Reports From Other States

Tennessee Dog Stalker

Susan (full name on file) & Family

County: Scott County

Date of encounter: 5-4-2019 & first Saturday in May. For youngest child (28th of May) ~10:00 PM

Time of day: 2:00 PM EST

State: Tennessee

Preface: On May 22, 2019, Susan contacted the KBRO after moving into a property near the Kentucky/Tennessee line. This property had been vacant for a little over a year. Shortly after Susan and her family moved into the property, they started to experience episodes of high strangeness, including several possible visual sightings which are detailed below. They are avid outdoorsmen, used to hunting and seeing the typical local wildlife without fear, but have noticed very little wildlife on their property since moving in besides a few deer, which seem on edge and stay very close to their home when seen. Susan’s family also found a near full canine skeleton near an entrance to a cave or den (skull picture attached). There were only a few ribs missing but the rest was intact. Susan seemed slightly unnerved from the events happening around their home. Although she never admitted to having a bigfoot at their home, Susan was more concerned about the safety of the family and wanting to know if this was typical behavior of such a cryptid. She does believe it is something that is “not natural to the area” and “seems very curious.” This family does not hear any wildlife at night-- just their dogs barking, which starts around 11:30-12:00 and continues to 3-4 AM. Sometimes they say they can hear something big in the woods moving but can not see anything. Susan also gets the feeling of being watched while at home.

susan canine skull

Encounter 1:
Prior to the main incident a deer had approached the home and had seemed scared and walked right through the yard. No regard to dogs, tv, or owner being home. 45 minutes later at approximately 2:00 PM, their female dog started to bark at something. Susan was on the phone with her mom but got up and saw something black and furry darting over a hill down their driveway. Susan stated, “I barely caught the butt end of this thing and it was black but it was smaller and I mean it was moving and it wasn’t sticking around.” Susan’s mom said to command to the dog to go after the object. When she did so, her dog would go to the curb of their driveway and stop. Not only that, but the dog would also stop Susan from going any further. About 20-30 minutes later both dogs “started raising hell on the porch.” The female and male dog did not want Susan to even leave her porch. Their dogs seemed to be upset and their hair was standing up. Both dogs were looking in the direction of a large rock at the property.

Encounter 2:
Later that same day as the first encounter, Susan’s oldest son had been cooking up dog food outside. There was a pot with hamburger, rice, and tilapia in it. The family was inside watching tv when they say the dogs “went ballistic. ‘I am absolutely going to tear something up’ ballistic.” Susan told her son to get their gun and shoot whatever it was causing the dogs to be frantic. At this point they believed something like a large cat or predator was trying to get at the dogs. Susan’s two sons went outside with a gun and spotlight. They shone a spotlight back and forth trying to see what was outside. The dogs again tried to keep them on the porch, so the youngest boy went back inside due to being scared of the dark. The oldest son did notice something crouching behind a rock in the yard that is approximately 4 feet in height. The crouching figure had “yellow looking eyes.” He said, “this thing is big and black. It has the head, bigger than a pitbulls head. The eyes will like pierce your soul.” Susan asked for the son to take a shot, which he did not do since he lost some nerve to do so. He could not identify the black head so he did not fire. About 30 minutes later, Susan’s husband came home and he could not find any prints near the rock.

Encounter 3:
Susan and family were planting a garden on the 28th of May. At around 10:00 PM they could hear a noise coming from the woods. She recalls: “there was something in the woods. I thought it was a fox, making this high-pitched real ‘yip’ noise.” Susan’s youngest son came around the side of the house in a very scared state. He claimed that a man with a bushy beard was standing in the wood staring at him. “This man is tall, he’s big, he’s got a big bushy beard, and he looked at me”. Susan and her husband believe this could have been a shadow that scared this boy (since he is scared of the dark) but are unsure. Both parents looked outside but didn’t see or hear anything. The husband fired off a shot in the air. Nothing else was ever seen. The terrain around this area of the figure’s sighting is very harsh.

Other Incident Reports:
Around 3 days after the first and second encounter on May 4, both dogs had run off into the woods after something. Susan’s oldest son went after the dogs and saw the dogs stop at a point in the woods. The female dog turned and bit the male dog to stop the pursuit and then insisted that they all return home.

Susan and her family have 2 dogs. On the evening of May 30, 2019, they believe that their male dog may have had an encounter with a creature. The dog had slipped it’s thick buckle collar and was “squalling like a banshee” to enter the home in the late evening. The dog immediately ran in and Susan’s husband checked the dog but nothing was found. This was stated to not be typical behavior for this animal. “He was honestly scared to death and he doesn’t like being outside at night time at all.” The next morning, the collar and chain were found and the dog was collared back to its spot.

Neighbor's chickens were killed last year; now they are kept in a dog kennel.

Husband will be setting out snares and trail cams soon since they are avid hunters. They have since started to shoot some guns at the property and things have slowed down some. During the day the dogs will still act like something is around. Further investigation will be needed.

- James Wilcox, Investigator


Encounters More Probable In Active Areas

Witness: Chuck Shutters

County: Jackson County, Indiana

Exact location: Confidential due to ongoing research in the area.

Date of encounter: Late Spring 2006

Time of day: Just after midnight.

Length of sighting: About a minute.

Chuck, a novice Bigfoot enthusiast at the time, had just finished an evening of squatching in an area known for ongoing Bigfoot activity. He had just began his drive home when he spotted two large burnt-orange eyes on the left side of the road. He initially thought they were reflectors in a driveway or perhaps on a tree so he never slowed down--never thinking he would actually see a Bigfoot! As he drove by the eyes, to his astonishment he saw a dark, hairy figure standing by a tree.

It had dark, almost black hair, approximately 2 inches long, very wide shoulders, huge trapezoid muscles, dark skin on its face and a very wide mouth. The corners of the mouth lined up under the corners of its huge eyes. "The eyes and mouth were most noticeable. It looked shocked, as if it was caught with its hand in the cookie jar," recalled Chuck. The mouth was open and he thinks he saw a row of flat teeth, as he recalled seeing the color white, not black. Chuck couldn't recall seeing a nose or other details of the face.

On 5-14-2016, investigators Travis Knuckles and Charlie Raymond met Chuck at the sighting location. After attending a few KBRO expeditions and being asked to share his encounter a few times publicly in a group setting (proved too difficult), he agreed to document his encounter. This encounter was very emotional for Chuck and it has been difficult for him to share it openly until now. Chuck thankfully agreed to document his encounter for two reasons: 1) To benefit ongoing Bigfoot research in the area and 2) To help his own healing process. Some encounters are life-changing, traumatic events.....understandably so!

- Charlie Raymond and Travis Knuckles, Lead Investigators

Government Employees’ Bigfoot Encounter

Robert & Rick (full names on file)

State: Florida (Panhandle)

Location: Blackwater WMA

Date: Spring 1970

Time: Approximately 10:00am

Encounter report via phone on 5-1-2018:

Robert is a retired level four engineer. He worked for Honeywell Aeronautical Division. He is now 74 years old.

The two men were hunting wild hogs. As they entered a field a Bigfoot was standing approximately 30 yards from them. It was a bright, sunny day and the creature stood upright and was facing them. No expression on its face. It was about 6-7 feet tall, very wide at the shoulders, muscular, nasty-looking reddish-brown hair with Spanish moss hanging in the hair, conical shaped head, large black eyes, flat nose and a grey face.

