Boy Sees Large Creature

Witness: Stanley (last name on file)

County: Henry

Location: Between Sulfur and New Castle on Hillsboro Road

Date: 1964

I met the witness during my Henry County Library presentation. He told me when he was 13 years old, one Spring night he walked from his house to an old wooden bridge to relax. As soon as he sat down he noticed a large creature crouched down in the middle of the creek only about 100 feet away. It was a wide, shallow creek. The odd behavior he recalled as it was apparently drinking water, “it was sucking the water, and not lapping it like a dog would.” The witness started to throw rocks at it when it stood up on two legs. It was about 7’ tall, with very wide shoulders. The upper torso was much more robust than its legs. The hair was dark all over its body, except around the head, which was a lighter brown. The hair was longer around the head (like a mane) and longer on the shoulders and arms. It took a few seconds for the unknown creature to register in the young boy’s mind, before his fight or flight kicked in and he bolted home.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Location of reports over the decades.

Pastor Communicates With Possible Bigfoot

Witness: Adam (full name on file)

Nearest City: Port Royal

Date of encounter: 3-28-2015

Number of witnesses: 1

Length of sighting: Approximately 1 minute

Describe your encounter:

“It was the afternoon of Saturday, March 28, when my wife was hosting a women's tea at the church I pastor in eastern Henry County. At around 5:30 I was putting some of her decorations away into the shed that sits behind the church building. I went back and forth from the church and fellowship hall to the shed, which sets along a hilly road with heavy woods on the other side. One trip I made I exited the church building and immediately heard a loud racket from the woods, probably less than a hundred yards away. The racket consisted of the loud snapping of branches or saplings, plus what sounded like a fairly high pitched voice. The voice was kind of like a chimp "cracking itself up," like it was telling itself a really funny joke. For some reason I wanted to make a loud sound so I picked up a walnut and slammed it really hard on the big natural gas tank between the church and the shed. The racket and chatter immediately stopped, and then about three seconds after my walnut slam I heard what sounded like a wooden baseball bat hitting a hard, smooth tree. My walnut was smashed so I went over to the walnut tree itself by the shed and picked up a broken branch from the ground. I slammed it down on the gas tank again, and once again I heard the return baseball bat sound at exactly the same time elapse, but this time at a much farther distance. Then I decided to make two slams with my branch, but there was no reply and that was the end of the auditory encounter.

Follow-up: 8-9-15

I spoke to Adam over the phone. Not only a pastor, he is also a school teacher. The vocalizations were a “monkey-like, high-pitched, fast chatter.” The vocalizations and first return tree knock were estimated well within 100 yards from his position. No smells were noticed. Adam mentioned this area is heavily wooded, near the Kentucky River and over the years has had minimal human modernization. I found him highly intelligent and credible.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Creature Crosses Country Road

Your name: Eric (last name on file)

Estimated date? Oct 2005

Estimated time? 3:00am

Nearest city? Lockport

Nearest Road: Hwy 22

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 secs

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

“Back in Oct of 2005 my wife and I were on our way to visit her grandparents. We were traveling down a road called Lead Mine Rd. The road is curvy and hilly, there's a turn that is right before the drop that starts down the hill into Lockport, were rounded the turn before the drop and as soon as the headlights of my car shined over the road i saw and 8 to 8 1/2 ft tall figure walking across the road. It took two strides to clear the road, in between the first and second stride it turned and looked at the car. As soon as I seen it I down geared the car to get closer but by the time I got to the spot it was in the figure had already cleared the road and disappeared into a nearby treeline.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“The creature was somewhere around eight feet tall, it had long draped brown and reddish hair. Its arms extended close to its knees almost like those of a primates. Its legs were also long and its entire body was broad and muscular. The short glimpse I got of its face seemed hairless or less hair around its facial area and it moved very fluently, not like someone in a costume or a bear.”

Any additional Info?

“There’s another road that is close to the area of the sighting that I travel down quite a bit called six mile creek road. Its not like a regular state road, its mostly gravel, creek rock and dirt. But the habitat around the road is ideal for a sasquatch in my opinion. There's a lot of wildlife especially deer and many many places for shelter and a large creek at the bottom of this valley. I believe the night I saw the creature it was possibly following deer from the top of the hill down into this area. I definitely always have the feeling that I’m being watched when I go down this road.”

Follow Up: 10-18-13

I met Eric at his home at 11:30pm. After interviewing him he took me to the exact location of the sighting. After the interview we spent over an hour discussing bigfoot research, as he has become very inquisitive since his encounter.

Eric and his wife observed a reddish-brown, bi-pedal, 8' tall creature cross the road in front of their vehicle. His wife turned her head so she did not receive a long look. The sighting occurred around 3:00am as their vehicle rounded a curve. The hair was noticeably longer on the bottom of the arms and on the head, draping down to the shoulders. As it stepped in the center of the road, it twisted its entire upper torso at the hips to look at the car (he demonstrated this “Patty-like” twist). It was just at the edge of his headlight beam and it happened so quickly, that unfortunately more specific details were not discernible. Eric recalled seeing whitish-blue eyeshine and a primate-like snout. When I asked Eric what stands out the most from your sighting, he replied, "It walked very fluently because it took only two steps to cross the road. It stepped once in the center of the road, then stepped off.” The road measured 12’ 3” wide, so the estimated stride is about 6’.

