Reports for Letcher County, KY

Website Submission on 6-4-06

Your first name: Dustin, Neil, and Aaron

Which county? Letcher

Estimated date? 6-04-06

Estimated time? 1:00 am

What city, or nearest city? Ermine

Length of time the encounter lasted: minute or two

How many witnesses?

Please describe your encounter:
We were up on the mountain camping out for the night. Then all of a sudden we heard something running down a big long field of grass. We all heard it so we run down closer to see what the hell it was. Then after we got closer to it we seen it walking down the road.It was running like no man could run. It also was screeching and making a lot of banging noises in the distance.

Describe the creature with detail:
It was a big brownish black creature that was very large in size. It was probably 7 to 8 feet tall. It was running very fast through the field like no man could run.

Additional Info:
The area was in an open field right next to the woods. It was screeching and making a lot of noises in the distance.

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