TIME: 6:00 PM


I was headed home from work. It was about 6 pm that night. It was already dark outside but it was not pitch black, like close to a full moon. I had just passed Equality Church Road driving South on state route Hwy 69 South, and I was coming up on the sharp curve by Smallhouse lane. Before I hit the curve I looked over to my left and saw what looked like a man standing upright beside the road and possibly wearing a ghillie suit and maybe a backpack (because it looked so broad and deep) It was kind of hard to see real close-up details. I remember thinking it looked like those stringy/hairy sniper ghillie suites. He was standing about 20-30 feet off the side of the road in a flat area at the edge of the trees just outside the edge. He just stared at me as I went by. I could not see eyes or any eyeshine. I could tell it was man shaped, but it was long-haired like all over. I could not tell you how tall it was but I know it was at least 6 feet or even more. When I reached my driveway I immediately turned around and went straight back and it was already gone.

I was deployed down on the southern border for a year and all I did was surveillance with cameras and binos. I would have to describe in detail what illegals looked like from miles away, and other things including different kinds of animals. I had to pay very close attention to minute details. Therefore, I kind of know what I was seeing. When I say, man-like I mean it stood on two legs, upright, arms hanging way down to the side, it had shoulders, and a head. It is almost as if it froze and was trying to just wait for me to drive on by.

Like I said, I could not make out any absolute details but this I do know. It was late evening, dark, and this figure was standing on the side of the road. Standing upright, arms hanging down by its side. It had shoulders and a head for sure.


This young man was at a Bigfoot presentation I had just done on Monday 12/5/2022 and only then did he hear that there have been 3 different Bigfoot sightings/encounters in this exact are, so he then decided to come forth with his encounter due to the fact that he has wondered about this strange thing he saw that evening coming home from work. He had always “felt” it really wasn’t a Man, in a ghillie suit, standing by the dark road, at night.


Bigfoot Frightens Fisherman

Dakota (last name on file)

Date: Monday 3/23/2020

Time: 10:30 to 11:00 PM

City: Hartford

Nearest Road: Hwy 69

Describe Your Encounter:

“I went fishing on the Rough River. I was fishing from the bank on the South side of the river in Ohio County, KY. I had a bright headlamp/spotlight on my head that would shine in the direction of wherever I looked. I heard a noise across the narrow river and when I looked there were several deer running full blast like they were startled or panicked. Then I saw this huge massive upright figure standing on the other bank of the river. It made this loud booming growl. It was at least 8 ½ feet tall. Its body was huge and massive. It was covered in hair from head to toe. I smelled this strong awful odor like a wet dog and rotten sewer. When my light hit the creature it let out this loud blast of air as if it was exhaling. It scared me to death. We stood there looking at each other for a few seconds and I could see it taking deep heavy breaths like it was trying to intimidate me. Then the creature spun around and literally went straight up the steep muddy bank in only 2 steps, like it was nothing. This seemed almost impossible to me. No man could have ever done that feat. It had no trouble and never slipped or hesitated. It was amazing to see. As he went out of sight I turned and ran straight to my vehicle leaving almost $500 worth of fishing equipment behind. Even though I was armed with a pistol I felt it was no good against what I had just seen."

Describe Creature in Detail:

“8 ½ feet tall at the least. Huge. It literally looked like a real burly, muscled up man. Completely covered in hair all over. In my spotlight the creature’s hair was a dark reddish brown color. It had great big red glowing eyes, big like the size of golf balls. One last thing I saw was that this creature was covered in mud all over its hips and legs. We have been in flooding conditions here for weeks and the ground is covered in mud, I assume this was why he looked like that.”

Additional Info:

“After I left I realized I had left all my expensive fishing equipment and I wanted to get it, but no way I was going back by myself. I drove to my friends house and begged him to go back to the spot with me so I could get my stuff. When we got back there and was picking up my fishing equipment we kept hearing these loud knocking sounds from across the river. We left very quickly.”

Follow-Up Report:

Today is Tuesday (3/24/2020) and I just got off the phone with this witness. He shared his encounter with a friend who happens to follow my Bigfoot research page so he told him to call me immediately. This young man never believed in Bigfoot. He has been a hunter since he was a small child and has hunted all over Ohio County KY and never saw anything Bigfoot related until this. He called me around 6:00 PM and he had experienced this only about 18 hours before. He was still excited, talking fast, and slightly stuttering when trying to relate to me what he saw. He kept repeating, “How could this thing have been there? I have hunted in the woods all my life and I never saw this before.” The Rough River at this location is not very wide. Many would consider it a good sized creek, so this young man was not that far away from this creature as they stood and stared at each other. He does not remember any facial features, only the hair all over and the huge red glowing eyes the size of golf balls. I found it interesting that he mentioned the hips and legs of this creature covered in mud as we have been in an unusual rainy season causing flooding in our area. I also thought it very interesting when he mentioned that upon returning to the location about an hour later to retrieve his fishing equipment he and his friend kept hearing loud knocks from across the river where the creature had been. The young man knew nothing about Bigfoot making tree knocks. When I explained this to him he was blown away. Tonight (Tuesday 3/24/2020) he and another friend are taking Kayaks to the location and crossing the river to look for footprints or signs. He mentioned they are taking rifles with them. If they find any prints or evidence he has promised to send me pics and all info he gathers. He said this has changed him forever.

-Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Lead Investigator

It Was Huge!

K.B. (full name on file)

Winter 2017

Time: 11:00 PM

Nearest City: Centertown

Nearest Road: Hwy 85/Hwy 69

Please Describe Your Encounter:

“It was winter and pretty cold outside. I was trying to quit smoking but until I did I smoked on the porch outside of the house. So around 11:00 PM I am standing on the porch smoking and listening to the sounds of the night and relaxing. I started hearing distant sounds coming from the huge woods that surround my house in the back and on both sides. It was plain that the sound was moving through the woods and headed in my direction. It was a sound of total chaos. Something big was coming through the woods and clearing a path. I heard limbs breaking and snapping, sounded like small trees being broken and cast aside. Twigs snapping, and the sound of heavy thud like steps crushing the leaves and clutter on the forest floor. I also heard dogs going crazy, even some coyotes sounding off along with them, and I swear I heard birds making lots of noise. Like I said it was like total chaos. By now it has my full attention and I am not moving a muscle and I am staring at the woods where I can hear “IT” coming. All of a sudden I see this huge Silhouette come running out of the woods and running across my yard. It was nighttime but there is a streetlight in front of my house and I could plainly see its figure, shadow, shape. IT WAS HUGE! It was running upright the whole time. It had long arms, unbelievable wide shoulders and a massive chest area. My best guess (believe it or not) was it stood close to 9 feet tall but no shorter.