Watch the video testimony here.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Bigfoot Watches Lady Through Window

Your first name: Leanette (last name on file)

Estimated date? September 14, 27 and Oct 1, 2013

Estimated time? 11:30 p.m.

Nearest city? Smithfield

Address: (on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

“We live on a 321 acre farm. My lab Sammie stays on the enclosed sunporch. My friend, Karen spent the night at my house. I went to bed and left her up. Around 2:30 a.m. I was awakened by Sammie's barking and threatening growls. Karen was still up watching TV in the family room. She went to the back door and Sammie's hair was raised and she was backed up against the back door, barking and growling looking out the door. Karen turned the back porch light on, but could not see anything. Sammie stayed right against the back door for hours after that which is not like her. This occurred Sept. 14th.

On September 27, 2013, around 11:30 p.m., I was still up watching TV. I got a chilling feeling like I was being watched. I looked at the window beside the recliner where I was sitting and there were golden shiny eyes. I got up and moved from the recliner to my couch and turned out the family room light. A few minutes later, Sammie started barking and growling. I ran and got the flashlight. I opened the back door leading to the sunporch and shined the light toward the area Sammie was out in the yard growling and barking. I did notice a strange smell, but couldn't see anything so I backed into the house, locked the door and ran to my bedroom bathroom. I opened the window and shined the flashlight toward this large juniper bush. I could see something squatted down behind it trying to peer out. It looked like a face, but not like human skin with hair around it. I yelled out the window and it made a noise. I quickly shut the window and backed away. I ran back downstairs and Sammie had turned directions toward the driveway and was growling and barking, but I couldn't see anything from that angle without going outside and I wasn't going out. I turned all my outside lights on and laid awake the rest of the night.

On October 1, 2013, I awoke about 2:30 a.m. to Sammie barking and growling. I got up and ran to the bedroom bathroom window and looked out. I could see a dark object behind the tree. I ran downstairs and opened the back door and it sounded like someone taking a stick and running it along the wire part of the fence. Sammie ran up to the sunporch and backed against me. I went back in and locked the door.”

Describe the creature with detail:
“Smelly, dark skin around face, golden shiny eyes.”

Any additional Info?
“There was another incident last summer when my grandson and I slept out in the tent in the backyard I can tell you about as well.”

Follow Up: 10-3-13

Realizing her encounter took place at the same time and location as Bruce’s sighting, I immediately called Leanette for an interview. She was noticeably shaken up on the phone, so I jumped in the car and met her at her home at 6pm.

Upon arriving at her home, I could still tell she was VERY concerned for her safety. I did tell her that these creatures are usually just curious and won’t hurt her (I don't think that helped). As a precaution, I informed her to keep her outside lights on as a deterrent.

After the video interview, we took a few measurements, discussed details of her sighting in greater length and I answered a bunch of her questions. “The eyes alone” looking in the window were approximately 8’ 1” high, about 11” apart and the of size silver dollars.

On the one occasion, when the dog was in the yard, facing a large maple tree, we first thought the sound she heard was the creature running a stick along the metal fence which surrounds the yard, however after trying it with a nearby stick she said it sounded more metallic-like. I hypothesize it was the back of its hand and it was actually it’s fingernails...perhaps even enticing the dog to come even closer!??

From her upstairs window, she had a decent angle at the creature, but the lighting was not terrific on this side of the home. Based on its behavior, it appears it he/she thought it was still concealed by the large bush? When it was crouched down behind the large juniper bush, she could tell the skin on the face was dark, but not as dark as the dark brown hair. The face was very round and much larger than a human’s. It had pronounced cheekbones and dark inset eyes (perhaps from the shadows), as it never looked in her direction--more of a profile view. She could not recall if the head was pointed towards the top or not.

It was interesting to hear her describe her dog "backing up" into her legs as it was barking/growling. Needless to say we are conducting an ongoing investigation in the area!

Watch video testimony here.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Truck Driver Sees Hairy Beast

Your name: Bruce (last name on file)

Estimated date? 9-27-13

Estimated time? 11:45pm

Nearest city? Smithfield

Length of time the encounter lasted: 15 Seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

“Left friend’s house, walked to truck. Had parked next to treeline w/ pond on other side.Heard strange snort. Stopped listened. Strange eerie silence. Felt watched. Got in truck drove down the road toward Smithfield. Just shifted into 4th when saw deer. Locked up brakes. Had almost stopped when noticed deer looking toward rear of truck. As deer leaped over fence to my left. I looked in my rearview, which was flipped up for night, and that's when I the upper torso of a very large hairy creature next to the rear passenger side of bed on edge of road. Scared, I took off then looked back but it was gone.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“Long shaggy hair about 3 to 4 inches long, brownish red. Red could have been from brake lights. Very big arms. Had friend hold a rake up today so I could estimate size. At top of mirror view was 6ft 7in. Estimate width from outside of arms to be around 52in. At 6ft7in I could not see the arm pits and arms hung below top of bed. I drive a ford f250 superduty that sits up high so can't estimate length of arms. Had windows down. Smelt a pungent odor. Not sure if that was the creature or a skunk.”

