Reports for Pike County, KY

Website submission 5-16-11

Your first name: Samantha

Which county? Pike KY

Estimated date? Sunday 5/15/11

Estimated time? 2:15 am

Nearest city? Blackberry

Nearest Road(s): Left Fork of Blackberry

Length of time the encounter lasted: less than 30 seconds

How many witnesses? 3

Please describe your encounter:

I was on my way home from visiting family, it was around 2 am. I was on a country road Left Fork of Blackberry when suddenly a very massive creature ran/darted out of the creek in front of my high beam headlights. This creature was on all 4's and was as tall if not taller than my car. I did not get a good look at the face, but the body was huge,dark,hairy,and one characteristic that stays in my mind was the legs on this reminded me of tree stumps. I had to slam on my breaks to not hit it also another vehicle on the other side of the road had to stop. I was so terrified that I was speechless and I went a little farther than turned around to go back. When I returned to the spot I never seen it again. I have been out in the woods before numerous times with my husband hunting and such and never witnessed anything like this.

Describe the creature with detail: Very large taller than my car and it was on all 4's, hairy, dark in color and legs the size of tree stumps.

Follow Up 5-18-11

My obvious line of questioning was concerning the profile of a bear. Samantha stated it did not have a muzzle, or noticeable ears on top of the head. She did not see the face. It ran from a creek on the left side of the road directly in front of her car and an oncoming vehicle (Chevy Blazer perhaps). Both vehicles had to come to an abrupt stop. It "galloped" on all fours across the road, kind of hunched over --it was higher towards the front shoulders than the rear end. All four (legs?) appeared long and massive, “like tree trunks”. It was only feet in front of her Toyota Celica. It was as tall, if not taller than the top of her car. "It was so huge; it blocked out both vehicles headlights". It was a "very furry" dark brown/black color. The encounter happened so suddenly that little detail was noted. She didn't see the feet. When asked about its musculature, she said she couldn't see muscles, it just appeared massive! Samantha seemed very credible, and when asked about certain details, no embellishments were added. She would simply say, I don't know, it happened so fast. The jury is still out on whether this was a bear or not. Hopefully the witnesses in the oncoming vehicle will read this report and contact me. Perhaps they saw it's face?

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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