Reports for Meade County, KY

Website Submission 5-1-14

Your first name: Kevin (last name on file)

Estimated date? December 24, 2013

Estimated time? 10-10:30 pm

Nearest city? Brandenburg

Nearest Road(s): Buck Grove Rd (address on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 6-7 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

'It was Christmas Eve and my fiancé, her mom, and I were in the kitchen making Christmas cookies. I had left the cigarettes in the car earlier that night and wanted one, so I went out to the car to grab them real quick. I opened the car door and leaned in to grab the cigarettes, and heard something (sounded like heavy footsteps). I stood back up and looked toward the neighbors house, I seen this very large, hairy man-like creature walking toward the woods at the back of the properties. It was probably no more than 15-20 ft from me when I first looked up. It never turned back to look at me, it just kept going. The direction that it was going it more than likely had walked right past the car and the driveway when I was bent over in the car. I was so shocked I just stood there and watched. I shut the door as quietly as possible and backed my way to the garage door until it was out of sight and then took off back in the house.'

Describe the creature with detail:

'I’m 6 ft tall and have fairly long legs, every few steps of mine would equal one of this creatures steps. It walked upright and looked to be a good 2-3 ft taller than me. Black (dark) hair covering its entire body, its head looked like a gorillas head in shape. Had arms that looked to be unusually long, almost to its knees. Looked to be very muscular, very broad shoulders. I didn't see the face, its back was to me so I really can’t describe it much more. Hope that the info that I have given you helps.'

Any additional Info?

'We live in Meade County in a small neighborhood, I guess you could call it, with about 15 or 20 modular homes. All of the homes are spaced pretty far apart. The side of the road that our home is on is backed up to a very large cornfield and a big area of woods. There have been many times when our dogs have been outside barking/howling/whining at things, and when we look there doesn't seem to be anything out there. Also, during the fall before all of the corn is cut down and its all grown up, we have noticed large areas of the corn pushed aside... almost like something was walking through making paths.... '

Follow-Up: 5-1-14

I spoke to Kevin over phone. When he leaned in his car and heard the footsteps, I asked him what did they sound like? He said he heard a heavy “thud! thud! thud!” which is significant, because I've heard heavy, bi-pedal footfalls and it’s unmistakable. I asked him about the lighting conditions and Kevin said there’s a security light on a pole next to the driveway, so the lighting was good. He estimates the creature at about 15-20 ft away and only saw it’s back as it retreated into the treeline. I asked if he ever saw its face and he said no. I also asked if he heard it vocalize or was there a smell, he also said no. He never embellished his story. The back of the head looked like a gorilla, slightly conical, thick and appeared to just sit on the shoulders with no noticeable neck. It had rather short, matted hair and the muscles could be seen in the upper back. The shoulders were estimated at 3 foot-plus wide and its arms swung low, almost to its knees. When Kevin ran into the house, he was speechless and his now wife said, “you look as white as a piece of paper!” The next morning he did not look for footprints, as it was Christmas morning and he spent time with his family.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website submission 2-22-12

Your first name: Samuel

Estimated date? Dec. 1985

Estimated time? 2:30am

Nearest city? Guston

Nearest Road(s): (on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3-4 minutes

How many witnesses? Me, my Mom and sister

Please describe your encounter:

December of 1985, our house was maybe the second built on this heavily wooded property in Guston. The property across from our house at the time, was recently bulldozed for a pond. On one cold early morning, my dog started throwing a fit, barking and whining, but for some reason, never leaving the porch. At the time, I was 17 years old . With the dog barking, it being cold as hell and early in the morning, I grabbed my shotgun and went onto the front porch. immediately my dog got behind me and I looked to where he was barking, someone or something walking towards our house, slowly. Full moon and snow on the ground, it was big. I yelled to it and shot around its feet, it tilted his head and walked away, really freaked my family out. I tell this story sometimes but everyone finds it entertaining.