“It was not an orangutan,” explained Robert. The tall grass went almost up to its knees and its hands hung just below its knees. “Its hands were huge with fingers about three times the size of mine and its palms were grey,” explained Robert. It smelled horrible, like a rotten skunk. Unfortunately his partner shot it in the left shoulder with a .30-30. It screamed and ran off. The men turned and ran immediately. They did not report the incident due to their government status.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Bigfoot Lying In Road (a Cliff Barackman Follow Up)

Your Name:
Jeremy (last name on file)

Your Age: 68

Other witnesses: No one

Date of Encounter: July 14, 2016

Time of Encounter: 3:00 am

State: California

Nearest Town/Landmark: Between Del Loma and Burnt Ranch, as near as I can figure, where the road is north of the river.

Nearest Road: Highway 299

Encounter Location: I am fairly certain is was between Del Loma and Burnt Ranch, but I was new to the area and only passing through. And I was doing 75 mph. I remember the highway was to the north of the river and close to it. I could be off by a few miles. The area is mountainous and wooded.

Witness Activity: I was travelling FAST. The road is SO damn winding that I sped up at every straightaway to 75 MPH. I drive a Prius and they are very quiet. The tires were by General and again very quiet, even by Prius standards.

Sketch by Terry Thomas

Witness Narrative:

I was driving late one night on Highway 299, from Atwater, CA to Crescent City, CA to try and locate an old friend who had been homeless for almost 30 years. He has been interviewed in the local Crescent City paper by a reporter named Cory Mitcham and she said he frequented the Star Bucks so I was trying to get there before it opened at 5 AM, hoping to run into him by chance. I was not familiar with Highway 299 (curviest damn road in the West) and the road was empty except for the amazing amount of deer standing on the sides of the road. I only saw a couple of cars between Redding and Highway 101, over a hundred miles. The road in that area was completely empty. Not a soul around in the middle of the night.

Around three AM I had just come around a right hand curve and had accelerated back to 75 or so and laying down smack in the middle of my lane was a HUGE black object, also partly into the oncoming traffic lane. I swerved around it to left and completely into the oncoming lane. I looked as good and fast as I could at the object. It was BLACK, but not shiny black. I thought for a second that it must have been the size of a tire from a large front end loader, but there weren't any treads on it. It was uniformly black from one end to the other. And it was BIG. Almost as high as the hood on my Prius, which is why I compared it to a front end loader tire. It would have had to be for a really big one though. And Why would anyone leave a tire for a front end loader in the middle of a road. I am fairly certain that my car, which quiet, and my tires which are also more quiet than stock ones, added to the speed I was driving, forced the creature to lay on the road in the fetal position to protect itself. If it had been standing I would have hit it for sure. My headlights barely caught it and gave me enough time to swerve out of my lane only because it stretched a good six feet across my lane and into the next. I am certain what I saw was the shoulders to the buttocks of a bigfoot. I didn't see the head, legs or arms. I knew immediately what I had seen, but I was moving at a good pace, and was in a hurry to get to the Starbucks in Crescent City by 5 AM so I didn't stop and turn around. I am sure the creature was either going down to the river to drink or coming back from it. A couple of months later I talked to another teacher who had lived in Crescent City for nearly 25 years and she said that she had met numerous people who said they had seen them in many places around there. Highway 299 is a lonely highway especially at night. I would love to go back and drive it again some night in the dry season and see if I could possibly get a better look at one, but I doubt if I ever will since it is a LONG way from home.

Follow-Up: 1-3-2016

I called the witness and left a message. Jeremy promptly returned my call. It was immediately apparent the witness was excited, highly intelligent and very articulate. He's an ex-Army helicopter pilot and has been a special education teacher for 26 years. I asked him if it could have possibly been a black bear hit by a car? He adamantly denied it by saying, “This was much too wide at the shoulders and much too huge to have been a bear! From its shoulders to hips was at least 5-6 feet, not including the neck, head or legs! I have 20/20 vision. After passing the creature, I was totally flabbergasted...stunned!”

Because Jeremy was in rush to reach his destination, he was travelling close to 75 mph. As he entered a long curve, the creature was ‘already’ in the fetal position. It never moved a muscle. Jeremy swerved to his left into the oncoming lane just in time to miss it, coming within 2-3 feet from its shoulders. Jeremy estimated the shoulders at about 30” in height, which was the same height as the hood of his car. It had solid black hair. When I asked him how long was the hair, he said, “I don’t recall. All I know, it was uniform in color from its shoulders to its hips.” He added, “The shoulders and hips were more rounded, not squared-off like a huge tractor tire and no noticeable tread. It definitely had black hair. This was no doubt an animal. The shoulders were much wider than the hips.”

Jeremy explained this is a heavily forested area. This road curves around a mountain, with a large sloped hillside to his right, which came right down to the edge of the road and a drop-off to his left which leads to a river. Jeremy and I both hypothesized the creature may have been on its way down to the river, as the shoulders were facing in that direction. The vehicle’s high-rate of speed and quiet approach into the curve may have caught it off guard, so maybe it panicked and dropped to the fetal position just before Jeremy made visual contact? Perhaps it tried to hide, as Bigfoots have been known to drop and act like a bush or stump? Or perhaps it was protecting a young Bigfoot? Just speculation of course.

This rather peculiar behavior happens more often than one would think. In some cases, it's in the the cold winter on an isolated country road. In that case, perhaps the Bigfoot was benefiting from the warm road? In the above case, something else seemed to have caused this behavior because it occurred in July.

Here are some related encounters involving Bigfoots lying in the road:

Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization report of an elderly woman driving up on a Bigfoot lying in the middle of the road.

BFRO report of witnesses coming upon TWO Bigfoots lying in the middle of the road. It also mentions how quick the one creature sprang up from its lying down position.

BFRO report of a Bigfoot standing in the middle of the road, then laying down in front of the approaching car.

Oregon-Bigfoot story of a car coming upon a Bigfoot sitting in the middle of the road.

Oregon-Bigfoot report where a truck driver comes upon a Bigfoot lying in the center of the road. Read his description of it....“in a fetal position, lying with its back to him.”

Weird-USA reports someone coming across a Bigfoot lying in the road.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

The Street Walker

Fall 2011

Witness: Wishes to remain anonymous (full name on file)

Near Lake Lemon, 10 miles NE of Bloomington

County: Monroe, Indiana

I spoke to the witness by phone Oct. 30, 2016. He explained to me he was sleeping on the couch in the living room with his 4 dogs lying with him. His wife was asleep in their bedroom. He felt it was around 3am when his dogs suddenly jumped up, ran to the door barking and going ballistic. He wondered what was going on for his dogs to act this way, so he opened the window by the couch and looked outside. To his amazement, he saw a black figure walking slowly down the road without a care in the world, just like another day. He said when he first saw the figure it was about 50-75ft away. The figure walked down the road guessing around 150ft or so and turned to the right walking by his neighbor’s trailer and then continued into the woods.

The witness said he did not see any details of the figure, nor did he hear anything from the figure. However, he said this thing was massive and is guessing it was around 7ft tall. The witness is 6’3” and said this thing was incredibly larger than him. He said if not for there being a security light he believes he would not have ever seen a figure walking. He went to tell his wife what he had seen and she could see a serious fear in his eyes. She explained to me that her husband does not get scared easily.

The next day he was talking with his neighbor, where the figure walked past his trailer. The witness has not yet told his neighbor what happened the night before. His neighbor asked if he had anything weird happen last night. So the witness began to tell the neighbor what he witnessed the night before. The neighbor then told him around that same time, his dog also ran to the door and then he heard what sounded to him was something dragging their fingers or claws down the side of his trailer. Sometime later, around a campfire another neighbor across the road stated that he also had something run its fingers or claws across his trailer, 2 years prior.

I believe the witness to be credible and sincere about his encounter. His wife believes that he saw a shadow figure and not a Bigfoot. The witness believes what he saw was a Bigfoot. Both he and his wife told me that lots of strange things have happened on their property and surrounding properties. I plan to meet the witness on his property, place a long duration recording device and see what we get.

