ground by the Cherokee Indians. Site of recurring bigfoot activity. The high ridge extends for miles in either direction and overlooks the bottom land along the Green River. (photo by B.M.Nunnelly, 2006)

Old church where 2004 bigfoot witnesses were parked. Viewed from the field below where they claimed to see 2 hairy, manlike creatures eating the roots of old corn stalks. This hill is rich with folkloric tales of strange happenings and unknown phenomena and played a central role in ancient Cherokee legends as well. Also said to be the site of many African American lynchings in pre-modern times. (photo by B.M.Nunnelly, 2006)

Close up - Negro Hill. Signs of recent logging activity are noticeable.

Field below Negro Hill where two bigfoot were reportedly seen in 2004.
(photo by B.M.Nunnelly, 2006)

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Henderson County, 1975-76

From witness interview on 1997:

1. Subject of sighting: Possible Bigfoot
2. Date, time and location of sighting: Summer of 1975-76. Afternoon. Pritchett Farm just off Old Henderson Rd. Henderson County.
3. Approx. distance between witness and subject: 100-150 yards
4. Describe in detail animal witnessed: Light brown, hairy being. Large body and shoulders.Thick neck and big head.
5. Did the animal walk or run on 2 legs, 4, or both? Stood on 2 legs. Seemed to 'wobble' as it stood.
6. Approx. height of animal: 7-8 ft. tall
7. Approx.weight of animal: 350 lbs or more
8. Did you notice any strange smells during the sighting? If yes describe: No. Not at this sighting
9. Did the animal seem threatening at any time? No
10. Were you frightened by the encounter? Yes. Very.
11. Did you try to communicate with the animal? No
12. Did the animal try to communicate with you in any way? Yes
13. Describe the animal's skin, or hair, color and texture: Light tan hair. Thinner hair on face.
14. Did the animal act aggressively at any time? No
15. Was the animal frightened of you? No
16. Did the animal leave any physical evidence at the scene such as footprints, hair, etc.? No
17. Do you, or anyone you know, possess any evidence, photographic or otherwise, to support your sighting? No
18. Describe in detail what happened during the sighting and how it ended: A friend and I were riding my motorcycle. We stopped under a tree and my friend started going crazy telling me to 'look'. I did'nt see anything so I told him to point. I looked where he was pointing and there it stood looking right at us. It made some movement like wobbling. We were both scared so we got back on the bike and left as fast as possible.
19. Has this animal, or others like it, been seen in the area before or since? Yes
20. Do you feel that the animal could be encountered again in the area? Yes
21. Describe,as best you can,the animals head and face: Seemed to have human type face. Large head.
22. Describe the animals limbs,hands and feet: Did not see. Only saw from chest up.
23. Did the sighting take place during the day or night? Day
24. Describe the weather and/or visibility conditions at time of sighting: Excellent
25. Do you feel that the animal you saw was a natural, though unknown, animal or a supernatural entity? Explain reasons for this belief: Supernatural powers.I had a feeling that it was trying to communicate telepathically at that time. A very bad feeling. Very frightening.


Full name of witness: John C. D**** (full name on file)
Age: 37
Birth date: 12-23-61
Sex: M
Occupation: Construction

1. Were you suffering from any form of mental illness at time of sighting? No
2. Were you under the influence of any hallucinatory drugs or alcohol at time of sighting? No
3. Have you ever witnessed any unusual animal sightings before or since? If yes explain: Yes.I think I saw this thing in and around my house. I have witnessed a black panther, or very large cat, in area. Also, Just before the sighting, me and my entire family saw a large, flying orange ball of light in the sky.
4. Have you or any member of your family experienced any type of unexplained phenomenas in the past? If yes explain: Yes. My whole family has experiences thought to be caused by this creature such as being watched and some of them think that it does'nt have to be in a visible form to be there.
5. Does the area in which the incident took place ,to your knowledge, have a history of unexplained phenomenas? Yes
6. What is your religious preference? (optional) Raised Christian
7. Do you have any personal theories about a possible explanation for the phenomena that you observed? If yes explain: No


I, John C.D****, do hereby attest soberly and sincerely that the above
document is an honest and truthfull account of a strange event to which I
have been a witness.All of the descriptions contained therein are accurate
and without deception of any type,accidental or deliberate.I give this
information freely and without clause,waiving all rights and without regard
concerning monetary gains or any other benefits,for the sole reason of
sharing this truthfull event with others.The aforementioned event did,in
actuality,take place and was not the result of any psychopathological
delusion or hallucination of any order.I stand by and bear witness to the
integrity of the report and the descriptions I have set down in writing
therein.I release this information to the author/investigator to use in any
way he deems worthy,and to the public in hopes that it will contribute to a
greater understanding concerning phenomenas of this nature.

