Bigfoot Road Crossing

Witness: Anonymous (full name on file)

Date: 2-1-2021

Time: 2:00PM

City: Sacramento, KY

Road: Hwy 85

Please describe your encounter:

“I was driving from Sacramento headed South-East towards the Anton area. It was a clear and sunny day. About 2 or 3 miles out of Sacramento I saw what I first thought was a tall man standing in the grass along the side of the road on my passenger side. My initial thought was it could have been someone that walked to their mailbox and was getting their mail. As I got closer, the “person” started walking across the road (going from right to left) and I immediately knew from its walk, its posture and its size that it was certainly not a person. It moved very oddly, its posture and walk seemed like it had a purpose, like it was determined to get across that road. I sped up to get closer as quickly as possible and the creature seemed to speed up in its walk as if to get away from the road ASAP. It was so tall, and very buff, very muscular, not overly large in body, but very fit. I noticed the top of its leg area was so huge, but the thing that caught my attention the most was its very huge head. It was very large. It was not conical in shape, but it had a rounded or curved top towards the back of its head. When I reached the exact spot where it had crossed I slowed down and looked for it, but could not see it. This spot has several trees, bushes and tall grass. I was amazed that it had already gone out of sight."

Sketch by Terry Thomas

Describe the creature in detail:

“Very tall. All one solid dark color. My impression was that it was solid dark brown. It was not as huge bodied as most pictures of Bigfoot I have now seen since my sighting, but it was more buff, muscular and it appeared to be a very fit individual. The tops of its legs were very large and bulky. Its huge head amazed me and stood out the most to me. The top back of its head was rounded, but not completely conical in shape. Its purposeful walk was impressive and very noticeable and immediately ruled out it being a human.

Follow-Up: 2-8-2021

This young lady who witnessed this creature is 23 years old. She was NOT a believer in Bigfoot. She was driving to a destination and saw a figure standing along the side of the road up ahead. She first thought it may have been someone who had walked to their mailbox to retrieve their mail. There was no other reason for someone to be standing in that spot. The road is a long levee with fields and woods on either side (I know this area very well as it is only about 2 to 3 miles from my home). As the creature began to walk across the road from her right to her left (North to South) she knew immediately it was not a human. Its walk, posture and speed clearly gave the impression of something out of the norm. Then as she got closer its size and body proportions gave it away as a possible Bigfoot that her dad talked about to her very often (he is a believer). She sped up and raced to the exact crossing spot then slowed down to a crawl. She looked in the direction it had traveled, but to her amazement it was gone. She seemed shocked it was gone so quickly. This exact spot has several tall trees and bushes, but more importantly the grass is really high here, so it is very possible the creature simply laid down in the grass to wait for the vehicle to pass by? Just a thought.

I had a long phone conversation with this young lady and her dad. After I listened to her retell the incident in a very clear, precise description, without any changes in her story, even after I asked many questions in different ways, I got the exact same answers. I am very convinced that this young lady came upon a Bigfoot crossing the road and she had quite an unusual experience. She is now a believer beyond a doubt.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator


Bigfoot Watches Young Girl Eating Cereal

Witness: K.B. (full name on file)

Date: 1975

Time: 7:00PM

City: Livermore, KY

Nearest Road(s): Richland Road

Length of time the encounter lasted: About 5 minutes.

Please describe your encounter:

"I lived in a small tan trailer in Livermore, Kentucky back about 1975 or 1976. I remember plainly. It was just after dusk, because I was having a bedtime snack of a bowl of cereal at the kitchen table. Now our kitchen windows were 3 large windows facing out over the front yard and then towards the street. But these windows were about 7 feet off the ground as the trailer was up on cinder blocks. I was sitting in the kitchen chair and my mom was behind me doing dishes. I happened to look up because I felt that feeling on the back of my neck, like I was being watched. There it was…a big, round, reddish fur-covered face, with a portion of the chest and shoulders showing. It looked a little bit like a gorilla but more like a man. Being a kid of course, I just stared at it, scared and possibly in shock because I don't know why I didn't scream for my mama, but I didn't. I firmly stand by my story sir. I just don't know what it could have been!"

Describe the creature with detail:

"Its head was huge and round shaped, but not completely round like a circle. It had a reddish brown hair all over its body (that showed in the window) and all over its face. Its mouth was closed the whole time. It had a wide human nose, but its forehead area made me think of a gorilla. Its eyes did not shine or reflect any light. They looked brown colored."

Additional info: "At this same time there was an outbreak of sightings and reports from all around our area, but especially in the Owensboro area."