- Travis Knuckles, Lead Investigator

Hoosier Encounter

Witness: Chuck Shutters

County: Jackson County, Indiana

Exact location: Confidential due to ongoing research in the area.

Date of encounter: Late Spring 2006

Time of day: Just after midnight.

Length of sighting: About a minute.

Chuck, a novice Bigfoot enthusiast at the time, had just finished an evening of squatching in an area known for ongoing Bigfoot activity. He had just began his drive home when he spotted two large burnt-orange eyes on the left side of the road. He initially thought they were reflectors in a driveway or perhaps on a tree so he never slowed down--never thinking he would actually see a Bigfoot! As he drove by the eyes, to his astonishment he saw a dark, hairy figure standing by a tree.


- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator


Deer Hunters Go Home!

Click to view pictures from the location of the encounter.

Witness: Brian (last name on file)

Date of encounter: Late Fall 2007

State: Oregon

Nearest city: McMinnville (miles into the Coast Range Mountains)

Email received on June 4, 2015:

“This story is about what happened to me and a good buddy of mine while on a deer hunting trip out in the Coast Range mountains of Northwestern Oregon. My name is Brian xxxx, I'm 46 years old. I live in Portland, Oregon, at the time of this incident I was residing in Hillsboro, Oregon. The incident occurred in the Coast Range Mountains, East of Beaver, Oregon.

After texting with you yesterday, I got to thinking about everything that happened to us that weekend and I'm quite sure I possibly will forget something, but I'll do my best to tell what happened and I will provide as much information and as many facts as possible to the best of my recollection. If you or anyone ever decide to investigate I might be willing to take a serious researcher out to the area and show them where everything happened, as I'm sure there is still plenty of evidence out there. In fact, I'm quite positive that the area is used by the Sasquatch, at the very least as a temporary if not permanent home area, so we'll just call it the Coast Range Mountains. I'm leaving the exact area out for now.

Here it goes, the trip started out with myself and a good hunting buddy Cesar and 3 of his co-workers, when it ended it was just me and Cesar because his co-worker's left on day 2 and had had enough of the bad weather and dangerous conditions that we ended up being caught up in.

For myself and Cesar, it all started on the end of day 2 of our hunting trip, when returning to our deer camp after dropping Cesar's co-workers off at their van, several miles away from our deer camp up at the lake, the sun was setting and we were losing light pretty fast. It was planned to be a 3 day journey but ended up being 4, but not really by choice.

Cesar and I were almost back to deer camp, I was driving my Suburban 4x4 on an old forest service trail when all of a sudden a huge buck jumped out onto the road in front of us, I slammed the brakes, Cesar jumped out of my truck and took 2 shots with my lever action .44 Magnum rifle, and he hit the deer as it ran up the side of a steep uphill into a stand of trees, I thought it was odd that the deer was looking behind itself as if it was being chased, it never even looked our direction even with my headlights on. Cesar ran up the hill after the deer. I had pulled up to where Cesar had gone up into the trees and kept my headlights on however I turned the engine off, so that I could hear Cesar and also keep an eye out for whatever could have been chasing the deer.

I yelled to Cesar, asking if he found the deer and he said, “Yes, it was still trying to get away but was down.” At that point he came back down to me and asked for my .45 handgun so he could put it out of its misery. I mentioned to Cesar that I felt something may have been chasing it and that I would watch his back but that he needed to hurry and drag the deer down so we could get out of there just in case it happened to be a cougar which had been chasing the deer. A minute or so went by, I could hear branches to the east side of the road snapping on and off, so I yelled to Cesar to hurry it up cause I felt we were about to have company from a cougar. I heard Cesar fire a shot from my .45 and within seconds he came running out of the forest dragging the deer with one hand, down the hill to the side of my Suburban.

I don't know if it was the buck fever running through him at the time or the fact I yelled we may have a cougar coming up on us, either way Cesar was at the truck fast, handgun missing, flashlight missing but deer in hand. I said, “Where's my light and handgun?” He just looked at me weird and said, “Oh shit, I dropped everything, something else is up there, but I'll grab it!” He took off back into the trees and came back less than a minute later, he had the gun and light so then we tried to lift the deer up onto the hood to get the heck outta there, as we were picking the deer up it kicked me square in the chest, it was still alive! The point blank shot Cesar fired totally missed, so the deer was still able to kick me.

The deer was not going anywhere, and within a minute or two we were able to lift it onto my hood. We took off down the trail, I had to drive pretty slow so the deer would not fall off on the way back to our camp, it was less than 2 miles that we had to travel, we got to our camp and we carried the deer up over a berm that the forest service had blocked the road with, then draped it over the side to drain the blood so we could gut and prep the meat.

By now it was totally dark, I turned my truck around and pulled forward about 20 ft. Where we hung the deer and bled it out was approximately 25 yards from camp while it drained we made and ate dinner, that's when I heard the first weird sounds down by the creek approximately 150-200 or so yards below us, something was throwing boulders into the creek into a deep spot hard enough that I could actually hear the boulders smacking against the rocks on the bottom of the creek. It happened probably 4-5 times over the 30 minutes or so that it took Caesar and I to eat dinner. We had no clue at the time what could be causing it and we had plenty of work ahead of us so we blew it off and decided to get cleaning the deer before a cougar or bear decided to show up.

We spent about 4 hours gutting and packing the deer up and the entire time we could hear branches snapping, out around us in the dark just, beyond the light from our Coleman lantern and campfire. Needless to say both Cesar and I were both armed to the core taking turns guarding each other while we took turns cutting and packing up the deer meat, fearing a cougar or bear was circling us waiting to get to the scraps! Man, were we ever wrong!!!

We finished packing the cooler full of deer meat and placed the cooler inside my Suburban, we both cleaned up and got ready to call it a night, We climbed into my Suburban for the night, put the front captains chairs horizontal and we're just about ready to pass out when the first of what would be somewhere around 40 or so handfuls of pebbles pelted my Suburban, first the drivers side then passengers side, I was PISSED!!! Who the hell was dumb enough to throw rocks at my rig!!! I jumped out instantly with my .45 and tactical flashlight and yelled, "Who is out here??? I will straight up shoot your ASS if you do that again!!!" There was no response, just dead silence....

Cesar was pretty upset and said, “Bro what the fxxx? Who would be stupid enough to throw rocks at hunters who are armed to the core in the middle of the night?” I was stumped, I had no clue I was just exhausted from hunting for 2 days, climbing all over the mountains, surviving a massive wind storm and then cleaning the deer, I just wanted to get some sleep!

I got back in my Suburban, to try to sleep. I was just about out when bam! Rocks pelted my truck again! Cesar, whispering to me asked what it was and if I heard it again and if I could see, but it was pitch black. It had been overcast and storming so there was no moonlight plus we were in extremely heavy canopy from the trees. Even though the storm stopped it was totally dark.

We just sat there, in silence, staring into the darkness straining to listen. I told Cesar if it happens again that I was going to flip my KC Daylighters off-road lights on and find out what or who the hell it is throwing rocks at us! He agreed, we were now both fully awake, I had lowered both of my windows about 2" so we could try to hear whatever or whoever it was that was chucking handfuls of pebbles at my Suburban! We could hear what sounded like footsteps on and off, branches snapping on and off but could see nothing, but we could smell a horrible smell, I recall, it instantly reminded me of a homeless guy I once knew who never showered, mixed with a rotting meat / dead animal almost made my eyes water, it was pretty bad... then bam! My Suburban got hit with rocks again! I hit my switch and lit up everything in front of my truck at the same time jumped out with my gun and tactical flashlight. Something huge ran down towards the creek, smashing trees all the way down but even with my tactical flashlight I couldn't see exactly what it was, but it was wide. I had seen the hairy back of whatever it was from about the waist up! I estimate it was at least 4'+ across the back at the shoulders and that it was approximately 9' 5” tall. The hair was a dark black, orange to brown in color. I recall seeing muscle moving through the hair as it went out of my sight, down to the right behind larger trees. My brain did not click and recognize it as a Sasquatch. I was pretty pissed off about rocks being thrown at my truck. By this point, Cesar had gotten out of the truck this time, armed of course and came over to my side of the truck. Both of us were looking over the edge down towards the creek attempting to see what the heck, or who it was, throwing rocks at us. We saw nothing. It was dead silent once again.

