Fort Knox Bigfoot Encounter

Witness: James (last name on file)

County: Washington

City: Springfield, KY

Date: 6-9-2010

Time: 2:15 AM

Describe your encounter:

“This event happened while I was stationed on Fort Knox back in 2010. My unit was out in the field conducting exercises preparing ourselves for the upcoming deployment. As with most units you have a guy awake at all times to keep an eye on equipment and listen to the radio. I was about 15 minutes into my hour long shift when I heard nature's call. I stepped into the wood line to relieve myself when i heard a small rock hit near me. My first thought was that one of my buddies was awake and was throwing them at me. I looked over my shoulder and saw everyone was still in their bags. Thinking it was some other soldier from another unit trying to mess with me I pulled out my 10,000 lumen tactical flashlight to see who was out there. As I scanned the woods in front of me is when I saw it. It was dark brown almost black in color. It stood roughly 7 ft tall and its eyes shined in the light. It let out a grunt then turned and ran deeper into the woods. I stood in shock for a minute then walked back to the humvee trying to figure out what exactly I had seen.”

Sketch by Terry Thomas

Follow-up on 9-11-2018:

James was 22 years old at the time of the incident and a Specialist in the army. He walked about 5 feet into the treeline and as soon as he began to urinate, a series of rocks were thrown towards him. The rocks landed about 10 feet in front of him, some the size of golfballs, some maybe the size of baseballs. He took out his flashlight and scanned the forest in front of him thinking it was a friend playing a joke on him. He didn’t see anything until his second pass with the flashlight. On the second pass the eyeshine caught his attention. The creature was at the end of the flashlight beam, roughly 50 to 60 meters from his position. He remembered smelling something between rotten fish and rotten eggs. Upon seeing the creature, James felt anxious and confused, because he was surprised to see it in a secure military installation. The creature had a high, sloped forehead with a cone-shaped head at the top. The eyeshine was a yellowish-red color. James remembered the eyeshine because it threw him off for a second. The eyes where almond shaped and spaced at a normal distance for the size of its head. The nose was like a mix between a gorilla and human, but hooded. “It looked like the nose was smashed on its face,“ explained James. When the light hit the creature, it opened its mouth enough for James to notice the teeth, which were large and flat, and it had two sharp looking canines. The canines were not very long, just a little longer than the other teeth. The lighter coloration teeth shown fairly clearly. Its arms reached down to about mid thigh. When it moved away, it moved with a grace that didn’t seem right for a creature its size. The dark hair was about 4-6 inches long and flowed in the wind a little as it turned and walked off. He went back to the area in the morning to see if he could find anything and the only thing he noticed were impressions which looked like heel tracks.

James talked to his grandfather about it a couple months later. He did not report the sighting to his superiors fearing a psych evaluation (they may discharge him). When James was younger, he grew up near his grandfather in the Ozark Mountains (Missouri). His grandfather told him about personal Bigfoot-related encounters in the Ozark Mountains while hunting coon dogs. He thought his grandfather shared these stories just to keep him out of the woods, so James didn’t believe him, until now!

Update email recieved on 1-28-2019:

"Hey Charlie I was doing some thinking about my experience and I remembered a few more details I would like to share. When the creature walked away he walked one foot in front of there not toe to toe but a 5 to 6 foot step. I believe the reason the creature felt safe on Fort Knox is do the abundance of noise soldiers make between the vehicles and noise the gear makes as you move with their most likely hearing range easy to detect. I believe that the creature used ro Salt River as a way to get on and off base as needed. Food is in abundance due to the deer and the number of ranges with trash cans. The hands seemed to be rough like someone who does alot of woodcutting the weather worn look. After my talked with you Ii find it easier to think about it and made me more curious so Ive started doing my own research of encounters here in Kentucky and about the area of Missouri I grew up in. "

- Charlie Raymond, Investigator

Sounded Like a Woman Screaming in Pain

Your first name: Pamela (last name on file)