Any additional Info? Where it stood on the road drops off to a bambo thicket and the opposite side of the pond from where I was parked.

Follow Up:

After speaking to the witness on the phone on 9-29-13, he agreed to meet me that evening at the sighting location. Immediately I could tell by the excitement in his voice, his attention to detail, and his nervousness at one point, that he was VERY sincere. Bruce attends church regularly and is a former school teacher. He (and I) got a little nervous while conducting the interview on location, due to a low howl and two sets of eyeshine (bluish-white) which appeared to be watching us from the bushes. It was determined later that the eyeshine was most likely two deer.

Bruce mentioned that he also went back the next day to look for tracks but did not see any near the road.

Many witnesses have observed bigfoots crossing the road before and after approaching vehicles. From my experience, in most reports here in KY, a motorist will catch a bigfoot crossing in front of them as they round a sharp curve or come over a hill at a high rate of speed, thus catching the bigfoot by surprise. In other cases it almost “seems” like the bigfoot waits until he sees taillights before crossing. In this case, perhaps the bigfoot was after the deer and was about to cross the road when Bruce drove by, but the bigfoot did not anticipate Bruce slamming on his brakes?

Watch video testimony here.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Brother and Sister Met The Skunk Man?

Witness: Angela (last name on file)

Date: Late 70’s or early 80’s.

Time: Late afternoon.

City: In the country near Lockport.

“My brother and I were both very young. I would say in the late 70’s very early 80’s we lived on Hwy 389. We lived in a trailer that sat upon a hill and we played in the woods daily. One afternoon my brother and I had crossed the barbed wire fence went into the woods, we were not deep in the wood when we saw something standing behind a tree looking at us. It had extremely dark hair all over its body and did run at us or from us. We sure ran from it very fast but when we turned to see what we had seen it was long gone. We never told anyone this story because people would think we were crazy. Both my brother and I have recently discussed the sighting with each other, thinking we both had forgotten, but we didn't. We do believe that it was a bigfoot. We were small so height wise I would say 6 feet. What we first said to each other that it was a skunk man, but we knew that couldn't be true skunks didn't stand on 2 feet or were they that large. We come from a family that has always handled wild animals and had even had pet skunks. We knew that hillside like the back of our hands we were always playing in the trees and the woods, but we had never played on that side of the hill before and never again. There had been bear sightings, but I what I remember it did not look like a bear I also would think a bear maybe would have chased us too. The area has many caves and hills, we never saw any footprints, but we really weren't looking for them either.”

Follow Up: 1-1-13

How close was it to you? “We were probably 10-20 feet it was watching us and we walked up on it.”

Did it run towards you or away from you? “Not sure where it went as we ran away from it.”

Could you see its face? “It's such a blur all we remember saying was it was a skunk man.”

Do you recall seeing ears, shoulders, or hands? “Wide shoulders and can't recall hands.”

What time of day was it? “It was late afternoon because it was starting to get dark in the

Did your hear or smell anything? “I have no sense of smell and my brother never said anything about smell. We also had a Chinchilla trailer close by so that had an odor to it.”

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Hunters Flee Camp!

Your first name: Richie (last name on file)

Estimated date? 9/19/09

Estimated time? 6:00am

What city, or nearest city? Pendelton

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3 hours

How many witnesses? 10

Please describe your encounter:

Me and my friends was setting up are hunting camp where we hunt every year. It was about 6:00 am and just getting day light. We have been hunting here for years and nothing like this has happen to us cousin went to get some rope from the truck that we needed. he was gone for about 25 minutes when he came running up the hill screaming we stopped doing what we was doing and ran to him. He said he saw a big man running at him growling. We went down where he said he saw this man and waited. We sat there for about 5 to 10 minutes tell we thought he was full of it. Just when we got up a rock came flying toward us. My friend shouted come out and nothing so we got up and was walking to where it came from and that is where it came at us. We ran to are camp got in are cabin and shut the door. It stayed outside for a long time before it tried to get in one time. Then after 2 hours it left, we haven’t been back sense. And no one would believe us when we told them.

Describe the creature with detail: big bout 7 to 8 ft tall it hade short hair and acted like a man. We really didn’t get a good look at it.

Additional Info: wooded area, sounds where like that of a dog in a fight

Yowlers and Mysterious Stone Throwers

Fall 1978

Two children witness Bigfoot on farm. History of animal disturbances,Yowlers and mysterious stone throwers. Entire family has stories of footprint finds and other strange happenings. Area has history of similar phenomenon.



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