Signed:John C. D****
Date: 6-10-97

Spottsville, KY 1-20-06

On the evening of July 14, 2005, 22 year old Adam Candler was driving down Green River Rd. #2, just off of T.S. Charner Rd. in Spottsville, KY (Henderson Co.) when he noticed a large, dark object stooping down in a roadside ditch. When his vehicle approached to within a few yards the 'object' suddenly stood up and ran on 2 legs into a nearby field. It was 7 to 8 ft. tall, he said, and looked like a man with slightly longer arms and covered all over with black hair. Due to the passage of several months since the sighting took place a subsequent field investigation into the area to look for possible substantiating evidence would, most likely, yield little -if anything. The witness did state that 2 other members of his family and one of his personal friends have seen this same creature, known locally as 'The Spottsville Monster' in the same general area. Investigation is ongoing and attempts to contact these other witnesses are currently in progress.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

A Strange Encounter as told by actual witness Bart Nunnely:

"There is a place in Smith Mills, Henderson Co. KY, called Burbanks Lake, also known locally as 'Spook Hill'. As you might guess by the name, down thru the years it has garnered a reputation for being haunted. I believe it to be a 'window' location as many inexplicable experiences have taken place in this area, including various crypt id sightings like bf, water monsters, giant birds and black panthers. UFO activity is not uncommon here, and there are many ghost stories associated with Spook Hill as well. Lending to this is the fact that there are 2 very old cemeteries to be found, long since reclaimed by the forest, at the hills top. Also situated there between the main cemetery and the slave cemetery, are 3 ancient lakes. One is fairly big and deep and all were rumored to contain monster bass. All the male members of my family have always been avid fishermen and,one day back in the summer of 1987, we decided to go and fish there.This was totally against our dad's better judgment. He had lived near the area when he was younger and had been personally warned by Mr. Burbank never to let dark catch him there.He never said why. Also, my older half brother had told us a scary story about a time he and a brother-n-law had went night fishing there in a boat a few years before. He claimed that, every time the two tried to land the boat and come ashore to leave, the woods would erupt with the sound of breaking branches and heavy footsteps at the point which they were heading the boat for,forcing them to shove back out into the middle of the lake. Every attempt to leave the lake was met by this resistance, which frightened them both, and they were forced to spend the entire night in the boat far away from shore. Only when dawn broke were the two 'allowed' to leave, which they did in all haste, never to return. This intrigued me to no end, green as I was back then, but the lure of trophy bass enticed us all. We arrived at the lake in the early afternoon and headed thru the trees down to the water. We had been able to procure a one man bass boat with a small trolling motor from a friend. It could hold two people-but barely.As there were 6 of us, four brothers and two friends,this meant that four of us would be confined to fishing the banks. We found the place to be absolutely teeming with water mocassins and not one of us had brought a weapon of any type, only fishing poles. Since everyone wanted to fish the other side of the lake we opted to be ferried across instead of trying to walk thru the grass and trying to avoid a possible snake bite.It took forever for the little motor to chug everyone across the lake.By the time we were there it was late afternoon. We fished awhile without much luck. Before we knew it darkness was fast approaching. My older brother began to ferry everyone back across one at a time. This took around 30-40 minutes round trip, with five trips to be made. Complete darkens's fell with just my younger brother and myself remaining on the far side of the lake. We had half a gal. of kerosene and had earlier gathered what wood we could find,which was mostly wet since it had rained there a couple of days previously,and used it to build a small fire. We were sitting there bemoaning so much trouble for nothing when the sound of breaking branches and heavy footsteps erupted from the woods in front of us. It was a terrifyingly loud commotion and we jumped up in fright. I have never before or since, been so terrified by any type of sound. It was ,looking back, totally unlike me to react in such a manner. Perhaps it was because, at the first limb fracture, we BOTH knew immediately what was out there in the darkness of the haunted woods. Worse, the sounds soon began to come from behind us and to our right as well, and they were getting closer. We heard no grunts. No growls. No breathing . Just the heavy footfalls and the terrific explosions of tree limbs all around. We thought we were both going to die that night, without a doubt. We could see nothing as it was quite dark. No moon and heavy cloud cover. When the sounds got quite close I threw some kerosene into the fire, determined to at least see what was about to eat us. The kero ignited and the fire flared up, illuminating an area of about 25 ft. in all directions. We could see nothing. The light would only last for a few seconds then subside and plunge our surroundings back into utter darkness.When this happened the sounds would approach us again. Over and over I threw the fuel into the shrinking fire, washing the woods in sudden firelight. We never did see a thing. Not even a single eye-shine.The kerosene didn't last long. We had been yelling and making a good sized noise of our own, to no avail. It seemed that only the light was holding our would be attackers at bay. But the fire was fading fast.Soon it was reduced to a tiny flame at one end of a small, wet branch-and the noises were closing in. I picked it up and held it up in front of me as we walked backwards down towards the waters edge. I told my brother to get ready to swim for his life. The noises followed us down to the lake,amazingly, even thou this area had very few trees! It sounded like invisible branches were being broken by invisible beings. Lucky for us,just as we were about to get wet, we heard the sound of our brother on the boat shouting his approach. We yelled for him to hurry. When he reached us we were in a state of agitation, to say the least. He wanted to know who was next. Well, to put it simply, we found out a one man boat can carry three people in an emergency."

