Friend Not Foe

Witness: James (last name on file)

County: Logan

Location: Private property.

Date: Fall 2009

Time: Just after dusk.


The witness called this morning (6-5-2019) after hearing Don Neal and Don Adkins (fellow researchers) on a local radio station mention Bigfoot reports in the area. James, the witness, is 80 years old. He began the conversation by explaining to me that there have been dozens of sightings by other witnesses in the area over the years.

His encounter happened one evening while James was tending to his strawberry patch in his backyard. He “felt” someone standing in the shadows on the other side of the fence so he called out to it, “It’s Ok, you can come closer if you want? I won’t hurt you.” After calling out to it a few times in a peaceful voice, James laid down his rake, thinking the rake may have been scaring it. The creature then stepped over the fence and slowly walked out of the shadows. It stood only about ten feet in front of James. James is 6 foot tall and the ground sloped down to the creature. “We stood eye-eye, so I’d say it was about 9 foot tall,” explained James. It was VERY muscular with grey hair. It had a conical shaped head, with long hair on the sides and the hair almost looks cut across the brow ridge. It was large, slightly slanted eyes, solid black with a red shine to them at times from the light (a security light behind James, on the house). The nose was wide, hooded and flat. It had a large mouth with thick lips. The skin sorta matched the hair in color. “It looked more human, than ape,” explained James. It never made a sound or movement, however it did stink, like rotting flesh. James does not remember the sex of the creature when asked, because he remembered it as too hairy. After about a minute of staring at each other, James turned and walked back up to the house. He looked back and the creature was walking away, towards the back of the greenhouse on his property. A few minutes later James laid some potatoes from his garden on the back rail of his porch. He checked them before he went to bed and they were gone.

One of the encounters James mentioned occurred about 45 years ago. A man was laying in his bed one evening and saw a Bigfoot face look in his window, so he shot it with a double barrel shotgun. There was blood all over his porch. The following night, something randsacked his walkout basement (another possible Bigfoot)?

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Terry Thomas' sketch directed by the witness.



Hunter's Close Encounter

Witness: Phillip (full name on file)

County: Logan

City: Near Russellville

Date: Oct 1973

Time: Just after dark.


I met the witness in person on July 24, 2018. He was very sincere, intelligent and credible in my opinion. After listening to his encounter, he presented me with a map of his sighting.

The witness was 31 years old at the time. It was a calm, clear evening with a full moon. He was in his tree stand when a fox ran directly under his stand. Soon after the fox, Phillip climbed down from his stand and quietly walked through woods. He wanted to check a nearby soybean field for deer. As he slowly and carefully emerged from the treeline into the field, to his immediate right at only 10-12 yards was an 8 foot massive, hairy creature. It was covered with medium-length black hair, wide shoulders and long arms. Phillip could see the moonlight between its arms and body, also between its legs. Unfortunately he could not see details of the face due to the position of the moon. The head was more round at the top, with no neck. The creature did not move and didn't make a sound. Without hesitation Phillip calmly walked straight across the field to his jeep which was about 100-150 yards away. He said he did not feel nervous, nor threaten by the creature, just an innate instinct perhaps to leave immediately and walk at a normal pace away from the area. On another occasion, in the woods located at the bottom of the map, Phillips discovered huge, human-shaped feces with hair. Some of the feces were old and dry, but when he found a wet, fresh pile, he felt nervous and left immediately.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Map sketched by witness. Click to enlarge.


"The Critter"

Witness: Lyle (full name on file)

County: Logan

City: Lewisburg (Hollow Bell)

Date: July 1991

Time: Between 8:30 and 9:30pm


On February 2, 2016 the witness was interviewed over the phone. Lyle is 64 years old and a retired nurse. I found him highly credible.

Lyle’s father was visiting from Ohio and they went out to dinner. They returned home about an hour after dark, around 8:30pm. As they pulled into the driveway and exited the vehicle, they heard an extremely loud reverberating “shriek." Initially the unnerving shriek sounded like it was coming from every direction. The witnesses’ property was in a hollow surrounded by knobs. When the vocalization occurred for the second time, they could tell it was coming from the back of the property.

