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WITNESS: Wishes to remain anonymous

DATE: Late Spring, early Fall, of 2018

TIME: Dusk


DESCRIBE ENCOUNTER: Myself and a friend were riding our scooters late one evening on a 2 lane road just inside the LBL area near the town of Eddyville, KY. We did this often, as it was a very beautiful and restful ride through the thick wooded area full of wildlife. I was mostly watching the road straight ahead and watching my friend who was in the lead, when I momentarily noticed a possible huge tree trunk (or something) to my right, straight ahead, just right off the side of the road. Something about this shape seemed oddly out of place, or strange, for some reason I cannot explain, but I did not give it much notice as I wanted to stay focused on the road, and my friend was just in front of me. Just as I passed this “tree trunk” I looked in my rear view mirror and to my surprise, the “tree trunk” stood erect and started walking across the road. It was walking on 2 legs, swinging its long arms, and it literally crossed the entire road in only about 5 long, striding steps. When I say it crossed the “road” I mean it crossed the berm on the side of the road where it had been standing, crossed the entire width of the road, and across the berm on the other side, in only about 5 steps. Seemingly almost an impossible feat, which blew me away.

NOTE: It was not running, or leaping, it was simply walking in unbelievably long strides. I then had to quickly look back ahead of me so I would not wreck my scooter. I wanted to turn around and go right back to the spot, but my fear wouldn’t allow me to.

DESCRIBE THE CREATURE THAT YOU SAW: The creature was at least 7 to 8 foot tall. Very wide shoulders with long swinging arms. It was covered in long blondish/tan/brown hair that looked exactly like the color of a wheat field. I believe this is why I first thought it was a tree trunk on the side of the road. Its color would blend in well in the woods.

RESEARCHER’S FOLLOW-UP NOTES: I spoke to this witness on 2 consecutive days getting all the details and she never wavered in her telling of her encounter. She remembers it like it was yesterday. I completely believe this woman rode her scooter right by a Bigfoot standing still on the side of this road, hoping she would not notice it standing there. This reaction has been recorded in many other reports by many eyewitnesses of a Bigfoot creature standing totally still as if it won’t be seen by the passing driver/hiker/witness.

RESEARCHER’S ADDED NOTES OF INTEREST: I received this report by talking first to this witness’s fiancé who himself had experienced some possible Bigfoot activity. I will add his story here as a bonus to the reader. S.A. lives in Caldwell County, KY just North of Princeton, KY, and works on a farm which has several acres, a huge lake, and much heavily wooded area surrounding the farm/business. When S.A. began working there, he was told about a history of strange sounds, and activities that have gone on around this farm for years. One night in the Summer of 2020 around 10:30 PM he was standing outside on a porch of the farm and heard loud screaming/howls from the woods. Then he heard the sound of something talking, like gibberish, mumbled language from the woods. He called another worker on the farm who was in a separate building and when they answered the phone they said, (I just heard those sounds too) He then called a neighbor’s house right next to the farm and asked the neighbor if they had heard the sounds, the neighbor hung up on him. The next morning he visited the neighbor to ask why she had hung up on him and the elderly woman told him she wanted nothing to do with what was making those sounds. She had heard it before, and had seen the creature before. She described a 9-foot tall broad shouldered creature crossing her property headed towards the Lake on the Farm that S.A. works at. She explained that she was a Christian woman and wanted nothing to do with this “thing.” S.A. explained that the farm once had several Ducks on the huge lake but they began to come up missing one after the other until they were all gone. Blood was found around the banks of the Lake and on one occasion, some huge 16-inch footprints were found in the muddy bank of the lake. S.A. believed this activity to be from a Bigfoot.

-Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator/Researcher

Website Submission on 11-27-07

Your first name: Tristan

Which county? Lyon

Estimated date? November 26 2007

Estimated time? 8:00 am

What city, or nearest city? Grand rivers

Length of time the encounter lasted: about 30 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
My father and I were going hunting at LBL and I had already harvested a deer. So, I figured that I would just stay in the truck; due to harvesting a deer earlier I didn't want to go out in the woods really early. So my dad went into the woods after we ate breakfast and I dozed off. I woke up after about thirty minutes with my stomach hurting. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I looked out the windshield into the graveyard ahead of me and there it was. I thought, "thank god that it's walking away from me". So I lyed back for a couple of minutes in shock of what I just saw. A moment later, I sat up and it was gone. I was pretty glad that it had disappeared.

Describe the creature with detail:
about 6"7 to 7"0 with shaggy hair that was very dark colored like a cross between brown and black. It was also walking partly slowly.

Additional Info:
nothing really accept that it was in the Jenny Ridge Graveyard and think that seems strange.

Website Submission on 8-1-09

Your first name: Brad

Which county? Lyon

Estimated date? July 1999

Estimated time? 10am

What city, or nearest city? Grand Rivers

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
I went to the edge of a small bay on Lake Barkley (near Davenport Bay) to do some fishing. I cast a lure into the water when movement across the bay caught my eye. I looked up, saw a figure in the bushes stand up, and run up the hill. I was familiar with every animal native to the LBL and this was something I had never seen before. It ran upright on two legs with the arms swinging at the sides. It ran like a human. I watched as it disappeared over the hill. A minute or so after it disappeared; I realized my lure was still floating on the water. I'd forgotten all about it. I tried to make my way around to the other bank where I had seen the figure but the brush was too thick. Over the rest of the summer I returned to the same spot several times but never saw it again.

Describe the creature with detail:
I would estimate it stood only about 6 ft. It was covered from head to foot with brown fur. There was short hair on the head. The fur didn't look shaggy or unkempt, it looked smooth and shiny. I could see the muscles moving under the fur. I didn't see the face, I only saw the backside. What was the strangest of all was that it had what can only be described as an hourglass figure. The legs and arms were long, but not overly muscular. This leads me to believe that it may have been a young female.

Website Submission on 5-31-06

Your first name: Tracey

Which county? Lyon

Estimated date? late 70's - 81

Estimated time? daylight

What city, or nearest city? Grand Rivers

Length of time the encounter lasted:
15 seconds

How many witnesses? 4 people

Please describe your encounter: Me, my cousin, and two girls were riding bikes on the hillman ferry campground bike trails. we stopped at a rest site where there was a bench or two cut out in the woods beside the paved trail. shortly afterwards there was a huge crashing sound on the ground about 15-20 feet away in the blinding thicket! everyone jumped like the world was ending,got on our bikes and raced around the corner over the creek bridge,i stopped,they kept going. I turned around and slowly rode back over the bridge,around the corner,and sadly, i could not see anything. i will never forget the sound. may sound stupid, but to me it sounded like a car being dropped to the ground ! maybe they will see this and want to tell their side.

Describe the creature with detail:
didn't see it, sorry

Additional Info: Loudest sound out of thin air ive ever heard. maybe the other three smelled something, i dont recall. i could drive after 1981,therefore i didn't take a bike camping anymore.

Follow Up Report: Witness states that the encounter was close to the campground, HILLMAN FERRY, which as a short distance after you cross the KY dam going East. Witness states the story by Miss Thompson prompted her to submit her encounter. She states that her grandparents took her and her cousin camping there 2-3 times a year. Witness states that if the drawings of the Beast of LBL are correctly depicted , that she is sure GLAD she didn't see it, as she likes being able to sleep at night! She mentions that the woods there are terrifying at night, and that you could not stay in your skin if you turned the flashlight off on a trail. If the 3 other witnesses happen to read this, we encourage you to submit a report also, as it would help validate this encounter.

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