Driver Almost Hits Huge Creature

Witness: Wants to remain anonymous (full name on file)

County: Morgan

Nearest city: Ezel, KY

Nearest landmark: "Mussel Sholes" - Hwy 772 traveling towards Ezel.

Date of encounter: April 16, 2016

Time of day: 8:50pm - 9:00pm

Length of sighting: Seconds

Describe your encounter:

"My 2 kids & I had been fishing at the boat docks on Hwy 772 all day. We left there & were headed down Hwy 772 towards Ezel on our way home. We only made it about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile when a large (and I do mean LARGE) creature came running from the opposite side of the road. To be honest, I am not sure if it was trying to run across the street, or if it was trying to hit the truck. I swerved the truck to keep from being hit. As I passed the creature, I looked at it & saw bright red eyes looking back at me. I immediate sped up to get away from it. My husband has always believed in Big Foot, and (to be honest) I have kinda made fun of him for his belief. When I got home, I felt compelled to call my husband and apologize to him because I am now a believer because I have never seen anything like that before in my life and anything that big would surely have to have big feet. I was in a Ford F-250 Super Duty which sits tall. The creature was at least six inches taller than the cab of my truck, very broad shouldered, and completely covered in either very dark brown or black hair. One of my sons had been looking at the sky, so he did not see anything, but he did feel me swerve the truck, then he witnessed me driving quite a bit faster. He told me that I was very pale, and that he could sense that I was scared. My other son that was with me said that he did not see anything distinctive, but that he did see a black running mass. I had seriously thought about calling either the wildlife & game warden or the police to report what I had seen, because I knew there were still people back at the boat docks camping. But, I know how people are thought of who claim to have seen Big Foot & I knew they would not believe me. If anything, they might send someone out to pick me up for a psych. eval."

Follow-up: 4-25-2016

I spoke to the witness by phone on Sunday April 24th. She was very animated about the encounter she had on April 16th. She said her and her two sons had just left the boat docks after fishing, which the locals call Mussel Sholes, also known as 20 sticks. She said it was pretty dark out but not pitch black yet. She said they were just a half mile to a mile away from the boat dock when something ran from the left side of the road toward the truck and got within 4ft from the truck. She had to serve to avoid from hitting it and began to drive a bit faster. One of her sons did not see anything due to looking at the sky ,however, did feel her swerve. Her other son did not see anything distinctive but did see a black mass running, then noticed his mother looked pale and could sense she was scared. She wasn't sure if it was going to intentionally run into the truck or was just crossing the road. As she passed, what she calls a large creature, she could see bright red eyes looking at her. The only other detail she noticed was it had dark brown or black hair. It happened so fast she couldn't identify any other details. She said she was driving a Ford F250 Super duty and she estimates the top of the cab to be 6.5ft tall and she believes that the creature was 6 inches taller than the top of the truck. She said the terrain on that side of the road was a slight hillside with trees and an estimated 3ft high fence. Nearest house was maybe a quarter of a mile away. This area is part of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

She said she had never believed before and always made fun of her husband for believing in Bigfoot. When she returned home she apologized to her husband for not believing because she is now a believer in Bigfoot. I asked her to return to look for footprints and her response was a very animated " NO, no, no I'm not going back out there without a very big sharp knife." But she insisted that she was not going back out there. Her husband and his buddies plan on returning to look for prints.

After talking with the witness, I felt that she was truthful and sincere about her encounter. Witness was very pleasant and entertaining to speak with.

- Travis Knuckles, Lead Investigator

Grandmother Watches Creature Cross Interstate

Witness: Billie (last name on file)

Date: March 2012 (just after the tornado hit)

Time: Just before dusk, her headlights were not on.  It was a pretty, clear day .

Location: Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway

Billie was driving from West Liberty on 205 and turned right onto Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway heading west. "It had walked out from behind the big, green interstate sign which said Hazel Green, 1 Mile,” explained Billie. Her vehicle was approximately 100 yards from the creature (she showed me a tree line out my office window, that's how we determined it was about 100 yards). It stepped over the guardrail and walked across the road. Billie explained, "I was talking out loud to myself: Where did he come from? Where is his car? Why is he all dressed in black? Boy he is huge!" She was about to pull her car over to see where it went but a truck was coming up behind her and she couldn't. Billie continued, "The next morning I was watching the Price Is Right and a man came on the news talking about Bigfoot, the Channel 5 news I believe. He said most witnesses are afraid to tell their story. And then he demonstrated how it walked. When he showed how it walked hunched over, swinging its arms, I about fell off my couch! I then knew immediately what I saw!" It never looked in her direction. It was entirely covered in medium-length black hair. When asked if she could estimate its height or weight, or any other unique feature about it, Billie said, "I really don't know, but looked like a big, huge man. It casually stepped over the guard rail on the opposite side of the road and disappeared into the woods."

Photo courtesy of Ken Bush.

- Charle Raymond, Investigator

Local Drunk Sees Bigfoot?

Date of encounter: 1995

County: Morgan

City: West Liberty

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds

Please describe your encounter:

2nd Hand Story: A local describes an encounter of walking in a remote part of Daniel Boone National Forest. As he is quietly walking through thick forest, he stops and sees a Bigfoot staring at him from an elevated postion at approx. 80 yards. Frozen with fear, the witness sees the creature quickly move over the ridge. The witness also quickly leaves the area. Sadly, the witness is a known drunk. His encounter has been discredited by all that know him. True or False? Who knows.

Describe the creature with detail: Over 7 ft. and covered with brown hair.

Additional Info: The area is rough and rugged.


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