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Website Submission 1-11-14

Your first name: Jerry (last name on file)

Estimated date? November 13, 2013

Estimated time? 5:30am

Nearest city? Campton

Nearest Road(s): Holly Creek (address on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: Maybe 5 min.

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

I had gotten up early to go deer hunting, the weather had been warmer than I wanted for deer hunting but was still excited to go out. I decided to go ahead and head out because I'd have a good little walk ahead of me, so I grabbed my rifle and headed out the door. I walked down the driveway to the start of the trail off to the right and started down the trail. As I walked I noticed it was dead quiet and it seemed like I could hear a pin drop. I couldn't help shake the feeling like I was being watched, I thought maybe I pumped myself up about deer hunting or was letting the still woods play with my head. I've been prowling the woods my whole life alone and always felt part of the forest, but not today. I had the feelin’ that I was somewhere I shouldn't have been, it was eerie. I made my way about a mile into the woods and settled down in a spot where I had seen many deer before, with a ridge line 50 foot behind me and one 150 yards in front of me with a natural small meadow between the two ridges. As I sat there I heard nothing but silence then all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a whooping noise, I thought why is some idiot out here hollering like that in the middle of the wilderness. I listened and didn't hear it anymore, I shook it off and waited for sunrise. Then off in front of me to the right I heard what sounded like a grunt, kinda like a pig but more guttural, deeper. Getting mad that someone was on my land messing up my hunting I thought this might be a smart aleck and I made a whooping noise myself to let them know that I was on to their childish games and was fed up, I reared back my head and cupped my hand around my mouth and did my best replication of what I heard minutes ago. I wish now I had not done that because what happened next still gives me chills when I think about it. I was watching dusk break and looking toward where I had heard this commotion when all off a sudden I heard limbs snapping up on the ridge and running or stomping. It sounded like an army was coming down the mountain and into the bottom in front of me. I threw up my rifle and looked through the scope and at about 150 yards up the ridge I caught movement, I was nervous and excited that this may be a big buck thrashing the trees but it was too much, too loud. As I watched in my scope I saw hair, a dark reddish brown almost black looking fur. My thought was oh crap a bear. It didn't move but seemed to be listening and I wasn't about to move or make noise. Bears don't run rampant around this area, but I have seen them, although uncommon. I felt somewhat comfortable at the distance between us until my bear stood up on two legs! Then I could see the silhouette of this massive beast. It grabbed a branch on an oak and popped it off like a twig, it seemed frustrated, it looked like it was trying to pin point me, now I didn't feel so safe. I kept my rifle pointed in that direction and was shaking so bad I couldn't really look at it though the scope with much success. All I wanted was to get the Hell out of there. I could hear my heart beating and I was sure he did too. He kept looking in my direction and then back up the mountain where he came from. I knew if I shot at it I would miss, I just was shaking too hard uncontrollable and I had a feeling that if I ran he would over take me fast, I'm not a runner and this thing looked super athletic. Just as soon as he showed up he turned and headed back up the ridge within just a few steps he seemed to melt into the trees, just gone. I listened for a few minutes and then gathered myself and hightailed it out of the woods. I didn't deer hunt the rest of the season. I went back there recently after snowfall to look for tracks, I didn't find anything and I'm thankful for that.

Describe the creature with detail:

7.5 to 8 foot tall, reddish to dark brown hair, long seemed like the hair was 4 to 6 inches long matted and had what looked like dry leaves stuck to it. It was wide like a football player wearing pads and was amazed at the massive head, it was rounded but kinda peaked at the very top. Its face was broad and had a nose like a human but flatter against its face. It kept its mouth closed, but I remember how much it looked like a man. I couldn't tell you what color the eyes were, but the seemed very dark and its nose and cheeks were a grayish, tan color.

Follow-Up: 1-11-14

I spoke to Jerry for two and a half hours on the phone! Jerry is 42 years old, a former law enforcement officer, college-educated and an avid hunter from Michigan. Since he was five years old he’s hunted and trapped wildlife with his family in Michigan’s UP (Upper Peninsula) or “Big Woods” as they call it. He’s hunted most wildlife his entire life, including bear. From his extensive experience in law enforcement, he’s been trained to recall details and is not one to be easily frightened.

On November 13, 2013 he left his home just before dawn to go deer hunting. He has leased the property next to his property to hunt for many years. After walking down his driveway, he walked almost a mile deep into the woods to one of his favorite spots – a hillside overlooking a meadow. Almost immediately after getting settled down next to a tree, he hears a loud howl (or whoop) come from the opposite side of the meadow. Immediately after hearing this sound, he thought it was a person. It then remained quiet. A few minutes later, not long after daybreak, he heard these grunting sounds coming from his one o’clock position on the opposite ridge. They sounded “like a pig in a barrel, very deep and guttural.” At this point Jerry became really mad, thinking it was some idiot on this property. He said to himself, “Give me a break!” Thinking it was another person, Jerry makes a howl similar to the howl he heard earlier. His howl immediately prompted a bluff charge of tree breaks, thrashing and heavy footfalls which came crashing down off the opposite ridge. Through the scope on his rifle he begins to see a glimpse of a dark, hairy figure making its way through the trees. “I thought it was a bear at first”, explained Jerry. About halfway down the hill, it squatted down and slowly looked around. It was at this point Jerry noticed a human-like face and its overall size was massive! After slowly looking around, it then stood up, grabbed hold of a large tree branch (3-5’feet long), it made a large “pop/crack” as it broke from the tree. He then dangled the branch down by its side, with one end touching the ground, as a baseball player would do, holding the end of a bat. It slowly looked around, even looking in his direction at one point. Realizing this was NOT a bear, Jerry began shaking so nervously he could not keep viewing it through the scope on his rifle and kept slowly putting his rifle down to look at it with his naked eye. He kept saying to himself, “What is this thing!?” Jerry explained, “I was shaking so badly I kept pushing myself up against the tree I was sitting at and I did NOT want to make any sudden movements. I did not want it to see me!” It then turned and walked back up the hillside from once it came. “It was walking on two legs, taking two strides to vanish into the trees. It walked with bent legs,” explained Jerry. He could not see its feet and the hands seemed a little darker than the skin on its face. He estimates watching it closely for only 30 seconds to a minute. The entire episode last maybe 5 mins.