All of a sudden it was like it noticed I was standing there on my porch in the dark. It turned making an “L” shaped pattern as it headed straight back into the woods but entering at a different location than where it came out and it was making as much noise going away as it did while coming out. I stood there in total shock and listened to it going away, then I came to myself and ran into the house and grabbed my rifle and came back outside to listen longer. It was gone.”

Describe the creature with detail: “At least 9 feet tall, massive chest area, huge broad shoulders, long arms, very fast and stayed upright the whole time. It was NOT a bear.”

Any further details or info: “I never heard it make any vocal noises and I never smelled any odors or bad smells. I have a storage container in my yard and that is what I used to measure its height. At its closest to me it was within 30 yards of me very close to my storage container. It was as tall as my storage container. We have been hearing long moaning screams coming from these woods for a while now, but always thought it must be a Cougar / Mountain Lion. Now we are not for sure. I am left to wonder what in the world was this thing running from.”

Follow-Up: 3-2-2020

I spoke to this witness on the phone. I know exactly where he lives and I know the area all too well as I do research very close to there all the time. This area of Ohio County is a Bigfoot hotspot to say the least. In fact the woods behind this man’s house is basically connected to the same woods that runs for a few miles and ends at my Hunting lease property where I have Bigfoot activity and have had since 2007. I also recently received a report from a family who lives within 1 mile from this man’s house who had a teenage daughter see a Bigfoot as she rode her 4 wheeler up to their farm pond. It ran up the hill and into the woods while making loud "screaming" sounds as it ran away. This man was not a believer in Bigfoot until he saw this one run into his yard. He now believes.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Investigator

The Buckbrush Bigfoot

T.G. (full name on file)

Date: 9-17-2014

Time: 9:30 AM

County: Ohio

City: Rosine

Please describe your encounter:

“I am 65 years old. On the morning of September 17th, 2014 I went to my farm and hunting land to look for some ginseng. At about 9:30 I had sat down on a high spot overlooking a meadow down below which had a huge deep ditch running through it which often had water flowing through it. After a few seconds I began to hear something down in that ditch-line coming closer to me and it was making loud crashing sounds. Small trees were swaying back and forth and you could hear limbs breaking and snapping. I could see something big and black moving as it came through the thick Buckbrush and it was on all fours. My first thought was that it must be a cow from my neighbor’s farm that has got loose. Then it entered the clearing right below me and it was something I had never seen before and I slowly slid behind a big tree to hide myself.

Example photo of Buckbrush.

It stood upright and was around 9 foot tall. It was covered in solid thick black hair all over its body. Most of the hair was around 4 inches long. Its shoulders were at least 48 inches across. It was standing beside some tall Buckbrush which was around 14 foot tall and it raised its arms and placed its hands on the top of the Buckbrush. This is how I estimated its height at around 9 feet. While its hands and arms were hanging on top of the Buckbrush I noticed the hair on its arms was much longer than the rest of its body hair. The hair on the arms was about 8 inches long. It literally stood there for 5 minutes just looking around and swaying back and forth. Then it lowered its arms and started walking back in the direction it had come from but very quietly. It walked in a bent over, or stooped position. Within seconds it was gone.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“9 foot tall, covered in dark black hair. Very wide shoulders. I could not make out the face due to the distance.”

Further details or info:

“My son thought I was crazy for telling of this sighting and he lives near this farm. Last year he lost 19 of his chickens to something tearing them apart. Now all his chickens won’t get off the front porch. He and his son (my 5 year old grandson) were riding their 4 wheeler and something began to shake trees and make loud scary screams at them. My grandson began to cry uncontrollably and they raced back to the house. My son called me and said, “Dad, I now believe you about Bigfoot.”

My son has a neighbor and my son asked him about any possible Bigfoot activity and the neighbor told him, “I will not say what I have seen, but every night I sleep with a double barreled shotgun and a pistol right beside my bed. I go to sleep afraid.”

Although I have not been back to that exact spot of my sighting I allowed a friend of mine to hunt there because of the abundance of deer and turkey. He came out of the woods and swore he would never return.

Follow Up: 6-6-2019

I spoke to this witness because of a contact given to me by a friend and fellow Bigfoot researcher from Tennessee named Joe Bilyeu.

Talking to this witness was an amazing experience for me. He is a good old country man and honest to a fault. He described in minute detail everything he could remember about this encounter down to the type of trees, bushes, and plants all around him. As he gave me details of exactly where this happened I was blown away and excited.

Unknown to this man, there are several Bigfoot incidents and even posted reports from within 2 miles of his encounter. One such report is listed right here on the KBRO of a young boy seeing a Bigfoot in the family’s barn. Also there is a report from an elderly lady who lives on a small gravel road just adjacent to this man’s farm who wrote about all the neighbors on her road seeing a Bigfoot creature, especially those who hunted the area.

During the telling of his incident the old man told me of a nearby gravel road next to his property where several of the neighbors had moved off because of all the Bigfoot activity. It is the very SAME ROAD the woman wrote about.

This area has several thousand acres of think old uncut timber and an abundant source of food and water. He said that over 100 deer had been taken just form his favorite deer stand alone. Amazing.

I absolutely believe this old fella saw a Bigfoot and it never saw him or looked in his direction, but it sensed something because it stood there for 5 minutes then quietly returned in the direction it came from.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Lead Investigator

Strange Creature

C.G. (full name on file)

Date: July 30th, 2018 @ 10:30 PM

County: Ohio

City: Pleasant Ridge

Phone Interview 8-21-18:

This man has a habit of sitting outside his rural country house at all hours of the night when he cannot sleep. He enjoys the peace and quiet of his secluded surroundings. He constantly carries a flashlight on his side to not fall or stumble while walking outside in the dark.

