Reports for Lincoln County, KY

Website submission 1-6-13

Your first name: Larry Johnson

Estimated date? 11/29/12

Estimated time? 4:00am

Nearest city? Stanford

Nearest Road(s): Big Moccasin Road

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3 to 4 seconds

How many witnesses? One

Please describe your encounter:

On Thanksgiving night at approximately 4:00am in the morning I was sitting in my mother’s home in a very wooded and rural area in Lincoln county. I began dosing off with the lamp on, when I suddenly woke up and realized I needed to go to bed. I glanced out the sliding glass door and observed what appeared to be a bigfoot take three large strides across the backyard from one side of the woods to the other. The area was lit by a security light. Maybe the creature was observing me through the window, and when it saw me look it bolted? It was incredibly stealthy. Its evasion technique was incredible. I locked onto the creature and everything went in slow motion, like tunnel vision. I got a good look at it. I am a student of anthropology at a local college with nearly two years completed, and a former police officer. In my 47 years on earth I have never witnessed anything like this before. It has changed me. I now constantly look out the window at night.

Describe the creature with detail:

It was about six and a half feet tall or maybe slightly more. It was covered uniformly with what looked like black hair. It was bipedal, with arms that appeared longer than that of a common human being. It was very robust, with very stocky limbs. I could not make out facial features and its head was about the size of a pumpkin. This creature made three wide strides across the yard, and was gone. Incredibly fast, it was built solid like a tree stump, massive like a weightlifter.

Any additional Info?: I can’t explain this sighting. I am dumbfounded.

Follow-Up: 1-6-13

Larry stated he often stays up late most nights. While sitting in a chair at his mother’s house late one evening he had dosed off watching TV. After he woke and decided that he better head to bed, he glanced out the glass sliding doors and watched a big, black, shadowy figure run across the backyard. It had a hairy silhouette. “It was very robust and ran upright, with big arms, but longer than a human’s. The arms hung lower than a human’s and swung, but not dramatically”, he exclaimed. Larry then added, “It was bipedal so it definitely had to be either a man or bigfoot, and this was much too robust to be a man. It was solid black and uniform in color, thus no pants or jacket were discernible. Working as a police officer, I've had plenty of experience observing criminals run. This was no man.” No facial features, nor muscular definition were noticed as "this thing was very quick!" Larry estimates its height at 6-7 foot tall. He also estimates it was approximately 40 feet from the house. When asked if he searched for footprints the next day, Larry said he did, but only noticed some scattered leaves. The neighbor’s dogs barked frantically the next night around 3:00am. Larry is a 47 year old, former police officer with whom I found to be very credible and sincere.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Crab Orchard, KY - 2001

Deer Hunter witnesses 8 ft. tall BF engaged in the act of throwing a stick up into a tree. Upon seeing the hunter it then took off, sometimes running on two legs, sometimes on all four.

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