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Website submission 4-28-11

Your first name: Glenn

Which county? Menifee

Estimated date? 1980

Estimated time? 8:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Nearest city? Slade, KY

Nearest Road(s): 715 (Sky Bridge Rd.)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3 - 5 seconds

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

I am compelled to report this sighting for a friend and his wife, who actually saw the creature and had the sighting. My friend has since passed away and I have lost contact with his wife, but for the many years we knew each other, they both often spoke of the sighting. I will repeat it as it was told to me as factually and as best I can without any embellishment of my own.

My friend and his wife had been camping in the early spring, at the old campground located off 715, on Swift Camp Creek, in the Red River Gorge area. The old campground is about a mile up Swift Camp Creek from it's confluence with the Red River, at the Menifee and Wolfe County line. The road, (715, or Sky Bridge Road), crosses over the Red River at this location on one of the two bridges that cross over the river in the gorge.

It was a very rainy camping trip and on this particular day it had rained all day. Near evening the pair decided to pack up head home due to the weather, so they broke camp, packed up the vehicle and left the campground heading back toward the Red River along 715, which eventually leads back to Nada Tunnel, the town of Nada, and then on to Slade, KY.

They had just crossed the bridge over the Red River and they described the moment as being a dark, rainy and somewhat foggy dusk that seemed darker than it should have been due to the rain, fog and tree canopy cover in the lower river bottoms of the gorge. Just past the bridge on the narrow road they observed, slightly in front of them, a very tall, very hairy creature walk across the road from the right side to the left. In this particular area the terrain on the right side of the road quickly falls from a high ridge above the river down a steep grade that includes cliffs to the road, then from the road off to the left continues down grade to the river. It is not as steep on the downside, or left, of the road as it is on the other side.

The two told me that the creature crossed the road about only about 40 - 50 feet in front of them, right in their headlights, and added that if it had been any farther away they probably would not have seen it at all due to the rain and fog. They both told me that the creature crossed the entire two lane road in 2 or 3 strides. My friend said he slammed on the brakes, stopping the vehicle quickly and just sat there for a moment trying to process what he had just seen in his mind. He finally asked his wife, who had been silent, if she had seen what he had seen and she replied that she had and to get the vehicle moving again and to get them out of there quick. He said he accelerated and drove past the place where the creature had crossed the road and as he drove by he looked down in the area where the creature had disappeared into the forest and he could not see anything. They both were shaken and continued home, never telling anyone except me and one other friend of ours the description of their sighting.

At the first telling of this sighting by them to me, I was a total non-believer in any kind of unknown bigfoot creature. I had heard of it, but did not believe in it. At that time I was in my twenty's and did a lot of camping, backpacking, hunting and fishing. I had not seen or heard anything like this in all of my outdoor experiences and was of the opinion that I would not believe it until I had either seen one myself, shot one myself or seen the remains of one myself.

In the many years we were friends he and I camped in the same area as his sighting many times together. We hiked and backpacked all over and around the Red River Gorge area and he always talked about it to me while we were there. He was also, as it seemed to me, always watching and alert for the creature when we were there. At night he would tense up when there was an unusual noise off in the forest. He would caution me to be careful and keep my eyes open when I wondered off by myself. Over a period of time I became convinced that he and his wife had really seen something that had changed them forever.

I began to question them about it and they opened up many times to relate the sighting, and it's effect on them, to me. Once they realized that I did not think they were lying or crazy, they entertained questions and always responded with consistant answers. I asked him many times why he did not stop that night, grab a flashlight and look to see if he could get a better look at the creature and he always responded that he was in absolute fear and that there was no way he would have stopped and gotten out of the
vehicle. He said he even considered turning around and going back the other way so he would not have to drive past the place where they saw the creature.

Now believe me, this was a man who was as much an outdoorsman as I have ever known. He knew the outdoors, animals and plants, he knew the sounds of the forest, had been in the military and was the closest thing to a moutain man as I have ever met. He did not fear anything in the forest...except that creature. He was so much an outdoorsman that I called him Daniel Boone. His wife was the same way, until they had their sighting. Afterwards, she would not go camping with him. In fact, to my knowledge, she never went back into the gorge area for any purpose afterwards.

In one conversation we had about the sighting I asked her if she could draw what she had seen. She said she thought she could and took paper and pencil to the kitchen table, returning after a while with a pencil drawing of what I would classify as a classic bigfoot sighting description. I wish to this day that I had kept that drawing. She did a very detailed drawing depicting the creature from a left profile perspective. It was very clear and detailed. I thought she did a good job and commented on how much detail she
included. She replied that she remembered the sighting like it had just happened the evening before and that the image was forever burned into her memory.

This sighting description, the detail and seriousnous which they both conveyed when talking about it and the residual effects that it obviously had on both of these people convinced me that they had seen what they thought was a bigfoot, and has had the long term effect of making me a believer even though I have not seen one myself.

Describe the creature with detail:

The couple described the creature as being 7 or 8 feet tall, covered with long hair that looked to be matted, and appeared to be brown, but also had a greenish tint to it. They said it was almost like the brown hair was covered in some kind of long hanging moss, or seaweed. My friend once said that at first he thought it may be a man in a gillie suit, but after rationalizing it out, realized that the creature was far to big to be a man in any kind of suit. They said it was massive in build, had huge shoulders and long legs. They always commented on the long stride as it crossed the road in 2 - 3 steps and was gone. They included that it was fast, but did not appear to be in a hurry, or running, but just had such a long stride that it appeared and was gone quickly. They said that as it crossed in front of them it just barely turned it's head and quickly glanced toward the vehicle as it passed by. Neither of them saw much facial detail for various and obvious reasons, but said the shoulders shifted slightly to the left as the creature turned it's head toward them allowing them to see how wide the shoulders were. The drawing she did for me reflected this description and only added the detail that the creatures head was conical in shape and had little, if any, neck. Both their vocal descriptions and the drawing depicted the creature with long, muscular arms that hung to about the knees. He always told me that it walked slightly bent forward with the arms swinging, but didn't have a gait like it was bent forward, but instead looked like it was strolling along at an easy pace.

Any additional Info?

The sincere and consistant descriptions they both provided when talking of their sighting has convinced me that they definately saw something and made me a believer that there is something out there. Whatever it was had a profound affect on them.

Follow Up: 5-3-11

Being a police officer, of course I found Glenn to be sincere and credible. He added, "As to the report, I tried very hard to approach it as I would an investigative summary I would complete for work. That kept me strictly on the facts, without much of my own bias or opinion. That's how I wanted to present it to you since I was not a firsthand witness. It has always struck me as strange because my friend was a no nonsense type person, but this incident clearly had a permanent impact on him that seemed to effect him right to the core. I guess it presented a challenge to his rational and explainable world to see something that he didn't believe existed and even then, after having seen it, to still have that deep down sense of disbelief in even what he knew he had seen. I could tell from his demeanor when he spoke of it that it had profoundly affected him. He was very intelligent and well educated, which also caused him some difficulty in getting his head wrapped around it. I know just his reaction to it convinced me that he saw something, and that has resulted in me changing my outlook on it too."

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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