On Monday night July 30th, 2018 as he was sitting in his front yard in a lawn chair he shines his flashlight into the field next to his house and spots a very large bodied creature hunched over on all fours standing very still looking straight at him. The man was shocked because this huge creature had made NO noise and was within 20 yards of him and he had no idea because he had heard nothing. He says he simply shined his light at this location only to scan the area as he frequently does out of habit, not because he had heard any noises.
The creature looked really odd and was something out of place, or as he said “not normal.” He saw no eyeshine although his light was shining straight at it. No smell was noticed. The creature had no noticeable “snout” it was a more “rounded’ face and head. It appeared a grayish color. Very hairy. Witness stated that its body was as big as a large deer. The man instantly got up and walked 5 or 6 steps to his front porch and turned around to shine the flash light on the creature again but it was gone. He did not hear it run away. No noise at all.

Check out the shape of the lake!

Last Fall (2017) witness was sitting in his backyard around 2:30 AM when he heard the neighbor’s dog start barking wildly and sounded very afraid and alarmed. The neighbor's trailer sits about 100 yards behind the witness’s house) He then heard something large moving in the tree line towards the trailer and the barking dog. It was snapping limbs and branches very loudly as it walked. He saw the neighbors porch light come on and they let the dog into the home. Witness then stayed silent as he heard the large “something” start walking away from the trailer. He could hear huge thudding bi-pedal like steps as it walked away, snapping limbs and breaking branches until it was out of hearing distance.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Investigator

The Deer Stalker

Witness: James (last name on file)

County: Ohio

Nearest city: Pleasant Ridge

Nearest road: Bells Run Road (a few miles away)

Date of encounter: November 2006

Time of day: Approximately 8:00 am on a cold, sunny morning.

Length of sighting:
Approximately 20 seconds.

I spoke to the witness over the phone on 2-26-16. He is 60 years old and served in the military for 23 years. I asked the witness why he decided to report the story now after all of these years. He said he told a couple of good friends about the encounter but they just blew it off as another animal. Recently he read about an encounter in Ohio County about a fisherman seeing a Bigfoot and he felt like it was time to get it off of his chest. I found the witness to be very sincere during the interview and when I asked him specific questions regarding the physical appearance and behavior of the creature, he never changed or embellished his story. For example, he said he did not see details of the face, only that it was flat with no muzzle. Another example: I asked him if he put the scope on the creature and he said no, I was just focused on the deer.

Rendition of the event by Artist, Terry Thomas.

The story begins with a hunter in his deer stand. He observed a ten point buck at approximately 50 yards away trotting (a little faster than a walk). He had a clear view of the deer through the trees when he noticed a large creature following the deer only five feet behind it. The creature was on all fours and appeared to be galloping like a chimpanzee. It would push at the same time with both back legs while reaching and pulling with both front arms. He said the front two appendages looked like arms, very massive with long reddish-tan hair hanging from them like an orangutan. The rear legs looks bent, as if it were a person. It did give the impression of walking on its front knuckles. The front shoulders were higher than the hind-end of the creature. In other words, the profile of its back was not horizontal like a dog or bear, but sloped downward. He said the head was rounded; however it did come up to a slight point at the back. He did not see a snout, it had a flat face. He saw no details of the face, no ears and it had no visible tail. The hair was reddish-tan all over the creature with it being longer on the back of the arms. He does not recall seeing feet on the back legs, because it was very hairy.

James said the sighting only lasted for about 20 seconds and he was "so fixated on shooting this deer" that he was going to kill it first before the creature did. It wasn’t until much later, and after deeper thought, that this was not a known creature based on its appearance and the way it walked. In other words, it took a while for this encounter to sink in. I asked him if it could have been a bear or dog and he said absolutely not. When he shot the deer, it ran off and he watched the deer so he could go and retrieve it. He believes the creature ran off in the opposite direction, but it happened so quickly that he wasn’t sure. He climbed down from the tree stand and approached the dead deer. After laying his gun aside, he heard movement behind him down in a hollow. He turned and looked and saw an upright, darker brown figure running through the trees at about 100 yards away. He became very uneasy, so instead of dressing the deer, he loaded it onto his ATV and left.

I asked him why he didn’t put his scope on the creature and/or shoot it, and he said “he didn’t know what it was and didn’t feel comfortable shooting it.” His primary focus at the time was the buck. He figured whatever the creature was, would just run away. Remember this entire encounter happened within 20 seconds, so he was really caught off guard with the whole scenario. I asked him how did the deer react to the creature and he said they were not running. They were walking in at a very brisk pace. At one point the deer did turned its head and looked back at the creature. He felt like the creature could have reached out and grabbed the deer at any moment and was possibly going to do so right before he shot the deer.

My thoughts, insights and questions: Again, I found this witness to be very sincere over the phone. It is a pretty unique story to have made it up, if someone were to hoax such an event. Was this creature indeed a Bigfoot? If so, did it zap this deer with infrasound to allow the close proximity?

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Human Couple Meets Bigfoot Couple?

Witnesses: David & Samantha (full names on file)

Date: Summer 2015

Time: Around Noon

County: Ohio

Location: Undisclosed until further investigation.

On December 29, 2016 researchers Don Neal and Charlie Raymond met with the couple at their place of employment. After numerous prior contacts, they agreed to be interviewed as long as we did not disclose their full names and exact location of the sighting. In addition to being business owners, they are also arrowhead hunters and do not want to jeopardize their business nor sighting location.

One afternoon the couple drove to a location to hunt for artifacts. After hiking for a few miles they approached a dormant soybean field. It had just rained, it was an overcast, humid afternoon. This location is at least ten miles from town.

Not an actual photo.
As they approached the field Samantha noticed a large, brown creature grouched down across the field. She immediately calls for David, “David come here. There’s something over here looking at me.” Because David was eager to begin the hunt he responded, “It ain’t nothing, come on, let’s go!” Well Samantha persisted, “Seriously, come here! Look!” Knowing she’s just a city girl David responded again, “It’s probably just an animal. Come on, let’s go!” Finally David walked over to her and looked down her outstretched arm to where she’s frantically pointing but did not see it and says, “It’s nothing, come on!” and walked away. Using a few choice words, Samanta was able to get David to stop walking away and look one last time. It was at that moment another massive Sasquatch boldly walks out of the treeline and looks directly at the couple. David explained, “My heart sank and I immediately became struck with fear! I became paralyzed for a second! This thing was massive! It had long white hair with black tips on the end. It had enormous trapezius muscles which joined the shoulders to the side of the head, hiding its neck. No ears were noticed. The chest and face were a grayish-blue, like the color of your heel.” David said the nose was very wide and flat. The mouth looked like a chimpanzee. “I could see the circles under its eyes,” explained David. Just then the brown creature stood up and they both walked back into the treeline. The brown one was much smaller. “I could see the calf muscles flex on the larger one as they walked into the trees,” explained David.