Frustrated, I recall telling Cesar some dumbass is gonna get shot messing with us! He agreed. We were about to climb back into the Suburban when Cesar said, “Hey take a look at that tree!” I laughed and said, “Which tree? We’re in a forest? We're surrounded by trees!” He grabbed my tactical light and shined just off the edge of the road, to where we had just been looking but upward. There were branches snapped in half approximately 1"- 3"+ in diameter from the ground to approximately 10' off the ground all the way down as far as we could see down towards the creek! At the time, I remember specifically saying something to the effect, “Damn that's one huge elk,” even though I knew there was no elk 4'+ wide, not to mention with a rack 10' or more tall. It was definitely not a bear. I had hunted deer and bear in that area for 7 years and know for a fact no bear could cover that distance, that steep, that fast and especially after having just thrown rocks at my truck!

We got back into my truck once again in an attempt to sleep but it was not to be. For approximately 3 more hours the rock throwing game went on over and over, me jumping out, using my tactical flashlight and KC Off road lights, straining to see, whatever it was. There were more than one because on multiple occasions both sides of the truck was getting pelted within one or two seconds of each other.

I finally snapped, I got out and fired several rounds from my .44 Magnum rifle into an old stump down the embankment. It echoed through the mountains like thunder! That was then end of the rock throwing finally! We both went to sleep around 4 a.m., and got up around 9 a.m., made coffee and I started looking for tracks, trying to figure out what or who the hell had been throwing rocks at us half the damn night!

There was no way to even see a track, you see the day before there had been a massive storm with severe winds, it brought down thousands of trees in Oregon. Cesar's co-worker's had decided to go home early, they were afraid of getting hurt or killed by a falling tree or branch. I searched all around our deer camp to no avail, not a single visible track anywhere but while looking around I did find out that most of the gut pile from the deer was gone and that all the ferns and plant life around it was smashed flat. Also, I could see where whatever it was I saw had smashed ferns and ripped undergrowth clean out of the ground leaving a trail of destruction down the side of the steep embankment leading down towards the creek, along with the snapped of branches from the ground to up in the trees.

Cesar and I decided to move to a different spot on the mountain after we ate breakfast and so we packed up to move camp, we went up the mountain using a logging spur road, we had to cut 2 trees that were now blocking the road, out of our way just to get to the other camp, what we didn't know at the time was that we were blocked in even further out, several trees that had fallen during the wind storm somehow had gotten moved and were now blocking the road, the only road out! What was interesting to me was we had come in that way after the wind storm, not before it, how did trees get moved to block us in like that?

We set up our second camp and decided to hike in to our old deer camp that had been blocked off a few years before. It was a longer than anticipated hike in because the forest service had come in and torn out all the drainage pipes under the old logging road, returning the area back to nature. When we got to our old deer camp, I told Cesar we were directly above where we had camped the night before and that in previous years my buddy Wade and I had been after a bear that had been in the area for the last 3-4 years. We both had our bear tags so he was glad to hear that.

We got to the end of a spur road that parallels the road to our old deer camp, which had a turn around at the end of it. We looked down towards the creek above the trees but saw no deer or bear. When we turned to head back, we realized it had taken more time to get into where we were than we thought. The sun was setting fast and we were already in the shade of the mountain so we picked up pace. Within the first 200 yards, we heard branches snapping to our left. We looked but saw nothing. Again we started walking back and I looked at my gps. We were 3 miles in and had a semi technical climb just to get back to camp. Every 40-50 yards we heard branches snapping to our left so we separated ourselves by approximately 50 ft., so we would have a better chance at seeing if it was a bear that was paralleling us on our way out. By now it was very close to dark and we had one little maglight with us because we didn't plan on it taking us so long to get to our old deer camp. All the way back out to my Suburban, something followed us, in the dark, just out of eye sight, yet within 50 yards. We have no clue what it was but I highly doubt it was a bear. I had rushed the sound several times and whatever it was either didn't move or make a sound. Either way it was able to totally avoid being seen, without leaving a single visible track.

Once back at my Suburban, we ate dinner and decided to stay the night since it was already getting late and we were both were pretty exhausted from the prior night's lack of sleep due to the rock throwing. The night was uneventful, no rocks, no sounds. We finally got some sleep. We hunted the next morning but saw nothing. We came back to camp and ate breakfast, then we figured we had better get going, after all it was over a 2 hour drive back to Portland. We headed out only to be turned back due to fallen trees. We tried the other way out but even larger trees were now down. We ended up spending the entire day cutting trees and going off road around them trying to get out which resulted in spending another night in the forest. We had no further incidents the last night and finally made it to pavement on the Old Nestucca Highway, but even then we had to travel slow due to fallen trees, branches and debris from the blow down.

It was the morning of the 4th day was when we found out that there were multiple trees down all around us. We literally had to use my chainsaw to cut our way out. We never did see any other hunters or people who could have moved trees like the ones we had to cut to get outta there. Some of the trees were massive, I had to cut them then use my chain and Suburban to drag the pieces out of our way! We never even saw another human until we got out of the forest about 18 miles away from our deer camp!

It never dawned on me at the time that it could have been a Sasquatch encounter that we had, maybe it was because we were so tired and worried about a bear or cougar (something we know exists!!!) trying to get to us or the deer meat. I believe the total stress added to it so it never really crossed our minds. I had only been living in the Pacific Northwest for about 6 or 7 years at the time of this incident and that too perhaps was another reason it never crossed my mind, however after being here 15 years now, I've had 2 encounters and know with very little doubt in my heart and mind that both incidents that I have had were with Sasquatch, especially after educating myself about the subject. After 40+ years of hunting, fishing and camping, climbing and hiking I've never ever seen two or more bears, deer or elk or any other forest animal capable of throwing rocks in cooperation, at both sides of a vehicle, for approximately 4 hours, in pitch darkness, at armed hunters in the middle of the night during deer and bear season without being seen!

Thanks, I hope someone someday in my lifetime can prove that Sasquatch is part of our eco system. If not, please let me know what the heck kind of animal threw rocks at me that night that was over 9' tall.

That's my story and I'm sticking too it!”

Follow Up: 6-9-2015

I spoke with Brian for over two hours on the phone! Brian is a well-educated, ex-law enforcement official. As a tactical support officer, he has been trained to pay attention to detail. In addition, Brian is also a highly experienced outdoorsman. He literally grew up in the woods. He has a picture of himself as a toddler with a baby bottle on a camping trip. Over his 46 years, he’s hunted and hiked all over the U.S. Growing up in Arizona, he did not live in Oregon his entire life. After becoming a resident of Oregon, he did not follow the Bigfoot stories. He was neither a believer or nonbeliever, he just never bought into the Bigfoot hype. During this encounter, he never thought “Bigfoot.” His first concern was the dangerous storm, then the threat of cougars or bears. He has seen bears and cougars on a few occasions in the past. It wasn’t until a few weeks after this “weird” ordeal, as he put it, that he began to piece together the strange events of this hunting trip. He began wondering, what was that creature which ran down the steep embankment? Who, or what, would or could, throw rocks at both sides of his vehicle all night long, sometimes at the very same time! And who would dare antagonize two heavily armed hunters? The location was so very secluded and surrounded by huge fallen timber blocking the roads, there was no way it was a person(s).

