Reports for Jefferson County, KY


Scott's Gap Black Bigfoot

Witnesses: Christina (last name on file) and Teresa (her mother)

City: Louisville

Location: Jefferson Memorial Forest

Date of encounter: 6-26-2014

Time of day: 3:00pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Length of sighting: A few minutes.

Describe your encounter:

"My mom and I like to hike through Jefferson Memorial and Scott's Gap is our favorite location. One afternoon as we were returning back to the car from a long hike and my mom was exhausted so she stayed back and rested while I continued down to the parking lot. I sat on a picnic table and smoked a cigarette and waited for her. As I was admiring the woods I saw something black moving low in the tall weeds and brushed it off, thinking it was a small animal at first. I then began to realize it was a much larger animal. I was really confused as I tried to determine what it was. It then stood up on two legs and I knew it wasn't a bear. It wasn't too tall probably about 6'. It was lanky with black fur. It looked like a gorilla but only more human-like. It had an arm wrapped around a tree moving back and forth. I stood up to get a better look and I realized I was seeing an adolescent bigfoot. It began playing peekaboo behind the tree, but the tree wasn't wide enough to really hide him. Just then my mom came down the trail. I became worried and I ran towards her yelling and pointing in the creature's direction. She saw a glimpse of it before it disappeared into thick brush and trees."

This is a reenactment from the actual witness' perspective. I'm standing where the creature stood. It was estimated at 8 feet tall. At the time of the sighting, the forest was much greener.

Follow-up: 11-14-2015

I met Christina, her mother and sister at the exact location. With a tape measure, we determined the creature was 95 feet away from the picnic table and it stood closer to 8 foot tall. The height astonished Christina, as she originally estimated its height at 6 foot. The shoulders were about 4 foot wide. She could not recall seeing any details of the face. It had glossy, jet black hair, maybe 4 inches long. She said it had more of a slender build, thus she thought it was a juvenile. It was not massive as some people describe Bigfoots, it was much thinner.

Her mother recalls walking down the trail and hearing her daughter yelling, "Momma, momma, look!" Teresa caught a glimpse of the profile as it disappeared deeper into the woods. She also said it had shiny black hair and it was very tall, walking on two legs. Teresa only saw it for a second from the waist up and was too far away to notice any specific details.
An interesting observation: Both witnesses agreed it made zero noise when it ran off. They could not hear it running through the forest.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator



Pope Lick Monster Sighting?

Witness: Denise (full name on file)

City: Louisville (Fisherville)

Date of encounter: 1975

Time of encounter: Between midnight and 2am

Number of witnesses: 4

Length of sighting: Seconds

We first spoke to Denise, a grandmother age 55, during a library presentation on 10-29-15. A few witnesses stayed afterwards and shared possible Bigfoot encounters.

Phone interview 11-1-15:

It was approximately 40 years ago and Denise was 15 years old. She was hanging out under the train trestle near Pope Lick Creek. Denise explained that she was a “tough love” child and sometimes stayed out well past her curfew. She explained on this particular evening, they were deep in the woods, under the infamous trestle. She thinks it might have been a moonlit night, because they had no flashlights. Her memory is not that great and she could not add many details except that a large, dark figure ran across the path in front of them, perhaps as close as 25 feet. “It was VERY fast and much bigger than them. “It was definitely on two legs and it was a “shadowy figure.” Denise could not recall if it had hair, but added they all thought it was not a person. She does not remember hearing or smelling anything. She added that, if it was a person, they expected to see another person following it or they would hear people laughing or talking. They were freaked out by the incident and left immediately. No other cars were noticed in the area.

Granted there’s not much detail to this old story and it very well could have been a person, however this report comes from a credible source and from the site of similar reports. Make of it what you will.

I believe the Pope Lick Monster was actually a Bigfoot. Here are the reasons.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Email submission 6-16-11

A successful Louisville businessman contacted me via email about a sighting he had as a teen. After a few emails back and forth he decided to send me his story. He wishes to remain anonymous.