David told Samantha, “Here, hold my hand and put your head down and just keep walking!” As they walked, approximately 50 yards adjacent to the treeline, they heard movement as if they were being paralleled. And more significantly it sounded as if the creatures were saying in a deep, garbled voice, “Hey...Hey...Hey.” Both witnesses swear it sounded like they were saying “Hey.” After thinking about the encounter much later they believe the Sasquatches were repeating what they say to each other as they arrowhead hunt. Usually the couple would yell across the field, “Hey. I found one!” They never call out each others’ name.

This encounter is under further investigation. We hope to meet the witnesses at the sighting location to take measurements because the white Bigfoot may go on record as the largest documented individual in Kentucky. Updates will be posted as soon as we conclude this case.

- Charlie Raymond and Don Neal, Lead Investigators

Motorist Approaches Frightened Juvenile Sasquatch

Sketch by Terry Thomas

Witness: B.K. (full name on file)

Estimated date: June 2012

Estimated time: 10:00pm

Exact location: (under investigation)

Length of time: Entire sighting was about 30 seconds. Face to face encounter, maybe 6 seconds.

Describe your encounter:

“I left work around 9:30pm and I was driving home. As I neared a small bridge that crossed a flowing ditch, I saw a black figure standing in the road in my lane so I immediately slowed down although I was not driving fast in the first place because of deer, and I was just relaxing and taking it easy after work so I was in no hurry.

My first thought was, why was there someone dressed in dark clothing standing here in the road? As soon as I stopped within 12 feet of it, I knew immediately what I was looking at. Not a bear, not a human, but a young bigfoot. It was facing straight at me and in my full headlights. In my headlights its hair looked brownish/red and not black like when I first saw it at a distance.

The single thing I was stricken with the most was its eyes. It looked like a scared child. It looked lost and confused. I suddenly felt sorry for it, in fact I felt worried for it. It looked straight into my eyes at 12 feet and it was a look of….What are you? Where did you come from?

We stared at each other for a good 6 seconds and we didn’t move. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the thought that…..Hey this thing’s lost and its Mommy and Daddy are gonna come looking for it, I better get the ---- out of here. I no more that had that thought and the thing took off across the road. The direction it was running towards would have made it jump or fall into a very deep water-filled ditch under the bridge, but it ran in a zig-zag fashion and avoided the ditch and veered off onto an old logging road that runs beside the ditch. He was fast, and gone in no time. I shook myself back to reality and slowly drove the ¼ mile to my home. I mean my home was almost within view of this event. I was still in shock when I went inside and told my husband what I had just seen.”

Follow-Up Report: 6-20-15

The witness is a 58 year old female which has lived in her house for 37 years. The creature was estimated at 4 or 5 feet tall and had a normal build for a small human, but its face seemed very young, like an adolescent or a child. It remained on two legs during the entire encounter.

It was covered in brownish/red hair all over except the face. The hair was slick to its body. The face was a brownish color or like a very sun-tanned person would look. It had big lips, on a big mouth. It had a human-shaped nose, only bigger. Its eyes were very big for its face and they were dark. I could not make out any color to them. Its long arms hung down to its side until it started to run off, then it put its arms out in front of it as it ran off. It had a long receding hairline on a long forehead.

I absolutely and positively believe this eye witness saw a juvenile Bigfoot within 12 feet of her windshield, lit up completely in her headlights and they stared at each other for several seconds. After researching other reports, I've discovered Bigfoots which begin to run with their arms out in front, as this witness had described.

Through word of mouth I followed a lead to this incredible encounter. For years the witness was reluctant to share her story for fear of ridicule. After some coercing and reassurance I managed to persuade her to share her story for the first time publicly. This witness’ home is in the heart of a highly active area of Bigfoot encounters and we are currently investigating this location.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Investigator

Blonde Bigfoot Observed by Two Fishermen

Witness: Glenn (last name on file)

Date of encounter: 6-12-15

Time of encounter: 4:00 PM

City: Beaver Dam

Nearest road: Hwy 231 (exact location on file)

Length of encounter: 30 seconds

Number of witnesses: 2

Describe your encounter:

"My fishing partner and I went fishing to a local lake in my county on the evening of Friday, June 12th, 2015 at around 4:00 PM. We were using a small john boat so we quietly unloaded the boat into a narrow cove of the lake which enters into the main body of the lake. As we sat in our boat it began drifting away from the boat ramp, and we were just starting to prepare to fish, my partner says,“Do you see what I’m seeing? I looked up and saw the direction he was looking in, which was at the bank straight across from where we had just loaded our boat. Again this was just a narrow cove, so the other side of the bank was barely 50 yards away. What I saw was this creature stand upright and started walking away from our location. It was only a short distance to the tree line that the creature was headed into. The back of this thing was really huge. It was walking away on 2 legs. That it was walking upright and on 2 legs, I am completely positive. I blinked my eyes twice trying to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. It had huge shoulders, and a very broad waist. It was already almost into the trees and was disappearing into the woods quickly, even though it was not running, but only walking. What was really strange, this thing I saw was“blonde or yellow-looking all over, or at least a blondish tint to its hair. Its hair was long, matted and worn looking. It reminded me of one of those old mops that have been used until it is almost worn out. Tangled and matted. It made no noise and I did not smell anything unusual. But this thing was huge. I was in a state of shock and I said to my partner, Did you just see something yellow, like I just saw? Is that what you were talking about seeing?” He answered, Yes!”

Describe the creature in detail:

"What I saw was from the knees upward because of the tall grass. I mainly saw the back and the waist area. It was wide, and large. It was definitely a “blonde” color all over. The hair was matted and long. I am 100% sure it walked away upright on 2 legs."

Any additional info?

":Yes. My partner does not want to talk about the incident but when I ask him what the creature was doing when he first saw it, he said it was squatted down in the grass and just watching us. He then said something about he thought he may have seen 2 of them. By the time I looked in the right direction I only saw the 1 walking away, and into the tree line. Although we were shook up, we were not deathly afraid because the creatures did not act violent, so after we calmed down, we continued to fish until dark, but we were aware of our surroundings and kept a watchful eye and ear tuned in."