During the storm hit the first day, they drove further in-land toward deer camp, down into the valley away from the high winds. Huge trees and limbs were falling down everywhere, but the winds were not as intense in the valley. During the night of the sighting, Brian kept his door unlocked and would jump out as fast as could to catch the culprit. The pebble throwing would occur about every 15-30 minutes all night long, usually just as the men began to doze off. Brian explained that he is a very calm and patient person, thus when he worked at the prison, he was assigned the wing with the most severely distraught prisoners. In otherwords, it takes a lot to get him mad, however on this particular night he was furious!

When Brian caught a glimpse of the creature, it was about 60 yards down the very steep embankment (40 degree grade) to the left of the truck. The creature’s hair was about 4-6” long and “dark orangutan” in color. It’s estimated size: about 4 foot wide and 9 foot or taller. Brian only saw it from the shoulders down to the waist (it’s back). The sighting lasted 3-4 seconds. He at first thought it was the side of an elk due to the width. But the color and hair length did not make sense. It seemed to take one quick pivot to the right and disappeared into the dense trees. The next day a trail of destruction was noticeable down the steep embankment--uprooted ferns, slides, and not to mention the huge limb breaks. Again, Brian was looking for elk tracks from the safety of the road. He was not about to risk sliding down that steep and treacherous embankment looking for tracks.

I found Brian’s story over the phone to be consistent with his email report. He was very sincere, descriptive and highly intelligent. The excitement was still evident in his voice.

Additional notes:

Brian explained this area is full of deer, elk, trout and salmon. In addition the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife dumps hundreds of dead salmon up creek from this location once a year. Presumably after the eggs are harvested, the dead salmon are returned to the eco-system. There's spots deep in that valley so treacherous and heavily wooded, that it’s dark, even during the daytime. Thus this area would be a prime Bigfoot habitat.

Photos from the very same area taken on another hunting trip.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

The Lion King

Witness: Chris (last name on file); Age 47

State: Washington

Nearest City: Ashford near Mt. Rainier National Park

Exact Location: Kermahan Road and Hwy 706 map

Date: Early Summer 1980

On a bright, clear, sunny day, Chris (age 12 at the time) and his cousin Eric (about the same age) went trout fishing. His cousin lived on the opposite side of Kermahan Road. They hiked about 2 miles back through the forest and when they emerged at the bank of the creek Chris said, “Hey look, a bear.” And sitting on the opposite side of the creek (only about 40 feet away) was what first looked like a bear, sitting with its back towards them, rubbing its back on a stump. When Chris said, “Hey look, a bear.” It stood straight up and turned to face the boys. It was about 6-7 feet tall, with about 3 foot wide shoulders. It had medium brown, well-groomed hair. Neither muscles nor genitals were noticed. It had a round head with a round, blonde mane, like a lion. It had blonde, much shorter hair on the face. The face was flat with human-like eyes, human-like flat nose. He could not recall seeing the mouth (when I asked him), most likely due to the hair. The arms were human-like in length, not abnormally long. It definitely had hands. When I asked if he noticed finger nails or claws, Chris said he doesn’t remember. The sighting only lasted about 10-15 seconds and then boys dropped their fishing gear and ran, never ever returning to retrieve their gear.

Chris also added an encounter when he was 18 years old. Late one night while in a tent with his girlfriend, they watch a large hairy silhouette walk between the side of the tent and the fire, and as it walked by, it rubbed its finger across the top of the tent. They left promptly afterwards.

At age 27, Chris and a friend found a shelter made out of hug timber and a pine needle floor. As they stood inside, they got an uneasy feeling then left.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Cliff Barackman’s Witness Report
(We're conducting follow-up reports for Cliff.)

Your name: Dustin Teudhope (used with permission)

Year of Encounter: 2009

Month of Encounter: January

Date of Encounter: 7

Time of Encounter: 4:45 pm

Region of Encounter: United States

State: Florida

Nearest Town/Landmark: Apalachicola River

Nearest Road: Highway 20

Encounter Location: On the bank of a river head a couple miles into the woods.

Encounter Type: Sighting

Witness Activity: I was up in a tree hunting.

Witness Narrative:

It was a Wednesday all of my hunting buddies had to work so I headed out alone. It was about 2 when I crossed the river head on a log to get over to the Northern bank. I was settled in up a tree 25ft by 2:30pm. I was doing a lot of calling and rattling for deer and a little after 4pm I heard some footsteps from back on the South side of the river head coming my way. It wasn't long before a small spike buck was directly across the river from me. He proceeded to wade right across and walked right under me and head off to the North deeper into the woods to where I was hoping the bigger older deer would come from. A little while after that a heard a stick crack on the Southern side of the river head, from farther off than which I had first heard that little buck's footsteps. I stood up again and listened. Soon I realized there was definitely something coming my way from over there again. It was breaking a lot of sticks and crunching leaves quite loudly. The next thing I thought was that there must be a few deer headed my way. As it got closer it got much louder and pretty intense. The next thing I thought was that there must be some deer and hogs running this way and maybe some coyotes must be chasing them. As the source of the super loud commotion neared the clearing directly South across the river head from me it actually sounded like a battery powered ATV cruising through the woods.

Then I had a visual. It was over 7ft tall and real dark brown. It was covered in hair and traveling upright through the woods effortlessly at what had to be close to 10mph. It also had long arms that it used to grab branches up ahead of it as if to help it along its way on what I would call a determined walk. It definitely had some place in mind that it wanted to go to but it wasn't trying to run at all. In the same note there's no way I could've been able to keep up with this incredible beast. I've ran 8mph for short periods of time on a tread mill but not through the woods. This creature moved so swiftly for being so big and as suddenly as it appeared it was gone. I stood there in awe for at least a minute if not more just listening to the intense sound this creature created as it got farther and farther away. It wasn't until I couldn't hear anymore sticks cracking that I sat back down and thought to myself, "Wow, I just saw bigfoot!" Then right away again I thought, "Wow, I just saw a bigfoot! I need to tell my brother about this.” You see my brother and I found bigfoot tracks about 15 years before this. Now it was up in Crawford County, Pennsylvania along a feeder stream to Conneaut Creek. None the less they were huge barefoot prints in the snow and mud and they were twice the size of our boots. No one ever went back to look at them with us and the story of this really became a joke amongst our friends.

Follow-Up: 5-1-14

I spoke to the witness from 8:35 pm – 9:00 pm. His sighting took place deep in the woods, miles away from the town of Bristol. It was about 30 mins before sunset on a clear, sunny day. He was hunting on a friend’s property and while in his tree stand he hears this very loud commotion of tree breaks at his 12 o’clock position across the river. Thinking it was a bunch of hogs or deer; he stood up in his stand and watched intently. He then observed a 7’ dark brown, upright figure moving a VERY high rate of speed. It was reaching out andgrabbing branches in front of it, about waist high, as if to help it navigate its way. The witness did not see it break any branches, but he sure heard it bulldozing its way through the woods. “It made no attempt to keep quiet” during the entire minute or so encounter. The visual part of the encounter lasted only about 2-4 seconds. “It was walking with its chest out, taking long, fast strides.” It didn't look like it was running, but it moved very fast, it moved “effortlessly. It looked like it was moving with a purpose.” The witness never saw its face, as the creature walked perpendicular to his location. The top of the head was "sorted rounded, kinda domed-shaped." The hair was mostly uniform in color and in length (about 4 inches), with maybe a little more hair around the head and neck. He could not see the details of its hands or feet as he estimated it at about 55 yards away. No smells or vocals were noticed.
On other occasions in this same area, Dustin has also received return tree knocks to his tree knocks. In February 2014 he heard a VERY loud roar which sounded like "RaaaaWW!! RaaW!!!" which was unlike any animal he's ever experienced in almost 25 years of hunting. "The roar was like a mix between a lion and a bear. It was super intense and deep. It froze me in my tracks as I approached my tree stand!" Strange tree breaks have also been observed in the area.

