Reports for Lawrence County, KY

Website submission on 11-6-06

Your first name: Gene

Which county? Lawernce

Estimated date? 11\06\06

Estimated time? 5:00pm

What city, or nearest city? Martha

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3, 5 sec.

How many witnesses? 3

Please describe your encounter:
On this day myself and two other friends were in the woods scouting for deer sighns, we had stoped to take a break on a ridge to get a drink of water. While resting we started talking about deer sighns we had seen and differnt animals that were in the area when i started to tell them about a noise Ihad heard the night before i told them i had heard what sounded like a heavy stick or limb slapping against a tree several differnt times ontop of a ridge nearby my home late the night before. I took a stick and cracked it against a tree two or three times to show them what it sounded like , whithin a matter of seconds we heard a similar snapping against another tree on another ridge where we had been scouting around follow'd same sound and a loud whooping sound that niether my friends or i can explain or had ever heard before.

Blaine, KY - 2003 & 2004

Couple out ginseng hunting early one summer morning in 2003 hear noise of snapping trees and brush in woods close by. Husband looks up to see large, hair covered creature watching him. It was covered in long, reddish-brown hair. It had a man-like face with large, dark eyes and huge shoulder width-about 4' broad. It stood 6-7' tall with a muscular build. It smelled like a cross between a skunk and a wet dog. The man described the head as being somewhat pointed toward the back, face looked like a man with a beard-hair thinner around eyes and forehead.It had a wide mouth with thick,dark lips. Area has history of sightings. The couple had a couple of dogs come up missing earlier in the year. Their bodies were later found ripped apart with organs missing. In 2004 something threw a large, football sized rock at the husband as he was deer hunting behind his house. Another man told him that while driving south on RT 201 he saw a large, hairy creature run across the road on two legs and refused to hunt in the area after that. One week later the wife claimed that around dusk the dogs started going crazy. She stepped into the back yard and saw a different, lighter colored creature standing about 75 feet away. The husband claimed that 4 years earlier, while hunting in the company of his father and brother, the group heard what sounded like two china men talking from one hill to another, then the sound of a large tree falling. They quickly left the area. Trace evidence in the form of many trees twisted in two about the height of a grown man from the ground found in abundance.

Louisa, KY - late 1980's

7' tall white BF approached car driven by terrified coon hunters late one night on Route 23. It had long hair and walked in a peticuliar manner-with its arms sticking out in front of it. Witnesses fled scene before it got too close.

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