Follow-Up Report
: 6-16-15

I visited this eyewitness and his wife in their home on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015. The witness was still shaken and confused as to explain and place exactly what he saw. During my interview with him he would frequently stop and rub his forehead, and take a deep breath as he tried to struggle with telling me what he saw.

He answered every question the same no matter how I would ask the same question, but in a different manner. His story or details never changed in the slightest.

While we were talking his wife remembered an incident they had experienced just a few weeks earlier at another lake not a mile or so from this encounter. As they related that story to me they then realized that these 2 incidents could be related to a possible Bigfoot event. Their story goes: As they arrived late one evening at this lake and were going to unload their small boat to go fishing, they heard something walking heavily in the woods right next to them. This was a loud and thumping sound. Then they heard these loud wood knocks, or wood slams. They loaded the boat back into the truck and left immediately, afraid to stay around. Only during this interview did they put the 2 incidents together. They were not prone to believe in Bigfoot even though they have heard stories and rumors of incidents in this area over the last few months.

Apparently there have been many fishermen in this area hearing strange sounds (howls, knocks, and growls) and also many reporting seeing “glowing eyes” around the woods and lakes in this area.

The witness took me and my brother to the exact sighting location and again told us his story in great detail exactly as he had related it to me (on audiotape) back at his home. The area is several thousand acres of woodlands and small lakes, ponds, and streams, with the Green River very close by. This area is rich in deer, rabbit, squirrel, and many other types of small game animals, along with plentiful water sources. Although this area is frequented by fishermen there are almost NO homes or farms in this location.

NOTE: As it got near dark, the witness, my brother and I stood on a tall ridge overlooking the sighting area and I attempted a male call blast and got an immediate long howl in return. We all 3 heard it.

I have traveled and fished in this area for some 30 years, even in the very lake of this sighting report. It is a very remote area. I believe this witness saw a very unusual blonde Bigfoot.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Investigator

Motorist Observes Large Upright Creature

Your first name:
Elijah (last name on file)

Estimated date? 6-9-14

Estimated time? 11:00 PM

Nearest city? Matanzas

Nearest Road(s): Hwy 85

Length of time the encounter lasted: 60 to 90 seconds

How many witnesses? Just me

Please describe your encounter:

“I was driving home with my mother beside me in the front seat. I am 16 years old and just got my license. My mom was leaning her head on the passenger window and dozing off. I rounded a very sharp curve that is very dangerous in this area, in fact there have been terrible wrecks there in the past and some with fatalities. My lights were on bright. Up ahead I saw eye-shine near the ditch, right beside the road on the passenger side. I first thought “Deer” so I maintained my speed and didn't accelerate (remember I was already going slow from the sharp curve). Then the eye-shine turned away from my lights and this “thing” stood up from what I guess was a crouching position. All of a sudden it had turned around and was walking back away from the road, on 2 feet, upright. I am 6’2” and weigh 300 lbs (I am a pretty big 16 years old). This thing was so much bigger and taller than me that I just couldn't believe it. It was hairy all over and a real dark color. Like an extremely large man in a “Ghillie Suit”. In only 3 steps or so, it had walked up to a tree in the front yard of this home and it stopped right beside the tree. It was NOT behind the tree, it was standing in front of the tree but was facing away from my car and its lights. As I began to pass where it was standing, it turned towards me again and there was those huge, big, glowing eyes. As big as 2 silver dollars reflecting in my passing head-lights. I was totally shocked and didn't know what to do. I got real shaky and nervous and only then ask my Mom (Did you just see that?). She was not looking forward but did notice that at some time I had hit my brakes a little. I wanted to turn around but was half afraid to with my mom also in the car with me. I will tell you this…I have NEVER believed in Bigfoot and I poked at and made fun of my Uncle (Biggyfoot) who does Bigfoot research, but what I saw was NOT a Bear, Deer, or any other kind of animal, not at all. I really believe I saw a BIGFOOT. I am a believer now.

Describe the creature with detail:

It was too dark to see any features, but I can tell you it was tall (my guess is 6’8” to 7’ at least) and it was at least 3 times broader and bigger than me and I weigh 300 pounds. It seemed to be a solid dark color all over. It had huge almost glowing eyes set further apart than a humans would be.

Any additional Info?

I feel that it was about to cross the road but when I came around the curve it retreated back the way it came from. Which direction it went after I passed by it anybody’s guess.

Follow-Up Report: 6-10-14

Elijah is my nephew. I can tell everyone that he was the biggest skeptic of all. He kidded me and poked fun at me for believing in Bigfoot and certainly for being a Bigfoot researcher. Not any more. Immediately after this sighting his mother (my sister) called me and said he was shaking, nervous, and white as a sheet, and that he had really just seen something he couldn't explain. I was on this location less than 45 minutes later to drive this road several times, passing this house where the creature had been seen. It had started a pouring down rain. What I can share with you all is this......WIthin a 4 to 5 mile radius of this exact location of my nephew's sighting, I have had 6 reports of Bigfoot activity, and 2 other stories that have not been made into reports as of yet. Also not a mile away there is a red hot Bigfoot activity location where the KBRO, and several other experienced researchers have been dong studies and expeditions. Elijah knew none of this.

On Tuesday 6/10/14, I took Elijah to this location and we approached the homeowners and ask permission to film his interview at the very driveway where he saw this Bigfoot. The homeowners agreed and were very Interested in our reason for being there. Although the homeowner told me he wasn't sure that he believed in a Bigfoot, he did admit that since they have lived there for years, they have always heard...."some mighty strange screams and howls like nothing he had ever heard before moving ther.e" I did a videotaped interview on the exact spot and Elijah's story stayed true and exact to the night before. He was still trying to make sense of what he saw.

I am convinced that this non-believer actually saw a Bigfoot in spite of his disbelief, and his entire thought pattern was changed when a fairy tale became a reality within 60 to 90 seconds.

VIdeo Interview

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Investigato

The Ohio Yowler Strikes Again!

Date: 12-30-31

Location: (private property)

Terrain: Miles from the nearest home; dense woods, scattered pastures, hollows and hills. Accessible from only one direction by 4x4.

Weather: Very clear, no wind and bitterly cold, reaching a low of 16 degrees.

History: Over a dozen bigfoot reports from this area along with odd vocalizations heard frequently (as recent as 12-17-13).