Every description of this creature was typical of most bigfoots seen here in Kentucky. It had half-dollar sized, human-shaped dark eyes (no whites), spaced far apart; a noticeable brow ridge; very wide flat nose; wide human-like mouth; tan to grey skin on the face; longer hair around the head; sloped forehead, pointed towards the back head; a noticeable sagittal crest; no neck; blackish-brown hair with a reddish tint; very wide shoulders; long/massively thick arms; longer hair hanging from its forearms; long hair throughout its body yet matted with leaves stuck to it. “It looked like a great ape, but with a human face,” explained Jerry. After this incident, he compared vocalizations on the internet, and described the howl (or whoop) he heard to that of a Gibbons monkey, but much deeper and longer.

This witness spent over two hours on the phone with me and I believe him to be highly credible. He actually still doubts (remains skeptical about) what he saw that frightful morning and wants to see it again to validate what he experienced. Throughout the entire encounter he kept questioning what he was seeing. He said, “Of course I heard about bigfoot, but never gave it (them) much thought until this encounter.” Jerry believes the bigfoot dropped that branch as it walked away so I asked him to take pictures of the branch and the area if possible.

Sketch by Terry Thomas

- Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Website Submission 1-23-12

Your first name: Rodney

Which county? Wolfe

Estimated date? 6/17/2004

Estimated time? 2:00 am

Nearest city? Campton

Nearest Road(s): Wildcat Trail parking area

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1 hour+

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

We were camping about a mile from the Wildcat Trail parking area. This weekend was very cool, and there weren't any people around where we were. There was another camp we passed, but it was at least 3/4 mile away, near the parking area. This was the Saturday of our weekend trip, and we had been hanging out by the fire and playing music and singing any song we could think of. We were interrupted by some vocalizations on the ridge above that sounded very similar to the Mississippi recordings. Then very large rocks were being thrown down the hillside towards our camp. We could hear them hitting the trees around us and splashing in the creek, which was near our camping area. I also heard several large knocks, like something was beating a large log against a tree, as I do when breaking up firewood sometimes. At about 3:00 am, it all seemed to end as quickly as it began.

Describe the creature with detail: I never actually saw the creature.

Follow-Up: 3-4-12

This witness was camping with a friend in an area that borders the Cliffview Wilderness after parking at the Wildcat Trailhead and hiking into the Swift Camp Creek Gorge. The camp was set-up next to a river with cliffs on both sides, an area that stayed cool even in the summer with a high in the low 70s and lows in the 40s at night. That evening was especially dark with only a crescent moon to offer light. The men were playing a guitar around the campfire around 1:30 am and heard a commotion - including vocalizations, knocks and tree shaking - on the ridge above them approximately 150 yards away. The witness described the vocalizations as howls similar to recorded vocalizations thought to be Bigfoot from Mississippi. The men also smelled a foul musty “dog” odor and heard several snorts and growls that were definitely not bear or canine. This commotion continued for over an hour and the two men decided it could not be other people since no lights or fire were ever visible as would have been the case if someone else were sitting up camp. Suddenly, after this hour+ of noise from the ridge, the two men heard a loud thud about 10 feet behind them. They found a rock weighing 10-15 lbs. the next morning that was covered in moss and mud in that spot. At least four additional rocks were thrown during the evening landing near the camp and several additional rocks or sticks were thrown in the water near the camp. The commotion continued for approximately ½ hour after the witnesses retired to their tents to sleep. The next day, the witness reporting this encounter hiked to the ridge that was the site of the commotion the previous evening and did not find any footprints since dense leaves covered the ground. He did, however, find numerous broken branches at a height of about 7.5 feet. One extremely large cedar branch had been torn off a tree and thrown part way down the ridge. There was no evidence of people being in that area – no fire ring, trash, ground disturbances, etc.

I found this witness very credible with a deep understanding of the signs of possible activity. Although this was his first encounter of this type, he had experienced some other strange occurrences in his past that triggered his interest and keen observation techniques. The witness is a former Boy Scout and an avid hiker and camper, and he is very familiar with wildlife sounds and tracking.

- Joy Clay, Lead Investigator


Bigfoot bones or something else entirely? While digging under a large rock along the creek bank,a local named Kennith White came across the bones of a 9' tall being with extremely long arms, large hands and a skull 30" in circ. Even stranger was the fact that the eye and nose sockets were slits -not cavities as found in humans. Moreover, the area where the lower jaw-bone normally hinges to the skull was solid bone which tells us this strange creature had no possible way of opening its mouth. A mysterious white, powdery substance was covering the skeletal remains when found. The farmer later reburied the bones at another location.
(credit: Paul Henson)

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