The Foam Monster

Witnesses: Glenn and his brother (last names on file)

Date: 8-7-1968

Time: Afternoon

Length of sighting: 2 or 3 minutes

City: Ryland Heights

County: Kenton


“My brother and I were swimming in Decoursey Creek on my parents’ farm. It’s located at the junction of what used to be Old Decoursey Road and State Hwy 177 (Decoursey Pike). Old Decoursey Road is now called Marshall Road. In the 60's this was a rural area of Kenton county. It's still partially rural, but suburbia has crept further south.

We were both around 9 or 10 years old, playing and splashing in a 3 or 4 foot deep hole in the creek. The creek was full of fish and wildlife in those days. My brother saw it first and told me. I looked among a thick growth of small water willow trees that grew along the creek bank. The creature was a dirty white color, similar to the color of muddy white foam that gathers along creeks during a flood. We were so frightened we ran back to our house about 200 yards away and in terror discussed what we had saw. We named it the Foam Monster because of it's color. It was hard to judge height because it was crouched over in the willow trees, but it had long straggly, dirty white hair, red or pinkish eyes, and it was very wide. It never chased us, but we did hear it going through the woods up the steep hillside afterwards from the safety of our 2nd floor farmhouse window. We were scared to swim or fish in the creek for several months afterwards, but the terror we had that day is still vivid in my memory. The area is different today as the state took my parents home and bottomland to build a new bridge on Highway 177 around 1990. They moved so much dirt around what used to be a large flat creek bottom where the house sat that it looks like a steep hill as they moved the road too.

Sketch by Terry Thomas as Described by Witness

In later years we heard strange howling, before coyotes became regular in Kentucky. I’ve heard tree knockings and I've found deers dead with their front legs snapped forward in manner that doesn't fit a car collision and too far from the road to have made it that far. There were neighbors that had a rash of sightings of the "monster" locally in Decoursey Hollow. Livestock and dogs went missing, or discovered mangled, that went on for a couple years, most of which were probably never reported back then. My brother and myself kept our sighting quiet until now for fear of ridicule. Our mother kept us out of the creek and woods. I can take someone to the exact spot and area, although I'm not sure who owns the land anymore.”

Follow-Up: 3-1-2017

Glenn is 56 years old and a carpenter. He was very humble and sincere over the phone. His story was consistent with his initial report and he never embellished his answers. If he didn’t remember or recall seeing a certain feature of the creature he answered as such.

Glenn’s rough estimate of the distance the creature was to them was maybe 50ft. They only saw it from its chest up as it appeared to be crouched in the thick reeds. Hard, dense trees were immediately behind the creature. When asked about its height, Glenn said, “It was taller than us, but because I never saw it stand completely up, I don’t know it’s exact height.” It was muscular with wide shoulders, no neck and its left arm was up in the air holding onto a nearby willow branch. Its right arm hung straight down. It was covered in long, white, dirty hair, except for it’s face and the palm of its left hand. The hair surrounded the face. The skin seemed to be tan in color. The eyes were large and solid pinkish-red, he could not remember seeing the whites of the eyes. The head was slightly domed-shaped with a slight point towards the top. It’s nose was very wide and flat. Glenn did not recall much detail about the mouth, so he guessed it may have been closed. The entire sighting only lasted maybe a minute. Glenn did recall a bad odor, “It smelled like sewer and/or rotten eggs.” The creature began to stand as the boys turned and ran. As they watched out the second floor window of their house, they could hear it breaking branches as it retreated up the hillside. The boys did not tell their parents. For many years after the boys’ encounter, Glenn remembers neighbors and high school friends who also had sightings.

Researcher and artist, Terry Thomas met the witness at the sighting location. Although the exact spot has changed over the years due to urban sprawl, the witness found a similar location. Under careful direction from the witness, Terry was able to re-create the creature.

- Charlie Raymond and Terry Thomas, Investigators

Website Submission 6-5-10

Your first name: Arthur (last name on file)

Which county? Kenton

Estimated date? September 2008

Estimated time? 10 PM

What city, or nearest city? Covington

Length of time the encounter lasted: 15 Minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter: I was at my friends house who lived in Erlanger and I was having transportation problems so I left and started walking to my home in Latonia which is south Covington. It's a very long walk. I passed the hospital by Thomas Moore College and turned onto Horsebranch Road which leads to 3L Hghway. This road is very dark at night and no light what so ever except near the end where there are a couple of houses. There is also a subdivision of apartments about 1,000 feet from where you turn onto the road on the left side of it but the apartments are up away from the road and you can not see them. It is a little over a mile long stretch of road with nothing but heavily wooded area on both sides of the road. Once on the Horsebranch the temperature dropped at least 6 degrees as it is a downhill walk. As I passed the road to the subdivision on my left only one car came up the road. I walked maybe 1,000 feet passed the subdivision when I heard something on my right in the woods. It wasn't making any animal sounds or anything but it sounded like it was moving tree limbs out of its way to follow my movements down the road. I know it sounds crazy and could've been nothing but I truely felt something was whatching me and following me down the road. As I kept walking so did it. I was more down the road and started to see rocks hit the road ahead of me. I was really uncomfortable now but I had my knife in my hand and wasn't taking my eye off that side of the road what so ever. A couple more rocks were flung in into the road and I just kept walking faster until I got near the houses and the end of the road. There was no one out and I didn't see anything in the woods. I then turned onto Orphanage Road and then to 3L Highway and made my way home. I don't know what the hell it was in the woods that night. But I wasn't drunk or nothing so I'm sure that no matter what it was. Something or someone was following me that night.

