Reports for Mason County, KY

Witness: Jody Haywood

Date: Summer 2006

Time: Approximately 4pm

City: Maysville, KY

Road: US 62

Describe your encounter: “My cousin Melissa and I were driving down US 62 from Maysville to Mayslick, there’s an S curve around 2 miles from the US 62 and 68 intersection. After going around the first curve into a short stretch we saw, what I’m positive was a bigfoot cross the road in front of us. When we got down to the curve where he crossed, he was nowhere to be seen.”

How long did the sighting last? “Only a few seconds, long enough for him to cross the road.”

How far was the bigfoot from the car? “50-75 yards”

Describe its body: “It was tall, as tall as a sign. Dark brown/black in color. He walked kinda like a human with a slight slouch in its shoulders. It was bulky, but that could have been fluff from the hair. I guess it was at least 7.5 to 8 foot tall. It took 3 to 4 strides to cross the road. It walked at a leisurely pace, not fast, not slow. It didn't seem to notice the car at all."

What emotions, feelings or reactions did you have? “Fear at first. I immediately rolled up the windows and locked the doors for at least some sort of protection as we passed where he crossed. After the encounter I felt intrigued, wanted to learn more and maybe see one again, from a distance.”

Sketch drawn by the witness, Jody Haywood

- Terry Thomas, KBRO Investigator

Website submission on 1-19-07

Your first name: Jeremiah

Which county? Mason

Estimated date? late 2002 and early 2003

Estimated time? 11:00PM

What city, or nearest city? Maysville

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 minutes and 1-2 minutes

How many witnesses? 4 other excluding me and 2

The first encounter:
"I had left my house around 10:30PM To go pick up a friend from his house in Germantown. I was traveling north with three other friends in the vehicle on Clyde T. Barbour Highway. I had turned left onto KY 435 and drove to my friends house in Germantown. I picked him up and decided to go the same way that I had went to pick him up. There was three people in the backseat and someone in the front of my car. We had turned the car around a right turn traveling at around 20 mph. As i turned the corner there is a 2 story farmhouse on my right and on the same side about 30 feet to the side of the house was a very small garden with tall weeds on the side of the road. On the other side is a drop anywhere from 10-15 feet. As I drove I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a large dog on the side of the road, so I slowed the car to let it run across the road without me hitting it. I turned on my brights to scare it from it's position as I slowed to around 5 to 8 mph. It moved slightly as someone in the backseat had asked "What is that?", I then replied "I think it might be a dog...". the eyes glowed red from the high-beams and moved a little to it's right. This so-called dog had a blackish fur on the shoulder area. As I pulled closer I stoped the car put it in reverse and turned the car to face the animal. My lights now fully caught the animal still hiding in the weeds which were around 3 feet in hieght. I pushed the horn and it stood on two legs at a height of around 6 to 7 feet tall. All of my friends then started screaming questions asking "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?". As everone in the car was screaming I had already put the car into drive and pealed the tires to get away. One of my friends then turned in his seat looking through the back window as I looked through the rear-view mirror seeing in the moonlight this animal run into the field towards the forest."

The second encounter: "The second encounter was on Clyde T. Barbour Highway going Southbound towards home. Me and my brother were making our way home from Aberdeen Ohio. I was driving and it was a clear night with the moon out bright, I was driving around 55-60 mph up the highway hill. I had just passed KY 435 and the same spot from the last encounter when I scanned the highway in a daze and looked up at the hill where they had used dynomite when they were building the highway to blow the hillside out for the pavement. I looked at the hillside at the limestone and caught a glimps of a rather tall animal with blackish fur running with my car. I pointed at the beast which apparently been running on two legs and asked my brother "What is that?" as we moved on still watching the animal it jumped from the hill and landed in some trees and dissapeared."

Describe the creature with detail: "Tall around 6 1/2 - 7 feet. It stood and walked/ran on two legs with arms reaching it's pelvis. Black fur and red eyes in bright headlights. Large body possibly 3 1/2 feet wide, with stringy hair longer on the shoulders that looked like it was wet."

Additional Info: "I heard nothing from the car engine and the radio and my friends talking."

Follow-up Report: Waiting for a response from the witness.

Mason County - Mayslick, KY 1980

Chicago Sun Times -10-12-80 reports another door shaker alarms the Fulton family in the middle of the night. Upon looking outside Mr. Fulton is staggered to see a 7' tall creature covered in long white hair looking back at him with glowing pink colored eyes. Fulton fired upon it twice as it made its escape, but to no effect. He described it as weighing about 400lbs and having long hair about its head which resembled a horse's mane.

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