Lyle’s father suggested they hurry inside the house. Lyle grabbed a shotgun and flashlight and went to the backyard to confront whatever or whoever made the sound. At one point he thought it might be a person playing a prank on them. He wanted to confront them if that was the case. He slowly and quietly crept up the hill behind his house without turning his flashlight on. As he entered the forest he heard a twig snap in front of him! When he flicked on his flashlight and pointed it in the direction of the twig snap, a very large upright creature ran off through the woods. It was about 40 feet away from him, covered in black or dark hair and “it was definitely not a bear or a person,” explained Lyle. It was running away on two legs without any doubt. Lyle only saw the back of it for a few seconds. It could be heard breaking branches as it retreated deeper into the forest. He does remember the horrible smell that it left, it was indescribable. Being a retired nurse, he had dressed many wounds and encountered discussing smells, but nothing compared to this stench. It had a unique order all of its own. “It’s hard to put a finger on the exact smell. A skunk smells good compared to this,” recalled Lyle. He did not shoot at it; instead he thought it was best to return to the house. The next morning he went to the location with his shotgun. The ground was disturbed, but no obvious tracks. He did notice a path of small broken branches about eight feet high.

The witness has agreed to video tape his testimony and submit it. He mention since his encounter, he spoke to an ole timer who mentioned that what he had encountered was “The Critter,” which many locals had nicknamed the creature.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Homeowner Has Possible Bigfoot Encounter

On March 1, 2015 the witness, Nick Bryan, observed a tall, wide silhouette of a creature around 1:30am on his property. The next day he finds a trackway of large 16" footprints which approached his front window. The prints were in a straight line with a 6' stride. Location: Russellville, Kentucky.

Phone Interview:

Your first name: Philip (last name on file)

Which county? Logan

Estimated date? October 1973

Estimated time: 9:00pm, full moon, clear skies

Nearest city: South of Lewisburg, 6 miles West of Russellville

Nearest Road(s):
HWY 178, about a mile off the highway

Philip contacted us after seeing our recent article in the Daily News. He is a 72 year old retired Systems Engineer. On a very clear moonlit evening, Philip had climbed down from his tree stand after a day of bow hunting and headed down a path approximately 25 yards through the woods to a soybean field. As he entered the bean field, at his 3:00 o’clock position, he noticed a dark silhouette of a massive figure. It was only 20 feet from him! Philip pretended like he didn't see it and kept walking at fast pace, all the while keeping his eye on it. The moon was directly behind it so he could not see its face. It had really long arms, very broad shoulders, no neck, a thick build and he could even see its fingers. He said, “It looked like the image on our website except much thicker, like a gorilla with a smaller waist and longer arms.” The head was not pointed like most people describe. Philip is 6 foot tall and he estimated the creature at about a foot taller than himself putting its height at around 7 foot. It made no sounds or movement. When he initially entered the bean field he could see the silhouette clearly due to the moon behind it, however as he walked past and beyond it, then it blended in with the tree line.

Just prior to leaving the tree stand, Philip observed a fox which ran under his tree stand away from the bean field. The next day, Philip returned with a high powered rifle to look for footprints. He did not find any footprints due to the hard ground and a grassy area next to the bean field where it was standing. When I asked him how come he didn't stop when he first saw it, he explained, “it caught me totally off guard and there was nothing I could have done anyway because it was so close. I just kept my eye on it and kept walking at a fast pace across the bean field towards my jeep." To this day it still gives him chills to think about it. He explained to me the whole situation is surreal and it still seems like a dream.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website Submission on 6-9-09

Witnesses: Colby and Hunter (last names on file)

Estimated date? June 8th, 2009

Estimated time? 9:30 to 10:00 pm

What city, or nearest city? Lewisburg

Length of time the encounter lasted: 15 to 20 minutes

How many witnesses? 3

Please describe your encounter:

we seen one of the creatures crouched down behind a telephone pole. We sat there and watched the creature for about 5 minutes. And when we went to leave we turned around and we see a creature behind us. We was running about 30 to 35 mph and it was still up there with us. We have seen this creature a couple of times. And it is not scared of us at all.

Describe the creature with detail:

Tall about 7" ft tall and very wide shoulders. About 450 to 500 pounds. A very distinct odor to the creature. And the creature has a white patch on its chest. Smelt like a rotten animal and a skunk.

Additional Info:
Had rocks thrown at us a couple of times. And we have heard a whistling sound. Every time we have heard the creature or smelt the odor. And he have found something that looks like nest but too big to be anything from around here. and he have found a picture of a hand print on the back of our vehicle.

Lewisburg, KY - 1991

Father and son arrive home at 9pm. to hear loud roars coming from woods on their property. Son grabs shotgun and on entering woods see's a tall, large, hairy animal of some sort running away on two legs, breaking branches off trees to a height of 8 feet.

Russelville, KY - 1972

Bigfoot seen by local deer hunter near Hwy.178. Described as 7 to 8' tall, approx. 500 lbs, short neck with arms that hung nearly to his knees.

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