The Creature from Beckham's Bottom

Witness: Nene (last name on file)

County: Warren

Nearest city: Hydro, KY

Date of encounter: Fall 2016

Time of day: Just before dusk and in the early morning.

6-26-2018 Phone Interview:

Nene and her father were harvesting corn in Beckham’s Bottoms, just north of Barren River. It was late in the afternoon, not quite dusk. As they walked over to the treeline they startled a 7-8 foot tall hairy creature which was standing just inside the treeline. The creature abruptly turned and ran deeper into the woods. It was covered in dark brown hair and had a human-like face. Nene saw its face briefly as the creature turned to look at the startled witnesses. It was only about 20 yards away initially.

NOT an actual photo! Just a Photoshopped rendering.

It had a wide flat nose and pointed head. Too much hair, its quickness and the thick woods prevented a clearer, more detailed view. It had a human-shaped body, all covered in hair and definitely ran on two legs. This first sighting happened in late Sept, early Oct. The second sighting happened only about about a month later in November. It was early morning and the witnesses returned to pick up loose corn. The witnesses were riding in a truck and the creature was much farther away this time, but Nene swears it was the same individual. It quickly ran away again, towards the river.

Mr. Beckham who owned the land has since passed away. Nene said he would tell people to bring a gun if they ever ventured deep in his woods, because he himself had a few frightful encounters.

There’s been a long history of sightings in this region. In Loren Coleman's “Mysterious America” there exists a location called “Monkey Cave Hollow.” Supposedly early settlers hunted a strange tribe of monkeys which inhabited this area. Did some survive?

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator


The Bush That Walked Away

Witness: Robert (last name on file)

County: Warren

Nearest city: Plano, KY

Nearest landmark: Drakes Creek

Date of encounter: Fall 1976

Time of day: 3:00am on a full moon

Length of sighting: About 15 minutes

Joe Bilyeu, a good friend and Bigfoot researcher from TN, referred this witness. I spoke
with the witness by phone on 4-19-2016.

Robert was a sophomore at Bowling Green High School in 1976 when he joined the ROTC. Part of the initiation required a 2 hour hike to a remote location for an overnight camping trip. After reaching the remote location with his fellow cadets (an old farm), they set-up camp.

Being a newbie, Robert had to take guard duty which was down a ridge, about ¼ mile from camp. Around 3:00am he took his post in the shadow of an old barn. After about 30 minutes he noticed a bush swaying back and forth, approximately 100 yards away. The odd part, there was no wind. The other bushes and trees were not moving. For about 15 minutes, he kept glancing over at it and it was still swaying back and forth. “I was not overly concerned,” explained Robert. The “bush” was not in the treeline, rather in a field next to other bushes. As he watched it, to Robert’s astonishment it suddenly stood up and walked away on two legs! Completely shocked, Robert let out a scream and hightailed it back to camp! He said the cadets back at camp heard his scream. Robert swears this thing was much taller and bulkier than any man.

The cadets did go investigate the spot, but found nothing significant.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

A GIANT Unearthed at Bowling Green, Kentucky Measures Nine Feet in Length Double Rows of Teeth

The Daily Ledger, Noblesville, Indiana - Aug. 16 1902

"The skeleton of a prehistoric giant was exhumed near Bowling Green yesterday by a colored laborer, who terrified at his find, ran, breathless, to the nearest farmhouse and notified the neighborhood. The skeleton when placed together as is was in life, measured nearly nine feet in length. The skull measures almost 12 inches in diameter, and there are two distinct rows of teeth in the massive jaw. The bones are well preserved with the exception of the pelvic bones, which are considerably decayed. The bones were thought to be the remains of some giant Indian, but the shape of the head is not, the shape of the skull peculiar to Indians, and the age in which the man lived is still in doubt. The bones of the toes and fingers are remarkably well preserved and appear to have something resembling claws attached. The arms of the giant measure many inches more than those of a man today, and the lower limbs not so long--the skeleton resembled a huge gorilla. There is no wound visible on the bones, and that the man died of natural death is quite possible."

Large burial mounds that contained giant skeletons were common in Kentucky.

Hikers Spot Bigfoot Chasing Deer

July 23, 2005 - 8:30 pm.

Witness hiking around large lake sees Bf chasing a deer across a game trail. He yells out in fear which causes the creature to stop and look at him, then run back into the woods in the direction from which it came. It was very large and walked and ran on two legs, like a man, and had a muscular body covered with brown hair. He also described it as having human like eyes and a bad smell.


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