Estimated date? 10-8-2014

Estimated time? 2:40 AM

Nearest city? Springfield

Nearest Road(s): Seibert Creek Lane/Bloomfield Road/Lincoln Park Road

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

“I have experienced a number of strange occurrences since moving into my grandparents' house. I've heard a scream that sounded like a woman being murdered (once), weird bird like mating sounds that I have never heard before (or anyone that was with me one time), sense of uneasiness/not being alone, strange knocks that sounded like a wooden baseball bat being struck against a tree, something heavy moving through the fields behind my house, something in a barn close to my house shaking a beam or post because I heard the tin roof/siding making a noise like you would hear when you shake a piece of tin (a cow could not make this sound and no cattle were in that particular barn-sound stopped when I yelled STOP!), one particular night my neighbor's dog was barking more than normal so I went outside to see what was going on and tell the dog to calm down and the dog continued barking and then something ‘crashed’ through the snow.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“And I knew it was too heavy to be any sort of animal on our farm (possible footprints but was too afraid to investigate), possible rock being thrown against the garage close to my deck, possible pebbles/small rocks being thrown to second story window, animals do react to some noises but not all the time, current dog chases something that makes a gravely sound early morning sometimes (past dogs have done the same), possible bi pedal creature crossing ridge top across from my house (couldn't really see it just an outline but it took big steps and hands were close to ground), I have seen "eye shine" but could have been a reflection off something. But what has prompted to finally write y'all is about this time last year and earlier this year, I had heard owl like noises that I knew couldn't possibly be from any owl. These noises are too “strong” and just don’t fit to be any owl. Tonight I heard one start in the barn area; go around behind the barns into the fields and somewhat dense wooded area. It just doesn't sound right to me. My dog was acting downright scared which I have never seen him act like.”

Any additional Info? “The noises just sounded out of place and they reacted to seagull type of birds which were flying over. Sorry for the long entry but I guess that just goes to show this is long over-due.”


I found Pamela to be a very pleasant and articulate woman. She moved into her Grandparents house in 2012. On that night in question she was sitting on her porch, smoking a cigarette when she heard was described as a woman screaming in pain. Since she has lived there, several strange occurrences have taken place. Unusual bird calls she can't describe, knocks, rocks thrown at property. She described on one night heavy foot fall, and something big moving through the woods near her home. She has noticed activity near her farm on the property as well. I asked her what the weather was like when she witnessed the movement through the woods. It was cold and light snow. I asked her was it a full moon, and in her words she said "that's when things really get freaky". Possible sighting near lake close to property, geese were restless. Large shadowy figure, hunched over with eyeshine. She could not give a detailed description of the figure, except that it was large. I asked what time these incidents and she said dawn and late at night. Her nearest neighbor is 1/2 mile away. I asked her is there a state or national park close to her and she said Lincoln Homestead State Park. The record of occurrences including coyote activity is numerous at this property.

- Karen Moreno Lawyer, Investigator

Hunter Surrounded

Your first name: Joe (last name on file)

Estimated date? November 1994

Estimated time? 5:30 AM

Nearest city? Mackville

Nearest Road(s): Little Joe Davis Lane

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

"I owned a 70 acre farm about three miles from Mackville  About 40 acres was wooded and there were several thousand acres around it that weren't very populated.  In 1994 I left my house and walked about a quarter mile on the way to my stand to deer hunt.  I had to walk through an open field then through a bottom and then through the woods to get to my stand.  It was pitch black as I walked to the stand.  The sun wouldn't rise for a while but i wanted to be in my stand and settled down before the sun came up. About 10 yards into the woods something grunted to my left.  It was big and it was close.  I was so startled I stopped immediately.  Whatever this was was sounded huge.  It wasn't"t a long grunt but deep sounding. After standing there for few seconds another grunt, but this was like a growl. Kind of a warning tone with much more authority.  Whatever this was was within a few feet of me and I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.  Standing there holding a high powered  rifle you wouldn't think you would be scared but I was terrified.  Then another grunt a little to the right of the first. Not as deep or threatening.  Whatever it was, now there was two.  I froze thinking of my options.  I kept telling myself "this is a buck snorting and grunting but deep inside I knew it wasn't".  I couldn't see well enough to run. I was standing on a steep hill that went about one hundred yards up to a ridge in the middle of 35 acres of woods.  I only had five bullets, although I really didn't think shooting at whatever this was would do anything but agitate it.  So I stood there.  I'm sure it could sense I was afraid.  I felt as though they were staring at me and had a clear picture of me.  I couldn't see a thing.  After standing there for a minute I noticed it was completely quiet. I new they hadn't left because the ground was covered with dry leaves and I would have heard them walk (kinda blows the deer theory). There were no more threatening growls or sound s.  I decided if they were going to become aggressive they would have done something by now.  I slowly turned away and moved toward my deer stand.  I knew they were watching me and they never made a sound or step until I had crossed over the ridge where my stand was.  I kept telling myself they were big bucks grunting.  I have finally come to terms with it though and I know this wasn't the case.  I have spent alot of time hunting and walking in the woods.  I know the sounds of animals native to Kentucky.  Looking back I believe I surprised them when I came into the woods from the bottom.  I made no noise until I entered the woods and walked on the dry leaves.  Needless to say, I'm glad they are a shy peaceful species."

Turtle Man's Encounter

Date: Winter of 1979

Location: Tick Creek

The next day after his encounter, he returned to the location and found many large branches broken at about eye level. The diameter of the branches were 2-3 inches. On one of the breaks a clump of long black hair was discovered. He presented us with the hair on 11-30-11. The hair was tested and came back "unidentified primate." Sequencing the DNA was unfortunately unsuccessful after 3 attempts.

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator



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