"When I was a teenager back in the late seventies, three friends and I were out goofing off on a farm. Two of the guys challenged each other to stir up some bees in a dead tree and then run real fast out of danger. Timmy and I decided that we would just watch the fun from a far away bench that was next to a tractor shed. The braver two of us would sneak up to the tree, poke a stick into the hole, wiggle it and run like crazy with bees hot on their trail.

On about their third time doing this, the two idiots were running like mad, with the bees in tow, I saw something out beyond them in the cow pasture, just over a slight ridge. To this day, I still doubt what I saw. It had off long white hair covering it. It was running real fast on two legs and had a shoulder width that was about double mine and had a large head with no neck. It ran with a slight limp. I saw it from the waist up because it was on the other side of the ridge. It moved from left to right and moving away from our field of view. I watched it until it was out of sight and then I turned my head to see Timmy sitting beside me with eyes the size of silver dollars with his jaw hitting the ground. He looked as shocked as I felt.

The other two guys did not see it because they were running towards us with bees hot on their tail. Of course we had to tell them about it and of course they did not believe us.

Afterwards, the four of us went out into the cow pasture and over the ridge and saw a herd of cows in the area that the thing was running towards. They looked undisturbed and the ground was too hard for tracks. One of the bee wranglers ran at the cows waving his arms and the herd scattered but as soon as he returned to us, the cows regrouped and looked undisturbed again.

The other two ribbed us for a long time telling everyone that Timmy and I were thatched in the head."

Follow Up 6-16-11

Did you say this occurred in 1977? I’m pretty sure.

Do you remember the month or season? Summer

What time of day? In the afternoon but can’t recall the time

Approximately how far was this from you? No more than 200 yards

It had a limp? It ran like it had a limp but it may have looked that way because it was on a slight ridge.

How fast was it traveling? About as fast as a human on a fast jog.

How tall and heavy would you estimate it? Can’t say. I saw it from waist up.

Did it ever look in your direction? No. We saw it from it’s 4 o’clock position

Was the head rounded, pointed, covered in hair? Rounded, covered in hair.

Location: A
farm on East Orell Road between Pendleton Road and Blevens Gap Road. The farm was on the East side of the road about midway between the two others.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Website submission 6-12-11

Your first name: amber

Which county? jefferson

Estimated date? feb 2011

Estimated time? around 6pm the sun was setting and it was cold

Nearest city? louisville

Nearest Road(s): dixie hwy

Length of time the encounter lasted: just a few seconds

How many witnesses? just myself

Please describe your encounter:

I was standing on my back deck by myself we had jus moved into our house and I was looking at the woods thinking how great it was to have woods in our backyard. It was very easy to see through some of the woods because it was cold so the trees had no leaves. As I stood there I watched something huge with black hair all over run past very fast on two legs I know what I saw and it was NOT a bear, or a human there's no possible way it could be anything else. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy they tried to say it was probably some teenagers or something but it was not a teenager. I have not went real far in the woods since then I'm to scared but I've done some googling and I know somethings to look for. We do have deer which I've heard they eat.. you can take my story for whatever you want I know what I saw and I don't have evidence simply because I don't want to look for it or go anywhere near it.

Describe the creature with detail:

Huge-like manly bear running on 2 feet very fast. Didn't stop for a second ran straight past. It was not a bear as a matter of fact we don't have bears on our land.

Any additional Info?

If I find evidence or anything like that I will allow you to contact me. I just fear this creature and do not want it provoked to come out on my cleared land. You may contact me through email if you wish.

Follow Up: 6-13-11

I spoke to the witness via email. Below is her partial email (exact location on file):

"We have about 8 or 9 acres on our property and we rent it. And about 1/2 acre maybe a little more or less of it is cleared out with no woods . So I was standing on my back deck and I saw it run through the woods so I guess it was about 1/2 acre or so away from me it wasnt really deep in the woods maybe about 20ft in them. I only saw it run for a brief moment and it was gone as quickly as it appeared , it ran hunched over it was not standing straight up. From what I could see it was a blackish color and it was definately bigger then a human man. It looked bulky and I'm not real sure on the hair length because I was on the back deck but I'd say it wasn't really long but maybe a medium length. It did not do anything unusual it just ran past it didnt stop and it didnt look at me or my house or anything. My husband and his friend think im crazy but I watched the new bigfoot show on tv and I've googled some pics of bigfoot and skunk ape and they look like what I saw. I haven't noticed anything in the woods but thats because Ii didnt have a clue what to look for as far as tracks or the branches being laid in an x. But I definately think I will try to look around a little now. I thought it was impossible until I saw it and were the only woods around for quite a few miles and like I said we only have about 9 acres I didnt think that would be enough for that type of creature. But I heard they like to travel like nomads is that true? Is there any advice you have for me? Should I try to find evidence ? And I also saw it when it was still light out the sun had not set it was just starting to."

