Reports for Johnson County, KY

Website submission on 10/6/08

Your first name: Vannisa

Which county? Johnson

Estimated date? 1989

Estimated time? 2 am

What city, or nearest city? Paintsville

Length of time the encounter lasted: 20-30 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
I was on my way home from work. At the time, I lived in Greentown, a sort of Suburb of Paintsville, next to the river. There was a sharp curve with an old dilapidated house only feet away from the road on the right hand side going down Rt 40 East, towards Thealka. As I rounded the curve I saw this tall creature walking alongside the road to my right. It was covered in white/greyish hair and walked upright, but not straight like a man, it was sort of hunched over a bit. It was heading towards the river. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I drove on home, which was only about 1/4 mile on down the road. My good friend lived next door and the next day I told her what I had saw. I expected her to say that I was crazy or ask me if I had been drinking but instead she told me about the time her son and his friend (?) had seen the same thing while they were our gigging for frogs one night. I was astonished. His story would be much more interesting than mine.

Describe the creature with detail: It was covered in white/greyish hair and walked upright, but not straight like a man, it was sort of hunched over a bit. Between 6 and 7 foot tall, hair about 3 to 4 inches long.

Website submission on 11/21/07

Your first name: Scott

Which county? Johnson

Estimated date? November of 1987

Estimated time? Early Evening 5-6 PM

What city, or nearest city? Boonscamp

Length of time the encounter lasted: a few seconds

How many witnesses? 2 including me

Please describe your encounter:
I was squirrel hunting with a childhood friend. I was around 14 or 15 and he was 12 or 13. We had made our way up to some cliff rocks near a gas pipeline right of way that was side cut below us, and decided to sit down around some oak trees and wait on some squirrels. He went around one side of the cliff and I walked around the other. After about 30 minutes, I heard leaves rustling and got my gun ready to shoot. The rustling got closer and then I seen a squirrel jump up on the side of a tree. I aimed my gun and was just getting ready to pull the trigger when a limb cracked behind me and the squirrel spooked and ran off. I dropped my gun and said' "Darn it Gary (my friend's name), you scared off my squirrel." Then from up above me and on the opposite side of the sound, Gary said "That wasn't me." He had made his way to the top of the cliff and the sound I heard was at the bottom. Being kids and loving to shoot our guns we both had the same thought. Maybe the sound was made by something to shoot at like a squirrel or fox or ground hog. So we ran over toward the noise ready to throw our guns up and shoot. What we saw instead left us dumb-founded to this day. It was already running away from us when we got there but it was some type of harry animal on 2 legs running down the hill toward the pipeline. It must have been at least 6'5" or 7' and was close to 3' across the shoulders and had huge strides in its run. It covered 5 yards at a time. In 2 or 3 gates it was at the pipeline cut. It took a leap when it got to the pipeline and cleared the other side into the timber. We could hear running for a long ways away from us through the leaves and brush. Me and Gary ran all the way home and never really talked about it for a couple of months. I guess we didn't want to believe what we had seen. Finally, we talked about it and decided it must have been a bigfoot. We never told very many people about it because they always laughed at us and tried to convince us we had seen a bear or something. After all these years, I can still say for sure that it wasn't anything I'd seen before or since and I have spent a lot of time in the woods. I'm not saying it was a bigfoot for sure because we never smelled the stench that is mentioned in so many other reports, but other than that, it's the only description that fits what we seen.

Describe the creature with detail:
6 1/2 feet to 7 feet tall
3 foot broad at the shoulders
upright on 2 legs
covered in hair
ran extremely fast with long strides
probably weighed over 350 lbs.

Additional Info:
it never made any verbal noise
no smell that I remember
we went back later when we finally talked about it and looked for foot prints but it had been too long and they were long since faded way

Paintsville, KY - Dec. 22, 1978

On Lewis Fork of Big Sandy River.
A report by Shirley Elkins, shortly before Christmas, 1978.

"We had a major flood here; and every one was told to leave town; because they said the dam might burst. I ran up to some family's house that had married a kin person. They kept the radio on all night and gave me the bed next to a wide window. I could see a graveyard nearby; and some dogs began to go nuts. Barking; then with a yelp; they all ran off. I looked out the window; and all I could see was fur against the window; and it felt like hands against the house; shaking the house. Then I saw quite a scary sight. A human looking creature; as it walked away from the window making grunting sounds. It walked upon the graveyard; and shook a tree; tore up bushes; and disappeared on down the hill. When I told the family; they said; they hadn't seen anything; but some nights they heard scratching on the side of the house; and their cats and dogs acted scared; and they had found the garden tore up one summer; and trees shredded. They are dead now; and I don't know who lives there; and if the same thing is still happening." Ms.Elkins also sent a letter to researcher, Bill Green of The New England Bigfoot Information Center, who forwarded it to the IBS, concerning an event that took place in the same town way back in April of 1944 which involved alleged Bigfoot aggression in the form of a physical assault on a patient at a hospital where she was working as a nurse on the night shift.

" I was on night shift at the hospital in my home town; April of 1944; and that rainy night a man was in the waiting room to see the doctor. He was all a mess of scratches; and his mother was telling him to just say he fell down; and not anything about being in a fight with a tall man-like hairy thing. They kept him overnight at the hospital; and later that night someone phones us about an accident caused by a tall hairy creature that was in the road. A year passed; and I went to work at a restaurant and there was this man I'd seen at the hospital; he was the owners son (his mother); and became my husband June 7; 1945. He told me what happened that rainy night in April; near dusk; and it had been dark and rainy all day. Ellis had gone fishing; and had caught a pile of catfish for the restaurant. He was out back cleaning them on a table lit by a 25 watt bulb; when up from the river bank came what looked like a man; only he was with dark hair; long and shaggy all over. It growled at him; pushed him; and made a grab for the fish. He thought it was a young teen dressed in a costume; and was going to pull the suit off. Then he said I grabbed a bottle and hit him; and he landed in the rain barrel; that was kept outside for quick clean up. The creature jumped out; growled again; and shook him; then hurled him to the ground; and ran off with the fish. And mom didn't believe it; she thought the staff at the hospital would send for a shrink if I told this to them. It had small; aqua color eyes-like a cat; heavy scattered eye brows; looked like a young teen; only was very bushy in hair of a shiny slate color; and he wasn't over 6 feet tall; slim; long body; legs short; had large long feet; long claw-like nails; like overgrown human ones. It's tail bushed when it saw the fish! Looked like it smiled; but still growled; had sharp long pointed teeth. It left five toed tracks in the mud; that had the impression of claws. He drank beer every day; so the few that knew of the event; thought he was nuts or drunk; so his mother never wanted him to tell this to anyone."

(credit: IBS, Bill Green)

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