Follow-Up: 6-18-2017

She was around 7 years old. It had just gotten dark outside. It was lit up enough from the kitchen light shining out the window. The creature's mouth stayed closed the entire time. She explained, "The face was human-like, but the forehead is what made me think gorilla. It had a large brow ridge over the eyes and the forehead looked like wrinkled skin, or folds. The forehead was long." She said that for the 5 minutes she just sat and ate her cereal, staring at the creature. She is not sure why she didn't scream or tell her mom who was standing behind her washing the dishes with her back to the window. She told me she is still puzzled today as to why she didn't have more of a reaction to it back then. In fact she did tell me that she would NOT be so calm today if she saw the same thing again. After what she guessed was 5 minutes, she looked up once from taking a bite of her cereal and it was gone. She told her mom then that there had been a monster at the window and her mom said, "That's nice," and chuckled.

This report to me came with many surprises. My niece contacted me that a lady she knew in Owensboro had related to her a story of a Bigfoot that she had seen as a child. My niece immediately asked the lady if I (her uncle) could contact her and do this report. The lady was so relieved that someone finally believed her that she readily agreed to talk to me.
Upon contacting this witness and after talking for several moments we both realized that we had met each other back in the early 70s, or at least we had known and met each other’s family members. As she gave me information I knew her dad and brother. It was a pleasant surprise. This also meant that I had been in this exact home back then also.

Of course the area of her sighting has changed since back in 1975, so I did not feel the need to go to the location to do any investigating. I drive by this area many times weekly or monthly since it is only about 8 miles from my home and I have family living on this very street today. Although this area is still rural and has woods all around, it was even more so back in the 70s. There was a great deal of excitement during that time of several Bigfoot sightings from the Owensboro area, especially in the Ben Hawes State Park area, and another place called Bon Harbor Hills. There were also sightings in other parts of Daviess county and McLean county (where this report took place)

The witness told me several times that she was telling me the absolute truth and would firmly stand by what she saw. She would never change her story because as she said, "I saw what I saw, and I know it was real."

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator

Two Encounters From Two Generations

Your first name: M.A. (full name on file)

Estimated dates: 1st report was 1998; 2nd report was 2000.

Estimated times: 1st report was late evening just before dark; 2nd report was midnight.

Nearest cities? Livermore and Island

Nearest road: Hwy 431

Length of time encounters happened: 1st report was about 20 minutes; 2nd report was about 10 seconds.

How many witnesses? Separate witness each time.

The encounters:

Story relayed to researcher from adult daughter of man who had sighting and is since deceased. This is Part 1:

An elderly man went fishing just outside of Livermore, KY on the Ohio/Mclean County line. It was late evening just getting dark. As soon as he sat down to start fishing he kept hearing a rustling/moving sound from the nearby wood line. Since the sound was soft he figured it was a rabbit or other small game animal.

After about 5 minutes of constantly hearing this movement the elderly man was overcome by a wretched stinking smell that almost made him sick. He looked at the wood line and saw a pair of huge Glowing/Shining eyes not barely 30 feet away. The man was frozen with fear because this “thing” was enormous. The creature was crouched or bent over and hiding behind a nearby tree and peeking around the tree at the man.

Even though it was getting dark the man could see the creature was black and covered in hair. He saw 2 long arms covered in hair. Even though the man was afraid he was also struck with amazement at 2 things: 1) At how stealthy this huge creature was to be that close and yet almost undetectable had the old man not been raised in the country and used to the sounds of the woods. 2) He noticed the creature was slowly creeping backwards, trying to get away from the man, as if “it” was as afraid of him as he was of “it.” The creature would sneak back a few feet and hide behind another tree, and peek around the tree at the old man. After the creature had got about 50 yards away it then suddenly stood upright. It was at least 8 feet tall. It turned and ran away into the thicker. Deeper woods at that location.

After the adult daughter finished the story, her daughter who was present also added this report of a sighting she had at the grandfather’s house a few years later. This is Part 2:

Years later in 2000 this same elderly man’s 14 year old grand-daughter was staying the night at her grandparent’s trailer and had been walking with friends in the small town of Island, KY as there was little else to do but walk around town. As she was coming home around midnight she rounded the corner of the trailer to enter the back door and almost ran face first into a tall upright massive creature standing there in the dark. She froze in terror and could see the silhouette of a tall and very huge figure standing there silently just feet away. This figure was taller than any man she had ever seen. She could not move. Then after about 10 seconds the creature turned and ran off towards the nearby woods and began making a loud, screaming yell that was almost deafening until it was into the woods. The girl tore through the door of the trailer and was scared for her life. She says she will NEVER forget that experience.

Describe the creature with detail:

Report #1: Elderly man saw a huge dark “black” creature with long arms that hung really low to the ground. It moved in a crouched position until about 50 yards away then stood up at about 8 feet tall. Had big glowing eyes set far apart. Creature emitted an ungodly rancid smell that would make a person sick. Report #2: Only saw a silhouette of a very tall and wide frame standing within 3 feet of her in total darkness.

