School Bus Driver Sighting

Witness: Steve (last name on file)

Date: 10/1/2006

Time: 6:00 AM

City: Pine Knot, KY

County: McCreary

Describe your encounter:

“I was traveling north on State Rt. 1373 3C Loop Rd. off State Route 92 at the border of McCreary and Whitley Counties. I was a school bus driver at the time and was heading to my first pickup at approximately 6 a.m. This is a very rural area located in the Daniel Boone National Forest. The road is two lane, narrow and winding. Being in late Fall, it was still dark outside. As I rounded a curve I noticed my headlights hit an object on the side of the road, thinking it may be a deer or large dog I slowed down quickly. But what I saw was no animal I’ve ever seen before. I stopped the bus so the headlights were straight on the animal that was crouched down where the white line is on the edge of the road, it seemed to be looking at something on the road, possibly road kill or even nuts fallen from a tree. But to my horror it immediately stood up on two legs like a human and looked directly in my direction for a split second, it had a grayish brown fur covering its entire body. I saw a reflection of its eyes, like a dog’s eyes, greenish yellow reflection. Its face was covered in hair as well but it turned away from me so quickly I couldn’t see very much detail, except for the eyeshine and thick hair cover. In one quick motion it spun around and turned back towards the woods on the side closest to it, then it took off running on two legs into the clearing and up an old logging road. I would estimate its height at about 7 foot, and very large stature, wide at the chest.

I attribute the animal not hearing me approach to be driving a transit style bus at this time that has a rear engine design, which is very hard to hear until it passes, since all the engine noise is directed out the rear. I had never had any real interest in Bigfoot prior to this incident, but after seeing it with my own eyes, it really changes you. What I saw was real.”

Follow-up: 1-3-2018

I spoke with Steve over the phone. He was calm and matter-of-fact. I found him to be highly credible, very intelligent and sincere. He was not a Bigfoot believer before his encounter, but is now. The Bigfoot was approximately 25 yds in the headlights, in front of the stopped school bus. As the bus came to a complete stop, it looked towards the bus for a split second, then stood up and spun around. When asked what do you remember the most, Steve said, “Its size. It was huge. It had very broad shoulders and long arms.” Intially when it was crouched, its hands were down by the edge of the road as if it was grabbing something. I asked, “Did you see any road kill or what it was grabbing?” He said, “No, I was just focused on the creature.” It had no muzzle, a flatter face all covered with hair. He never embellished his testimony. When asked about the details of the face, he did not recall seeing any specific details, nor the size or spacing of the eyes. It turned away very quickly. The head shape was a little smaller in proportion to its immense body and reminded him of how a gorilla’s head is proportionate to its body. The hair was maybe 3 inches long all over the body. “It stood up and spun around so very quick. Then with only a few very fast, long strides it was off the road.” Steve has told people over the years, but not many people believe him.

The first student he picked up lived just down the road, a girl in middle school. He told her what he just witnessed and to his surprise she said, “We see it all the time.”

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator


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