Describe the creature with detail:

Very tall, couldn't tell if it was hairy but it showed no fear. it couldn't of been a man, no way! When he tilted his head after I shot around his feet, i knew it wasnt't a man.

Any additional Info?
At the time, we were a few miles from the main road, and it was in the low teens for temperature.

Follow-Up: 2-23-12

The witness has never have told this story to a reporter or investigator. He estimates its height at about 7 to 8 ft tall. The moon was at the creature's back therefore he saw no eye shine. It walked slow and slightly hunched. It had very broad shoulders and looked like it didn't have a neck. He only shot near him after he yelled at the creature to stop. The creature never flinched or jumped. After the third and final shot, it tilted his head, then slowly turned around and walked back into the woods. The witness didn't think to check for footprints. The witness stressed he only fired warning shots because he was protecting his family.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website submission 11-17-11

Your first name: confidential (on file)

Estimated date? Summer 2005

Estimated time? 10pm

Nearest city? Battletown, KY

Nearest Road(s): 228 (exact location on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5-10 seconds

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

My boyfriend and I were leaving the local ballpark after a fireworks show a couple hours after dark. We turned east on highway 228 as we sat in the car in very slow moving traffic. He was driving and I was in passenger seat when this very tall, covered with hair animal/person walked in front of our car. It walked in between the front of our car and the back of the car in front of us. Our headlights caught it as it emerged from the woods on the side of ballpark, crossed the road into a very large parcel of rough, virgin timber. It crossed in front of us like it was on roller skates--very smooth walk as if it glided. I asked my boyfriend after it was over (we both were speechless and stunned) I said did you see that? He said yeees! Was it covered in hair? He said yeees! Was it walking on 2 legs? He said yeees! Did you see it look me in the eye? He said yeees! Ok, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy--let's get the hell out of here!

Describe the creature with detail:

What struck most was the "human-ish"of the face and the EYES! It looked straight into my eyes, it was that close. It had dark brown eyes and it stood over 7 foot tall, completely covered in dark hair, walking on 2 legs with arms that would swing.

Any additional Info?

It came out on one side of road, crossed it, and went into woods on the other side. It took only 3 steps to cross the 2 lane road. I am in the Law profession and cannot, nor will not be identified do to ridicule of my character. I did find out one of your researchers is a close friend of mine and he said you would keep this confidential for me.

Follow Up: 11-17-11

I have personally known these people for years and one of them for over 20 years. These individuals are two of the most trust worthy people I know. I am very excited I finally got them to tell me their story as this research is critical to population densities, etc. Initially they were hesitant to file a report due to their professions. Throughout the encounter, what stands out in her mind were those glaring eyes. Both witnesses saw this thing look into her eyes. A shoulder turn did happen when it looked at her in the car. It could have looked at her because that was the direction it first approaced the car and it could have been watching her through the passenger side window before crossing the road. After asking what the face looked like, she said it looked more human than ape. It had extremely long arms that reached to its knees. I then showed her pictures/sketches from our inventory: two were artists recreations of Gigantopithecus and one was the sketch from Matilda (Erickson Project), from a location here in Kentucky. When I showed Matilda her eyes lit up and said,"thats it, that looks exactly like what I saw". Also noted, the creature was walking, not running and it took three steps to cover the paved part of road. She also said it was huge (tall) and due to head lights not directly on face, was darkened and difficult to see much detail. Also noted was that the area it walked into was a very rugged, hilly, heavily wooded large tract of land. They said there were no houses, etc over there. This area is also less than a mile from Ohio River and its bottom lands. They also stated that after thinking about this for some time they believe the fireworks attracted the curiosity of this thing and it probably had stood in that small patch of woods beside the ballpark, and watched for some time and when everybody left all of a sudden, this thing felt trapped in that small patch of woods, and bolted after it became somewhat surrounded by cars. There were a lot of cars in parking area, lined up to leave and lined up on main road. This small patch of woods was somewhat confined in the middle of all that commotion and this investigator believes that is why it passed so close in front and behind these cars at a slow pace.

- George Parker Duvall Jr., Investigator

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