Reports for Knott County, KY

Website submission on 4-4-11

Your first name: Savannah

Which county? Knott

Estimated date? October, 2009

Estimated time? 5:00 pm

Nearest city? Hindman

Nearest Road(s): Perkins Branch Mountain

Length of time the encounter lasted: About 30 seconds

How many witnesses? One

Please describe your encounter:
My dad was driving me home on sunday afternoon, and was coming around the corner of the mountain, just before you drive down toward the bottom. We were talking as we normally do, and he just slammed on his brakes and stared. I though he was just kidding, cause my dad's the joker type. But I soon noticed the fear in his eyes an realized it was no joke. I finally got him to speak, it had left him speechless. He said as he drove around the corner, a big gray and brown (all over) haired figure ran, (faster than he'd ever seen anything running upright run before,even a human) It ran across the road and up the hill as if the rocky surface and the steepness of the hill was no problem. UNhuman, completely.

Describe the creature with detail: VERY BIG, Tall, Ran VERY fast, Gray and brown long hair all over.

Any additional Info? My dad is the type of guy that is fearless. He isnt afraid of anything. I've never seen my dad so terrified in my life. The hill is seeable from my house, and I've been up there many times afterwards, and my family (my dad,aunt,grandmother,Grandpa (deceased) has always been really protective of their children and family member pertaining that area.) And just recently, we discovered a footprint, but weren't able to take any pictures, and tried to communicate by knocking on a tree with a rock. And to our suprise DID get one single knock back. VERY distinct. We don't really broadcast our experiences though, because we don't want to come off as "crazy".

FOLLOW UP: 4-18-11

Spoke to the witness, Mack, over the phone at great length. Mack is very sincere and credible. As he came around a corner, approximately 40yds in front of his vehicle he caught a glimpse an extremely fast, bi-pedal, hairy creature sprinting across the road. It was a brownish-grey color with medium-length hair. It's arms were long and swung by its side. He estimated the creature at about 6.5 ft tall, 250lbs. It was "athletic looking, not bulky like the Patterson footage.” He kept stressing during our phone conversation the “amazing speed” of this creature. He stated, "if I blinked, I would of missed it! It did not want to be seen." After it crossed the one-lane road it transversed up a rocky embankment without hesitation. Mack slowed his vehicle almost to a stop. As he approached the location where it crossed, no further signs were noted. After dropping his daughter off, Mack returned to the location and took photos of two tracks which he promised to find and submit shortly.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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