Here is my partial reply, "You can look for footprints, tree structures (twisted branched, teepees--anything that looks un-natural--this is how they mark their territory). Take pictures. If you have a camcorder, at night you can make a loud “whoop” or howl/moan and see if you can record a response. Also use a baseball bat (wooden) and hit a tree hard--once or multiple times in succession and see if you get a reply. Make sure you have your camcorder on.

Finally, set up an offering--a small pile of apples on a tree stump where you saw the creature. Believe it or not, they will take it and leave you something--small rocks, feathers, persimmon. Doing this frequently, you may habituate them. They are highly intelligent and most are friendly."

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website submission 11/10/10

Your first name: Jeff

Which county? Jefferson

Estimated date? Summer 1985

Estimated time? midnight

What city, or nearest city? Fisherville

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 minutes

How many witnesses? 6

Please describe your encounter: Many years back in around the summer of 85, me and my friends used to go down to the creek and fish near Fisherville, just off the concrete area of an old distillery that had burned down years ago and nothing remained but some concrete and some piping from the old pump house, now grown over and a simple path down the hill gave us a nice spot to fish and hang out with a camp fire. One night, and the last time we ever went there, we had been fishing late for catfish, and had a fire built on the bank. We had heard cracking brush and some noises, knocking and such, off and on thru the night, shined our lights to see if we could see what was moving around, some would yell and taunt anything that might be out there and everyone was a bit on edge but laughed and joked about it. Later we learned that building a fire on creek rock can cause the air pockets in creek rock to explode and shoot fire and sparks into the air. For a group on edge and some of which had been drinking, it added to the nervous night when the fire began to explode. It was truely a night too quiet and we had that feeling of being watched. It wasnt until around midnight when we decided to leave that things got very interesting. We packed our stuff and carried it up the hill, and I had started the pick up while one of the guys went down to get the rest of the items and put out the fire. It was then that I heard the loudest noises of tree limbs breaking and it sounded like something was tearing thru the woods. It sounded like trees were being pushed over and crashing one after another. Before I could get all the way out of the truck to see what was going on, my friend came running up the hill/path, threw his lit lantern in the truck breaking it and did a head first dive into the back of the truck yelling to get the hell out of there. We could still here trees breaking and noises so his repeated yelling to "Go" convinced everyone to jump in any way they could and for us to get out of there. He never would say what he saw, and although an avid hunter and woodsman, he wouldnt go back to that favorite spot of ours. All he would say was "I dont know what it was, and I dont want to know!"'

Describe the creature with detail: Never did see it, or the only one who did wouldnt talk about it.

Area, Sounds, Etc: The old distillery, nothing there now, was on the hill just above the creek, looks like just a little bit of field area off the roadway and then a steep hill/bank down to the creek where there is a concrete wall and remanents of a damn maybe that is just below where whats left of an old pump house and pipes that you cant get to easily. Sounds of tapping or knocking, sticks breaking like when you stepped on them, at the end sounds like a bulldozer was going thru the wooded steep bank, loud tree breaks and crashing, sort of like king kong coming thru the forrest.

FOLLOW-UP 11/10/10

I had a lengthly conversation with the witness over the phone. He is a retired police officer from a nearby city. I found him to be highly credible and sincere. He mentioned that his wife, who was also with him at the time, said there was growl-like-yell with all the crashing and limbs breaking, she said it sounded more like a wounded animal yell/growl. He was in the truck with door open, but she was over by the top of the hill/path.

--C.Raymond, Lead Investigator

Photo courtesy of the witness. This is the creek by the old distillery.

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