"My Bitin' Dog Wouldn't Bite?!"

Witness: Wishes to remain anonymous

Date: 7-17-2020

Time: 10:30 PM

City: Harrodsburg, KY

Road: Non-disclosed per witness


We received a phone call on July 24, 2020 from a very concerned elderly lady. On July 17th at approximately 10:30 PM, she took her little dog outside one last time for the evening. The witness was standing just outside her front door, with the dog on a short leash. It was a dark night, however her two porch lights were on, as well as her neighbor’s porch light. All of a sudden, directly in front of her about 70 feet away, a huge creature jumped up on the embankment next to the road. “It landed on all fours, and then it stood straight up,” she explained with excitement. They stared at each other for a few minutes. It was covered in long black hair, it had a flat, black face and broad shoulders. She said, “The strangest thing was, my little dog is a bitin’ dog and everybody knows it, but he didn’t make a sound!” The creature suddenly took off across the neighbor’s yard on all fours.

We met the witness at her house on 7-29-2020. She said when it ran away, “It didn’t look like it was using its front legs at all, because they were just flapping around. I could see the long black hair on its head and on its back blowing in the wind as it ran, and boy did he fly out of there! He was fast!”

Sketch by Terry Thomas

She went on to explain, that it didn’t seem like it was using its front legs (arms) to run. It was a blur of hair and it seemed like the front leg (arms) were flailing around and would only touch the ground every now and then. Its back looked very wide as it ran off. She wasn’t scared at the time, but she is now. She said, “Now that I think about it, I don’t know where it went! It could have easily caught me if it wanted to and what if my dog lunged towards it? What if it gets inside someone’s house? I don’t want it to hurt someone and I hope someone doesn’t hurt it. I wish there was a way to capture it.” She went on to say that it appeared to be a young creature. After I stood in the exact spot where the creature stood, she said it was only a little taller than me, which puts it at about 6.5 feet. Its shoulders were broader than mine as well. I asked her if it had a muzzle or snout and she said no, it had a flat face like a human. Ears, tail, smell nor any sound were noticed.

I found the witness highly credible and believable. Her story never wavered upon meeting her in person. When asked again if she was afraid, she replied, “No not at the time, but now I am. I don’t where that thing went! What if it tries to break into someone’s house?!” She did call the Sheriff and report it. He said there were no other reports in the area, but he would patrol the neighborhood more frequently. She also mentioned hearing four loud firecrackers go off immediately after she went inside then house. Were those in fact firecrackers, or possibly tree knocks? Her neighbor told her he saw “two teenagers” on his video surveillance system in the large tree (next to the sighting location) a week prior, but when he went to grab his camera to take a picture, they were gone. Unfortunately the neighbor was not available for questioning. That large tree would be impossible to climb for a human as there were no low branches under ten feet. The large tree is just out of frame to the left in the photo below.

Me standing on the embankment where the creature stood. It's hard to tell, but the land drops off behind me to the road. No tracks where noticed as the ground was very hard. We measured it stood about 70 feet from the witness. She said it was only a little taller than myself, which we estimated it at about 6.5 feet tall. It stood facing a little to its right as I'm standing. It had broader shoulders and no noticeable snout, thus a flat face. Young Bigfoots (juvies) often go down to all fours to run, making them less suspicious (speculation).

Relevant information regarding this location: The field across the street from her house leads to the Salt River, which is approximately 500 yards away. The Salt River has a very rich history of Bigfoot encounters, stretching all the way from the Ohio River to Anderson County, the mecca of Bigfoot sightings. An interesting fact regarding the Salt River, which seems to be a corridor of Bigfoot activity: During the summers in the 1800’s, thousands of Carolina Parakeets (now extinct) would migrate all the way from South Carolina to the salt flats along the Salt River in Bullitt County. There was even a hotel named after the event. Today there sits the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre and many animals are still drawn to the salt flats along this long, meandering, mysterious river.

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator



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