At 8:46pm, after making a fire, Nishea, Brent and myself (Charlie) hiked away from base camp in a NW direction. Mary, Paul and three children stayed at basecamp with the two trucks. Don arrived later in the evening after the vocalizations occurred.

Upon reaching the top of a small hill we decided to do tree knocks (one at a time). A few minutes after each knock we would hear a faint single response knock. We radioed to basecamp to make sure it wasn't them and to make sure it wasn't a truck door slamming. Brent and Nishea scanned the area often with the FLIRs, but no heat source was noticed. The knocks seemed to emanate from a dense cedar thicket to our right. We decided to walk down the hill into a hollow and reluctantly enter the cedar thicket (except Nishea, she spearheaded the charge)! After emerging out the opposite side of the cedar thicket we noticed what appeared to be truck head lights(?) flash in the distance directly in front of us, about 300 yards through the trees. It was at this point (10:44pm) we thought for sure we had company! We were certain it was coon hunters, teenagers or other squatchers--THE REASON WE KEPT TALKING BEFORE AND DURING THE HOWLS, thus unfortunately stepping on the vocalizations. We assumed our base camp was up the hill to our right! We were all certain “a person” made the initial howls! After the vocalizations occurred and we walked up the hill and it was at this point we realized the lights we had noticed were the interior lights of one of “our” trucks at basecamp (the children had gone inside the truck). The camp fire was not noticeable initially from our position down in the hollow because it was on the opposite of the trucks AND much too far away.

After reconvening back at basecamp and making sure nobody made the howls, we set out in the direction of the howls with Don and some FLIRs. There was nothing but miles of dark wilderness with no other human in sight. The coyotes came within yards of our position a few times through the night. It was finally around 3am that we called it an evening.

We are almost certain these initial howls were NOT made by a human. We were miles deep in the remote wilderness away from any person and we carefully searched the area. The initial howls got the coyotes riled up, which is typical.

Listen here!

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Ohio Yowler

Witness: Robert (full name on file)

Estimated date? Dec 27, 2013

Estimated time? 2:00 AM

Nearest city? Pleasant Ridge

Nearest Road(s): Harmons Ferry Rd. E (exact address on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: About 2 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:
“At 2:00 am I woke up, went and opened a window to have a smoke. Shortly afterwards I heard several loud howl’s. I know the local animal and wildlife sounds. It was NOT a coyote. After it made these howls a couple of times then all the neighbors dogs started barking. I never heard anything like that before. It was too dark to see anything.”

Follow-Up Report: 12-29-13

I went to the home of the witness. He is a 57 year old former truck driver who is disabled from experiencing (5 heart attacks) and he stays at home most all of the time. He is a smoker but when smoking, he opens a window and blows his smoke outside the house. Because of his condition he has developed a very unusual sleep pattern in which he goes to bed around 7:00 PM, he then awakens anywhere from 2:00 am to 4:00 am, and then has to have naps during the day as he tires easily.

After he went to sleep on Thursday 12/26, he awakened on Friday morning at almost 2:00 am. He went into his dining room and opened the window that he usually smokes out of. Across the small field from this window there are some woods beside a hay barn. He immediately began to hear this long, loud howling sound. He was immediately puzzled as to what this was because he had never heard anything like this in his entire life. It sounded like it came from something BIG. After about 2 minutes of this howling all the local farm house dogs began to bark and go crazy. The sound stopped and all went silent.

This witness had never been a believer in Bigfoot, and actually never gave it much thought. After hearing this sound he searched the Internet for similar sounds and came to the KBRO website where he found 2 audio clips that really favored what he heard. I replayed these sounds for him and he agreed that these sounds were very close, but he made one statement: "What he heard was Crisper, Clearer, and much Louder than my recordings."

I believe this witness is very sincere and truthful, and had a very unusual experience that was quite possibly a Bigfoot. It is important to also note that unknown to this witness, he lives in an area of many reported Bigfoot incidents. The KBRO has several reports within a 5 mile radius of this man’s home. One KBRO report is within 1 mile of this man’s’ home place, and that report was also of long, loud howls.

View from the witness’ window. The woods are about 50 yards from the window. Of the 10 audio clips played for the witness, he chose howls from the Kentucky Vocalizations (Scott County) and Chris Page's Howl (Barren County) as the two which closely matched what he heard that early morning.

- Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Investigator

Ape-Like Creature Next To Road

Date: 10-14-12 (the morning after our investigation)

Time: 11:30am

City: Beaver Dam

Location: Hwy 231 (exact location on file)

Witness: Junie (last name on file)

Junie was driving on Hwy 231 approaching Old Liberty Church Road when she had to stop her car due to what first appeared to be a very large black dog next to the road. Another lady driving a car approaching from the opposite direction also had to stop her vehicle.

At first the creature was “crouched down” next the the road and when Junie stopped her car it proceeded to “run on it’s knuckles like a gorilla” across the road and into a field, then into some woods. It had short, black hair, no tail, no snout or muzzle, no noticeable ears, an “oblong” head, wide shoulders, and it never went to two legs. It was very fast.

Initially Junie was only about 12 feet from the creature when she stopped her car. She then watched it the entire way until it entered the woods. Unfortunately she did not get a good look at it’s face because it happened so fast and she only had a side view. After it entered the woods, Junie said she looked at the witness in the oncoming car and they just stared at each other dumbfounded.

Junie was very excited as she explained her encounter to me and she stressed over and over again, “that was no dog, that looked like an ape!”

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Eight-Footer Spotted Behind Water Tank

Witnesses: Jim, wife, his son and son's friend.

Estimated date? Summer 2009

Estimated time? Over a two week period.

City: Hartford

The first incident occurred just before dark. The witness' horses were making a commotion which prompted an investigation by Jim's son and his friend. Fearing for a young colt, the boys quickly ran outside. The boys noticed an 8', dark brown, hairy creature staring at them from behind a 4' water tank. It was getting dark and the figure was about 25 yds away. In two swift steps the creature turned and vanished into the woods. Not much detail was noticed as the visual encounter was brief.

On a few occasions Jim would hear loud footfalls and low growls circling his home. At various times very long, deep vocalizations were heard. "It would start like a low howl, then turn into a high, whaling pitch. It was like nothing I've ever heard before." - Jim

An electrician was at the top of a ladder hooking up a security light in front of the witness' home and the same loud vocalization has heard. The startled electrician promptly left vowing never to return again after dark.

Jim's wife was leaving for work at 9:00pm and noticed the creature standing by a tree. She entered her car quickly and sped off.