Additional info: Elderly man has since passed away. He told this story the same for many years until his dying day and never changed it in the least. Even though his friends and family laughed at him, he never changed his telling of the incident. I see the granddaughter (who is approximately 30 years old) almost weekly as she works at a local business less than a mile from my home.

Investigator’s comments:

I have known this family for many years, although not closely, but as passing acquaintances because we live in the same county. I never knew the grandfather had such a sighting or I would have ask him about it personally. He was an honest man. He stuck to his story until he passed away. Both the elderly man’s incident and the granddaughters, both happened within less than 4 miles of each other, and both happened within a 6 mile radius of where I have received and investigated 7 Bigfoot reports in the last 5 years. Stories that span over the last 40 years. This area is a Bigfoot hotspot and is known to other researchers as an active area. This area has thick, uncut timberland overflowing with wildlife, and is bordered by the Green River and the Rough River.

I absolutely believe this families story and they related it to me with sincerity and the granddaughter showed signs of trauma as she relived her incident from 2000.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator

Bike Rider Has Encounter

Your first name: Sandra (last name on file)

Estimated date? Spring 1982

Estimated time? Late Evening

Nearest city? Buttonsberry, KY

Nearest road: Hwy 85

Length of time the encounter lasted: About 5 minutes.

How many witnesses? One

Please describe your encounter:

"I was a young girl out riding my bike on the road I lived on. As I got to a certain spot something caught my attention out of my peripheral vision on a hillside above where I was riding. I stopped my bike by putting my feet on the ground but I was still on my bike, straddling the seat and holding the handlebars. There is a big hillside with some steep rocky cliffs and some huge rocks jutting out from the face of the hill. Standing on the top of one of these huge rocks near the top was this "creature". I stopped riding my bike and froze in place as I watched this thing. I have tried to estimate that I was somewhere between 75 to 100 yards from this creature. It was big and was a blackish brown color. I first thought it was some man up there (but I wondered why he was there and how he got up there) until I saw it move. It made this huge long step forward which brought it right at the edge of the big rock it was standing on (for a moment I thought it was going to jump off). That long step made me realize this was no man at all. That step was unbelievably long. I was frozen in both amazement and fear as I watched it. The next thing my young mind was puzzled about was how freakishly long its arms were. I mean its arms were extremely long and its hands had to be way below the knees. This was imprinted in my mind to this day. The next thing I noticed was that this thing was looking at me and I was staring at it. No I couldn't see its facial features but I could tell it was facing me, and it knew I was there looking at it. Somewhere about this time of us staring at each other, I came to my senses and became aware that I needed to run away fast. I jumped up on my bike and rode fast as I could to my house."

Describe the creature with detail:

"Look, you can believe me or not but I'm telling you this thing looked 10 feet tall, and yes I am considering the distance I was away from it but that is what makes me state that height, because even at that long distance, this thing was tall. It was a blackish brown color and the hair all over its body was long and hanging off its arms. I could not make out any facial features but this thing had a human like shape to its shoulders and head area but much larger. "

Any additional Info?

"Yes. I told people about this when it happened, especially my family, but they laughed at me so I stopped telling it much. I did not (would not) ride my bike down that road for over a year after this incident. I was too frightened at the thought of it being there again. Then I began to hear of other stories of my friends and other locals seeing this creature. I have shared with your researcher some of these stories. One group of men saw it at their work site and they were afraid to take the road to get back to their work site. I have a very interesting story of some of my friends having this creature throw its arm over their passing vehicle and causing damage to that vehicle. Today I am an avid believer of Bigfoot and there are still incidents in my area all these years later. Just a few months ago as I was going out to my car late at night I heard some long weird howls coming from the area behind my house (I still live in the immediate area of my younger sighting) I grabbed 2 pieces of wood and tried a loud wood knock and waited for several minutes, but no return knock and the howling stopped. I AM A BELIEVER."

Follow-Up: 3-13-15

I spoke to this witness both over the phone and In person. This lady is a very well spoken person and is extremely interested in Bigfoot since her sighting years ago. She has a vivid memory of her sighting and relayed this story to me both by phone and in person and not one small point was ever changed in Her telling of it. She even got excited during the sharing of her story and it was plain to tell that it still affects her to this day. She also has some other Bigfoot related tales that involve her friends and neighbors from this same community who have had incidents over the last several years. Some of the very witnesses she named are people that I know personally. I hope to do some follow up with them if possible concerning their incidents. This witness now lives lass than 1/2 mile from the location of her sighting as a youth. This area is a well known Bigfoot hotspot which I have obtained 5 different Bigfoot related events over the last 6 years period.

