The Kentucky Yeti

Witness: Donna (last name on file)

Date: 12-30-2000

Time: 4:30am

City: Between Drake and Gold City (south of Bowling Green)

County: Simpson

Location: East side of I-65

The witness called us on 12-6-2016 after a request via Facebook. She was driving home to Louisville after attending the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN. Also in the vehicle were her son (front seat) and a friend in the backseat.

Donna explained they had attended the football game in near blizzard conditions (-20 degrees). “It was so miserable, even the players wanted the game to end ASAP,” she recalled. After leaving Memphis late, the road conditions were horrendous (poor visibility and ice). She maintained 30-35mph throughout the night. About an hour after they crossed into Kentucky, her vehicle was the only car crawling along I-65 at 4:30am. Donna explained she was wide awake due to treacherous road conditions. Her passengers, not as vigilant as they fell asleep earlier. Her car was travelling in the right lane. There was an emergency lane to her right, then some grass, and then an old wire fence (with squares). The treeline was sparse, only a few large trees along the fence. Donna said she observed a very large, upright creature “lumbering along” the fence. It was 7 to 7 and a half feet tall, furry and all-covered in snow. It stepped over the fence, by placing a hand on the fence, then stepped over the fence, just like a tall person would do. “It acted like it wanted to cross I-65,” explained Donna. It looked at her vehicle, then began walking north along the fence. At the closest point to her vehicle, Donna estimated it was only 15 yards away. When it registered what she was observing, she exclaimed, “Oh my God, there’s a Bigfoot! Or Yeti!” Her son saw it and her friend in the backseat only caught a glimpse. The friend in the backseat said it was just a guy in a big coat. Then he said, it was probably just a tree. Donna never stopped her vehicle, however she wanted desperately to turn the car around and go back, but her son and friend refused.

Donna described the creature as having typical Bigfoot features: long arms, long torso, wide shoulders, “furry” long hair covered in snow, no neck, large head, ape-like face with a pronounce brow ridge, large dark eyes, wide nose and mouth. The hair closely surrounded its face. There was no hair on the palm of it’s hands. The skin on it’s face and palms was very dark.

Investigator's Insight: We obviously do not have Yetis in Kentucky, just Bigfoots. The Yeti is just another type of Bigfoot-related hominin which lives in the Himalayas. Surprising to most people, the Yeti does not have white hair, it has reddish-brown hair, similar to most Bigfoots in North America, just covered in snow.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Email Submission 8-6-11

Brandon (last name on file) contacted us regarding an encounter which occurred in 1995. Although he never saw the creature, his brother was the actual witness. After some persuasion Brandon obtained a report from his brother. Below is what he reported:

"I just talked to my brother. I used the questions you gave me, and here are his responses. They are his words and if it is not in sentence form or it doesn't flow I'm sorry, but I wanted to get his actual words. Here it goes...

Date: 1995 Summer

Specific Location: Northwestern Simpson County, nearest city Franklin, nearest main road would be Highway 100, couldn't remember the exact country road but it was no more than 5-6 miles off of 100.

Time of Day: Night

How many witnesses? 2

How far was the creature from the witnesses? 35 feet approx.

How long did the sighting last? 1.5 to 2 minutes

Describe in detail from start to finish exactly what happened:

We were driving around in a Bronco II, and there was somewhat of a straight stretch and then a hard left, so the headlights were facing straight into the woods. And then, someone said "Did you see that?", and the driver backed up and shined the lights into the woods to get a better look. We saw this tall figure, red eyes staring back at us. We are sitting there staring at it, it ain' moving, we ain't moving. Then one of the passengers tried to open the door, and at that time it slowly turned and walked away, and then we noticed someone next to it (another figure about six feet tall.) We were looking at each other like "That just happened?" And we drove away.

His original words were "Then YOU opened the door" meaning me.

Describe the creature from head to toe:

This is what he said as I was asking him about facial features:
Couldn't see fingers, saw an outline, big bulky, red eyes. He paused and recalled "cone shaped head at top".

Just saw the eyes, no facial features, broad with long arms, it was big. I asked him how tall, he said 7 and 1/2 to 8 ft, 260-300 lbs. When I said "Hey you know that it is well within human possibilities, I asked him, how big was it in comparison to Shaq, and his response was "It was bigger than Shaq!"

How did it move, act, sound and smell?

No noises, just stared and turned around and walked away, it moved slow, swinging arms, long strides.

That is it. Those were his words, and not my recollection of what happened even though I was there. I never saw anything. If I did, I feel like I would have remembered it. He and the driver saw them. After he gave me a height estimate, and the fact there was a smaller one there, I'm guessing it was a female, so I asked him about breasts and he said he couldn't see any. He told me he basically saw the outline.

When we got to the part about "describe the creature" He paused and goes "cone shaped head at the top" He has no interest in bigfoot, hasn't read any reports, and I was just blown away. I didn't prompt him at all. I wrote the words he said. I know I've read many many reports about the "cone shaped head" I was waiting for him to say "no neck" but I didn't ask questions just let him tell me what he remembered."

- Brandon (brother)

Follow Up: 8-6-11

I spoke to Josh, the witness. He said as they rounded a sharp corner they saw a glimpse of red eye shine about 7’ high. When they stopped the vehicle and looked in the woods he could see a “shadow” or outline of a huge figure deep in the woods. It continued to have red eye shine and was much too huge to be a person. He could tell it had long arms and an odd shaped head, kind of pointed towards the top. They watched it for a few seconds before it turned and walked away. It was at this moment they realized there was a smaller one (about half its size) walking away with it. No other details were noted as it was too dark. He added that he is not a bigfoot believer and never watches those shows. He said it was definitely not two people, that he definitely saw something, but just not sure what.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

1977 Road Crossing

Policeman witnesses a tall Bigfoot creature crossing the road at night. Area has history of similar sightings.
(source:John Green)

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