The witness is a bartender/waiter in nearby Panama City and an avid hunter. In my opinion the witness seems very credible and sincere. I could hear the excitement in his voice and he never embellished his story. When I asked if he saw its face or hands, he said no. I also asked if he heard it vocalize or if there was a smell, he again said no.

This spot is next to the Apalachicola National Forest, the largest U.S. National Forest in the state of Florida. It encompasses 632,890 acres.

- Charlie Raymond, KBRO Lead investigator

Originally submitted:

Possible Dogman Sighting 10-9-13

Witness: Dave (last name on file)

Location: New Salisbury, Indiana

Date: Fall 2010

NOTE: This report does feature some similar characteristics to other witness testimony taken in Kentucky and around the world: a) It featured a noticeable protruding jaw, a condition known as “prognathism,” a trait found in apes and in ancient human fossil skulls; b) it transitioned from bi-pedal motion (walking on two legs) to “quadrupedalism” (running on all fours); c) some witnesses have observed small pointed ears on the side of the head; d) and noticeable canines, although in this particular case the teeth were not observed.

A few years ago a parent at the school in which I (Charlie) teach informed me about her co-worker who had a possible bigfoot sighting. Being a bigfoot skeptic she was reluctant to tell me. However in this case she felt compelled to tell me about her co-worker’s encounter because she explained to me that he is a highly intelligent, no-nonsense, straight-forward man who would never make up such a story. After a year of missed communication trying to obtain his name and number, I gave up. Fortunately, last week when I spoke to this parent over the phone regarding her son’s grades, she mentioned to me that she found his phone number. I immediately called him that evening to set up an interview.

We met Dave at his home on October 9, 2013 at 4:30 pm. Dave has worked as a registered nurse for 7 years and a chiropractor for 23 years which will prove very significant in this unique bigfoot sighting.

Dave saw the creature twice within a two week period. During the first encounter, he was driving home at 11:30 pm. As Dave approached his house, only a few houses down on his street, he observed a large animal on all fours run across the road directly in front of his car. It had dark brown, “rusty-colored” matted hair, a short snout, small pointed ears on the side of its head and it was much larger than a large dog. The height of its back was as high as a standard kitchen table, the front shoulders were considerably wider than the hips, and it galloped when it ran (bringing the front two legs/arms up together at the same time, then the rear two legs). It crossed the road very quickly. Needless to say, he thought this creature was very odd, especially when he saw it again a few weeks later, walking on two legs!

Dave’s second encounter occurred at 6:30 am, just after sunrise. He was inside his home when he looked out his window and noticed a hairy, bi-pedal figure (estimated at 6’ 3”), with a very unusual gait, walking down his street. He had a clear, close view of the creature as it walked parallel to his home, only about 30 feet from his windows, although the sunrise was on the direct opposite side of the creature. After watching it from his windows, Dave ran outside to continue viewing this peculiar creature. When he doesn't immediately see it, he walked to the street and eventually saw it about 100 feet from his location, walking away from him on all fours. It turned and looked back at Dave and that’s when he realized this was the same creature he witnessed a few weeks earlier that darted in front of his car. It did not have a bulky, muscular build, but instead more of a normal, uniform build for its height. Based on Dave’s years of experience in the medical field, he estimated its weight at about 200 lbs. The arms were slightly longer than a human’s and the head was proportionate to its body. The hair was short (maybe only an inch), matted and uniform in length/color throughout.

Interesting Notes: When it was walking upright, it leaned forward, it did not walk heal to toe (more on the ball of its feet), the lower legs had a slight backward curve to them, it had a slight bounce to its step, it had a 3-4 inch snout and small pointed ears on the side of its head.

Watch video interview here.

- Charlie Raymond and Karen Moreno Lawyer, KBRO Investigators

10 Footer Spotted in Illinois 9-30-13

Witness: Eric Kern

Which county? Wabash

Estimated date? 8/22/2013

Estimated time? 2 pm

Nearest city? Keensburg, Illinois

Nearest Road(s): Beall Woods Fire Lane

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3 to 4 mins

How many witnesses? 1

Mr. Kern is a married, ex-military man who presently lives in Illinois near Mt. Carmel. The sighting took place September 12, 2013, approximately 3:30pm. Weather was sunny and clear. The place where the sighting took place is Bealls Woods State Park, nearest the town Keensburg, population about 200 people. Park is described as small, maybe 25 acres. Surrounding areas are described as rural, with abundance of corn and soybean fields. Mr. Kern was walking alone with his dog down a trail near a gully. All animal sounds came to a halt, and his dog behaved aggressive and agitated. Approximately 15 feet from Mr. Kern was an upright, shadowy figure, described as about 10 1/2 ft tall and approximately 50in. wide. He could see the figure from the hip up. The only features he saw on the face were large, dark puckered lips and green, human-like eyes. The large figure motioned to turn away. Mr. Kern picked up his dog and backed away from the figure. He stated that at no time did he feel threatened, but became uncomfortable and left.

On another occasion, 4 days ago he revisited the area with 2 of his friends and heard a series of tree knocks and 2 guttural grunts. The other witnesses were not available for interviews. An interesting side-note: the area is located close to an abandoned silo and shelter.

- Karen Moreno Lawyer, KBRO Investigator

"The Stawberry Monster" 5-28-13

Date: June 1977

Time: Noon

Location: Utopia, Ohio

Witnesses: Gail Madess, her two brothers and two neighborhood friends (names on file)

On May 26, 2013 I had the pleasure of interviewing Gail Maness, a 45 yr old mother of four, who now resides in Corydon, Kentucky. She shared her frightening encounter while she was a child living along the Ohio River in Utopia, Ohio.

On warm summer afternoons, Gail (age 9), along with her brothers and two neighbor boys, would often snack on the fresh strawberries in her backyard. The strawberry patch was not too far from the house and a small picket fence separated them from an old, abandoned Volkswagon van. A vacant field was located on the opposite side of the van. Woods surrounded the field. The children were eating strawberries near this fence and the van, maybe only a few yards away.

Gail had the sensation of being watched and looked up at the van and she sees a big hairy face looking through the driver and passenger windows, it was crouched down on the opposite side of the van. Gail screamed immediately and when she did, it stood all the way up, prompting screams from the other children. Gail repeated throughout the interview how big and wide this creature stood. Its chest up could be seen above the van. Its hair was similar to a Cocker Spaniel’s, kind of long, light brown, medium length, surprisingly well-groomed, with reddish highlights. She could see the skin around the mouth which was similar in color to the hair. The mouth had thin lips and it was wider than a human’s. Gail again stressed many times during the interview how human it looked. When asked about the nose or eyes, Gail could not recall any details. She told me after immediately seeing the creature; she turned her head away in fear. The boys continued to look at it and Gail remembers looking at the shock on their faces. Jason, the neighborhood friend, actually passed out and fell over. Gail’s mother heard the screams and came to their rescue. Gail could not remember what happened next, other than saying her mother recalls hearing it running away through the woods. Her mother was so focused on the kids, she didn’t see the creature. Gail added that blackberries were also in season along the fence row. She also repeated a few times throughout this interview that she was breaking out in a sweat as she recounted this frightening story.

Gail mentioned other encounters throughout the area. She also remembers that a fight once broke out on the school bus between witnesses and non-believers. Another witness had observed a family of bigfoots by the Ohio River which included a baby bigfoot. Gail also recalls years later (age 14), when she and some friends found a long, human-shaped feces under a plum tree. The size was MUCH longer than a human’s.