Describe the creature with detail: I didn't see it. I just heard it's movements and seen that it had to be a human like creature if it could throw rocks. But with the way it was moving threw the woods and the tree limbs moving it had to be at least 200 pounds maybe way more. It was not a deer I know that for sure and I'm pretty comfortable in saying that it was not a person. People around here are not like that and there was really no where for someone to come from to be out in the woods out there. It wouldn't make any sense.

Area, Sounds, Etc: Here is a google map of the road.

Website Submission on 11-17-06

Your first name: Chris (last name on file)

Which county? Kenton

Estimated date? 11/14/06

Estimated time? 11:30 PM

What city, or nearest city? Ft. Thomas

Length of time the encounter lasted: less than a minute

How many witnesses? one eyewitness, two heard sounds

Please describe your encounter: My companion, Liz, and I were sitting on her porch smoking cigarettes and talking. There are dense woods behind her house and about 20 years of lawn between the porch and the woods and the porch light was on and cast a fair amount of light onto the lawn. We could easily see the treeline but not past the first line of trees. Shortly after we sat down we were startled by the loud crack of a limb or branch. We thought it odd but wrote it off to the natural falling of a limb. After that, because we were then aware of the sounds from the trees, noticed some rustling and the sound of someone moving around. I yelled "hey, watcha doing back there" thinking that it was kids trying to spy on us. it continued and then we heard another limb break further back in the woods (not as loud as the first). I grabbed a flashlight and walked back to the woods with the intention of looking like a tough guy and yelling at whoever was back there. When I reached the woods I stood at the treeline and shined the flashlight in and yelled "hey." it was then that I saw walking away about 40 ft in front of me what I thought was a small bear (4-5 ft tall) walking on two legs. I got really excited and shouted "HEY" to try to get it to turn around but it didn't. I freaked out and ran back to Liz and we went inside because I wasn't enough of a tough guy to keep smoking cigs outside.

Describe the creature with detail: Looked like a small bear. About 4-5 ft tall and walked on two legs. It was covered with hair and had a thick body. I couldnt see much else bc it was dark.

Follow-Up: Witness stated, 'Hair was either black or brown and looked shaggy but I couldn't determine length. It looked like it covered the entire body. No sounds. The only sounds we heard were the breaking of the branches and some rustling that sounded like footsteps. As far as the head and body go: it just looked like a bear or a short stocky person standing up and walking. The stride made it look like it was hobbling a bit. As it was walking away all I could see was the shaggy hair, not really any visible shape to the head. No smell. No footprints that I could find but I didn't look real hard. There are a bunch of leaves back there which is why we could hear it walking/rustling around. It was definitely weird tho. Good luck with the research. I'll be keeping my eyes peelled towards those woods."


Website Submission on 6-19-07

Your first name: K (full name on file)

Which county? Kenton

Estimated date? 6-19-07

Estimated time? 7pm

What city, or nearest city? Taylor Mill

Length of time the encounter lasted: a couple minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
I was weeding in my garden when I heard someone walking in the woods. The footsteps were steady, but far apart. They sounded like they were coming from an extremely tall, very heavy human. We don't have any giants here in Taylor Mill that I know about! And, it was definitely someone/something on two feet. I kept hearing the footsteps and stood up to see if I could see who was making them. I could see nothing, but I was too distracted (and a bit freaked out) to continue what I was doing. I stood there until they were too far off in the distance to hear and then I left the area.

Website Submission on 6-23-06

Your first name: Rick

Which county? Kenton

Estimated date?

Estimated time? 11:30pm

What city, or nearest city? Independence

Length of time the encounter lasted: minutes

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter: I was driving on KY 536 and a 7 foot tall, shaggy looking creature walked out of the woods infront of my truck adn another truck heading the opposite direction, put it's hand on the hood of my truck and kept walking into the wood on the other side of the road.

Describe the creature with detail: approx 7 foot, shaggy, hairy, walking upright

Additional Info:
My dog was in the truck and started acting strange before the creature even walked out.

Follow-Up Report:
Witness sounds very credible and sincere. He added "I was going about 20 MPH, accelerating off a turn going up hill. I had to slam on my brakes. I didn't find any prints on my hood, but it did stick it's hand out and appeared to look at me but I couldn't make out any features. The truck in the oncomming lane hit it's brights and I couldn't see much then. Just a big hairy upright thing crossing the road.

Kenton County - Covington 1959

Motorists witness large BF creature on bridge. Evening sighting.

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