Reports for Rowan County, KY

Ghost Hunt Weekends Expedition

Date: 5-10-15
Time: 10:46pm
City: Moorehead
Location: Cave Run Lake. Trails off Dam parking lot.
Witnesses: Charlie Raymond (team leader) and about 15 participants

We broke up into three teams, each taking a trail. As soon as my team entered the bottom trail (to the right) we heard two very loud homerun knocks! I radioed the other teams to see if they made them unannounced and they said no. We tried to knock back, but no reply. After about ten minutes, Joedy Cook’s group (middle trail) announced they would make a howl. Our group heard it loud and clear. Then almost immediately, from their direction we heard movement coming towards us, a series of AMAZING whoops! The whoops sounded like a young chimp moving rapidly in distress, “whoop! whoop! whoop! “ It moved across the trail in front of us (from left to right) towards a large hollow on our right, maybe 100 yards in front of us! We all stopped and listened in astonishment! Everyone in my group heard them. It made eleven whoops total! We then continued cautiously down the trail. A few minutes later a very loud thud hit the embankment on our right stopping us all in our tracks! We did not hear whatever is was fly through the air, nor roll down the embankment afterwards. It sounded like a watermelon-sized rock was dropped on the ground. I’ve heard this “thud” on other investigations. Unfortunately we did not have a thermal imager with us. These were the best whoops I’ve ever heard in person or recorded.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Family Observes Large Creature Drinking Water

Date: 10-6-13
Time: 6:50pm
City: Moorehead
Location: Hwy 801 near Cave Run Lake
Witnesses: Jack (last name on file) and family


I received a phone call this evening at 6:12pm (10/7/13) from a witness who observed a Bigfoot-like creature at Cave Run Lake. As he was driving from Hwy 1274 north towards Hwy 60 he just came over a hill and that’s when he noticed a very dark brown/black figure kneeling by the water. It had a human-shaped head, but “two to three times larger than a human’s head!” It did NOT have a muzzle or ears on top of it’s head. He stressed, “it was definitely NOT a bear and it was definitely NOT a person!” He had a very clear view of the creature as it was only about 50 feet from the road on the driver’s side. Jack slowed down to look at it as he passed it so the sighting lasted for about 30 seconds. The hair was long about 3 to 4 inches and uniform in color throughout (very dark brown or black). It had a large upper torso and large arms. It never looked up at the car. It appeared as it was either getting a drink or getting something out of the water.

The witness explained to me that he has been a private investigator for 30 years so he is trained to pay attention to detail. He also mentioned the lake has been closed due to the government shutdown so there are no boaters, hikers or campers in the area. Jack also said after seeing the creature, that it kept him up all night just thinking about it.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Black Shaggy Bigfoot?

Date: May 2006
Time: 2:00pm
City: Moorehead
Location: Hwy 801 near Cave Run Lake
Witness: Matt (last name on file)


We were in an suv driving on the connector in Morehead, Kentucky when we saw something that looked like a man standing upright covered in black shaggy hair on the right side of the road. We stopped for a moment to take look at the creature when something startled it and the it darted for the woods behind it.

Describe the creature with detail: Tall around 7 feet tall and covered in black shaggy hair that strung on him. He was also really muscular with thick legs.


Due to lack of moonlight and because the headlights were not pointed towards the creature, it was difficult to add much more to his initial report. He did state that their vehicle was only about 12 feet from the creature! From what little he saw, he did say it looked gorilla-like in the face and it did have a conical shaped head. The arms hung just below its knees.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

June 2008, Cave Run Lake

There have been some recent developments (10-2-11) regarding the Kentucky Eyeshine obtained in June 2008 at Cave Run Lake. An audio analysis by a well-respected audio expert discovered tree knocks and vocalizations at the end of the clip.

Read full report here:

Source: BFRO

Website Submission on 12-4-06

Your first name: Taylor

Which county? Rowan

Estimated date? July 9, 2006

Estimated time? 9:39 p.m.

What city, or nearest city? Cave Run Lake Marina

Length of time the encounter lasted: 6 minutes

How many witnesses?

Please describe your encounter: Well, I was about to get off work since I work at the marina. I went out to the dock and I gassing up a jet ski and looked up and seen a really big hairy figure over by the shoreline. It looked to me like it was drinking water. So I got my boss and he got to see it. We spotligthed since it was dark and then it ran back into the woods.

Describe the creature with detail:
Very tall around 8 feet very hairy looked like an ape.

Additional Info: Really loud and distintive scream.

Follow-up: Unfortunately the witness was unavailable.



Cave Run Lake - Zilpo, KY

Huge black creature standing by the road in the 80's at about 3:00 AM. Two men clearly saw it.

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