After speaking to Gail, I called and spoke to Angie, Gail’s mother, for almost 2 hours. Angie confirmed the details of Gail’s report to a “T” and added some more information. When Angie heard the kids screaming she immediately ran outside. The backdoor to the house was only about 15 feet from the strawberry patch. She focused on the children screaming, in particular Jason, the boy laying on the ground, thus she never noticed the creature on the opposite side of the van. Angie told one of the boys to run and get Jason’s mother. The other kids were screaming “There’s a monster! There’s a monster!” as they pointed to the woods. She could hear it running through the woods.

Gail and her mother mentioned many other encounters which have occurred throughout the years. I’m hoping for a phone interview with David, Gail’s brother, who made the longest eye contact with the creature. I have also elicited the help from our friends at Tri State Bigfoot who live in Ohio. Supposedly Brown County, which is very close to Utopia, is a hotbed for bigfoot activity.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Web Submission 1-26-12

Your first name: Kassidy

Which county? Douglas

Estimated date? Summer of 2011

Estimated time? 2:30 - 3:00 pm

Nearest city? Drury, MO

Nearest Road(s): Dirt road off of Highway 14

Length of time the encounter lasted: 15 - 60 seconds

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter: I was camping and I was going into the bushes. My friend Dustin was calling a turkey. I was by him. I looked into the trees and there walking was a large creature about eight feet tall. It was walking toward the turkey Dustin was calling as if it was hunting. It was not a hoax.

Describe the creature with detail: The head was unusual. It was kind of squarish. I did not see the eyes but I and Dustin could see abdominal muscles - it was very muscular. It also had muscles on its arms. I did not see the legs. I only saw the upper body. It had very dark hair - very dark, long hair. I was in shock. I did not notice any smell.

Any additional Info? It walked out from behind a tree and behind another.

Follow-Up: 3-4-12

I spoke with the ten-year old witness by phone and her excitement and fear seemed very sincere. She had gone camping with her friends and they went out turkey hunting one afternoon in the summer of 2011. Around 3 PM, she stepped through some brush as her friend was conducting turkey calls and froze as she saw a large black creature 25-30 feet away. Her friend Dustin also saw the creature. She estimates the creature to have been approximately 8 feet tall and it walked upright in a slightly crouched position with long arms swinging as it moved toward a turkey. It stepped from behind one tree, walked approximately 6 feet, and stepped behind another tree making no sound. She could see muscles moving under the skin and described the face as having black skin with a square shape. There was no odor from the creature and it did not seem to notice her as it was focusing on the turkey. The encounter lasted less than 60 seconds as both witnesses were terrified and ran back to camp to find their friends. The camp was near a creek with abundant fish in the deep woods in Douglas County, MO. The campsite had a great deal of food sitting out, but there was no activity at the campsite during that trip.

- Joy Clay, Lead Investigator

The Paddy Report 3-24-12

Your first name: Paddy (last name on file)

Which county? Floyd

Estimated date? 1958

Estimated time? late afternoon

Nearest city? Georgetown, Indiana

Nearest Road(s): State Hwy. 64

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1-2 min.

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

Classmate Vicky xxxx had come home from school with me to collect and identify various tree leaves for a class project. We were in the 3rd. grade, I was 8 yrs. old. We rode together on my bike to Wolfe cemetary less than a mile from my house to collect the leaves. After being there for probably 30 min. or more, I was walking towards a particular tree that stood at the edge of some dense underbrush that formed a western border of the cemetary when I heard a rustle in the brush coming from the exact spot where I was headed. I stopped, maybe 15 ft. from my goal, as a large creature crawled out of the brush and stood up. It seemed as shocked to see me as I it and for a moment we both stood there staring at each other before I screamed and ran. My friend and I (both still screaming) jumped on the bike and went home as fast as we could. I don't recall any particular smell but do remember gauging it's size by how tall my father was (5' 10'/11") and it was somewhat taller. I somehow got the impression stuck in my head that it was a young male. At no time did I feel threatened or afraid, simply shocked at seeing something I hadn't known existed.

Describe the creature with detail:

This sasquatch was probably a bit over 6' and was covered with "silky" fine dark brown hair that was about 6-8" long. I remember seeing it blowing slightly in the breeze. We made and held eye contact for several seconds and its face - especially the eyes - were VERY human even in expression, with the only difference being the presence of hair -- like a man who had never shaved. I don't recall any aspect of this creature that was ape-like or resembling anything other than human. In fact, I remember thinking that his hair and mine would be a perfect match. Everyone tried to tell me that it had been a bear or excaped gorilla -- fat chance -- I argued them down with facts each time until they stopped offering explanations or anything else. They finally chalked it down to me wanting attention --- but what about my friend that saw it too ???

Any additional Info?

Since this incident, I did on 3 occasions hear them "call" in the area and have sensed their presence in other areas. I'm sure many neighbors had stories but the only ones I heard first hand are related here. One lady, Jessie xxxx, a friend of the family, related a story that she had been picking berries along the gravel road that leads into her farm. Across from this road was a dense forrested area that connected to a larger section of woods. One morning as she was picking berries in the fence-row something in the woods behind her was watching and keeping pace with her, she could hear it take steps in the brush whenever she would move. Being fearfull, she quickly picked berries in the direction of her house until reaching the end of the fence-row where she turned and forced herself to walk to the house as tho nothing was wrong. She was afraid that if she ran whatever it was would chase her. Another neighbor kept coon hounds chained in his backyard on the edge of a wooded area. One night all his dogs were out hunting with his sons, but one that remained tied. At a late hour he heard the dog barking and yelled out the door; the dog was quiet then immediately started barking again. This time the man noticed the bark was different. As he was preparing to go out to have a look the dog stopped in mid bark. Satisfied and sleepy he went to bed but the next morning when he went to feed the dog it was missing it's head -- collar still tied to the tree. He said he finally found the head some great distance away in the woods. The community turned his story into a joke of sorts, well something finally sobered him up.

Follow Up: 3-24-12

I spoke to Paddy over the phone. She was walking towards some thick bushes with the intention of collecting leaves for her class project. When she was about 15 feet away she heard rustling in the bushes and watched this hairy creature crawl out on its belly, “like you would see someone crawl under a barbed wire fence.” It stood straight up facing her. They made direct eye contact. It looked shocked to see her. Paddy said, “If he could have spoken he would have said oh shit!” The eyes were dark brown and very human-like in both size and shape. The skin seemed to be soft human skin, “like someone with a tan, not thick and leathery.” The hair looked to be fine and silky, not course. The hair on face wasn’t as long as on the rest of the body. The rest of the facial features were all human-like: thin lips, fine nose--not a broad nose like some are depicted. It seemed frozen when they made eye contact. The head was rounded. It looked like a big person, not a gorilla The hair was dark brown and averged about 6 inches in length, except on the face. It looked very muscular, with shoulders wider than a normal man’s. Paddy believes it was a young male, possibly seeing some gentiles, but can’t quite remember. The hands were very human, even though it had dark hair on it. Witness said when the 1967 Patterson footage came out, she realized “that’s it, that’s what I saw.” It had a short muscular neck, but with all the hair it looked like it had no neck. Most of the area where this took place was known as “little woods”, which connected to the “big woods” which contains plenty of wilderness for these things to live. This location was at a cemetery which was close to where the witness lived. Paddy and her friend (the other witness) were told never to talk about this incident again and Paddy has since lost contact with her friend. Paddy seemed very sincere and credible.

Sketch by Terry Thomas as directed by the witness.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Email submission 5/16/10


I want folks to know they are a living, thinking blood and flesh individuals that run in family groups and clans much like my ancestors did.

My mother is over half Cherokee Indian and I am a Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma tribal member. I know precisely what the white man's culture and thinking can do to things they care to learn or understand.