- B.M.Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Spottsville, KY 1975

Entire family as well as friends/neighbors have multiple encounters with several Bigfoot type creatures over an 11 month period. Farm animals killed and mutilated. Internal organs taken. Creatures went out of their way to frighten family on regular basis-almost daily. Day and night time encounters experienced. The area once heavily used by Native American Indians with old burial mounds near house. Indian artifacts in abundance. One reliable witness claimed creature possessed 'supernatural' abilities and spoke to him telepathically when cornered in old barn. Also witnessed monster disappear into thin air on 3 separate occasions. Collected trace evidence, hair, claw and partial cast-later confiscated by police. Location: Mound Ridge Road. It's an area of bottomland situated very close to Green River.
Click here to read an extensive detailed report given by the actual witness!

Geneva River Bottoms - early 1990's

Deer hunter in stand witnesses an 8' tall creature covered with black 'frizzy' hair walk beneath his deer stand just before dawn. It walked right past him within a few feet from his stand, apparently unaware of his presence. He claimed that it made absolutely no sound as it passed beneath him. Scared to death, he waited until dawn and got the hell out of there. When asked for a description of the thing he replied that it looked like a giant hairy negro. He refused to hunt in the area after this.

'Genny Hole' - early 1990's

Another report from this area involves a car load of teens out riding late one night. They parked the car next to an isolated area called the 'Genny Hole', a large, secluded lake. They were standing outside the car when a terrible scream came from the other side of the lake, followed by the sound of 'something huge' jumping into the water. They could clearly hear that, whatever it was, was swimming with overhand strokes like a human swimmer. As it was approaching very rapidly, they were inclined to leave the scene in a very hasty manner. This also happened in the 1990's.

Reed, KY 1988

Artifact hunter driving down country road in broad daylight spotted what he at first took to be a deer standing by side of road. Then it stood up on two legs and ran off into the thick brush. Described as being 6 or 7 feet tall, covered in brown hair and very fast. Location: Ohio River Rd. No 2 close to the Stanley, Co. line.

Baskett, KY 1999

Motorist traveling down Hwy 60 see's two BF in bean field by side of road in broad daylight. Both were brownish-gray in color and were positioned with their backs towards witness. One BF was squatting down,apparently doing something to the ground which was obscured by beans. Both were very big
and, since the road was full of afternoon traffic with cars both in front of and behind witness, he felt sure that other motorists must have seen the creatures as well. None of them felt compelled to come forward however.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Reed, KY 1968-1971

Very active area with witness reports dating back to the 1960's and continuing to present. BF seen on Collins Rd in 1968 and again at same location in 1971. Less than 3 miles away on Carlinsburg Road several witnesses see large, dark colored BF with 'glowing green eyes' as it approached yard from tree lined field across road. Same family awakened around midnight by loud crashing sound. They were afraid to go outside but the following morning they awake to find that their garage door had been ripped from the metal track and thrown into garage. On another occasion the matriarch of the family, while out in barn checking on dogs, became frightened when dogs began howling in misery. At the same time something 'growling and making the weirdest noises' walked into bottom level of barn. The sound made the hair on her neck stand up and frightened her so badly she locked herself up in the pens until the sounds eventually wandered away. Family claimed their house was haunted on the inside as well. Area has history of UFO sightings, water monster sightings and Black Panther (melanistic Puma) sightings.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

Bart Nunnelly's books: Mysterious Kentucky, Bigfoot In Kentucky



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