Special Note: This Investigator (Don Neal) has a "Flir Thermal" video on YouTube of some type of creature that kept sticking its head up and down at a big brush pile out in a field at 2:00 am in the morning while I was doing a follow up on another Bigfoot sighting, at the same time I had movement and sounds (whoops and whistles) coming from the woods at my back as I was filming the Thermal hit in front of me. Those woods are the same woods that run behind this ladies house and to the location of her sighting mentioned here. ALSO, I turned in another report from this exact same location just last Summer (2014) of 3 teens who walked up on a tall hairy creature standing in the wood line at 2:00 am in the morning as they were walking home. YES, these are the same exact woods and at almost the same location of this ladies younger sighting. Within 500 yards to be exact. Awesome coincidence.

I believe this woman saw a Bigfoot in this known Bigfoot location where there are sightings going back some 50 years. This researcher's family is from this exact area and I know it very well.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator

Bigfoot Seen Picking Apples!

Your first name: Joshua (last name on file)

Estimated date:
Fall 1978

Estimated time: Early morning…..maybe 6 or 7ish.

Nearest city: Livermore, KY

Nearest road: Hwy 136

Length of time the encounter lasted: A minute or so, both times.

How many witnesses? Only me. Family members saw footprints in the plowed fields.

Please describe your encounter:

“My family lived in a small farm house on the McLean/Ohio county line near a small river which flows through both counties. We had several apple trees in our back yard. One morning in 1978 when I was around 6 years old I woke up to go eat breakfast Mom was fixing in the kitchen. As I got up from bed I looked out the window and not 40 feet away standing at one of our apple trees was this creature.

It was eating an apple in one hand but the other arm was folded up near its chest and it had some apples in the fold of its arm as if it had gathered them up to carry off when it was going to leave. It looked straight at me and seemed both surprised and alarmed, as if it had been caught. I remember it looking at me, then back at the apple tree, then back at me, as if it was wondering what to do, or whether to get more apples before it left.

I ran screaming into the kitchen telling my Momma that I just saw the “Boogieman” (I did not know what a Bigfoot was back then). Mom rushed to my bedroom window but it was gone and she got onto me for scaring my little sister with such a tale. The very next morning I woke up and looked out the window to see if it was there again and it was! Not at the same apple tree, but one a little further away from the house. Same creature. I again ran to the kitchen where my Mom was cooking breakfast and repeated my words from the day before. Mom scolded me for scaring my sister again and that was that.

We lived in this house for another year or so and I never saw this creature ever again. I had never seen it before this incident either.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“It was 5 or 6 feet tall and very muscular. No body fat. Although it was standing on 2 legs (bipedal) it was also stooped over in its back, or crouched forward (like an elderly woman stands that has a bad back). Its hair/fur was dark colored with a reddish hue to it, and covered its entire body except for the face and the palms of its hands that I saw holding the apple. Its facial skin was a brownish red color and was not shiny.

Any additional Info? “Yes. There are some things I found just as weird as seeing the creature itself:

#1…...the weird thing that I remember so well that even though I saw this creature in the early morning with some daylight, I still saw its eyes almost like they were glowing, or like a deer’s eyes reflect light. It was an eerie red glow/glint. I will never forget that.

#2……upon seeing the creature for the first time and even though I was only 6 years old, I was overwhelmed immediately by a gripping fear and shock. I felt complete terror. I felt the feeling some call fight or flight. I am still amazed how much that feeling overtook me, instantly.

Before and after my sighting of the creature our family had noticed strange, huge footprints in the plowed field on the farm surrounding our home-place many times. No one mentioned it much.”

Follow Up Report: 10-27-14

This report has totally blown me away simply because of the fact that for the last 8 years I have been focused and researching a certain area in Ohio County where I have gathered 6 to 7 incidents that are Bigfoot related and have been told tales from as far back as when my Father lived and was raised in this area back in the 40's and early 50's. This witness did not know that and yet his family’s home-place described in this report is just 1 mile away from my present research area.

The witness is ex-military and was very precise in his wording and in his relating the story to me in minute detail. During our phone call, his emotions were evident in his voice as he described the creature and looking it right in the face at 40 feet away.

He was greatly relieved to finally get to tell someone other than his immediate family after all these years for fear of ridicule and mockery. He was so appreciative to tell someone that would believe him and understand what he saw.

I believe this witness 100% and I think he experienced the very rare occurrence of seeing a juvenile Bigfoot, not once, but twice.

-- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, KBRO Investigator

Terry Thomas, KBRO investigator and artist, spent over an hour talking to the witness over the phone getting the details of this sketch as close as possible, even much longer drawing multiple versions before the witness verified the final sketch. The witness said, "it looked like Eddie Munster from the Adams Family, meaning it had a widow's peak hairline and a thin nose rather than a wide nose." We have heard this description before regarding juvenile Sasquatches.


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