I was blessed with meeting with a family group of "Forest People" several weeks ago. My guide was a Cherokee Medicine woman named Arla. She closely interacts with this clan who roams and lives on her land.

I have written a story you are welcome to post on your Kentucky Bigfoot site. I attached it to this email along with an audio file I took during the up close and personal meeting. They did not want any pictures, but allowed me to run my mini cam in my pocket. I do have several other photos of them I may share later.

I grow tired of the back biting, back stabbing ways of the many Bigfoot groups all wanting to out do the other! Can't we all work together for one common goal?

The audio is two parts. The second captures a large male in the group giving an Owl call. The two are of another human researcher and you can clearly hear the difference in tone and how they carry in the woods

Have a great day!

Midnight Owl...... the name they actually gave me!


“No night vision or video unless I tell you so” my guide instructed as we neared the tree line located just beyond the cattle fence. She softly began to call out as we leaned on the cross members of the fence and I began to hear subtle foot steps in the thick brush. They started out at some distance, but steadily moved toward us from three separate directions.

This was a very remote, private land area. The chances of someone, let alone multiple folks just hanging out in the darkened forest of central Oklahoma without any lights around midnight were few and far between. My heart began to beat harder sensing the possibility of a close encounter, which I had methodically sought for a number of years.

“Can I really go through with this” were my thoughts as an aching pit formed in my stomach. It was very similar to the feelings I had years ago climbing the stairs to ride the Texas Cyclone roller coaster at Astro World USA.

“Do you want to go inside” the guide asked, strolling over to the game fence gate. Not wanting to wimp out now in front of a woman, I acknowledged a tentative yes. Being completely open and vulnerable was not something my male persona could easily accept. I was stepping out of a comfort zone of my world right into the middle of theirs! I followed closely behind the guide almost like an apprehensive little child seeking assurance that everything will be alright.

We made our way through the gate and back down a narrow path which was dimly lit by the moon beams filtering through the thick canopy of foliage. I could hear stirring here and there on both side of us, but couldn’t clearly see what was making it as we deliberately moved along the trail. We eventually turned off into a side clearing and my guide began speaking to them very softly, calling some by name. More movement and noise sounded.

I won’t go into the multitude of details regarding the unexpected conversation I then had with a third party standing by in the thick brush. Unless you have experienced this, it would be fruitless to try and convey the scenario unfolding in a way an uninformed person would understand. In short, I had a brief conversation with one of them and will leave it at that!

What was happening to me at this point I knew was extremely rare! It was extremely profound and literally brought tears to my eyes with the flood of emotions exploding within me! This was not a brief or momentary encounter with some large hairy thing crossing the roadway in front of me! This was a very deliberate and close up encounter with a being that had cognizant thinking and intelligence. My fear and apprehensions quickly vanished as they began to share with me. I then realized just how close they really are to us in the creator’s master plan.

I was then instructed by them to move away from the guide, which had been my security blanket up to now. Call it a test or whatever, but I instantly complied.

Just then about 30 feet away from me to the east, a huge 8-9 foot hairy figure stepped between two large trees into a cleared area fully illuminated by the bright moon light. It then began to sway, staring at me. It was the typical shape and build of the common Bigfoot sketches and drawings.

“I can see it, it is swaying from side to side!” I exclaimed to my guide. “Sway with it” she replied, which I immediately did.

At that point I began to sway and another smaller Bigfoot figure rose up from the brush about 15 feet directly in front of me! Then another one off to its right about the same size with a smaller figure sitting at its feet I assumed was a toddler. They both intently stared at me, occasionally looking back at what I assume was their parent standing between the trees.

The babblings and exclamations began to flow from my mouth to the guide as my mind tried to fully comprehend what was happening here was very real and tangible! This was a family group which trusted me enough to expose even their young to my presence! I felt the little ones were examining me just as closely as I was reviewing at them! “I can’t believe it!” I exclaimed with tears flowing down my cheeks. “This is really happening to me!” I never felt any threat or animosity from them. They were peacefully holding their positions, giving me a sure clear look at them! It was exactly what I had hoped would happen! A dream actually coming true right before my eyes!

Just then another large one further back began to call out mimicking a Barn Owl call. A very good call indeed, but much too throaty and guttural to be a real owl. Quite appropriate for me since I was now clearly seeing light that had been hidden in darkness and mystique until now.

I asked and was allowed to capture the audio portion of the experience with my video camera. It was too dark for any clear pictures. Turning it on after receiving permission from the guide, I captured most of these calls and some of my continued babblings.

I was totally overwhelmed at that point, feeling my head literally spinning. My guide then asked if I wanted to touch one. My emotions along with my blood pressure were sky high. I couldn’t stand anymore at that point and asked her to lead me back out.

There will be some, possibly many who will doubt my story. So be it, it is your choice, no harm done. Forget that you ever read it!

To those of you who have been to this place, you know precisely of what I speak! My intentions are pure and without malice regarding these magnificent creatures of the forest! I am not seeking to exploit them in any way which is why I had this up close and personal experience.

I have lost the fear of the unknown. I know they are like us in many, many ways! Living in family groups and clans wanting nothing but to be left alone and to live their life in safety and security. The forest was their home long before the white man came and claimed much of it. They have lived the same way for thousands of years exclusively off the land with no technical advancement. The only changes are they have to avoid the white man for their existence to continue uninterrupted. Something they do extremely well!

I truly feel blessed to have been there that night and plan on having many more good times. My intentions are pure and without malice.

My personal pledge to them is this, I will do them no harm, nor will I exploit or market them in any way! That is my vow for taking me into their circle of confidence! I look forward to many more good times with my “Big Brothers“ of the forest!

- Midnight Owl

Listen to the amazing audio clip here.

Website submission 11/7/10

Your first name: Amanda (last name on file)

Which county? Claiborne County, TN

Estimated date? 11-7-2010

Estimated time? 12:10 AM

What city, or nearest city? Claiborne County (Lone Mountain)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5 seconds

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter: I was driving home last night with my teenage sons on Lone Mountain in New Tazewell, TN. As we approached a curve near Lone Mountain Shores, we saw something ahead in the road. I slowed down a bit and it ran across the road in front of us. It was clearly not a dog or horse. It was almost human in shape however it had a shiny black coat, tremendously long arms and was slender so it did not in any way resemble a bear either. As I turned the corner, the figure, which was on the left side of me still in the road, stood up on it's hind legs, facing me. I cannot confirm it's height except to say that it was taller than my Plymouth Voyager. My 17 year old son saw the exact same thing as I have described...both of us are still dumbfounded this morning...This was unlike anything we have ever seen.

Describe the creature with detail: No less than 6 feet tall; tremendously long arms; shiny black coat (I say this because of the glare and shine that it's coat put off when my headlights were shining on it); Slender; It ran hunched over; When it stood up, it's stance was human-like however it's arms extended much longer than human arms, approximately to the knee of the creature.

Follow Up: 11-7-10

I spoke to the witness at great length over the phone. I could hear the excitement in her voice, as this encounter just happened the night before. I found her to be very credible and sincere. She said it was about 15' in front of the car. She stressed that is was completely covered in dark, shinny, short, black hair. The arms where "extremely" long. It walked hunched over as it crossed the road, then stood straight up and faced her in the next lane as she passed it. Because it towered above her vehicle and since it was no longer in her headlights, she could not see the face, hands or feet. She did stress that it was human-shaped, meaning it "had a waist and broad shoulders". The head seemed more rounded, instead of pointed. The complete encounter happen very quickly, in about 5 seconds.

"This was the true view from my perspective. The creature came from the right, hunched over and running across the road.
It turned in the lane next to me and came about 4 feet or so parallel to me...this is when I approached it to the side and it
stood up in the lane to the left facing me. " - Amanda

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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