Website Submission on 5-25-06

Your first name: Clyde

Which county? Martin

Estimated date?
May 24, 2006

Estimated time? 3:00 am

What city, or nearest city?

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 minutes

How many witnesses? 4

Please describe your encounter: Me and a few of my male companions were gathered around a campfire..One of my friends had passed out due to drinking and we had carried him inside of the tent..several hours later we heard groaning sounds coming from the direction of the tent. We thought nothing of it. Little did we know, Something had been watching us. The groaning went on for hours until we finally checked our drunk friend. He was silent and the groaning continued. I peered behind the tent in the direction I thought the sounds were coming from, and there it was about 15 feet from us appeared an ape like creature sleeping, It was rolling around as if it were trying to find a spot to get comfortable. I was quiet for several minutes and then I called to one of my friends to check this out. He came to see what the fuss was about and when he saw the ape like creature he screamed in fear. The creature raised its head, looking startled. It rose from the ground it appeared to be about 7 or 8 feet tall. It took off hastily.

Describe the creature with detail:
Some where between 7 and 8 feet tall, Brownish hair that appeared to be about 2 to 3 inches thick around its body. I couldn't see very much in detail. These are the only facts I can give from what I've seen.

Additional Info: A mildly woodland area, behind the 4-wheeler trails, on a hill behind my house.

Website Submission on 5/25/06

Your first name: Lon

Which county?

Estimated date?

Estimated time? 2 am

What city, or nearest city? Lovely

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 minutes

How many witnesses? 15

Please describe your encounter: We was camping up on top of a hill and we heard something crack behind us in some dark trees and some of us went to see what it was we heard. As we got closer to the tree area we smelled a horrible stench and then a loud noise. like a growl or a scream but nothing like a animal or a human. then when we made it throw the trees we seen a large harry creature stand upright looking at us. IT looked at us for a few minutes and then it took off running. I took off after it with a loaded pistol and i had planes on shouting it but then it was gone. I stood and listened for it. then small rocks and brush was being throw at me from at a ledge above me. i shot 3 shots at it and it stopped then i turned back and went back to the camp and the smell was gone we all left when i got back to the camp and went to my house for the night.

Describe the creature with detail:
eyes- piercing red eyes
mouth- large teeth
legs-stood upright
body- very hairy and dark
8 to 9 feet tall

Additional Info: on top of buck creek mountain, loud screaming noises, tree branches breaking



Martin County - Pilgrim, KY - 1950's

8' tall hairy beast with red eyes seen by Baptist minister and wife. It walked over and sat down on a tree stump and watched the two view it through kitchen window until dusk. Sighting distance:75-150 yards. Witnesses convinced it was no bear or man.

Martin County - close to Pilgrim, KY - late 1980's

Two witnesses claimed to be chased by an 8' tall, hairy, red-eyed monster while returning from a fishing outing late one night. As the creature gained on them one of the youths dropped his stringer of fish which saved them as the beast stopped to eat, allowing them time to reach the nearest neighbor's house. The boys and the neighbor witness the creature walking around house all night. The next morning the neighbor's dog was found mutilated, dismembered and partially eaten. Tracks found said to look human-barefoot and extremely big.