A four-wheeler was pushed acrossed the backyard with it's brake on creating deep ruts in the ground. Tension was still on the brake, because as Jim released the brake it settled back down.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Young Boy Spots Creature In Barn

Witness: Caleb (last name on file)

Estimated date?

Estimated time? Noon

Location: Undisclosed (exact location on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 20 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

I spoke to Caleb (the witness), Rylan (his brother) and Beth (his mother) over the phone. During the day Caleb (age 7) went down to the barn to ride his four-wheeler. As he approached the barn, his dog would not go inside, rather it turned around and went back towards the house. It did not bark or whimper, which is unusual behavior since his dog has never been afraid to go in the barn. Caleb walked inside the barn and sat on his four-wheeler. He heard a noise in a nearby stall. Through a crack, he could see a big hairy creature in the stall playing with his brother’s dip cup. The creature had his back towards him the entire time and Caleb could only catch glimpses of the creature. Caleb immediately held his breath in fear as he watched it for almost 20 seconds before running back to the house. He said he never did see its face or hands. On occasion he could see its arms as it was playing with the dip cup. It had long reddish-brown hair which covered its entire body, even the head. The hair looked straggly and he could see some dirt in the hair. It had wide shoulders, a round head, muscular and it was estimated at seven feet tall. The dip cup had dip in it and was called “a grizzly dip cup”, which looks like a hockey puck with a picture of a grizzly bear on top of it. Rylan added, "Caleb loves to ride his four-wheeler. Something must of really scared him."

The following day Rylan placed some apples on a stump at the mouth of a nearby path per my suggestion. The path initiates behind the barn and wanders through the woods for about a mile ending at a large cave which has a creek running through it. Rylan and a friend performed three tree knocks just inside the tree line and received a loud tree knock in response. It scared them so they left immediately. I advised him to continue to leave apples out and try to “habituate” the Bigfoot. They are also going to place a trail camera nearby.

Caleb is very mature and intelligent for his age. At times during our conversation I almost thought I was talking to a teenager. He did not embellish his story when I asked him specific questions. For example, when I asked "How do you know it was playing with the dip cup? Did you see it's hands?" He replied, "I could hear it playing with it and I would see it moving around once in a while." Typically IF a young person makes up a story, he might embellish his story, i.e. he could of answered my question regarding its hands, "yeah, it had huge hands with long sharp claws" ect, ect.

Thoughts: Why did this squatch ignore Caleb?

A. This area has a history of sightings (some not published due to privacy issues). Many of these reports are of a reddish-brown creature which is apparently old and perhaps loosing some of its senses, i.e. rare pictures captured on a trail camera (multiple times); walking down a dirt road in broad daylight, moaning loudly (multiple times). Caleb's barn encounter.

B. The squatch was pre-occupied with the dip cup.

C. The barn floor was covered in dirt so it couldn't hear Caleb's footsteps.

D. Caleb said he held his breath the entire time in fear.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Turkey Hunter Has Strange Experience

Witness: John (last name on file)

Estimated date? Nov 97- 99

Estimated time? 10:30am

Nearest city? Whitesville

Nearest Road(s): Sunnydale Road

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30-40 minutes

How many witnesses? one

Please describe your encounter:

"While deer hunting on a farm in Ohio County Ky during the November season I was sitting in a camo ground blind near a known deer trail. The sky was partly sunny with a light wind. The temperature was around 45 degrees. I was using a 54 cal. muzzle loader. I noticed there where no birds or other wildlife moving about. A little while later I heard a group of cattle on the next two farms over (about 400 yards) away, start to sound alarmed. I could hear them running to the far side of the field by the sound of their mooing. A few minutes later I heard a fairly large group of dogs, estimated at 8 or 10 start to howl and bark. I then heard what sounded to me like a real loud deep growl followed by a high pitched howl. It sounded like it was shaking the whole woods. The dogs kept up their barking, whatever it was kept on with its howling. My truck was about 200 yards from my blind and was parked right next to the blacktop road which was Sunnydale road. Whatever it was, it sounded like it was coming right down the road. The dogs stayed about 50 to 75 yards behind it. I could tell by the noise they were making, they wouldn't get any closer. I was pretty scared by then, not knowing what it was. This went on for about 30 to 40 minutes. Then i could here it moving across the road I started to go and see what it was but thought better of it, because what ever is not afraid of a pack of farm dogs is probably to much for me to handle with a single shot muzzle loader. Then two years later the exact same thing happened in the exact same spot. The weather was the same, the cows started their bawling and mooing, even the dogs did the same thing, and it started its sound again. It lasted about the same length of time. After the first episode I told my wife, who is now deceased I was going to start taking a recorder with me but didn't, I didn't think I would ever here it again. After the first episode I waited about 30 minutes before getting out of there. When I got home my wife could tell I was shaken up about something, and I told her what happened. She knew something serious had to happen to get me out of the woods so early. I was raised on a farm at Philpot all my life and have hunted and fished all my life to. I know all the sounds of animals either wild or domestic and have never heard anything like this in my life. When this happened I went up to the store and asked if any one had seen or heard anything strange or out of the ordinary, but they said they hadn't. I would not mind if you contact me about this, it would be good to talk to someone who would listen to my story about what

Follow-Up Report:

I spoke to John for over an hour on the phone. I believe him to be highly credible. He said the howl/moan was so incredibly loud it shook the forest. It was began low and ended in a higher pitch. Each vocalization latest about 3-4 seconds, then it wopuld stop for 3-4 seconds. It kept this pattern for 30-40mins as it walked slowly down the road as the pack of farm dogs followed, keeping a safe distance. John stayed in his blind the entire time, which was approximately 200yds from the road. It ended as it headed into the forest and up a hill. The dogs continued to bark, even after the vocalizations stopped. No visual contact, nor smells were obtained.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Vovalizations Frighten Campers

Witness: Terry (last name on file)

Estimated date? 3-11-11

Estimated time? 9:00 pm

Nearest city? Livermoore

Nearest Road(s): hwy 69

Length of time the encounter lasted: three times 1 min each

How many witnesses? 4

Please describe your encounter:

"I bought a very rural peice of property near where the Green River and Rough River come together about 10/2009. Since then My friends and family have cleared some areas to camp and hunt and fish on the green river, and have done so many times. This night was a little different in that the entire area was flooded for miles. Our property boarders a thick, marshy, slough, and all the lower areas where we usually camp were under water. There is a large steep rocky hill that has cliffs and overhangs and some shallow caves on it. We camped at the base of that. Me my girlfriend her daughter of 4, my daughter of 17, and one of my close friends had built a fire and walked away from camp about 200 yards to look at a food plot that was planted the fall before. An owl across the river was sounding, and as I always do I sounded back to evoke a response. A coyote responded instead so I called back to it in a long howl type sound. What we heard back sent chills up our neck as what sounded like 50 yards the other side of our camp came a Deeper long howl that got higher in pitch toward the end of the howl. At this the several coyotes started calling as well but not like have ever heard. They were almost winy, and dosil sounding. as if the call made them afraid. we stopped in our tracks and listened and it did it again. with the same response from the coyotes except this time you could hear they were on the move and going away. I called out with sort of a growl like sound, and we were talking a little of course and heard nothing else. Now I have owned coon dogs, beagals , and all sorts of other hounds in my life, and am very familar with all their types of howl's. I could pick my dog out from others and vicea versa. This was no dog! We went back to the fire and resumed talking and eventually got out the Guitars and sang some. We had sang about three of four songs and stopped for a while to talk some more when It made that terrible howl again, this time only about 50 yards away. In your mind you want to explain it away as something else and try to reason as to what it could be. But as an avid hunter all me life and an outdoorsmen, I can tell you that this was not a fox,or bobcat or anything like that. Everyone froze as once again coyotes sounded. Except this time they were a different group across the river. Again they had a very haunting and dosil sound as well. I have never heard coyotes act this way. As if they were begging for forgivness. The howl came again and in an attempt to startle it I yelled back at it in clear human voice. As I did this we all heard a very heavy set of foot steps in a running fashion head back down the trail toward the hill and slough. It was unnerving to all of us, and took us awhile to settle down. Some time went by and no more sounds of any kind. The woods had an erie silence, and there was that feeling you get when you feel like your being watched. The girls were frightened and to ease the tension I started to play guitar again after awhile. We cooked some hotdogs as I sang and I stopped playing to eat. About 10 min after I stopped playing we heard it again about 100 yards in the woods and from an elevated position. This time no coyotes responded. I shined a flash light in its general direction but saw nothing. The rest of the night was uneventful. The next morning my buddy gary and I went up the trail where we thought the sounds came from, but tracks would be hard to see because of the heavy thick leaves on the trail. We found nothing unusual However last november my buisness partner in the property had told me he would not go back to that same trail anymore alone, he said he was back there looking for deer sign when he heard something about 200 yards away beating what sounded like a large stick or limb aganist a tree. Like how a man would do. Remember this is very rural and surrounded by water, our bridge across the slough is the only way in and its 5 miles to the nearst road or house. He said it was like what ever it was could see me because as he went further up the trail it would beat the tree (pap,pap,pap)but once I got scared and turned around and went the other direction it stopped. At the time he told me that, I thought it was interesting, but wrote it off that there was probably an explaination. Now I have second thoughts about that. I beleive that the area is a great place for something that does not want to be found, to live. Its a very remote area as most of the area floods each year and will never be inhabited.There are two major Rivers and a very swampy slough that is at least 5 to 6 miles long within 500 yards of each other. When the area floods the hill I decribed is some of the only dry ground around for miles. And may be why during this flooded time we had our interactin for the first time. The flood water has a way of putting all mammals in close vacinity of each other.The hill is dressed with many small caves for shelter. Turkey, deer, squirland rabbits all floursh here. I wish we could have sighted the creature, but in a way i'm glad we did not. I will never forgrt that sound it made and hope never to hear it again. I used to go there without a gun, but I will always have one with me from now on. No wonder the coyotes are afraid of this thing it is truly frighting!"

Describe the creature with detail: Had a very heavy sounding trot.

Follow-Up Report: 3-17-11

I spoke to the witness at great length. An experienced outdoorsman, he is absolutely sure the vocalizations were not from a coyote, dog, bobcat or owl. I mentioned that his music most likely attached a curious sasquatch. He will continue to camp there with his family and sing campfire songs, acting normal. This is a non-threatening approach which has been successful throughout history. He will bring a camcorder to hopefully capture the vocalizations the next time they occur. Terry also mentioned how remote the area is, as his land backs up to the power company's 600 acres of untouched wilderness (no hunting or trespassing). He mentioned a few caves in the area, one in particular had an odd pile of rocks at it's entrance. I believe Terry to be highly credible and sincere. The area is a prime location for a future investigation.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Summer 1988

Witness Chad Askins and a friend had parked near a creek bed on an isolated farm to sip a cold beer or two after a long day of hunting.A few feet in front of them the creek bank sloped upwards before dropping down the other side to the creek bed, which was not in view. They had been there only a few minutes when a large,dark shape rose up from the other side of the bank, as if whatever it was had been stooping down in the creek. Chad saw it immediately as it rose to its full height and observed that, although it was human in shape, it was of tremendous size and covered with dark colored hair. Neither Chad nor his friend could believe their eyes as the thing took two long, slow strides to their right,then stopped and turned in their direction.It did not turn its head,Askins said, which seemed to be mounted directly onto the shoulders with no visible neck, but turned its entire upper body from the waist up. The sun was setting behind the creature,which turned it into little more than a stark silhouette,but they could see that it had extremely broad shoulders and was very thick through the middle. They could not see any facial features,nor could they see the creatures lower extremities which were blocked from view by the slope of the creek bank in front of them, but stated that it had a human shaped head with long hair and thick, muscular arms. Chad felt sure that it must have been over ten feet tall. It stood there, completely unafraid and still as it watched the two men. The feeling was not mutual, however, and the two wasted no time in exiting the area.

I asked him why the encounter had such a frightening effect on he and his friend, since the creature made no aggressive move towards them. He replied that the scariest thing was the thing's size and the fact that it looked immensely powerful. Also, it had seemed completely unafraid of them, making no attempt to flee from human presence as most wild animals would. Further questioning left me with the impression that he knew very little about the bigfoot phenomenon, other than the fact that he was convinced that this was what they saw. When asked of his impression of the famous Patterson/Gimlin film of the late 1960's he was completely unaware of its existence and seemed anxious to view the footage. Chad impressed me as being completely honest and intelligent and his sincerity while recounting the event was obvious.

- Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Researcher



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